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IT Educational Information

  1. 802.11 Report, The - free weekly email service for anyone in the 802.11 and wireless networking arena.
  2. - focused on high-tech news with newswire and original content, submissions, columns, and cartoons.
  3. Backways - covers the latest games and technology news, with a vibrant community. Submit reviews and news.
  4. Ben Sullivan's Tech Blog
  5. Beta News - inside information on products not yet released.
  6. - offering news, opinions, product reviews, and more.
  7. CNET - daily technology news, including enterprise, e-business, communications, media, and personal technology stories.
  8. - provides news, product reviews, and guides for computers, consumer electronics, and other personal technology products.
  9. Computer Bytes Man - dedicated to providing information on the use and misuse of computer technology in people's daily lives.
  10. Computer News Daily
  11. CRN - weekly newspaper of industry-related business and technology news.
  12. - covers the future of life enhancing technology through product first looks, reviews, and editorials.
  13. Digital Nowhere - gathers news from a variety of sources on the latest software releases and patches, hardware, the IT industry, and more.
  14. Dotcom Scoop - business news for the Internet and technology sectors.
  15. EarthVillage - hardware, software, and games news and reviews.
  16. freshmeat - news, forum, and more.
  17. Futurelooks - news, reviews, guides for computer hardware and electronic devices.
  18. GeekIssues - combines technology, politics, and sarcasm daily.
  19. Geeknews - computer and Internet related news by and for geeks
  20. - Canada's online destination for technology news.
  21. I4U - provides news about the future in personal technology, focusing on emerging products and gadgets.
  22. iaslash - news for information architects.
  23. - technology news, articles, how-to advice, and more for beginners and IT professionals.
  24. Industry Standard - news and analysis for the Internet economy.
  25. - online resource center that delivers premium IT content, access to industry experts, training courses, and news.
  26. Inquirer, The - featuring daily tech news, CPU roadmaps, message boards, and more.
  27. Journal of the Hyperlinked Organization (JOHO) - David Weinberger's zine about the sometimes subtle effect of the Web on how businesses run, and energetic rants on other aspects of Internet culture.
  28. Kairosnews - news site and online community for discussing rhetoric, technology, and pedagogy.
  29. Newsbytes
  30. NewsForge - offers news and commentary for the Open Source community.
  31. O'Reilly Network Weblogs - news and commentary.
  32. News - includes security and privacy alerts, business news, and new product releases.
  33. Red Herring - monthly magazine covering the business of technology.
  34. Scada News - provides the latest news about the automation world.
  35. Shifted Librarian, The - covering the digital and information science worlds.
  36. Silicon Valley Business Ink - includes features and commentary on technology, finance, real estate, and lifestyle.
  37. - high-tech and computer related news, business and finance articles, columns, career opportunities and Internet information from the San Jose Mercury News.
  38. Slashdot - threaded discussions related to news for nerds.
  39. Tasty Bits from the Technology Front (TBTF) - an email newsletter that alerts you to bellwethers in computer and communications technology, with special attention to commerce on the Internet.
  40. Tech Digest - focusing on technology in consumer rights, legal battles, corporate activities, and new laws being passed
  41. Tech Report - latest on PC hardware, software, and technology.
  42. TechNewsWorld.Com - e-business and technology news from around the world. Offers summaries and abstracts of the latest technology news.
  43. Techweb - news, product analysis, and articles for IT professionals.
  44. - offers computer and technology news, software reviews, discussion forums, chat room, and more.
  45. Upside - provides technology executives with analyses of the individuals and companies leading the digital revolution.
  46. - provides news, tips, and reviews on hardware and software.
  47. ZDNet - product reviews, computing news, downloads, how-tos, developer guides, columns, and more.
  48. ZDNet News
  49. net magazine
  50. Advertising & Marketing Review - monthly publication serving the Colorado advertising and marketing industry.
  51. Advisor - about designing, building, deploying and managing online applications to conduct business on the Internet, intranet, and commercial services.
