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Sri Lankan Links

  1. Saint Peter's Church - Negombo. Roman Rite. History, articles from Kurusa Yagay monthly digest, events, contact information. Site is in English and Tamil.
  2. New Life Literature - non profit company printing the word of God. Service is available to all Christians.

International Links

  1. Bible: King James Version - The culmination of English translations of the Bible, the publication of the American Bible Society’s King James Version features full-text searchability, content-based tables of contents and a quick verse finder.
  2. Bible Gateway
  3. Bible: King James
  4. Biblenotes - site aims to simplify study of the Old and New Testaments. You'll find summaries with easy-to-read review notes and hyperlinked key points.
  5. Bible Study Tools - "Designed to facilitate in-depth study and exploration" of the Bible. Included are several translations, interlinear Bible commentaries, concordances, dictionaries, lexicons, sermon helps, and Bible history."
  6. Bibliomaven - directory of Web pages of research-level Judaica archives and libraries. It lists over 100 Web sites in eighteen countries. This is an excellent resource for anyone with an interest is Judaism or religious studies.
  7. Blue Letter Bible - on-line interactive reference library continuously updated from the teachings and commentaries of selected pastors and teachers who hold to the conservative, historical Christian faith. 
  8. Campus Crusade for Christ International
  9. Catholic Answers Home Page
  10. Catholic Encyclopedia, The
  11. Catholic Information Center
  12. Christ in the Desert
  13. Christian Global Resources
  14. Christian Music Place
  15. Christian Reformed Church in North America
  16. Christianity.Net - ten magazines on the site and two large resource directories. One of the largest sites of its kind on the 'Net
  17. Churches dot Net - gives access to a wide variety of church-related resources, including Global Church Web Pages.
  18. Church of Christ, Scientist, The - Official home page
  19. Church of Iron Oak Web Site
  20. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Official home page
  21. Cooperative Baptist Fellowship - Official home page
  22. United Pentecostal Church International
  23. Virtual Christianity: Bibles
  24. Need Him Flash presentation of the gospel that answers some of life's greatest questions, individually geared toward men and women and specific age groups.
  25. Seek God, Find God, Know God Inspiration to seek God and information to know God.
  26. Dare Connexions Encourages people to explore the relevance of Christian faith for todays culture. Booklets, videos, and other resources.
  27. Experience the Power to Change Encourages personal growth and improvement through experiencing Christ. Includes answers to tough questions, testimonies of people who have gone through depression, alcoholism, sexual abuse and other struggles.
  28. Soul Searching Art, music, poetry and prose dealing with spirituality. Also includes testimonies, articles on current issues, information on prayer, discussion boards, and facts about spirituality in various Irish colleges.
  29. The Goal News and articles on sports with Christian information and testimonies by athletes.
  30. Why Christianity? A collection of quotes and comments made about Christianity compared to information on a variety of other religious groups.
  31. American Baptist Churches USA
  32. Faith Quest Seeks to give needed information to those on a quest of faith. Writings by philosophers, theologians, and apologists, forums, and links.
  33. Stonewall Revisited -Help for gays and lesbians to leave a homosexual lifestyle for Christianity. Personal stories, articles on current issues, FAQ, and information on support groups.
  34. What Christianity Is All About An introduction to Christianity with answers to tough questions and advice on choosing a church. An article about the origin of the New Testament.
  35. Exploring Christianity Articles explaining basic Christian concepts and Christian perspectives on modern issues.
  36. ACTS International Articles on Christianity and life issues as well as links, devotionals, and fun features.
  37. Hope for Life Offers hope to people in pain and help to people who are looking for answers. Prayer request form, articles, testimonies and reasons to be a Christian, Bible study courses, a "succesful life" inventory, and other features.
  38. Abarim Publications An introduction to the basics of quantum mechanics and chaos theory leading in to an explanation of Christianity and the Bible.
