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Free Calculators Programs List

    At this site, you get free access to a mind-boggling collection of free online calculators for every conceivable need. Calculators are included for the following categories: Agricultural, Automobile, Brewing, Clothing, College, Computing, Converters, Cooking, Design, Distance, Engineering, Finance, Fun, Health, Manufacturing, Numeric, Photography, Scientific, Sports and Time. Sure beats the old slide rule we had to use back in school!
  2.  Calc98 
    Here's a powerhouse free utility. A serious number cruncher, Calc98 is a scientific calculator with tons of features and loads of bells and whistles. It's free, but if you use it more than 90 days, the author would like you to register it (which is free). (For Windows)
  3.  Super Calculator 
    Windows has a built-in calculator, but it's pretty lame. If you need more serious number-crunching capabilities, then check out this free program. It's a command line-style calculator that lets you run math expressions with your keyboard.
  4.  Download Calculator 
     Want to find out how long it will take for your file to download? Then check out this free JavaScript utility, which offers a Web-based pop-up calculator that you can use as you surf the Net. Note that this tool's download estimate is based on ideal conditions. Your results may vary.