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Freeware Newsgroups List

  1. NewsShark 
    This helpful, free Usenet utility is perfect for those who want an efficient way to download large binary files (sounds, programs, multimedia files) from the newsgroups. To get the free version, look for the "NewsShark Trial Version" text link. (For Windows).
  2.  NetNews Tracker 
    This handy, easy-to-use free service helps you monitor Usenet newsgroups. You can configure it to monitor thousands of newsgroups for postings that mention your name, your company, your URL (or any other topic that interests you). NetNews Tracker searches newsgroups twice daily for the phrases that you choose and then delivers its results to you via E-mail.
  3.  ASP1-A3 
    The next time you're downloading pictures of pastoral landscape scenes from your favorite Usenet newsgroup, you'll appreciate this cool free utility. ASP1-A3 automatically downloads images for you while filtering out spam. The freeware version is supported by ads. (For Windows).
  4.  Binary Boy 
    An excellent freeware utility, Binary Boy searches the newsgroups for binary file attachments that match your search criteria. You may execute searches immediately or use the scheduler to call your news server at a preset time. You can also create different search criteria for each newsgroup or search globally. New version adds many new features, such as the ability to cancel downloads of unwanted files and an improved newsgroup picker that finds matching newsgroups as you type.
  5.  NewsXpress 
    Here's an excellent, highly configurable free newsgroup reader for Windows. Offers many advanced features, such as built-in uuencode and uudecode. You can also view binary (graphics) files as they download. NewsXpress also lets you send E-mail via SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and much more. (For Windows).
  6.  Free Agent 
    Free Agent is simply put, one of the Net's absolute must-have free programs. It's an essential Usenet newsgroup reader that features an easy-to-use interface with lots of icons and pull-down menus. Free Agent provides multipane viewing, flexible article purging options, database compacting, carbon copying for E-mail and article posting, editing of all fields, and canceling of posts. For full E-mail support and more advanced features, you can upgrade to the full-featured commercial version. (For Windows).
  7.  WinVN Newsreader 
    A solid freeware program, WinVN (Windows Visual Newsreader) has been around for a while and is constantly improving. Like other news readers, it can be used to select, view, write, sort and print Usenet News articles, but it offers a more visual approach than other similar programs. With WinVN, you can easily navigate between newsgroups and articles via a point-and-click interface. (For Windows). English and Japanese versions are available.