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Fun Freeware Programs List

  1. Movie Toolbar 
    Do you love cinema? Here's a nifty free toolbar that places itself below the address bar on your browser and gives you instant access to a wealth of movie news, reviews, cinema Web sites and more. (For Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firebird).
  2.  Error95 Joke Program 
    This freeware program is a must-have gag for pranksters. Error95 generates customizable fake error messages for Microsoft Windows. Drive your computer buddies crazy! (For Windows).
  3.  MovieTrack 
    A must for movie buffs, this handy freeware database program helps you organize and keep track of your film collection. The program offers many features, including a client/server scheme in which you can exchange movie lists with your friends. (For Windows).
  4.  Fantasy Football League Organizer 
    If you play fantasy football, either as a team owner or as a league manager, you'll find this free program helpful. Fantasy Football League Organizer lets you run your draft, track rosters and lineups, perform transactions, input stats and lots more. (For Windows).
  5.  Fake Format 
    Drive your friends(?) insane with this cruel prank program. Fake Format is a free utility that when executed, gives the appearance that your hard drive is being formated. Your victim will be unable to stop or close this clever, realistic program. It even creates hard drive noise while it is formatting. (For Windows).
  6.  Drempels 
    (Note: this site is occasionally unavailable). This is a quite amazing freeware "desktop enhancer" that transforms your static Windows background into animated, swirling patterns that resemble a hurricane or tornado. You can also run Drempels as a unique, eye-catching screen saver. (For Windows).
  7.  Cursor Fun 
    Here's a fun, freeware program that randomly changes the appearance of the mouse cursor. It allows you to choose which cursor to change, what type of cursor to change it to, and how often you'd like to swap the cursor. Cursor Fun is great for playing a trick on an unsuspecting user, or for those who get bored easily with their desktop. (For Windows).
  8.  Black Screen 
    This free program will cause your victims' screen to go black or capture the desktop & display a bitmap image. The victim of your prank will then be unable to close the screen without a password. Black Screen can be used as a joke gag or for security purposes. Here's the home page. (For Windows).
  9.  DownHoax 
    This nifty, free prank program makes it realistically appear as though an unwanted file is being downloaded from the Net. DownHoax randomly chooses a site from its internal database of undesirables, and proceeds to simulate downloading an equally distasteful file. Supports both Netscape and Internet Explorer. (For Windows).