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Free Disk Utilities Programs List

  1. Disk Cleaner 
    Here's an easy-to-use freeware utility that lets you clean up various hard drive clutter on your PC with one click. This program cleans temporary Internet files, cookies, Internet history, your system temporary folder and much more. (Recent versions of Windows have a similar utility built in, but Disk Cleaner is faster and can be set to run at startup). (For Windows).
  2.  ScramDisk 
    Here's a freeware hard drive encryption program that's a must if you have data on your PC that must be kept secure. ScramDisk creates an envelope on your hard drive that can be mounted as a virtual disk when you enter the correct password. All data written to this disk is encrypted and can't be accessed without the password. ScramDisk supports several encryption algorithms, including Blowfish, IDEA and Triple-DES. (For Windows).
  3.  DiscoMania 
    Here's a handy, free, file cataloging utility for hard drives, removable drives and CD-ROMs. Using it, you can create, search, and organize catalogs. Many options available to help give you full control over your files. (For Windows).
  4.  Partition Manager 
    A fine freeware disk partitioning utility. Partition Manager allows you to create and delete partitions, lets you view your hard disks' IDE information and lets you format and resize FAT-16 and FAT-32 files systems. Also offers support for extended DOS partition. Available in English, German, Swedish, Spanish and Russian.
  5.  PrimaSoft Disk Analyzer 
    Take a look under the hood of your computer with this excellent free Windows program that lets you analyze your hard drive. You can easily take a detailed look at a selected hard drive or directory. It offers a summary by files, directories, type, size and date, displays graphs and lets you print reports