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Science Educational Information

  1. Sci/Tech - covers current topics in electronics, genetics, space, behavior, and other area of science.
  2. AlphaGalileo - press resource centre for European science, engineering, and technology.
  3. American Chemistry Council News and Media - provides chemical industry and business news, industry reports, fact sheets, press releases and media contacts.
  4. BBC News: Science/Nature - features daily breaking news in genetics, zoology, paleontology, space exploration, and other fields of science.
  5. Berkeley Lab Science Beat - breaking research news from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, written for those who want to know about science but don't speak the language.
  6. bottomquark - science and technology news and discussions.
  7. Bubble Chamber - science and technology news weblog.
  8. CNN: Science & Space - presents articles covering space exploration, the environment, paleontology, and other scientific discoveries and issues.
  9. EurekAlert - organizes and posts the latest scientific, medical, and technical news. Findings come from leading peer-reviewed journals and research institutions.
  10. - features news about earth, space, weather, and more with reference.
  11. - offers articles, facts and figues, quizzes, poetry, games, news, links, and science webcams.
  12. FutureWatch - radio and television program that explores issues related to science, technology, and the environment.
  13. Lab, The - Australian Broadcasting Corporation's gateway to online science news and features.
  14. MSNBC: Technology & Science
  15. News in Science - from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
  16. Nova: Science in the News - a look at the science behind the headlines by the Australian Academy of Science.
  17. Science a GoGo - aims to reveal developments in science and technology to as wide an audience as possible.
  18. Science Daily - offers the latest discoveries and research projects in all fields of science from labs across North America.
  19. Science Site, The - international webzine with a New Zealand focus.
  20. ScienCentral - independent source for the latest news on science and technology.
  21. ScienceWeek - subscription-based weekly email digest of the news of science.
  22. Scientific Cage - easy-to-read articles about scientific issues with links to detailed information.
  23. SciNews - collection of research and feature stories, policy news, and announcements.
  24. SciTech Daily Review - an aggregation of science and technology news and developments - the latest trends, breakthroughs, and articles from many sources.
  25. Singing Science Records - remembering the science-themed folk songs produced in the late 1950s and early 1960s.
  26. USA Today: Health & Science
  27. Visions of Science Photographic Awards - competition sponsored by The Daily Telegraph and Novartis. Includes galleries of past winners.
  28. Why Files, The - illuminates the science, math, and technology lurking behind the headline news.
  29. SciScoop - science news source and discussion forum for anyone interested in cutting-edge science and technology.
  30. Discover Magazine - monthly magazine of science and technology; their wonders, their uses, and their impact upon our lives.
  31. Nature - international weekly journal of science.
  32. Scientific American - enhanced versions of print articles, explorations of recent developments in the news, interviews, ask the experts, and much more.
  33. 21st Century Science and Technology - quarterly publication that discusses biology, physics, space science, oceanography, nuclear energy, and ancient epigraphy.
  34. Aeon: A Journal Of Myth, Science, and Ancient History - specializing in archaeoastronomy and.comparative mythology.
  35. American Scientist - Sigma Xi's interdisciplinary magazine, with links to sample articles, columns, book reviews and illustrations.
  36. Australasian Science - monthly science magazine for the general public. Featuring news and commentary on scientific developments from journalists and scientists.
  37. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists - covers nuclear weapons, international security, the military, the arms trade, and the nuclear industry.
  38. Catalyst, The - Brown University - interdisciplinary magazine focusing on bridging the gap between the sciences and humanities, as well as within the disciplines of science. Includes research, reviews, artwork, fiction and poetry.
  39. ChemScope Daily News Magazine - Complete daily biotechnology, medical device, pharmaceutical magazine - news, FDA updates, jobs, suppliers, products.
  40. Cornell SciTech Magazine - devoted to the coverage of new ideas, breakthroughs, controversies and people in the worlds of science and engineering.
  41. Dinosaurnews - New Zealand webzine featuring a collection of articles and links on dinosaurs.
  42. Distant Star - electronic magazine of the First Millennial Foundation, dedicated to human colonization of the galaxy.
