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About Cookies & Support Services

  1. Cookie Central  - includes protocol information, FAQ, controversies, privacy information, and more.
  2. Persistent Client State HTTP Cookies  - a general mechanism which server side connections (such as CGI scripts) can use to both store and retrieve information on the client side of the connection
  3. Howstuffworks: How Internet Cookies Work - a look at the basic technology behind cookies and some of the features they enable.
  4. JavaScript Cookie Articles
  5. NetscapeCookie Test Results - a test to determine if the browser supports Netscape's "Cookie" HTTP headers
  6. RFC 2109 - HTTP State Management Mechanism
  7. What are web cookies? - articles discussing the advantages and disadvantages of Internet cookies, what is good, bad, and more.
  8. FAQ - Netscape Cookies
  9. Bake your own Internet Cookie - see how can cookies can be used to provide personalized content, learn about security bugs.
  10. Coalition Letter to IETF on Cookies
  11. Cookie Controversy - presents an overview of their purpose, privacy issues, available software, and more.
  12. Dark Side of Cookies - features FAQ, uses, demos, and other information.
  13. EPIC Cookies Page - provides links to IETF proposal and news stories.
  14. How Tasty are Your Cookies? - article covering how to find, view, edit, and delete the files.
  15. How Web Servers' Cookies Threaten Your Privacy
  16. Modem Operandi FAQt: Persistent Cookies
  17. Panicware, Inc. - offers pop-up ad stopper, window hiding, anti-spy software products, and information on deleting and managing Internet cookies.
  18. Cookie Crusher
  19. Cookie Jar - control which servers can get your cookies.
  20. Kookaburra Software - offers Cookie Pal, a complete Internet cookie management system, and 'Net Pal, an Internet dialer.