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Online Converters

  1. Automated Metric Conversion Calculator
  2. Body Height Weight Converter - converts English to metric units and vice versa.
  3. Calculators Of All Kinds - converts length, area, and temperature to and from metric.
  4. Conversion of Units - temperatures and currencies.
  5. Convert It - numeric formats, temperatures, time zones, measures, and weights.
  6. Date Calculator Page - calculates the number of days between two dates.
  7. Maths Helper - calculates and converts metric and imperial units for area, volume, time, temperature, and more.
  8. Measuring Units Conversion Tables - convert between metric and imperial and U.S. measurement systems.
  9. Metric and English Unit Conversions - convert area, length, temperature, time, volume, weight, and fruit between different unit measurements.
  10. Metric Conversion - includes weight, length, and volume.
  11. Online Conversion - converts weight, length, area, speed, temperature, time, and more.
  12. Online Temperature Converter - converts Fahrenheit to Kelvin/Reaumur/Celsius/Rankine and Celsius/centigrade to Fahrenheit/Kelvin/Reaumur/Rankine.
  13. Redate: The Creative Anniversary Calculator - recalculates age to nearest second, minute, days, and weeks on Earth. Also breaks down extra-planetary years.
  14. Temperature Conversion Calculator - plus a bit about temperature and units.
  15. - engineering/scientific unit conversion calculator. Also offers currency conversion and a database of constants.
  16. - provides a collection of online converters for electrical, energy, mass, temperature, and fuel consumption measurements.
  17. Conversions, Equivalences - offers conversion tables for measurement, weight, speed, and more.
  18. Measurement Conversions - conversion tables and equations, conversion software to download, and links.
  19. Unit Conversion Factors