  52. alarm:clock - authority on culture and society in the 21st century, assessing the changes brought about by technology, and profiling the characters behind those changes.
  53. Anvil - providing informative and entertaining insights into today's Internet society.
  54. BETA Magazine - technical magazine for hardware and software topics, plus information and strategies on computer companies.
  55. bLink Web Zine
  56. Boardwatch Magazine - Oldest monthly print publication covering Internet, Electronic Bulletin Boards, Commercial Online Services.
  57. Business 2.0 - new economy, new rules, new leaders.
  58. Click Online Multimedia Magazine
  59. Computer Bits Online - the online version of Portland,Oregon's popular Computer Bits Magazine,guide to computing in the Silicon Forest.
  60. Computer Life UK - reviews, features, great software and everything else you need to make your PC come alive.
  61. Computer-mediated communication magazine - CMC Magazine publishes news, features, essays, and research reports about the phenomenon of human communication and information retrieval on global networks.
  62. COmputing OnLine Doctor E-zine - news you can use about computers and the Internet. Top 10 cool sites of the month.
  63. Cool Tricks and Trinkets Newsletter, The - offers weekly insights into new, cool, useful, fun, unusual and interesting sites.
  64. Cultronix - a cultural studies theoretical journal available electronically through the Internet world-wide web.
  65. Cyberspace Today
  66. CyberWire Dispatch by Brock N. Meeks - offers commentary, investigations, and news relevant to issues of the day.
  67. Dataphile - custom designs and manufactures items used in promotional campaigns.
  68. digitalMIRROR
  69. Dominance Factor, The - newsletter reporting on and exposing fraud in the online advertising and marketing industry.
  70. - Espy, New Zealand and Australia's entrepreneurial business and style bible.
  71. Fat Pipe Online - delivers information about telecommunications, information technology, and web-based solution providers.
  72. First Monday - peer-reviewed journal on the Internet.
  73. - online technology resource written by, and for, geeks.
  74. Go Inside Magazine - formerly Internet Inside, now examining the Internet, politics, entertainment, sports and religion.
  75. Infobahn Magazine - devoted to examining the Net from a cultural and intellectual point of view -- focusing on policy issues, business, lifestyles, technology, and the arts.
  76. Internet Magazine
  77. Internet News - top stories about Internet.
  78. Internet Professional - The information and services you need in a convenient, online format.
  79. Internet Scout Project - home of the Scout Report, the Internet's longest-running weekly publication.
  80. Internet World - Internet industry news and opinions.
  81. - news and analysis about the Internet, e-commerce, and IT industries.
  82. InternetGuiden - The only Swedish magazine fully devoted to Internet.
  83. InternetWeek - news and articles for internet-driven enterprises.
  84. iQ - offers features and help on Internet technology for the business executive.
  85. j-dom - examines where the net is heading and how we'll get there.
  86. JutWORLD interMAG
  87. LameNESS Magazine - - Your oil spill on the Information Superdriveway
  88. Mappa.Mundi Magazine - covering cyberspace issues, information and community from a geographic perspective.
  89. Media Mall - dedicated to empowering the next generation of communications.
  90. MESH, The - Inside Cyberspace - An online version of a monthly Internet magazine published in the Capital District of NYS.
  91. Modem Operandi - online resource of "Business Digest of Greater Burlington" (Vermont) magazine. Includes Vermont stock quotes, business events calendar, Vermont business hotlink index and more.
  92. Net Detours - light-hearted and non-technical look at what people are doing online.
  93. Netsurfer Digest
  94. New Era Trading Publication on Internet - source of international trade opportunities, leads and serves for import export businesses by Prudence Technology.
  95. New Media Knowledge - a business resource for individuals and companies working in interactive digital media. Includes information on interactive television, online music, government legislation, e-commerce, and disintermediation.
