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WHOIS Domain Search Services

  1. InterNIC Registry Whois Search - searchable by domain, registrar, or nameserver
  2. WHOIS Network Solutions  - allows WHOIS queries to find out who owns and administers an Internet domain.
  3. Access Whois Domain Information - provides domain name ownership, registration, and expiry records for registrars.
  4. - listing of whois search engines for different countries. Allows you to check domain name availability in any country.
  5. - meta search all domain registrars to find out who owns and administers a given Internet domain, and with what registrar the domain name is registered.
  6. Biz Info Domain Name Whois - offers domain name search, ownership, and registration records for .biz and .info domains
  7. Domain Names Who Is Registered - allows checking of international domains.
  8. Domain Wizard - free service offering search of whois and multi-whois.
  9. - multiple lookup across a wide variety of domains.
  10. easyWHOiS - obtain whois record for .com/.net/.org domains across registrars.
  11. - searches records of domain registrars for the administration and technical contact details.
  12. JPNIC Whois Gateway
  13. - search for sites and whois information based on domain names with com, net, org, and edu extentions.
  14. Qwho - look up the registration information for .com, .net, and .org domain names across all registrars.
  15. - allows WHOIS searches to find out who owns and administers a domain name, supports several top level domains.
  16. Whois Source - domain name research tool that allows wild card searches.
  17. Whois.Net - searches both currently-owned and previously registered domains that are now available.
  18. WHOWhizz - search domains including .com, .net, .org, .biz, and most country-level top-level domains.
  20. IANA | IANA Whois Service This whois server only provides data for which IANA is authoritative, including ".int
  22. Whois.Net searches both currently-owned and previously registered domains that are now available.
  23. Служба Whois Служба Whois. Поиск в базе данных РосНИИРОС (RIPN).
  24. WHOIS Search Help  WHOIS Database Search: ARIN's WHOIS service provides a mechanism for finding contact and registration information for resources registered with ARIN.
  25. Whois Service russian. Whois Service. RIPN Whois Database Search (RU and SU TLDs). Terms of use Submit domain name or nic-handle. Examples:
  26. - Version 2.0 Final Diese Seite bietet eine umfassenden Whois-Service für Nahezu alle TopLevel Domains.
  27. GeoNIC Whois Service (raced) gTLTs and ccTLDs whois service (raced).  Example: FreeBSD: whois -h,
  28. Domain Registration : Indian Domain Name Registration  Whois Service. NCST operates the WHOIS service which provides details
    of Domain Name Registrations under .in. This on-line search
  29. GibNet Limited - Gibraltar NIC GibNet Logo GibNet Limited. .GI WHOIS Service.
  30. Nominet UK: WHOIS searches for domain name registrations ending in .uk
  31. Whois Service Whois Service. The nlrexecd whois service does a lookup on the NA-NET
  32. SOAP WHOIS service  WHOIS Service.  Parameters: SRLFile: The name of the Service Request Language File,
    use WHOIS.SRI for domain checking. RequestName: This should always be whois.
  33. CentralNic : Whois Service Whois Service, CentralNic operates a standard whois server that you can use to check the details of any domain name registered with us.
  34. :: THAIINTERNIC :: Thailand's registration domainname. Support  Thai INTERNIC Whois Lookup Utility. ** สำหรับโดเมนเนมใหม่
    จะเห็น whois
  35. NIC  Technical Info. Domain Registry. Check Domain. Online Registration. Generic Subdomains.
    Changing Data. Whois service. Name server. FAQ. Pay Online. GIX & RIX Structure.
  36. Domains - Whois-Service  Domains Whois, zurück, Whois suche. Whois  "who is" (engl.  Das Abfrageergebnis
    der Whois-Information erscheint in den meisten Fällen in Englisch.
  37. The dot CD Registry - WHOIS service gateway dot CD Registry, WHOIS service gateway query:
  38. WHOIS Service Новости | Информация | О сервере | Цены | Клиенты| Ссылки | Whois | Почта | Что умеет REDO?
  39. CENTR: Draft Motion on Whois Services  Introduction. The Whois service provides public information on networks, hosts,
    domain names and contact information on the people responsible for them.
  40. GeekTools includes calculators, software, RFCs, and a directory of wired hotels.
  41. Requirements for running a local WHOIS service Requirements for running a local WHOIS service.
  42. East-Ukraine Network Information Center Search: .
  43. Internet E-Mail -- WHOIS Service  WHOIS Service.  The official specification of the WHOIS service, as well as the
    policy for network user registration is provided in RFC 954 RFC-954 .
  44. UK WHOIS service suspended after rogue attack  Domain Name News. Home. UK WHOIS service suspended after rogue attack
    24/01/2003 Nominet UK was forced to suspend its WHOIS service
  45. The Whois Service The Whois Service Finding  by. Then you may proceed to that registrar's site and use their own whois service to get the details.
