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Free Chat Programs List

    Here, you can get a free, customized chat room for your Web site. offers Java-based chat rooms that include a feature-rich IRC-compliant Web interface. A big plus for this service is that it displays no ads.
  2.  PalTalk 
    The best free chat program we've seen yet, this state-of-the-art multimedia client features both instant messaging and Net telephony. An ad-supported program, PalTalk lets you make local and long distance calls for free to anyone who has Web access. (For Windows).
  3.  CyberNet Worlds 
    Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of 3D chat with CyberNet Worlds' free 3D chat browser. Here, you can roam around various colorful 3D landscapes, chatting with users from around the world and build your own virtual home. The CyberNet community also stages social events, parties and contests. (For Windows).
  4.  Trillian Basic 
    Are you tired of having an instant messaging program that always seems to be incompatible with the ones your friends use? Trillian Basic is an outstanding freeware program that allows you to access any of the Web's five major instant-messaging services: AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and IRC. This new version adds useful features such as 128-bit encryption and group chat. It's free for non-commercial use. (For Windows).
  5.  IMpersona 
    Liven up your instant messaging sessions on MSN Messenger with this nifty free program, which lets you select an animated "virtual character" to represent yourself. These 3D talking heads display facial emotions and speak the words you type. There's a wide range of characters to choose from. (For Windows).
  6.  QuickChat 
    Do you wish you have a better way of interacting with your site's visitors? Do you wish you could run a chat server, but don't know how? Here's an easy solution. With QuickChat, all you need to do is cut and paste some coding to your page and presto: you have your own chat room. This Java-based chat applet offers lots of options and is accessible via a regular IRC client (such as mIRC). New features include a Trivia Channel, an administrative center and more options for customizing your chat applet.
  7.  Microsoft NetMeeting 
    With this cool program, you can hold virtual meetings. NetMeeting offers various tools to communicate and collaborate with others on the Web. It lets you hold voice and video conferences, share software applications, chat, and share a whiteboard.
  8.  ICQ 
    A must-have instant messaging and chat program from Israel that ranks as one of the Web's most useful freeware programs. ICQ's features could fill a book but the most important innovation it offers is "awareness" (the ability to determine whether other people are online at a given moment). Available for Windows, Macs and Palms.
  9.  XiRCON 
    (Note: this program is no longer in development, but is still available at the site). This is a free chat program that is highly configurable and easy to use. Many features, including an excellent interface and the ability to instantly minimize itself to the Windows tray. It also automatically remembers your favorite servers, channels and chat buddies. Also supports connection to many servers at once, without launching a separate copy of the program. Here's a screenshot here. (For Windows).
  10.  Active Worlds 
    We think that this is one of the coolest freeware programs on the Web. It's a browser that lets you access AlphaWorld, a unique, 3D virtual community populated by real people. The Active Worlds universe boasts thousands of users who you can chat with. You can explore over 100 worlds in real-time, high-color graphics. You can even own land and create buildings on your property, from a simple house to an elaborate palace (a process that is quite easy). (Available for Windows, Macs and Linux).
  11.  AOL Instant Messenger 
    This popular program, once available only to AOL users, is now available to the entire online community. It offers many cool features. It allows you to see who's currently online (like ICQ) and lets you send quick and private instant messages, as well as pictures. You can also communicate via voice, (provided you have a microphone and speakers). (Available for both Windows and Macs).
  12.  AbbottChat 
    (No longer freeware, but a time-limited free demo is available). Here's a chat program for PCs and Macs that informs you when your friends are online and allows you to send alerts (instant messages that you can send to selected folks or your entire list). AbbottChat supports private chat, instant messaging and file transfers. It's fast and requires no cumbersome log-on or registration. (For Windows and Macs).