  96. Online Magazine
  97. Orgdot - online magazine concerned with digital culture published by Org, a small Norwegian media lab.
  98. Silicon Salley - online magazine for the 21st century woman.
  99. Spire Magazine
  100. Streaming Magazine - focuses on streaming media.
  101. Thom Stark's LAN TIMES Articles, Columns & Tutorials
  102. View from Internet Valley: From Silicon Valley to Internet Valley - Silicon Valley professional community, Stanford University Industrial Park, Supernova Concept.
  103. Virtual Mirror - Publishers of GardenWeb, Glyphs, the Authors and Webmasters forum and the Mirror Movie Guide.
  104. Web Developer's Journal - an independent info source for web developers, publishers and Internet business people. Includes articles, tutorials, reviews, downloads and discussion groups.
  105. Web Ireland - available nationwide and online; site is updated daily.
  106. WebNovice
  107. Advisor Technical Magazines & Conferences
  108. Asia Computer Weekly (ACW) - online publication delivering IT news and reporting on a regional perspective.
  110. CHIP Online - U.S. edition of Germany's CHIP magazine. Offers news, product reviews, and downloads focused on PC hardware, software, and games.
  111. Chips Magazine - information technology magazine for the U.S. Navy.
  112. CMPnet
  113. Computer Business Review - global information technology research and communications analysis for the business world.
  114. Computer Currents Interactive - access the award winning Computer Currents magazine, receive product bids, and more.
  115. Computer Retail Week - newspaper for technology retailers.
  116. Computer Source Magazine - how to build a web page, upgrade your computer, or just find out what are the latest products out.
  117. Computeractive Online - includes product reviews, software downloads, jargon buster, job listings, advice, and more.
  118. Computerworld - online connection for information technology leaders.
  119. Computing Reviews - reviews of technical articles and books for technical professionals.
  120. ComputorEdge Online - published in both Southern California and Colorado.
  121. CyberScape Daily - free online electronic 'zine dedicated to technology.
  122. CyberStuff - consumer publication written from a non-technical pespective that provides reviews of unique, useful, and/or bizarre web sites, new software and hardware products, as well as technology trends.
  123. Digit Magazine - with news, reviews, tips, competitions, and more.
  124. Dispatches - wry e-zine covering current issues, the Web, technology and otherwise. Regularly features columns Ground Zero, by Joe, and Eighteen by Fifty-Two, by Zoe.
  125. Dux Computer Digest
  126. ElectricNews.Net (ENN) - offers technology news and website reviews for Ireland, from a selection of the country's web journalists.
  127. Enterprise Systems - provides business and technology information for managers of large, high-volume-transaction, high-availability computer systems and infrastructures.
  128. eWeek - news, product reviews, and features that cover the developments in the computer industry. Formerly PC Week.
  129. Federal Computer Week - a guide to government information technology.
  130. Gadget - product reviews of new technological gadgets.
  131. Internet Valley - list of links to the Top 100 of Computer & Software Related Magazines & Journals.
  132. Juiced.GS - quarterly newsletter dedicated to the Apple IIGS computer and its users.
  133. Las Vegas Computer Journal - featuring computer news, software/hardware review, computer shopping guide, free classified ad section, cool links, cyber info, and much more.
  134. le bulletin lambda - bilingual articles, primarily about encryption issues.
  135. Maximum PC - contains information about buying, fixing, and upgrading computers, with news, articles, and forums.
  136. MD Computing - provides information on the use and application of computers and computer technology in medicine and healthcare systems.
  137. MicroDesign Resources
  138. New Media Review - news and evaluations of CD-ROMs, software, peripherals, SOHO and computer trends.
  139. ON Magazine - daily news from cyberspace. Formerly Time Digital.
  140. OURPC Magazine - computer and Internet magazine for African Americans.
  141. PC Journal Online - Local Newspaper with product reviews and editorials both Printed and Online - Monthly.
  142. PMN Publications
  143. Reviewboard Magazine - offers product reviews written for the consumer without clutter or complexity. Focuses on computer hardware and software.
