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Java Scripts & Support Links

  1. Cup O' Joe Java Shop - dedicated to providing quality Java resources to the professional developer.
  2. Digital Espresso - A collection of weekly Java newsgroup and mailing list summaries, applet reviews, and more.
  3. Don's Java Central - up to date industry info regarding Java and its impact on the future of Internet Software Development.
  4. EJB Tutorial - Enterprise Java Beans hands-on tutorial. Requires knowledge of Java. JDBC knowledge also required for advanced topics.
  5. Examples from The Java Developers Almanac - contains hundreds of examples from The Java Developers Almanac.
  6. Free Java Help - includes articles, forums, tutorials, and more.
  7. JadCentral - includes news, downloads, forums, featured code, and more.
  8. Java Coffee Break - includes free online tutorials, book reviews and other links about the programming language.
  9. Java Information Sources - bibliograpy of online articles and key press releasesabout the Java programming language, the browser HotJava, and related technologies.
  10. Java Location Services - provides information and resources on the role of geospatial data and technology in the marketplace vis-a-vis the Internet and Java.
  11. Java Optimization - How to optimize your Java programs so that they're smaller, faster, and more maintainable.
  12. Java Programmer Certification Exam and Training. - contains mock exams, discussion forum, and useful links.
  13. Java Questions & Answers - features a Java based Java glossary.
  14. Java Tutorial, The - practical, example-based guide.
  15. Java, Javascript and Oracle Tutorials - contains tutorials.
  16. JavaToys - development resource center dedicated to providing information relevant and useful to the Java developer.
  17. JDK beta 2 Quick Reference - all Java methods and variables, sorted alphabetically.
  18. JSP Tutorial - teaches JSP by progressing from simple to complex examples.
  19. Kevin Sullivan's "Studying Java" Page
  20. Learn Java From the Ground Up - step-by-step tutorial on the language and its uses.
  21. Linux Java Tips and Hints Page - collection of tips and hints from Linux and non-Linux Java programmers related to system configuration and programming.
  22. MacJava: Java Language for the Macintosh
  23. Making Sense of Java - An attempt to separate Java hype from the reality, and present reality from what will/might be
  24. Sun's Java Developer Connection - technical support, online training, discussion forums, and technical articles.
  25. - guide to Java and game programming.
  26. The Java Series - a collection of books from Addison-Wesley
  27. - official Java site from Sun. Includes Java software download, information for developers, and examples of Java technology in action.
  28. - featuring developer resources, community, documentations, support, news, and more.
  29. 1 Java Street - provides Java source code, applets, tutorials, and discussion boards.
  30. Absolute Java - discussion of subtle technical issues of the Java language.
  31. Academic Program for Java - IBM resource for Java educators and students.
  32. Caffeine Buzz - Java news and information.
  33. Caffeine Connection - source for Java applets, information, and consultants.
  34. Core Servlets & JavaServer Pages - source code archive for all servlet and JSP examples from the book of the same name.
  35. Dan Adler's Java-COM Resources - includes the JACOB Project, an open source Java-COM bridge written in JNI.
  36. - community for developers to learn, communicate, and create applications for smart devices.
  37. Dread's Programming
  38. EarthWeb: Java - Java articles, resources, and downloads.
  39. - offers Java applets, tutorials, references, books, and more.
  40. IBM developerWorks: Java Technology - articles, columns, tutorials, documentation, and other resources for Java developers.
  41. Java Boutique - collection of applets for web pages.
  42. Java Developer's Page, A
  43. Java Digest - Java-related articles, message boards, downloads, and more.
  44. Java Grande - workshops and forum to set standards and establish community consensus for evolution of Java Grande to extend the usability of the environment.
  45. - FAQ of the Sun Java Programmer certification. Based on personal experience.
  46. JavaCoding.Net - open source Java development, ranging from utilities for custom classloading over an XML server to demo and games programming in an applet.
  47. Javalobby - discussion forums, news stories, and more.
  48. JavaMuseum - showcases work that incorporates Java.
  49. JavaRanch - prepare for Java certification with the Rule Roundup game. Talk about more advanced topics at the Big Moose Saloon.
  50. - offers Java applications, applets, classes, servlets, Beans, development tools, and other downloads.
  52. - Java resource offering FAQs on everything from the language to tools and APIs. With community forums, self-paced training, and the news from the field.
  53. Jiris - online resource and guide to Java for students and enthusiasts.
  54. JPython - implementation of the Python programming language designed to run on SUN's Java Platform.
  55. JRoots - Java application framework.
  56. Mac OS X Java Runtime Environment - includes FAQs, documentation, and sample code for Java development on Mac OS X systems.
  57. Mark Newbold's Java Stuff
  58. Micro Java Network - news, downloads, and other resources dedicated to the proliferation of Java upon smart devices.
  59. Microsoft Technologies for Java - news, articles, downloads, FAQs, and security info.
  60. MK's Java Page
  61. Novaworx Development Environment - an open-source Java based development environment.
  62. Is There Hope for Java? - although a judge has ordered Microsoft to make it easy for Sun's popular programming language to work with Windows, this article discusses whether that remedy may be too little, too late.
  63. Servlet Cafe - offers Servlet and JSP resources. Includes an extensive list of reusable open-source and/or free servlet modules.
  64. Sun Mirosystems Java Name Battle
  65. QuirksMode  - provides information about browser quirks in the implementation of CSS and JavaScript.
  66. 121 Java Script Tutorials - offers tutorials on javascripts and applets.
  67. - offers a number of scripts for adding dynamic activity and effects.
  68. Andy's Introductory JavaScript Tutorials - javaScript tutorials written for people with no prior programming experiences.