  39. Way to God Articles, answers to basic questions, testimonies, dialogues, and audio presentations to help people searching for the way to God.
  40. Finding Peace in an Uncertain World Thoughts on the place of faith after September 11, with answers to common questions.
  41. God Thoughts on God's nature and evidence for His existence as well as links to related sites on other Christian topics.
  42. Halftime An organization aiming to inspire business and professional leaders to look for a deeper significance in life. Includes personal stories, information on workshops and other events, newsletter, and FAQ.
  43. In His Steps Ministries: Spiritual Seekers Archaeological information on the crucifixion and resurrection and on other religions, FAQ, recommended books and links, and contact information for those who wish to talk to someone about Christianity.
  44. Actual Reality An interactive CD resource with music, testimonies, "stuff to know", and Bible verse glossary. Site includes ordering details, how to know Jesus, and interactive presentations for a variety of theological and practical topics.
  45. The I AM Project Paintings and scripture references tell God's story from creation to eternity.
  46. Naked Christianity Ministries - A series of seven teachings about basic Christianity.
  47. The Christian Evidence Society Booklets and leaflets on Jesus, reasons to turn to God, and finding God through different types of life circumstances. Includes online versions and ordering information for print copies.
  48. Tell Me Why Lord A forum for the troubled at heart and those looking for answers. A place for people to write down their troubles and receive input from others.
  49. The Global Church of Miracles and Healing How to receive miracles through faith in Jesus.
  50. Something To Live For Explains how individuals can find purpose and meaning in life.
  51. The God Document Designed to help sincere, rational thinkers discover God through human consciousness.
  52. Runaway World A work of cultural apologetics by Michael Green contending that Christianity provides the best and most satisfying answer to a world running out of control.
  53. The Second Phase Navigating one's conscious existence to a destiny of choice rather than to be at the mercy of the destiny of default.
  54. Searching For Truth Examines different religious belief systems and compares them to the Bible.
  55. Talk2us Aimed at young people. Chat, discussion board, FAQ, links, user-submitted stories, and e-cards.
  56. All Paths Save One Online manuscript comparing common Christian teachings to what is taught in Scripture and defending the Gospel and the reliability of the Bible.
  57. Christian Internet Forum Information on and evidence for Christian beliefs. Includes basic information, prophecy, opinion articles, and poetry.
  58. Pop Quiz from God Asks the question: "Why should God let you go to heaven?" Includes slide shows, Christian commentary on popular opinions, and links to more resources.
  59. Can You Be Truly Happy? Article discussing what will and will not bring happiness. From the Watch Tower Society.
  60. WCG Christian Connection: Why Jesus ? Article explaining the benefits of friendship with Jesus in everyday terms.
  61. Ultimate Answers Provides reasons to believe in God, testimonies, audio messages, answers to common questions, and messages aimed at specific groups of people such as Hindus and Mormons.
  62. Who is Jesus? Brief Flash presentation and a form to submit questions and have them answered.
  63. Stone Tables: Freedom Explains how individuals can have find freedom from life-dominating addictions.
  64. An Interactive Gospel Message A list of beliefs held by Christians and interactive explanations and answers to objections for each belief.
  65. Saint Margaret's Episcopal Church: Alpha Course A non-denominational class in Bellevue, Washington for anyone interested in learning about Christianity. Contact details, directions, online registration form, and basic information.
  66. The Good Life Deals with apologetics, prophecy, and reason in an attempt to help seekers as well as believers escape the emptiness of postmodernism.
  67. Step-by-step information on Jesus and how to grow closer to God, with links to more resources on Christianity.
  68. Overcomer Study A series of informal studies to introduce the reader to Christianity and to aid new Christians.
  69. In Plain Site Interactive site with answers to skeptics' questions or objections, thoughts on the purpose of life, and an explanation of how to be saved.
  70. Healing The Body of Christ Information for people considering Christianity as well as help for new Christians and for Christians who desire to restore and strengthen their spiritual lives.