  144. Scientific Computing & Instrumentation - source of information about new technology for science and engineering.
  145. Smart Business - magazine covering the world of technology at work.
  146. Smart Computing - articles, reviews, tips, and advice.
  147. STReport International Online Magazine - Covering the computing community. Up to date news, reviews, gossip, investigative reports, sneak previews, etc...
  148. Techworthy - covers the computing, networking, wireless, and Internet worlds. Also, home of Laptop, PC Upgrade, and TECH Edge magazines.
  149. - technology magazine with circulation in several states.
  150. UGeek Magazine - one-stop shop for geeks.
  151. - offers Internet and e-commerce news for the U.K. and Europe.
  152. Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV) - covering technology and the Internet.
  153. AIIM E-DOC Magazine - covers enterprise content management.
  154. Asian Sources Electronics Engineer Online - offers technical papers, industry and product news, and briefs on technology trends for engineers in Asia.
  155. ECN (Electronic Component News)
  156. EDN Access - the design magazine of the electronics industry.
  157. EE Product News - covers new semiconductors, components, equipment, systems, and software for design engineers.
  158. EE Times - industry news for engineers and technical managers. Covering semiconductors, systems, software, design, and technology.
  159. Electrical Advertiser, The - print publication published monthly for the electrical surplus equipment industry.
  160. Electronic Business Today
  161. Electronic Design - features technical data, design articles, news, and products for design engineers.
  162. Electronic Products
  163. Electronics Australia - offers large technical file download list.
  164. ESD Journal - covering electrostatic discharge testing, consulting, and instruments for the ESD industry.
  165. Gernsback Publications Inc - Popular Electronics and Electronics Now magazines. Site previews contents and has a readers forum, advertising info, contest, and a searchable index.
  166. IEEE Spectrum - for the engineering and scientific professional in business, government and education.
  167. IEEE Standards On-Line
  168. Micro Control Journal - technical publication covering the application of computers, microcontrollers, and DSPs to industrial data acquisistion and control.
  169. Microwave Journal - offering theory, practical uses, applications and industry news.
  170. Microwave News - covers the health and safety issues related to exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Includes electromagnetic fields (EMFs) power lines, cellular phones and radar.
  171. Nuts & Volts Magazine
  172. PCIM On-Line Magazine - covers the latest advances in power conversion and intelligent motion engineering.
  173. PlanetEE - news and publications for electronics design engineers, including titles such as Electronic Design, EE Product News, Microwaves & RF, Wireless Systems Design, and more.
  174. Power Quality Assurance On-Line Magazine - covers the latest advances in power quality engineering and management.
  175. Printed Circuit Design Magazine - providing news and technical information to designers, engineers, and companies involved in printed circuits and related technologies.
  176. Semiconductor Business News
  177. Semiconductor Fabtech - technical review of IC manufacturing trends and technologies for the IC industry.
  178. Semiconductor Online - includes product releases, industry news, manufacturers, technology announcements, employment opportunities, and discussion forums.
  179. Sensors - applied sensing technology.
  180. Solid State Technology Magazine - source of info for wafer fab engineers, operators and managers, tool and material suppliers and semiconductor researchers.
  181. ZEN News Archive - Zahir's Electronic Newsletter is a weekly summary of top news stories in the electronics and information technology area.
  183. Compliance Engineering
  184. Diesel & Gas Turbine Engine Publications - offer product, technology, and industry news for engine power markets worldwide.
  185. - European portal site aimed at the engineering community. Includes news, features, recruitment, and more.
  186. Evaluation Engineering - serves engineers and managers in the electronics testing and evaluation market, offering article archives and industry resources.
  187. Industrial Technology - magazine for mechanical and electromechanical design engineers.
  188. International Dredging Review - published eight times a year.
  189. Machinery Lubrication Magazine - written for reliability and maintenance professionals responsible for industrial lubricants, fleet maintenance, and lubrication.
