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Music & Sounds Freeware Providers

  1.  LiquidIce MP3 Player 
    Here's a solid, easy-to-use, no-frills freeware MP3 player that features nice sound quality and includes a variety of skins. (For Windows).
    This site offers a nifty roundup of free software programs for Nokia mobile phones. Free programs here include Ringtone Converter, which lets you quickly and easily enter ringtones into your Nokia phone.
  3.  Sound Control 
    Here's a handy new little freeware sound utility that lets you dynamically adjust your sound volume using keyboard hot keys. Perfect for anyone who is constantly having to open the sound mixer to adjust the volume when listening to sound files recorded at different volume levels. Support to control Winamp's Next, Previous and Pause buttons via a series of hot keys is also included. (For Windows).
  4.  Morpheus 
    Hailed at one time by many as the second coming of Napster, MusicCity's Morpheus has emerged as one of the most popular freeware programs around for hunting free MP3 (and other media) files online. Morpheus's excellent search features make it easy to find the file you're looking for, quickly. (For Windows).
  5.  RipCast 
    This impressive freeware "streaming audio ripper" program offers one of the best ways we know of to build your MP3 collection quickly. RipCast lets you save streaming broadcasts as MP3 files and helps you organize your MP3s with an easy-to-use interface. Note: a broadband Net connection is recommended, but not required. (For Windows).
  6.  Napigator 
    MP3 music lovers who lament the woes at Napster will like this excellent freeware program, which is actually better than Napster in many ways. Napigator works similar to Napster, but lets you search other, independent servers, as well. Note: you must have Internet Explorer installed to use this program. (Annoying, intrusive pop-up ads make this site difficult to navigate).
  7.  HTagEditor 
    This handy freeware program can help you get your MP3 collection in order. HTagEditor is a feature-laden tag editor that helps you create and edit MP3 playlists. (For Windows).
  8.  Newtella 
    With its legal battles, Napster may be on the ropes these days. But there are a growing number of alternatives out there for sharing MP3 music files. One example is Newtella, a free program that lets you retrieve and exchange MP3 files on the Gnutella network. Note: searches on Gnutella can be slow and prone to bottlenecks. Also, many visitors have complained that Newtella isn't as easy to use as Napster. (For Windows).
  9.  AxelCD 
    This attractive, easy-to-use freeware program is the best CD player program we've seen yet. Features an eye-catching, intuitive interface, with nice animated buttons and touch sensitive and click sensitive areas. Options include autoplay on disk insertion, minimization to the system tray, always on top status, and more. (For Windows).
  10.  Nullsoft Winamp 
    The Web's most popular MP3 sound file player, Winamp, is now freeware (previously, it required a registration fee). Winamp is a flexible, high-fidelity sound file player that supports MP3, CD, Audiosoft, MOD, WAV and other formats. There are endless ways to customize this player via skins (which change the appearance of the interface), as well as audio effect plugins of various sorts. (For Windows).
  11.  Anvil Studio 
    This is a free Windows program for recording, playing, composing and editing MIDI music using and sampled percussion sounds. Anvil features many effects, such as delay, pitch change, volume and filtering. You can also compose rhythm tracks with your own sampled percussion sounds. An essential sound program if you want to work with MIDI sound files. Here's a screen shot. (For Windows).
  12.  HammerHead Rhythm Station 
    So you've heard the latest in techno and drum 'n' bass and you think you can do better, huh? Try out this easy-to-use freeware drum program. HammerHead lets you easily create drum loops on your PC. You can edit on the fly and record your actions to a high quality and completely noise-free WAV sound file. It features 23 separate drum patches and 6 complete loops to sequence cool breakbeats right away. There's also a feature to implement banks with 6 samples of your own. (For Windows).
  13.  Sonique 
    A free MP3 and audio CD player, Sonique offers a cool animated control panel and lots of options and configurations, such as an equalizer balance and the ability to change tempos, etc. (For Windows).
  14.  FoxPlay 
    Have you got a bunch of sound files scattered all over your hard drive? Then check out FoxPlay, an excellent, free music utility that'll let you easily organize all the sound files you have into a single, manageable playlist. FoxPlay uses the Windows Multimedia System to play MIDI files, and it allows you to use your favorite MOD and MP3 players to play MOD and MP3 files, respectively. FoxPlay also has built-in support for mIRC, the popular chat client. (For Windows).
  15.  Yamp sound utility 
    If you're downloading sound files off the Web, you're going to need a good sound player utility to hear them. Yamp fits the bill well. This free program from Germany plays virtually every format out there, including WAV files (all formats, also compressed ones), MIDs, RMIs, MODs, S3Ms, XMs, ITs, AVIs, MPAs, MP1s, MP2s and MP3s, MPEG, and AVI. It offers powerful playlists, "Drag and Drop" functionality and more. (For Windows).
  16.  ReadPlease 2003 
    Have you been wanting to try out one of these newfangled text-to-speech programs that read your E-mail to you? Then you should check out ReadPlease. Not only is it free, but it offers a number of innovative features that even the commercial programs don't have. ReadPlease can read from any text file or Rich Text Format file. Offers four different natural-sounding voices, all of which sound better than the robotic voices these programs usually feature. (For Windows).