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Free Graphics Programs List

    This site offers two excellent freeware programs. Wallpaper Desktop lets you generate colorful, original patterns for your desktop. A second program here, Grabzilla, lets you easily capture screenshots from your desktop. (For Windows).
  2.  20/20 
    This fabulous freeware graphics application offers loads of features that you normally only see in the top commercial programs. 20/20 is an image viewer, screen capture and annotation program. Many features: slideshows, thumbnails, a background generator and much more. (For Windows).
  3.  Meazure 
    Have you ever needed to know the dimensions of a window on your screen, or the size of an image? Meazure is a useful freeware screen measurement, magnification and capture tool. It's easy to use and offers loads of features. (For Windows).
  4.  IrfanView 
    One of the handiest freeware programs around, this multimedia and graphics viewer can handle any type of file you throw at it: from GIFs to Real Audio to MP3 to Adobe Photoshop files, as well as a lot of obscure formats. (For Windows).
  5.  Icon Viewer 
    The only freeware program of its kind, this handy utility lets you view all of the icons on your computer that are contained in an EXE, DLL, ICO or ICL file. You can also compare icon files to determine whether they're identical or not, and search a directory for duplicates of an icon. (For Windows).
  6.  Alice 
    Are you interested in 3D graphics, but find the whole process too involved and complicated for a novice? Then check out Alice. It's a free 3D "Interactive Graphics Programming Environment." Alice can be used for creating many types of applications, including interactive games, animations and virtual reality environments. It has a moderately steep learning curve. Basically, if you've messed around with BASIC before or built a spreadsheet, you can handle Alice. (For Windows).
  7.  POV-Ray 
    POV-Ray (the Persistence of Vision Raytracer) is a high-quality, free program for creating sophisticated 3-D graphics. Has a steep learning curve, but is worth the time you invest in it, if you're serious about learning about ray-traced graphics. Available for Windows, DOS, Macs, Linux, SunOS and Amiga.
  8.  ShoeString PictureDicer 
    This is a freeware tool that chops any image file into several smaller images, suitable for creating mouseover effects and pseudo-imagemaps on Web pages. It also generates the HTML for a table to contain the partial images and display them so they appear as the original uncut image. (For Windows).