  71. Living In Christ A ministry for both believers and non-believers. Discusses biblical truth in a variety of "channels," such as "Tradition" or "Denominational Maze." Also includes prayer requests, links, and a newsletter.
  72. Christians Addresses the modern belief that there is no absolute truth, unity in the church, and the relationship between faith and works. Includes downloadable and printable versions of the site.
  73. Logismos Reflects on the questions of life and shares the Source of answers.
  74. HBCM: What is the Christian Faith About? Online courses on the Christian faith and an online book on how Christianity has impacted the development of British society.
  75. The Bread Basket A series of discussions on truth, what it is, and how to find it.
  76. Want Something Better? What is it about this "gift of God" thing? God's free gift of salvation.
  77. Harvest Church: Are You Wondering About God? Questions seekers should ask themselves and some practical advice for those considering Christianity.
  78. Jesus2You Explains how individuals can experience abundant life with purpose and direction.
  79. The Messiah Story about two friends, a Muslim and a Christian, having a discussion about Christianity.
  80. Trying to Believe through Bible Study Yahoo! group for people who feel drawn to Christianity or the teachings of the Bible.
  81. Bible Pilgrim Designed to help people develop a close relationship with God and other Christians. Online book, "The Pilgrimage," prayer request board, forums for testimonies and answers to questions, and recommended books.
  82. By Covenant English, Chinese, and Arabic. Created by ex-Muslims; presents Jesus Christ as the Messiah of the Hebrew scriptures. Weekly articles and information on Christian and Muslim topics.
  83. Arabic Christian Directory Provides a list of annotated links to Christian resources for Arabic-speaking people.
  84. Still Seeking Jesus Bible verses and commentary on topics such as money, forgiveness, anxiety, and salvation.
  85. Jesus Christ, the Son of God Narrative of creation and of Jesus' life paraphrased from the Bible.
  86. Finding the Purpose of Life Online book by Stan Jones that shows how to find meaning and purpose in life while exploring the message of God as revealed in the Bible.
  87. The Seeker Place Celebrating the search for God. Poetry, stories, articles, music, and a forum and chat community.
  88. Beginning Again Christian Ministry Provides resources for new believers. Bible studies, humor, poetry, Bible verses divided by topic, prayers, features for kids and pre-teens, testimonies, information on prophecy, and explanations of Christian topics.
  89. eyond A Reasonable Doubt Argues for the reasonablity of the Christian faith. Includes real-life illustrations and answers to common questions as well as formal philosophical arguments.
  90. How Jesus Can Change Your Life Information on Jesus' life and teachings, with a link by which to request more information. From the Watchtower Society.
  91. How to Become a Follower of Jesus Explores who Jesus Christ really is and examines the basics of Christianity.
  92. God Help Me Please Articles and examples of how God has helped and healed other people.
  93. Mausoleum of the Muse Examples of great poetry, short discussion on death, and links to an investigation into the life of Christ.
  94. To be a Christian An eight-lesson guide on how to become and live as a Christian.
  95. What Is It? Explores various paths to happiness and provides information on Jesus. Includes notes on how to pray and live as a Christian and a test for believers.
  96. Prodigal Return Ministry Ministry for Christians who have fallen away from the faith and are seeking a path for return.
  97. Sermons I've Never Heard Preached in a Church Online and printable book of non-denominational sermons. Written especially for people disgusted by the modern church, confused by doctrinal issues or oppressed by religious traditions.
  98. Messages to Christians Aimed at Christians who feel distant from God. Thoughts on God, love, religion, and spiritual rebirth. Also includes a letter to atheists, letters to Protestants, and research links.
  99. Refuge Ministries A site for wounded and the outcasts. Poetry and personal testimonies.
  100. The Age of Spirituality has Arrived Explores the true meaning of spirituality. Includes thoughts on prayer, worship, love, and the idea of a new spiritual era.