  43. Einsichten
  44. Eureka Magazine - journal of engineering design excellence for practising engineers.
  45. EuroLaser - forum for the interest of the industrial application of laser technology; a user-magazine with reports from industry, universities and institutions (in German).
  46. Exploring: Exploratorium Magazine - science and art stories with RealAudio/Video clips and online activities and experiments.
  47. front wheel drive - a humble attempt to bring intelligent reporting to emerging sciences such as artificial intelligence, chaos theory, and related topics.
  48. Gene Therapy Weekly - international news, research from conferences, and summaries of peer-reviewed articles.
  49. Geology and Environment Italy - geology magazine from Italy.
  50. Geotimes - news magazine for the earth and environmental sciences published by the American Geological Institute.
  51. Government Technology
  52. Harvard Science Review
  53. Hawkeye Engineer - student journal of science and technology.
  54. Home Power Magazine - learn how you can use solar, hydro-electric, or wind energy to provide your home or business with electricity.
  55. Instrumentation & Control Systems - industrial automation hardware and software for control engineers and engineering managers.
  56. Interscientia - multi-authored scientific journal apt for both the expert and the lay public in both the exact and natural sciences.
  57. Issues in Science and Technology - publishes articles that analyze current topics in science, technology, and health policy, and recommends actions by government, industry, academia, and individuals to solve pressing problems.
  58. Journal of Young Scientists - offering an online science magazine for teens and young adults.
  59. La Recherche - science magazine in French.
  60. Laser Focus World - a monthly magazine, provides comprehensive global coverage of electro-optics technologies, applications, and markets.
  61. Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Research Review - magazine highlights the latest research achievements from America's first national laboratory.
  62. Marine Watch - the quarterly international news journal about events occurring on, under, and over the oceans of the planet.
  63. National Geographic - online edition of the popular magazine.
  64. National Science & Technology Week
  65. Natur - German magazine about environment, politics, science, and more.
  66. Natural History - magazine of science, nature, and culture published by the American Museum of Natural History. The site has news of the current issue, and past highlights.
  67. naturalSCIENCE - for reviews, essays, and letters concerned with all aspects of science.
  68. Netsurfer Science - free e-zine delivered by e-mail which discusses science and technology sites.
  69. New Zealand Science Monthly - general-interest New Zealand science and technology magazine aimed at general public, with news and features, education section, profiles, opinion pieces, puzzles, competitions, photographs.
  70. Notre Dame Science Quarterly
  71. Oak Ridge National Laboratory Review - The Lab's Research and Development Magazine
  72. Odyssey Magazine - science magazine aimed at kids aged 10-16.
  73. OMNI
  74. OR/MS Today - bi-monthly publication providing a comprehensive look at operations research and management science through news stories, feature articles, case-studies, software reviews and surveys.
  75. Physics Today - flagship publication of the American Institute of Physics (AIP).
  76. Physics World
  77. Pop! Magazine - an environment, science and nature 'zine for kids. Includes stories, games, jokes, and contests.
  78. Priroda Journal - Russian science magazine
  79. Pulp & Paper Magazine - includes affiliated newsletters, conferences, directories, reports and other info resources.
  80. Quantum - bimonthly magazine of math and science (primarily physics). Subscription based.
  81. Rapid News - for those interested in rapid manufacturing technologies.
  82. Revista Fator GIS - especializada em Geoprocessamento, distribuída por assinatura; trata de cartografia, sensoriamento semoto, GIS, GPS, promove o GIS BRASIL anualmente: Brazilian Geoprocessing magazine.
  83. Robot Science & Technology - magazine for educators, students, hobbyists, and enthusiasts.
  84. - reports on science and technology with particular relevance to sustainable development and the needs of developing countries.
  85. Science & Technology Review - communicates Lawrence Livermore's scientific and technological accomplishments to a broad audience.
  86. Science Magazine - global weekly journal of research which serves the scientific community as a forum for the presentation and discussion of important issues related to the advancement of science.
  87. Science News - an overview of the latest news covering all topics of science. Website includes additional features not in the magazine.
  88. ScienceDaily - magazine offering the latest science news.
  89. Scientific American Explorations - a quarterly magazine for parents, with a kid's section, giving parents and kids ways to have fun together with science.
