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Free Unzipping & Compression Software List

  1. JustZIPit 
    Scroll down to the bottom of the page to access JustZIPit, a fine archiving freeware utility that lets you easily zip and unzip files with a single click. JustZIPit is a simple, compact (250 kilobyte) program that has no adware, spyware or registration requirements. (For Windows).
  2.  EasyZip 
    A powerful, easy-to-use freeware zip and unzip utility, EasyZip offers a good interface and all the bells and whistles of the most popular commercial archive programs. This program features integration with Windows (including extracting archives and zipping files directly from Windows Explorer); checking for viruses in archive; drag and drop; and more. (For Windows).
  3.  ZipItFast 
    You can easily unzip compressed files with this essential freeware archive utility. ZipItFast features a drag-and-drop interface for viewing, running, extracting, adding and deleting files. The program supports loads of formats, including the ubiquitous .zip format. (For Windows).
  4.  CAM UnZip 
    This is an easy-to-use .zip file utility that lets you open, create and modify .zip files quickly. CAM UnZip offers many handy extra features, including password-protected .zip file support. It also lets you view files in an archive before you extract them. (For Windows). Free for personal use, but donations are accepted.
  5.  Freezipper 
    (Note: this site is temporarily unavailable). A handy freeware utility, Freezipper lets you easily compress and decompress files, as well as create self-extracting .zip files. With Freezipper, you can also create .zip archives; remove files from an archive; test the integrity of .zip files and compress folders with only two clicks. (For Windows).
  6.  Aladdin Expander 
    (Note: this program is no longer free). The classic decompression tool for the Mac is now available for Windows users. An easy-to-use utility, Aladdin Expander can handle any type of compressed file you throw at it, including .zip files. It'll also handle uuencoded (.uue), BinHex (.hqx), and MacBinary (.bin), ARC (.arc), Arj (.arj), and gzip (.gz) formats. (For Windows, Macs, Linux and Solaris).