  101. Born Again Bikers For those interested in motorbikes and passionate or curious about Christ. Delphi forum; requires registration (free) to access.
  102. Truth vs. Hogwash -Explanation of Christian concepts and answers to common questions and objections, in the form of a dialogue between a Christian and a seeker.
  103. The Truth ToolBox Provides scholastic resources and links for those examining the truth claims of Christianity.
  104. Blaise Pascal Debates Whether God Is or God Isn't Pascal's Wager and other reasons to believe, information on how to know God personally, bookstore and links.
  105. Hope Of Israel Information on Christianity and messianic prophesy for Jews. Also includes Jewish tracts and general information on Judaism.
  106. Running On Empty "For people who want something more out of life." Thoughts on love, success, self esteem, self control, discontentment, insecurity, and faith.
  107. Godquest Poetry, articles on topics such as God's existence, the crucifixion, and the afterlife, as well as links to other resources.
  108. True Christian Faith Personal testimonies, stories of miracles, message boards, articles about various topics, Bible studies, audio messages, and a "Big Issues" page with answers to common questions and concerns.
  109. Power to Change Personal testimonies, answers to questions about Christianity and about life, and information on how to know Jesus.
  110. Why? Where From? Where to? A lighthearted, no-pressure, interactive journey. Questions, new perspectives, and evidence for Christianity.
  111. Lessons in Christianity Free twelve-lesson course by email on salvation, Jesus, the Church, and the Bible. Also includes a form to ask questions about Christianity or Catholicism.
  112. Leaflets of Faith A series of online "leaflets" on the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Also includes a prayer request bulletin board, discussion list, and information on how to receive a free rosary.
  113. The Call of the Shepherd Explains the Gospel and what it means to be a Christian. Bible verses, writings, and prayers on a variety of topics.
  114. Jubilee 2000: Bringing the World to Jesus The purpose of this page is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and proclaim the joy and blessings of worshiping God as a member of the Catholic Church.
  115. United Hearts Online Answers basic questions about Jesus and Mary and gives advice on how to become a Christian.
  116. Our Friend Jesus A site for all those who want to know the good news of the Lord and the Church. Articles on topics such as the Eucharist and the Inquisition as well as links to other resources.
  117. The Holy See Official Vatican web site. Several languages supported. News services, Church documents, information on the Popes and departments of the Roman Curia.
  118. Christus Rex et Redemptor Mundi Catholic art and documents. Includes Catechism of the Catholic Church in several languages. Also hosts the home pages of several orders and groups.
  119. Catholic Information Network One of the earliest major Catholic web sites. News, web boards, mailing lists. Sections on saints, prayer, Church documents, liturgy. Navigation is partially _JavaScript-dependent.
  120. EWTN Home page of Mother Angelica's worldwide Catholic cable television channel. News, document library, and an "Ask the Experts" forum where qualified priests and canon lawyers answer your questions about the faith.
  121. Catholic Online News, Church documents, discussion forums, electronic greeting cards, shopping directory, web-based e-mail, links.
  122. Catholic Community Forum A guide to the Catholic world on the web, with categorized links, chat rooms, discussion groups, daily spiritual e-mail newsletter. Offers free hosting of web sites for Catholic parishes, organizations, and individuals.
  123. CatholiCity Offers free Catholic audio tapes and novels, moderated e-mail discussion groups, commentary, carefully selected links.
  124. The Catholic Pages Information on all things Catholic, plus Catholic humor, and a discussion board.
  125. Catholic Exchange Conservative portal offers news, weekly Scripture study program, op-ed articles, free e-mail. Discussion forum and electronic greeting cards require _JavaScript and do not work in Netscape 3. Formerly e3mil.
  126. CatholicWeb Portal. Recent articles from Catholic publications, electronic greeting cards, FAQ. Searchable directory requires Java Script, and does not work in Netscape 3. Free web pages for Catholic dioceses, parishes, schools.