  46. Kontrollera att domänen verkligen har registrerats på er  WHOIS. Vår whois (Vem Är?) sida låter vem som helst att se vem som äger en speciell domän. Ni kan dessutom se vilka domäner som är upptagna eller inte.
  47. !JP - Partial Closure of WHOIS Services  Bulk search
  48. MANIFEST of UWO/ITS Whois Service MANIFEST of UWO/ITS Whois Service Reg Quinton
  49. EnetRegistry -- EnetRegistry WHOIS Service EnetRegistry WHOIS Service.  Welcome to the EnetRegistry Whois Service. Search
    for domain name
  50. Whois Services  FTP Link to WHOIS server list: Access to the WHOIS server list. Instructions (if above 2 links don't work): Send mail to: With Subject: help.
  51. WHOIS service (RIPE, RIPN and Internic) Услуга Whois для IP-сетей, доменов и контактных лиц. Универсальный  APNIC Whois.
  52. Nokia primary whois service unreachable Nokia primary whois service unreachable. David  0800: Previous message: Nokia primary whois service unreachable; Next message: IP V6 overhead;
  53. Conditions attaching to using our domain whois service  Terms & Conditions for domain name whois service. By accessing this website
    you acknowledge that you have read the terms of usage and agree to them.
  54. Christian Web Host - WhoIs Service  
  55. Whois search  below. You can enter a blank query to obtain information about the whois service.
  56. WDC Intranet - Domain Whois Service  Intranet, Domain Whois Service.
  57. Nominet:Performance of the WHOIS service  Performance of the WHOIS service
  58. - Multi-Domain Whois Service  whois domain. whois lookup again? insert domain name again below
  59. Ohio State University WHOIS service  Ohio State University WHOIS service. TELNET
  60. Whois :, the fast whois service M6x has been awarded the fastest international Whois Search Service in the world
  61. NWT Whois Service CUSTOMER SUPPORT WhoIs Service. Domain Name Search - Whois. DOMAIN NAME: . com.
  62. Whois Gateway Whois Gateway. Before submitting a query to AUNIC whois
  63. Shareware!de - iWEB Whois Services - Shareware, Freeware,   SOFTWARE · DETAIL. iWEB Whois Services.
  64. - Advanced Whois Service Advanced Whois Service Provided Free by
  65. FoRK Archive: Reverse-Whois Service Reverse-Whois Service. From: Aaron Swartz
  66. Whonome World Whois Service Whonome World Whois Service (WWS) is an independent Whois search
  67. GeoNIC Whois Service is available now: APNIC.  RIPE is an open and voluntary organization which consists of European Internet service providers.
  68. WJTech Whois Service WJTech Whois Service. To find out if the domain name you wish to register is available, just enter it in the box below. WJTech supports
  69. WHOIS Service @ Relmax Web Site Design, Development and Hosting. Home Page / WHOIS Service. Live customer service representatives waiting to answer your questions, click on button below to chat. Flash Intro
  70. - Domain Name Whois
  71. ARIN: WHOIS Database Search ARIN WHOIS Database Search.
  72. Better Whois: The WHOIS domain search that works with all  names. But there is a problem, the standard WHOIS domain search used
    on thousands of web sites is no longer accurate.
  73. Whois Source domain name research tool that allows wild card searches.
  74. Whois.Net searches both currently-owned and previously registered domains that are now available.
  75. Query the APNIC Whois Database
  76. Whois  Use the RACE Converter to convert your native language domain name into foreign characters. - WHOIS LOOKUP
  77. Nominet:Whois disclaimer  By conducting a WHOIS search you agree to be bound by these terms.
  78. .INFO WHOIS Search  www. .info, Advanced WHOIS Search.  
  79. Domain registration, domain registrar, domain affiliate program 
  80. Whois Source - Wildcard Domain Search Lookup  Domain Whois Search Lookup
  81. Domain Whois Search, domain registration  portal where you can buy, sell prime domain names, free domain listing, domain directory,
    free domain classifieds, domain search, whois search
  82. DomainPeople Whois HOME DomainPeople Whois
  83. .coop - whois  To use WHOIS for a domain search, type in the domain name in which you are interested.
  84. Whois Domain Name Search Whois Domain Name Search. WHOIS DOMAIN NAME SEARCH See who owns a particular
    domain name! www.
  85. Mega Clutch domain names and internet services  UNIVERSAL DOMAIN NAME WHOIS.
  86. .BIZ Registry WHOIS. Domain (ex: Registrar (ex: XYZ Registrar)
  87. Whois Lookup (The Whois Search Server) Search for a domain name.  here: before you click GO Whoisd currently supports these
    registries including the new Public Interest Registry for .org whois data.