  90. Scientriffic - offers simple and fun kids' science activities, FAQ, cool links, and super science for kids 7-11, parents, and teachers. An initiative of CSIRO.
  91. Sea Technology - specializing in the ocean/marine industry. Published monthly.
  92. SEED - redefining science's place in popular culture and vice versa.
  93. Smithsonian Magazine - magazine of the Smithsonian Institution that explores art, history, and science.
  94. Spectroscopy Europe - product database, diary, news, book reviews, meeting reports, and other material from the printed magazine.
  95. Spectroscopy Magazine - promotes the effective use of spectroscopic instrumentation as a problem-solving tool in research, quality control, environmental monitoring, and the life sciences.
  96. U.S. Tech Interactive
  97. Ultrasonic Testing OnLine Journal
  98. Association of British Science Writers
  99. Canadian Science Writers' Association - a national alliance of professional science communicators in all media.
  100. Council for the Advancement of Science Writing (CASW) - nonprofit educational corporation dedicated to improving the public's understanding of science and technology.
  101. Council of Science Editors - aims to improve communication in the life sciences by educating authors, editors, and publishers. Contains job bank.
  102. Irish Science Journalists Association - aims to improve standards in scientific and technical journalism.
  103. Metcalf Institute for Marine and Environmental Reporting - seeks to educate journalists about the science underlying marine and enviromental news, and strengthen communication between scientists and journalists.
  104. 21st - covering technology convergence; including A/V systems & content, computers, the Web, molecular computing, human consciousness, and more.
  105. Sci/Tech
  106. AlwaysOn - news and member opinions on technology trends and companies.
  107. Technology - covering the technology sector.
  108. Corante - daily news service focused on the technology industry covering venture capital, biotechnology, e-commerce, wireless and telecom, and Internet policy.
  109. Daily Rotation - customizable quick loading headlines from over 250 tech sites.
  110. Good Morning Silicon Valley - from the San Jose Mercury News. Looks askance at the technology news of the day with an authoritative eye and irreverent wit.
  111. Kuro5hin - threaded discussions on technology and culture.
  112. MSNBC: Technology
  113. NewsFactor Network - e-business and technology news network.
  114. San Jose Mercury News: Business - covering the Silicon Valley technology sector and more.
  115. Small Times - covers news about microelectromagnetic systems (MEMS), nanotechnology and applications in life sciences, consumer goods, defense, telecommunications and more.
  116. Tech Update: Web Technology - ZDNet - offers web technology updates and news.
  117. TechNN - offers tech news links from sources across the Web.
  118. Technofile - a consumer's non-technical guide to home electronics.
  119. TechTV - cable television network and integrated web site dedicated to computing and the Internet.
  120. the451 - offers critical news analysis, comment and opinion on the technology, communications and media industries.
  121. Yahoo! News: Tech Tuesday - features news, links, audio/video, slideshows, and more about the tech sector.
  122. Yahoo! News: Technology - featuring news about the Internet, personal technology, communications, software, and more.
  123. - technology and science portal that includes reviews for the latest high-tech gadgets and gizmos, as well as articles, information, concepts, and more.
  124. Atlantic: Technology & Digital Culture
  125. - dedicated to helping Christians leverage technology for ministry.
  126. Interface Monthly - business technology magazine. Online subscription.
  127. Mindjack - the beat of digital culture.
  128. - examines mobile technology like digital cameras, MP3 devices, notebooks, wireless phones, and more. Includes news, discussions, reviews, and more.
  129. Pennsylvania Business and Technology Digest
  130. Popular Mechanics - illustrated automotive, technology, science, and home news. A publication of Hearst Magazines.
  131. Popular Science - offers aviation, space, science, medical, and automotive industry news.
  132. T3 - hi-tech, hi-style magazine on the web.
  133. Technology Review - MIT's monthly covers infotech, biotech, nanotech, and more.
  134. - source for news, information and analysis on the convergence of the Internet, telephone, and television networking industries, as well as the equipment and service industries.
  135. ZZZ online - news, commentary, and discussions on the latest in technology and science.