  69. Ask the JavaScript Pro - free service by providing technical tips on JavaScript.
  70. Beginner's Guide to JavaScript - tutorial for the absolute beginner.
  71. Beginners Javascript Tutorials - covers the basic concepts for those new to the world of programming. Offers free graphics as well.
  72. Danny Goodman's JavaScript Pages
  73. Doc JavaScript - hundreds of original columns, tutorials, tools, and tips.
  74. Dread's Programming
  75. Dynamic Drive - DHTML and JavaScript code library featuring free, original scripts and components, all of which ultilize fourth+ generation browser technology.
  76. Go2Share: JavaScript - with JavaScript tutorials, guide, source code, examples, and downloads.
  77. HTMLjive - HTML editor written in Javascript - HTML editor written in Javascript. Use this page to create your own HTML documents. Save the page to always have an HTML editor handy.
  79. JavaScript City - guide to free scripts, tutorials, and resources.
  80. Javascript Depot
  81. JavaScript Gate - featuring tutorials, scripts, and tools.
  82. JavaScript Guide
  83. JavaScript Kit - offers tutorials and free scripts. Also features a large developers' forum.
  84. Javascript Made Easy - collection of JavaScript source code that offers thousands of free scripts, tutorials, sample code, and more.
  85. JavaScript Planet
  86. JavaScript Search - contains scripts, tutorials, books, and more.
  87. JavaScript Source, The - cut and paste JavaScript library with source code.
  88. Javascript Tip of the Day - tips and tricks.
  89. - resource for tutorials, scripts, and more.
  90. Javascripts - offers over 2500 free javascripts. Source code to cut and paste.
  91. JavaScripts Galore - scripting resource and community.
  92. MouseOver Buttons Wizard - tool to help users design MouseOver buttons.
  93. Nic's JavaScript Page - with a variety of javascript examples for sites.
  94. Rolling Scrolling Status Surfers - society for the promotion of scrolling status bar message javascripts.
  95. Textual Abuse Page - Javascript - Build your own insult !
  96. - offers JavaScript and Dynamic HTML design information.
  97. Webmonkey's JavaScript Collection - home to tutorials, free plug-and-play code, and more.
  98. Button Maker
  99. Cameron's JavaScript Stuff
  100. Compression of Links Pages - compress link pages to save disk space. You can compress or decompress the links pages online.
  101. Fade Script - fade the background from one color to another
  102. Graph It - draws the graph of your mathematical functions. It uses dynamically created pictures.
  103. JavaScript GIF Movie Theatre - deep plots, crafty villians, brave heroes, and low (kindof) bandwidth.
  104. JavaScript Periodic Table - script for a basic display of the elements and their properties.
  105. Kohoutek Speed Detect Script - detect the speed of your visitors with JavaScript.
  106. Menu Factory - javascript pull-down menus for the rest of us.
  107. Poke! - search assistant that uses javascript and frames. It is always with you, an alt + tab away.
  108. Timothy's JavaScript Examples
  109. Website Born On Dates - never have a skunky website again! Just cut 'n paste this JavaScript and you are ready to go. See when the website was created as well as its last update and more.
  110. Javascript Clock
  111. World Time in Javascript - get information on time of different time zones
  112. Astro-Physical Calculator - features pre-programmed physical constants and astronomical data.
  113. Body Mass Index Calculator - measures height/weight ratios.
  114. Compressible Aerodynamics Calculator - intended to replace printed tables. Computes (forward and backward) functions for isentropic flow, and normal and oblique shock waves.
  115. JavaScript RPN Calculator
  116. Ninja Suit - tools for business, education, science, travel, sports, and more.
  117. Poisson Pit - Poisson probability calculator.
  118. Quarterback Passer Rating Calculator
  119. RPN-Stack Calculator - full-function, scientific calculator using semi-RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) format.
  120. Scientific Calculator for Chemists - scientific calculator with various physical constants and a list with task history.
  121. Ambigram.Matic - the ambigram generator.
  122. CyberDungeon: The Game - An interactive fantasy game that uses frames, push/pull and javascript. Old browsers beware !
  123. Electric Lighthouse's Hangman - instantaneous action and sound effects, graphic representation, well-chosen words (from easy to difficult), score storage; lights, and all the bells and whistles.
  124. Holiday JavaScript Games - written for JavaScript1.1 or lower. The themes of the games change with the upcoming holiday.
  125. JavaScript Games - page with complex JavaScript games.
  126. Javascript Maze Maker - generates and displays a maze, then you try to solve it.
  127. Gamebutton Arcade - tiny playable Javascript games contained within HTML form buttons.
  128. Magic Number - Javascript-based "mind reading," number guessing game.
  129. Mancala via javascript
  130. Memory - a Javascript game
  131. Minesweeper
  132. Pacman Online - offers the classic arcade game in Java format.
  133. Shrink-In-A-Box - instant analysis from the world's first psybertherapist. Requires Javascript.
  134. Trader - classic commodity trading and resource allocation game.
  135. megaConverter  - an ever-growing set of weights, measures, and units conversion/calculation modules.
  136. Calculators and UltraConverter - offers interactive converters for distance, area, volume, mass, time, velocity, force, pressure, energy, power, density, flow, luminance, illuminance, temperature, and angles.
  137. Interactive Units Converter - friendly JavaScript interface converts weight, volume, length, area, speed, pressure, temperature, circular measure, and time into different units and unit systems.
  138. Lawrence Goetz's Unit Conversion - convert temperature, weight, length, and volume. Requires JavaScript.
  139. Metric Converter - distance only.
  140. Web Directory: Dictionaries and Unit Conversion for Engineers
  141. WWW Unit Converter - includes area, density, energy, force, length, mass, power, pressure, speed, temperature, and volume.
  142. DeZines Java/JavaScript Resource Page