  127. Saint Lawrence Roman Catholic Resource Information on liturgy, prayers, and the saints, plus a one-year Bible study program.
  128. e-Catholic 2000 Hopes to serve as an online community of Catholics in communion with Rome. Sections on prayer and mysticism, Catholic Social Teaching, RCIA. E-zine, discussion board, chat (Java or IRC client).
  129. Keeping Catholics Catholic Online ministry dedicated to teaching and educating all Christians about the Catholic Faith founded by Jesus Christ.
  130. Suite 101: Roman Catholicism Archive of articles on the Catholic Faith and Catholics, and links to Catholic sites.
  131. Catholic Charities USA The largest private network of social service organizations in the United States works to support families, reduce poverty, and build communities.
  132. Call To Action USA This organization has close to twenty thousand members throughout the United States. This site contains links, news and resources for Catholic renewal. (Controversial).
  133. Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights Fights anti-Catholicism and is the U.S.'s largest Catholic civil rights organization. Web site contains articles on conflicts between government and the Catholic Church and/or individual Catholics.
  134. International Council of Web Masters An organization of webmasters for member orders of the International Alliance of Catholic Knights, with resources for new and old webmasters alike.
  135. Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church A source for documents and links on current issues and reform/renewal movements within the Church.
  136. National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry An organization of Catholic diocesan youth ministry offices in the United States.
  137. Brothers and Sisters of Penance Private Catholic association of the faithful. Lay men and women living, in their own homes, modern statutes to the Primitive Rule for penitents.
  138. Catholic Network for Women's Equality A Canadian feminist-focused support and advocacy group for women and men in the Roman Catholic tradition. Goals, activities, selected articles from newsletter, contact information.
  139. International Order of Alhambra A fraternal order of Catholic men dedicated to assisting persons developmentally disabled by mental retardation.
  140. American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property Seeks to restore the principles of tradition, family, and private property in American society through publications, activism, and action within the Catholic Church. Uses frames.
  141. National Black Catholic Congress Umbrella organization representing African American Catholics. Mission statement, structure, history, FAQ, online monthly newsletter, master calendar.
  142. Central Association of the Miraculous Medal Fosters devotion to Mary the Mother of God to support apostolic works on behalf of the poor.
  143. Shepherds of Christ Ministries Focuses on enriching the spiritual life of priests, religious and laity through newsletters, books, tapes, and prayer networks.
  144. Saint Michael's Catholic Cyberspace Monastery Experts' Forum, prayers, library, outreach, email lists, links.
  145. Catholic Writers Association Fellowship and support for Catholic writers faithful to the magisterium. Mailing list with online archive of monthly newsletters, member directory, media directory.
  146. National Board for Catholic Women Umbrella organization serves as a consultative body to the Bishops Conference of England and Wales. Overview of their work in the UK, publications, list of member organisations.
  147. Catholic Marketing Network -Association of retailers and suppliers of Catholic literature, music, gifts, and other products and services consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church.
  148. The Saint Joseph Foundation Assists Catholics in knowing and vindicating their rights in the Church.
  149. Knights of St Columba Catholic men's organisation founded in 1919 and based in the UK. Aims to assist its members, the community and the Catholic Church in its Social Teaching. Site is Java-dependent.
  150. Serra International Great Britain Official web site of the British arm of this lay organisation dedicated to promoting vocations to the priesthood and religious life. Officers, news, contact details for local clubs in England and Scotland.
  151. Catholic Committee of Appalachia Committed to the poor and the land of Appalachia. History, current issues, calendar, publications.
  152. Working In Faith Dedicated to helping Catholics strengthen the link between their faith and their working lives. Weekly feature article, "Theology 101," newsletter by e-mail. Also true stories contributed by members.
  153. Opus Sanctorum Angelorum Promotes "a true imitation of the holy angels, and a conscious collaboration with them." Worship, contemplation, active apostolate. Prays for priests and bishops.
