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Webmaster Freeware Programs Providers

  1. EasyHTML 
    Here's an easy-to-use, feature-packed free Web page editor from Finland. Offers many helpful options such as the ability to edit multiple pages simultaneously. Also features such goodies as floating toolbars, a built-in browser and JavaScripts that you can easily add to your page. It's also one of the few HTML editors compatible with Microsoft's IntelliMouse. (For Windows). Available in English and Finnish versions.
  2.  Arachnophilia 
    Don't spend $50 on a commercial Web authoring program until you've tried this cool free program. Arachnophilia is an outstanding Web editor, bursting with features. It'll import fully formatted text, tables, and outlines from any Windows-compliant application and automatically convert it to HTML. It also has built-in FTP capabilities that can automatically upload files (although it can't delete files, like a true FTP client can). Powerful keyboard macros can include system commands---even other macros, for maximum flexibility. (For Windows).
  3.  HTML Compress 
    Here's a handy freeware Webmaster's tool that lets you easily shrink the size of your Web pages, by optimizing your HTML code. HTML Compress eliminates unneeded characters. As a result, your pages load faster (and it also makes it more difficult for would-be pirates to make use of your code). (For Windows).
  4.  SiteAid HTML Editor 
    An excellent free Web editor, SiteAid offers features like multiple tag insertion methods and many quick wizard forms. It also automates such tedious tasks such as body selections, tables, lists and frames. (For Windows).
    Are you trying to learn HTML? This is the place to go. Here, you'll find loads of free tutorials on every aspect of Webmastering, from frames to tables to graphics. It's a handy resource, whether you're a newbie or a seasoned veteran.
  6.  WindowHTML 
    (Note: this site is occasionally inaccessible). Here's an excellent free Web authoring tool that lets you create eye-catching Windows-like HTML pages. Easy to use. (For Windows).
    Looking for a quick and easy way to get your site started? Check out the dozens of nifty free Web site templates here.