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Free MP3 Music Audio Sounds Providers

  1. - It's back again the worlds most recognized sound media source.
    A fine resource for music seekers, this searchable site offers a large, categorized MP3 sound file section, as well as a comprehensive lyrics archive. MP3s here range from classic tunes to the latest Top 40 hits. There's even a small, but growing, guitar tabs archive here. A big plus to this site is that, (unlike most MP3 sites), you don't get bombarded by annoying popup ads.
  3.  GNapster 
    Looking for MP3s? This new freeware program lets you search for and download MP3s and other binaries on the Web. Unlike a lot of resources of this kind, GNapster isn't plagued by annoying popup ads or spyware.
    This site offers free MP3s of soothing, original solo piano music. The site also serves as a resource for people experiencing "tough times due to illness, loss of loved ones, or any other type of personal pain."
    This unique resource offers free professionally recorded voice prompts in MP3 format, suitable for Web sites, Flash animations, multimedia, etc. The voice prompts, which were recorded by voice artist Chuck Brown, are available in four "moods."
    There are a lot of MP3 sites around, but this is the first one we've seen that is devoted to MP3 music files for children. There is a nice selection of free MP3 music here, available for preview and download (and the files are all legal).
    This site offers a nice collection of free skins for Kazaa, the popular file-sharing software program. The site also offers help on installing skins, as well as making your own.
    A well-done free MP3 site that specializes in solo piano and piano-dominated instrumental music. All the MP3s here are legal and you may preview files before you download them.
  9.  Kazaa Media Desktop 
    Looking for MP3s? This free program offers a feature-packed peer-to-peer file-sharing application that's a great resource for finding MP3s, as well as other media files, such as audio, video and images. Kazaa offers a powerful search engine and lets you download, organize and play multimedia files. (For Windows).


  10.  Morpheus 
    Hailed at one time by many as the second coming of Napster, MusicCity's Morpheus has emerged as one of the most popular freeware programs around for hunting free MP3 (and other media) files online. Morpheus's excellent search features make it easy to find the file you're looking for, quickly. (For Windows).
  11.  MP3 Bible verses 
    At this site, you'll find a nice selection of verses from the New Testament and Psalms in MP3 format. The recordings are original, free and categorized. The Scriptures here are from the modern English American Standard Version of the Bible.
  12.  MusicMatch 
    One of our favorite MP3 sites, MusicMatch offers loads of free (and legal) sound files, by an eclectic assortment of artists. Basically, most of these artists are giving away a track or two of their material, hoping that you'll like what you hear and will buy their CDs. Most of the acts here aren't big names, but there is plenty of worthwhile music, including folk, rock, jazz and country. Each artist has been rated, on a scale of one to 10, by the site's visitors.
    This is the largest and perhaps the definitive MP3 resource on the Web (it's certainly the most commercialized). It offers up-to-the-minute news, contests, information about sound utilities and, of course, free sounds (over 3,000 legal MP3 files). Categories include dance/techno, electronic, experimental, heavy metal/acid rock, industrial, instrumental, new age, pop, R&B/soul, rap, reggae and rock.
  14.  Audiogalaxy 
    In the aftermath of Napster's legal woes, a lot of music seekers have been migrating to Audiogalaxy, a searchable resource for free MP3s. Music categories here include rock, alternative, metal, blues, folk, jazz, rap and country. Audiogalaxy also offers 25 megs of free Web space to musicians, so that they can post their MP3s, band information and images here.