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Best Freeware Programs List

  1. Freeware Pro 
    A nice resource for freeware, this searchable site offers reviews of loads of free titles and is updated daily. Categories include audio, business, desktop, development, games, graphics, utilities and Web authoring.
  2.  Kill Popup Ads 
    Do you hate popup ads? Here's a very helpful site that's devoted to the topic of popup ads and how you can effectively deal with them. Kill Popup Ads offers reviews of free programs that block popups and help you deal with other annoyances, such as spyware.
  3.  The Favorite Start Page 
    A nifty freeware program that lets you easily import and export your Internet Explorer bookmarks to a single, dynamic HTML file, which you can store on your hard disk. You can also use it to create a handy start page in your browser.
  4.  Voicegeek 
    Are you looking for software with speech capabilities? At this site, you'll find freeware that offers speech input and output, using Microsoft Agent Technology. The speech-supported programs here include a browser, an E-mail client, a personal information manager and more. (For Windows).
  5.  AOLSpeed 
    Are you an AOL user? This handy freeware utility disables unnecessary disk buffer flushing, and it can help solve the excessive resource usage woes that many AOL users experience. Note, however, that this utility is not endorsed by AOL itself. (For Windows; no Mac version is available).
    A nicely-organized, information-packed site, offers truckloads of free software for Windows 95/98/XP and NT, as well as Win 3.1. There's also a good selection of Net tools, utilities, programming files, Windows libraries and drivers, as well as free online Java games.
    One of our favorite freeware sites, is an easy-to-navigate resource that offers many categories. Software here includes games, utilities, E-mail, programming, multimedia, business, education and much more. If you're a software author, be sure to submit your program here; it's a great way to get exposure.
  8.  Recipe Manager 
    How healthy is your diet? This handy freeware "recipe database management system" helps you organize your recipes and meals and helps you analyze the nutritional value of your food. The program also includes a large database of food ingredients and their nutrient values. (For Windows).
  9.  Zee Projector 
    Here's a superb freeware audio and video media player that is easy to use. Zee Projector plays MP3s, AVI files and Video CD files. Features include a playlist, skins, instant access, search functions and free source code. (For Windows).
  10.  BibleFoundry 
    This freeware software program contains the entire Bible, complete with "Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary." BibleFoundry includes helpful features such as a search function, personal notes, bookmarking and more. Note: the source code is also free and included in the program. Besides English, the program is available in German, French and Spanish versions. (For Windows).
  11.  EZskins 
    A fun site to browse, EZskins is updated daily with dozens of new free screen savers in many categories. Topics here include anime, fantasy, games, holidays, horror & occult, movies, music, nature, religious, schools, sci-fi, TV and more. EZskins also offers truckloads of free themes and skins (which let you customize the look of your desktop).
  12.  Tinnes Software 
    You'll find a nice collection of free, original software at this site. Programs include a desktop calendar, a wallpaper changer, an image slideshow viewer, a computer shutdown utility and more. (For Windows).
    This site serves up a strong collection of freeware that is fun to browse. Each listing is reviewed and rated. Freeware here includes programs for Windows, as well as DOS. Categories here include text editors, graphics programs, games, utilities, multimedia programs and more. (Note: this site has begun charging a membership fee for access to most of the listings, but some free content is still available).
  14.  Freeware Bible program 
    Here, you can download a free software program that offers the complete contents of the Bible. This "Bible Millennium Edition" includes many features, including color maps, fast full-text search capabilities, selectable font size and font face, and much more. (For Windows).
    This site offers a nifty roundup of free software programs for Nokia mobile phones. Free programs here include Ringtone Converter, which lets you quickly and easily enter ringtones into your Nokia phone.
  16.  VeriTime 
    Where does the time go? If you've asked yourself this question after spending all day on your computer, then you'll find this freeware program helpful. VeriTime is a task/activity time tracking application that lets you easily keep tabs on how you spent your computer time. (For Windows).
  17.  602Pro PC Suite 
    This software suite offers a nice alternative to Microsoft Office and has the added advantage of being free. 602Pro PC Suite 2001 offers four Office-compatible applications: a word processor, a spreadsheet program, a graphics editor and a digital photo organizer. (For Windows).
    Note: this program is the open-source equivalent of Sun's StarOffice (which was formerly free itself). This fully-featured office productivity suite is a good alternative to Microsoft Office---and it's free! handles loads of Office-compatible functions: word processing, messaging, spreadsheets and presentation and drawing tools, etc. (Available for Windows, Linux and Solaris).
  19.  Pop-Up Stopper 
    We hate it when we click into a site that launches a blizzard of pop-up ads at us. In fact, we hate pop-up ads, period. This handy freeware program lets you block pop-ups. Pop-Up Stopper is configurable and easy to use. (For Windows).
    This fun-to-browse site is one of the Web's leading resources for freeware desktop skins (which allow you to customize the look and feel of many popular software programs). Here, you'll find hundreds of custom skins for ICQ, MSN Messenger, Winamp and many other programs. New skins are added here daily.
  21.  TransText 
    Do the small rectangles under your Windows' desktop spoil your wallpaper image? Then install this handy little freeware utility. TransText is a shell extension that lets you have a transparent background color in the icon caption area (a feature that isn't offered by Windows' own settings utility). 105 kilobytes. (For Windows).
  22.  WeatherBug 
    This freeware program displays custom, up-to-date weather info on your desktop. It offers continuously updated local forecasts; local radar and InstaCam images; a storm tracker and more. Note: to get the most out of this program, you really need an always-on broadband connection. (For Windows).
  23.  Bookmarklets 
    Are you a power surfer? Are you fed up with the limitations of the Internet Explorer or Netscape browsers? Then check out Bookmarklets, a nifty collection of 150 free tools that extend the capabilities of your browser. From extracting quick useful data from Web sites to custom searches, there's a Bookmarklet for every purpose. (Works on all operating systems: Windows, Macs, Unix, etc. However, Bookmarklets don't work with AOL).
  24.  DivX Player 
    How'd you like to watch movies on your PC? This prospect is increasingly becoming more practical, thanks to DivX, a new format that allows DVD-quality video to be compressed. In short, DivX promises to do for movies what the MP3 format did for music. This freeware package allows you to play DivX movies and also includes tools for encoding your own videos to DivX format. (For Windows).
  25.  MantaDB Utilities 
    (Note: this site is temporarily unavailable). This useful, free, ad-supported utility adds lots of extra features to the Internet Explorer browser. Features include autorefresh, a link checker, a font sizer and more. One very handy feature is the Web Page Indexer, which scans pages as you view them and builds a searchable index out of the words they contain. (For Windows).
  26.  Internet Explorer 
    The Web's most popular browser. Features include faster download speeds for pages with dynamic content and drag and drop support through FTP connections. It also offers a redesigned E-mail client, and improved search capabilities. (Available for Windows, Macs and Unix).