  88. TACKtech - We help you get the most from your computer!  WhoIs Search: Domain Name: .com.
  89. WHOIS Search WHOIS Search. This WHOIS reflects up-to-the minute registrations.
  90. Web-Based Whois + NSlookup + Trademark Search + B to B Search
  91. Smart Whois - Whois Search - Internic + many country domains Whois Search - Internic + many country domains
  92. EasyCFM.Com - Easily Learn ColdFusion (WHOIS Search)  Easy, little code for a simple WHOIS search. Questions, comments, or
    anything else, please contact Drew Tempelmeyer Date added: Sun.
  93. Whois Search WHOIS SEARCH.  Please enter the domain name you wish to search
  94. Access Whois Domain Information provides domain name ownership, registration, and expiry records for registrars.
  95. Whois Lookup and Domain Name Search - Nominate.Com 
  96. Welcome to Techworm LLC  Whois Search
  97. Domain Name Services by addressbar™ - Domain Search, Domain
  98. Whois Search Look up a domain: www.
  99. DomainHouse.Com, Register, Buy, Sell, Lease domains To find Contact Information associated with a registered domain name,
    you can perform a WHOIS query here in this page.
  100. International Domain Name Registration & Web Hosting - BB Online  WhoIS Database Search :  The whois search engine can be used to search for WhoIS queries on domains both in our registry and any other registry aswell.
  101. 1st Domains: Whois Search  once. Bulk Register Now! Whois Search. Enter the domain name you wish to query the whois database for information on. www.
  102. Welcome to Internet Registrations Worldwide - WHOIS Search  Is Your Domain Taken? Do a WHOIS Search and find out who has registered your desired domain name. Promote Your Site Drive more traffic to our site.
  103. Free Whois search deleted domains search web address information Welcome to free whois look up service.  You can obtain the script used by free of charge from Free Perl CGI PHP Scripts
  104. Whois: VeriSign VeriSign WHOIS Search.
  105. Whois Search Whois Search.
  106. Internet Solutions  Domain Registration & WHOIS Search. Search & Register a single domain
    name: Search & Register multiple domain names
  107. Whois search Whois Search. The InterNIC and various other organizations in the US and around the world maintain databases of information on every
  108. BOTICS: WhoIs Search  Please contact us today! Search BOTICS.COM
  109. Whois Search - Domain Name Look Up Webmaster Labs Tools to help build and analyse your website.
  110. Doing a whois search to find out who owns an IP address Doing a whois search to find out who owns an IP address
  111. pairNIC, Enter a Domain Name: "Whois" is a program that allows you to look up information about a domain name.  . Powered by WP Whois Proxy.
  112. Access IT, Inc.  Enter a Domain to Whois Search. www. .com.
  113. Whois Gateway  business, or you have prior permission from AUNIC/auDA. This is a gateway to whois.
  114. Domain name registration information at your finger tips! Find out who with a FREE Whois domain name registration search.
  115. | Support Center | WHOIS Search
  116. Domains - WHOIS LOOKUP  
  117. Utilities: Whois Search Whois Search.
  118. OnlineNIC Whois Search OnlineNIC Whois Search Use of this database signifies agreement with the OnlineNIC Whois terms of service.
  119. Whois Search  Whois Search. Search for domain name. Example domain name string:
  120. Whois Search  Domain Registration Domain Transfer Advanced Search Control Panel Domain Appraisal
    Buy a Domain Sell a Domain Whois Search,  Whois is Search Results
  121. Whois Search Whois Search
  122. Emerson Hosting whois search 
  123. Signdomains - Domain name Whois Search To perform a WHOIS search, please enter Domain name below :
  124. Whois Search - We offer low cost domain name registration with  Search the WHOIS database. Type in the domain
    name including the TLD
  125. Canadian Web Hosting and Programming Services  WHOIS Search. Use the following form to find out if your domain name
    is available.
  126. : UK Directory for whois search  Top Sites for : "whois search".
  127. The .tv Corporation: WHOIS Search   WHOIS Search 
  128. Domain Whois Search for your Homepage
  129. How to Use WHOIS Search  How to Use WHOIS Search. JPNIC discloses its resource allocation database on Information provided by WHOIS search.
  130. Cronomagic Canada Inc. - WhoIs Search
  131. Bill Weinman · BW Whois
  132. Zoobersoft Web Services  Zoobersoft Whois Search.
  133. CA Domain Whois Search For Available Domain Name Full .ca Domain Name For CIRA Search
  134. Passage Networks: whois search
  135. KZ Domain Names WHOIS Search
  136. DOMAINFACTORY.COM  A WhoIs Search
  137. DNS.411 Smart Whois Search Tips DNS411 universal domain name search engine
  138. WhoIs  Check "whois" to see if your domain name is available