  154. Advent Support group in the UK for priests and religious who have left the official ministry or religious life. Description, aims, mailing list. Uses frames.
  155. Daughters of Isabella Catholic women's organization, originally founded as an auxiliary to Knights of Columbus, in 1897, having over 75,000 members in the U.S. and Canada. Motto: Unity, Friendship, Charity.
  156. Corpus Canada An association for renewed Catholic priesthood. Laicized Catholic priests, their spouses, and friends.
  157. Militia Immaculatae Official web site of the International Center. Association founded by St. Maximilian Kolbe. Members dedicate themselves to evangelization and service. Trilingual site: Italian, English, and Spanish.
  158. Aid to the Church in Russia A non-profit organization established in the United States to provide material support for the Catholic Church in Russia.
  159. Catholic Women At Work A not-for-profit association established to support Catholic working women who seek to integrate their Christian principles and beliefs with their professional responsibilities and the realities of the workplace.
  160. Mary's Pence Catholic organization that provides an opportunity for men and women to direct a church (defined as People of God) donation to women's ministries.
  161. Association of Hebrew Catholics Working to preserve the identity and heritage of Jews who have entered the Catholic Church. Proposes the establishment of an Israelite Community (not a new rite) within the Church.
  162. The Lepanto League Homesite of a group of traditional Catholics trying to preserve the faith. Includes link to monthly newsletter.
  163. PetersNet Grades Catholic sites according to criteria such as fidelity to Church teaching, frequency of updates, amount of resources and appearance. Visitors can search on keywords and be taken to a description of the site and review its grade.
  164. Catholic schools, parishes, retreat centers, and organizations in the United States with web sites. Also has categories for topics not tied to any particular place, such as apologetics, directories, prayers.
  165. Alapadre An index of Catholic-interest sites which may be searched by topic or keyword.
  166. Links only to official Catholic web sites: Vatican agencies, organizations under the auspices of the NCCB/USCC, entities listed in the Official Catholic Directory. Other groups listed only after verification that they are under competent ecclesiastical authority.
  167. Catholic Canada Directory of Canadian Catholic sites, arranged by category. Sponsored by the Diocese of Hamilton. Includes some French-language sites as well as English.
  168. Catholic Internet Yellow Pages Compiled by Brother John Raymond, author of the book "Catholics on the Internet." Subject categories in alphabetical order, which contain links also in alphabetical order. Very few annotations.
  169. Totally Catholic Link Directory Emphasis on the Diocese of Knoxville, Tennessee, and secondarily on the U.S. in general. Links categorized by subject, newest additions listed first. Almost no annotations.
  170. 1997 Catholic Internet Directory Diocesan directory, bishops, parishes, media. English/Español.
  171. Cató Subject-oriented directory of Catholic links on the Internet. Bilingual: English and Spanish.
  172. Catholic Goldmine Links to Catholic youth resources, apparitions, papal statements, bishops' statements, Catholic prayers, pro-life resources, vocation information, and men's and women's religious orders.
  173. Catholic Hierarchy Directory of dioceses and bishops of the Catholic Church (Roman Rite) around the world. Automatically generated. Parts of this site are frames-dependent.
  174. Catholic Life Directory of U.S. Catholic dioceses, listed by state. Catholic Internet directory browsable by category. Frames-dependent.
  175. The Internet Padre Searchable database of links on Catholic doctrine, morality, liturgy, history, and discipline. Requires _JavaScript; does not work in Netscape 3.
  176. Cathport: The Internet Catholic Portal A comprehensive guide to Catholic resources around the globe
  177. JustCatholic Searchable directory of Catholic-oriented sites.
  178. Catholic-Net-Links Catholic links arranged by topic. Some of the sites have brief descriptions. Categories include popular Catholic sites, saints, religious orders, papal encyclicals, home schooling, Catholic news.
  179. Jerome's Pages on the Catholic Church and Faith Directory of web sites arranged by category. Most have no annotations. Parts of site are frames-dependent.
