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Best Free Screensavers List
  1.  Haunted House Horrors Screen Saver 
    This new freeware Halloween screen saver features a cast of spooky characters, including floating ghosts, bats, a screeching cat and more, along with creepy sound effects. (For Windows).
  2.  Halloween Screen Savers 
    This site serves up a fun collection of free Halloween screen savers, including the popular "Ultimate Horror Scream Saver," which features images from "Night of the Living Dead," "Alien," "Friday the 13th," etc. No installation is required for these screen savers (just download them to your desktop, click and play). (For Windows).
  3.  EZskins 
    A fun site to browse, EZskins is updated daily with dozens of new free screen savers in many categories. Topics here include anime, fantasy, games, holidays, horror & occult, movies, music, nature, religious, schools, sci-fi, TV and more. EZskins also offers truckloads of free themes and skins (which let you customize the look of your desktop).
  4.  JoBlo Movie Screensavers 
    These days, every movie comes with its own screen saver. This nifty site rounds up all the Web's free cinema-related screen savers in one convenient spot. Each listing is accompanied by a short description. The site also offers movie reviews, quizzes, trailers, scripts and more.
    This site is our favorite resource for the Web's top freeware screen savers. Screen saver categories here include anime, art, cartoons, computers, fantasy, games, holidays, horror & occult, movies, nature, religious, sci-fi, sports, TV and more.
  6.  Flash Screen Saver 
    This unique freeware program lets you play Macromedia Flash files as your screen saver. The program is Flash enabled, (so you don't need to install the Macromedia Flash player or plugin). (For Windows).
  7.  Spirit of America Screen Saver 
    This site offers a good collection of patriotic "America" themed freeware screen savers. Screen savers here include "Spirit of America," which features the U.S. flag. Other free items here include patriotic-themed wallpapers and desktop themes. (For Windows and Macs).
  8.  Falling Autumn Leaves Screen Saver 
    This eye-catching freeware screen saver displays animated falling leaves on your desktop. You can also adjust the rate that the leaves fall. The screen saver also offers password protection. (For Windows).
  9.  Appleblossom Art Screen Savers 
    At this site, you'll find a lovely collection of free 3D screen savers, as well as desktop themes, that display colorful abstract art and fractals. (For Windows).
  10.  Acez 3D Pic Cube Screen Saver 
    Do you want a nifty way to display photos that you've collected on your hard drive? This cool freeware screen saver displays your photos or images in the form of a spinning 3D picture cube. It's nice for holiday, family or pet photos. (For Windows).
  11.  MyCorkboard Screen Saver 
    This wonderful free program offers a versatile screen saver that does everything but take out your garbage. It's like a bulletin board for your computer, onto which you can place any one of a number of cool interactive objects, such as a clock, a calendar, memo pads, graphics, various gizmos, pranks and much more. Note: you must register to use Corkboard more than 10 days (but registering is free, too!). For Windows.
  12.  American Flag Screen Saver 
    This freeware screen saver lets you display colorful, floating American flags on your desktop. The screen saver includes a password-protection feature. (For Windows).
  13.  Star Wars 3D Screen Saver 
    This dazzling freeware screen saver displays animated 3D "Star Wars" ships flying around, blasting away at each other. The ships include the Millennium Falcon, X-Wings and TIE Fighters. The program is optimized for OpenGL 3D graphics cards, (but works OK without one). (For Windows).
  14.  SETI@home screen saver 
    How many screen savers out there will actually give you a chance to participate in the search for extraterrestrial life? This free screen saver lets you put your computer's idle time to good use by analyzing radio telescope data. The people behind this project, SETI@home, aim to harness the power of thousands of computers to crunch tons of data from space. Who knows, maybe your computer will be the first to get a call from ET! (For Windows, as well as Macs and Unix).
  15.  Harry Potter Screen Savers 
    This site features six different freeware screen savers that pay tribute to the feature film that is based on the wildly popular book series about a boy wizard's adventures. (For Windows and Macs).
  16.  Screen Saver Builder 
    Several visitors have asked us if there are any freeware programs out there that allow you to make your own screen savers. Although this program isn't freeware, a free 60-day evaluation copy is available. Screen Saver Builder is an excellent, easy-to-use program that lets you make your own custom fully-functional freeware screen savers. (For Windows).
  17.  La Fonta Screen Saver 
    A classy free screen saver that displays your custom message in an eye-catching 3D beveled font. Lots of uses, including displaying your company's slogan and leaving messages for other family members. (For Windows).
  18.  Galaxies Screen Saver 
    A phenomenal free screen saver that offers soaring views of various animated galaxies, along with many other space objects, including comets, asteroids, black holes, dark matter, etc. Can be customized many different ways. Fun to watch! (For Windows).
  19.  Lord of the Rings Screen Saver 
    This free screen saver features wallpaper-sized images from the popular movie version of J.R.R. Tolkien's classic fantasy tale. (Available for both Windows and Macs).
  20.  Spider-Man Screen Saver 
    Here's a freeware screen saver that pays homage to the superhero action movie that shattered box office records. (For Windows).
  21.  American Pride Screen Saver 
    This inspiring freeware Flash multimedia screen saver features patriotic images and music, along with classic quotations. (For Windows).
  22.  Elvis Presley Screen Saver 
    August 16, 2002, marked the 25th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley. This freeware screen saver pays homage to the King of Rock 'n' Roll and includes images, songs and transitional effects. (For Windows).
  23.  Aquatica Screen Saver 
    The best aquarium style screen saver we've seen yet, Aquatica offers realistic images of fish and other undersea creatures that swim around your desktop. Note: this version is free, but the screen saver displays a message that pitches the full commercial version. (For Windows).
