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Free FTP Programs List

  1.  FTP Commander 
    A basic, easy-to-use freeware FTP client. Offers all the functions of the Web's most popular FTP client, WS_FTP, except that this is unconditionally free. You can delete, rename and copy files, as well as create and delete directories on the FTP server. FTP Commander is freeware; unlike the second FTP client listed here, FTP Navigator, (which is shareware).
  2. Cute FTP - A basic, easy-to-use freeware FTP client.
  3. Net Vampire 
    (Note: this program is no longer freeware, but a free 30-day trial is available). If you surf around a lot and spot files here and there that you'd like to download, then you need this useful program. Just drop-and-drop the URLs to Net Vampire and you can do all your downloading in one batch. Net Vampire resumes broken connections and restarts downloads. It's also specially designed to deal successfully with noisy servers and unreliable links. It also offers features such as a built-in search engine, true site testing and support for many proxy types. New version adds more features, including an on-the-fly ZIP viewer and a multi-lingual user interface, which supports 14 languages.
  4.  NetAnts 
    Fed up with waiting forever to download files? Here's a helpful free download manager that is designed to maximize your throughput by making multiple FTP or HTTP connections, (each of which downloads a separate part of a single big file). NetAnts offers lots of features and is available in many languages. 900 kilobytes. (For Windows).
  5.  SmartFTP 
    A solid freeware FTP client, SmartFTP offers loads of handy features, including a Windows Explorer-like interface, drag & drop support and resumption of broken transfers. (For Windows).
  6.  AceFTP 
    The Web's best freeware FTP client, this easy-to-use program offers advanced features and gives you the ability to open several FTP sites at once and execute multiple file transfers concurrently. AceFTP resumes broken transfers and lets you preview files with its integrated viewer. (For Windows).
  7.  FTP Explorer 
    Here's a powerful, fully featured FTP client that offers a Windows Explorer-like interface and is easy to use. FTP Explorer is free for home and educational use. (For Windows).