  180. Catholic Directory Searchable database of groups and events in the U.K., and of Catholic resources. Small directory of annotated links in alphabetical order. Discussion forums. Requires _JavaScript.
  181. Catholic Resources on the Internet Small annotated guide to Internet sites of interest to Catholics.
  182. Millenium III - Provides information for people belonging to the Catholic Faith, and suggests sites on homilies for priests who must preach the Word of God.
  183. Veritas Catalogus Catalogus Catholicus. Directory of Catholic web sites. Categories include theology and apologetics, publishers, personal pages, portals. No annotations. Trilingual: English, Croatian, and Italian.
  184. Your Catholic Tripod Depot Jumping-off point for "Your Catholic" sites: a message board, webring of sites graded A for fidelity by Petersnet, and a portal.
  185. Catholic Yellow Pages Searchable database. Includes Catholic schools, parishes and diocesan offices, and businesses which support the Catholic church. Most sites are in the United States.
  186. Catholic Encyclopedia: Jesus Christ Articles on the Life of Christ from the Catholic Encyclopedia.
  187. ReJesus Explores His life, character, teachings and followers, how He has been quoted and misquoted, written about, worshipped and argued over.
  188. Jesus An inspirational site which explores the message of the Lord Jesus.
  189. Articles: Historical Jesus A series of articles by Dr. William Lane Craig addressing the miracles of Jesus and the Resurrection.
  190. Contemporary Scholarship and the Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ After an appraisal of recent scholarship on the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Professor William Craig contends that "the resurrection appearances, the empty tomb, and the origin of the Christian faith - all point unavoidably to one conclusion: the resurrection of Jesus".
  191. The Miracles of Jesus A study of the miracles performed by Christ.
  192. The Ministry of Jesus Christ The story of Jesus with photos and links for keywords.
  193. The Earthly Ministry of Jesus in His Travels and Miracles Master's Thesis on the travels and miracles of Jesus' earthly ministry.
  194. Jesus' Teachings, as Told in the Gospels Summary of Jesus' teachings. Includes chronological table, map of His life and ministry.
  195. Life of Christ Life, history and teachings of Jesus.
  196. History, Archaeology and Jesus by Paul L. Maier Extra-biblical references to Christ and to people named in the New Testament.
  197. The Times and Places of Jesus Paul L. Maier emphasizes the temporal and geographic locatedness of Christ, as opposed to mythical reference points and unsure chronologies.
  198. Jesus the Christ A Christology Course by Gerard Hall, Head of the School of Theology at McAuley Campus, Brisbane, Australian Catholic University. The site successfully draws on modern historical scholarship, while maintaining respect for the sacred.
  199. Christ Jesus Examines the evidence for the Resurrection.
  200. Life of Jesus An analysis of the life and teachings of Jesus by Professor Barry D. Smith of Atlantic Baptist University.
  201. Jesus the Jew Explores the Jewishness of Jesus.
  202. The Resurrection: Miracle or Myth? Can we know beyond any doubt that Jesus really rose from the dead?
  203. Finding the Historical Jesus: An Interview With John P. Meier Catholic University scholar John P. Meier discusses how the Jesus of faith is linked to the Jesus of history.
  204. Why the Historical Jesus Matters An essay by Stephen Davis, professor of philosophy and religion at Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, California. He argues that there is a strong link between the Jesus found in the Gospels and the Christ Whom Christians worship.
  205. Christian History The life and times of Jesus of Nazareth from the on-line magazine, "Christian History".
  206. Who is Jesus - Jesus..The most influential life ever lived..More than a moral teacher.
  207. Highlights in the Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ A series of biblically based lessons on the life and message of Jesus.
  208. Who Is Jesus? Teacher? Lord? Liar? Genius? Prophet? God? Myth? Savior?
  209. Biographical Jesus Institute  All about historical Jesus of Nazareth: words, teachings and life of Jesus Christ - Online educational resources

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