  24.  Drawing Hand Screen Saver 
    This jaw-dropping free screen saver is one of the most impressive that we've seen yet. It features a moving artist's hand that creates incredible works of art right before your eyes. It's difficult to take your eyes off this amazing creation. Note: the "free trial" version comes with one drawing; more drawings are available at the site, for a fee. (For Windows).
  25.  Mariah Carey Screen Saver 
    This free screen saver features images of lovely pop star Mariah Carey, who was reportedly the top-selling female solo artist of the 1990s. (For Windows).
  26.  Russell Crowe Screen Saver 
    This freeware screen saver pays homage to the hunky New Zealand native who starred in such films as "Gladiator," and "L.A. Confidential." (For Windows).
  27.  Planet of the Apes Screen Saver 
    This freeware screen saver pays tribute to the sci-fi film about a world ruled by primates, directed by Tim Burton and starring Mark Wahlberg. (For Windows).
  28.  JoBlo Movie Star Screen Savers 
    Here's a classy collection of freeware screen savers that feature images of top cinema stars from past and present. Celebrities here include Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Salma Hayek, Neve Campbell, Denise Richards, John Wayne, and more screen savers are being added constantly. (For Windows).
    This site offers a collection of free screensavers, in a variety of themes and categories.
  30.  Jenny McCarthy Screen Saver 
    This freeware screen saver features images of the lovely model, actress and MTV presenter. (For Windows
  31.   Underwater Aquarium 
    Turn your desktop into an aquarium with this excellent freeware screen saver, which features gorgeous images of exotic fish and other colorful underwater life. Underwater Aquarium also has cool watery visual and sound effects. If you like this screen saver's images, be sure to also grab the associated free desktop theme, available at this site, too. (For Windows).
  32. Pokemon Screen Saver 
    This freeware screen saver features characters from the wildly popular Pokemon series, along with multi-transitional effects. You'll also find free Pokemon ICQ skins here. (For Windows).
  33.  Garfield Screen Saver 
    This site offers several funny screen savers featuring the famous plump feline. The Midnight Snack screen saver is our favorite and shows the big guy waking up in the middle of the night to raid the fridge. (For Macs and PCs).
  34.  Antonio Sabato Jr. Screen Saver 
    This new free screen saver commemorates the hunky Italian star of films such as "The Big Hit," and "The Perfect Getaway." Features 15 sexy images of Antonio. (For Windows).
  35.  Amazing Screen Savers 
    Solid new resource that offers free screen savers, organized by category. Topics here include animals, cartoons, celebrities, holidays, nature, places, products, sports and more.
  36.  Cindy Crawford Screen Saver 
    There are many supermodels, but there's only one Cindy. This free screen saver features lovely images of the model, actress and former MTV House of Style host. Features password protection and easy install and uninstall functions. (1.57 megabytes). For Windows.
  37. Screen Saver 
    Version 6 of's own free screen saver has been released. And we think this all-new screen saver, titled Still Waters, is our best one yet. Features serene images from nature, including lovely photos of rivers, lakes and other tranquil water scenes. The screen saver also displays the current time and date and features nifty transition effects. (2.45 megs). For Windows.
  38.  Claudia Schiffer Screen Saver 
    This free screen saver features 16 dazzling images of the German supermodel, along with transition effects and password protection. (For Windows).
  39.  Pamela Lee Anderson Screen Saver 
    This free screen saver celebrates the former Baywatch television actress. No nudes here; just a series of lovely images of Pamela at work and play. (For Windows).
  40.  Free Irish Screen Savers 
    There's a good collection of free Irish themed screen savers at this site. Check out the Images of Ireland screen saver, featuring beautiful scenes from the Emerald Isle, as well as the Saint Patrick's Life, which tells the life story of Saint Patrick and features images of the saint. (For Windows).
  41.  Colorcube Screen Savers 
    Fascinating series of popular free screen savers that display an eye-popping collection of geometric, colorful designs. For Windows. Note: Direct 3D is required for Win 95 users. Get it here.
  42.  Swimsuit Screen Saver 
    This free screen saver displays high-quality images of swimsuit-clad California beauties. You can select from a list of 15 images and you can have the images float gracefully about your screen, remain centered, or appear at random positions on your screen. (For Windows).
  43.  Jennifer Love Hewitt Screen Saver 
    This free screen saver features images of the lovely actress and singer who starred in the films, "Sister Act," "Trojan War," and "I Know What You Did Last Summer." (For Windows).
  44.  Lovely Ladies Screen Saver 
    Here's a free screen saver that features beautiful images of sexy women, modeling swimsuits and lingerie. This screen saver provides password protection and multiple screen display effects. Two editions are available. (For Windows).
  45.  Space Screen Saver 
    Here's a cool free screen saver featuring lovely images by a NASA digital artist of the International Space Station and the space shuttle Endeavor. (For Windows).
  46.  Princess Diana screen saver 
    This free screen saver captures the cherished images of the royal lady, from her emergence in the public's eye with her engagement to Prince Charles through the fairy tale wedding of the century and the births of her sons. Features an original piano soundtrack. (For Windows).
  47. XaraCube 
    Very cool screen saver that places your own images onto rotating blocks that spin and chase each other across your screen. You can create your own version of this screen saver, using your own images, as well. (For Windows).
  48.  UFO Screen Saver 
    A clever, eye-catching screen saver that features four different types of popular UFO designs, all rendered photo-realistically, which spin or wobble their way around your screen. (For Windows).
  49.  Sky Screen Saver 
    Do you take your astronomy seriously? Then check this free screen saver out. The Sky Screen Saver shows the sky above any location on Earth, including stars (from the Yale Bright Star Catalogue of more than 9,000 stars to the 7th magnitude), the Moon in its correct phase and position in the sky, and the position of the Sun and all the planets in the sky. (Available for Windows).