  190. Mechanical Engineering Magazine Online - showcases mechanical engineering's leading role in technological advancements.
  191. NASA Tech Briefs - monthly magazine featuring reports of innovations developed by NASA and its industry partners/contractors that can be applied to develop new/improved products and solve engineering or manufacturing problems.
  192. PD&DNet - a service of Product Design and Development magazine, includes a searchable product database and a reader forum where engineers talk about the latest technology and design problems.
  193. Portable Design - news for engineers and executive managers who design, manufacture or test portable, mobile or handheld electronic products.
  194. Quality Magazine - provides information to engineers and managers responsible for the quality of their company's products.
  195. Test & Measurement World - covers the test, measurement, and inspection of electronic components and systems.
  196. Trenchless Technology - magazine serving the utility, pipeline and distribution construction industry. Our articles promote microtunneling, directional drilling, rehabilitation, and all facets of the trenchless industry.
  197. US Black Engineer & Information Technology - promotes significant minority achievement in engineering, science, and technology.
  198. World Dredging Mining & Construction Magazine - reports on and serves related dredging firms, as well as port, waterway, and government agencies, marine construction firms, and engineers and suppliers.
  200. About: Focus on Mac Hardware
  202. AppleInsider - news updates, forums, chat, software downloads, and more.
  204. As the Apple Turns - follows the latest angst-soaked news and rumors from the wild and woolly world of Apple Computer.
  205. CoolMac - news and reports, reviews, and more.
  206. Crazy Apple Rumors - all the latest news and gossip from the Macintosh world.
  207. ehMac - offers trading post, book reviews, news, and more.
  208. Insanely Great Mac - offers classifieds, daily news, a daily Mac news mailing list, tech support BBS, Mac voting booths, Mac links, and an assortment of features relating to Mac OS computers.
  209. Mac Net Journal - features opinion pieces, news, and articles and resources devoted to working with OS X.
  210. Mac Night Owl - featuring news and commentary, message boards, and more.
  211. Mac Observer, The
  212. Mac Resource Page, The (MRP) - daily developments for the Macintosh world.
  213. MacCentral - includes daily headline news as well as an archive of MacWeek articles.
  214. - offers forums, commentaries on software, hardware, popular news, rumors, and anything else related to the Macintosh.
  215. MacEdition
  216. MacMegasite - offering the latest Macintosh news and information from a Mac software developer's point of view.
  218. MacNewz - offers headlines from over a wide variety of Mac-related and industry news sites, updated every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day.
  219. MacOpinion - regular columns, reader-submitted editorials, soapboxes, reviews and more.
  220. MacOS Rumors
  221. - consolidating interesting Mac news and rumors every day.
  222. Macs Only! - daily Mac news, commentary, reviews, features, consulting, troubleshooting on Apple Macintosh computers.
  223. MacSingapore - Macintosh site catering to Singaporeans. Includes forum and news.
  224. MacSlash - providing a daily dose of Mac news and discussion.
  225. MacSurfer's Headline News - includes an index of Apple and Macintosh news from several sources.
  226. MacTeens
  227. MacTVNetwork - offers Mac news, reviews, and commentary.
  228. Microsoft MacTopia
  229. MyAppleMenu - offering daily headlines, newsletters, popular picks, and more.
  230. - news and commentary from Jason O'Grady.
  231. - offering news, pictures, and videos about rumored upcoming Macintosh products.
  232. TheMacMind
  233. Think Secret - provides daily Macintosh rumors and news.
  234. TidBITS - weekly electronic publication that reports on the latest news, views, and reviews relating to the personal computer industry, with an emphasis on the Macintosh.
  235. Wired: Cult of Mac - month-by-month Wired collection of news about Apple.
  236. - provides reporting, expert columns, and analysis for Mac professionals.
  237. Your Mac Life
  238. - daily Mac news and rumor updates.