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Computer Hardware & Software Links

  1. A1 Electronics - offers hardware reviews and computer news.
  2. Ace's Hardware - computer hardware reviews, how-to articles, forums, and more.
  3. Active-Hardware - reviews of computer hardware including motherboards, graphic cards, processors, and more.
  4. Adrenaline Vault: Hardware - offers reviews of video cards, game controllers, storage devices, and more.
  5. - includes reviews, downloads, forums, news, and more.
  6. Ars Technica - devoted to the well-rounded computing enthusiast, complete with PC hardware reviews, in-depth technical information, and editorials on issues important to power users.
  7. BlueSmoke - offering reviews, news, guides to modifications and upgrades, forums, and more.
  8. - offers tips and articles on selecting and installing computer parts.
  9. Cheap Computers Guide - tutorials on how to build your own computer from cheap computer parts.
  10. Click & Learn - a guide to the PC, its hardware, and internal architecture for schools, teachers, IT-supporters, and sales personnel. Excellent for self-study.
  11. CNET Hardware Reviews - evaulations of systems, peripherals, components, and electronic devices.
  12. Computer Workshop - advice on how to build your own computer. Includes component lists and product advice.
  13. Digit-Life - news, articles, and reviews about digital devices, including personal computers, peripheral devices, digital photo, and video cameras.
  14. Computer Hardware - customer reviews, specs, and comparision shopping for computer hardware.
  15. Exclamation (XCL) - features hardware and gaming news, reviews, forums, and more.
  16. - offering news, reviews, tips, and hardware tweaking advice.
  17. Group, The - includes tech news, forums, user-to-user support, and more.
  18. Grrl Gamer: Hard Stuff - provides reviews and general information.
  19. Hardcore Ware - offering reviews, forums, downloads, case mods gallery, and more.
  20. Hardware Accelerated - offering hardware focused news and reviews.
  21. Hardware Book, The - free collection of connector pinouts and cable descriptions viewable online and available for download and offline viewing.
  22. Hardware Extreme - computer news, articles, and reviews.
  23. Hardware Zone - features reviews, promotions, pricelists, and a PC clinic.
  24. Hardware-Unlimited - reviews of graphic cards, processors, motherboards, networking resources, and more.
  25. HardwareCentral - contains hardware reviews, benchmarks, how-to's, tips, pictures, features, motherboard guides, and much more.
  26. - hardware news and reviews, forums, CPU database, and more.
  27. Hot Hardware - includes articles and reviews of motherboards, storage, video products, and more.
  28. - news, reviews an articles.
  29. Icrontic - PC hardware and software reviews, articles, guides, news and more.
  30. JSI Hardware - offers news, reviews, downloads, and case mod gallery.
  31. - includes hardware reviews, news, system how-to guides, and more.
  32. Monster-Hardware - garage site featuring news, small reviews, editorials, and humor.
  33. - news, articles, downloads, links, and more about hardware, drivers, and beta software.
  34. Obsolyte - a personal retrospective of "cool" computing dedicated to vintage computer hardware, classic systems, and workstations or "mainframes."
  35. OCAddiction - PC hardware news, articles, modification projects, and reviews.
  36. - hardware news and review site with a retailers directory and price comparisons for computer hardware.
  37. OCworkbench - offers hardware and software news, reviews, forums, and more.
  38. - offers how-to articles, reviews, forums, downloads, and more.
  39. Overclocker Cafe - includes articles and reviews for overclocking, cooling, and system modifications.
  40. Overclockers Club - offering hardware reviews, case modding guides, overclocking guides, tech news, and more.
  41. PC Mechanic - offers money-saving tips on how to build and maintain your own computer. Includes hundreds of tutorials and reviews.
  42. PC World - computer magazine helping managers plan what to buy, where to buy, and how to use the technologies to keep ahead of the competition.
  43. - Systems - reviews of desktops, notebooks, PDAs, and more.
  44. - features news articles, case gallery, hardware reviews, funny PC pictures, and more.
  45. Real World Technologies - in-depth technical analysis, industry news, and online forums for professionals.
  46. SLCentral - news, articles, and reviews about hardware and gaming.
  47. Sudhian Media - offering news, reviews, forums, and articles for computer hardware items.
  48. - reviews, how-to guides, forums, news, and more.
  49. T-break - gaming and hardware site featuring articles, news, and reviews.
  50. Tech World - review of computer parts and tips to improve system speed.
  51. Tech Zone, The - featuring computer news, reviews, forums, current pricing guides, and more.
  52. techGamer - offers hardware and software news, reviews, guides, forums, and more.
  53. - features a gallery, PC mod forums, reader reviews, news, and more.
  54. - offers electronic and PC hardware information which includes pinouts database, electronic circuits, forums, product reviews, and more.
  55. - hardware and software reviews, downloads, news, and more.
  56. - offering product reviews, tweak guides, gaming coverage, and video card information for the PC enthusiast.
  57. Thresh's FiringSquad - hardware and computer game reviews.
  58. Tom's Hardware Guide - offers news, reviews, articles, instructional guides, and more.
  59. TweakTown - articles, guides, reviews, and other resources.
  60. Viper's Lair - includes hardware reviews, articles, forums, and more.
  61. Void your Warranty - includes news, reviews, tips for overclocking, case modifications, and more.
  62. VR-Zone Hardware - providing the PC news and technical reviews for IT professionals and hardware ethusiasts.
  64. ACT Apricot Computers - support site for the ACT Apricot computers (circa 1984). Includes discussion list, history, and more.
  65. blingmethod - unabashed computer geek shows off art projects made from spare computer parts.
  66. - includes advice and instructions for how to build your own personal computer.
  67. Darren's PC Home Page - offering information about the parts of a pc and health and safety while using them.
  68. Guide to Building an ATX PC - step by step illustrated guide.
  69. Howstuffworks: How PCs Work - overview of the different parts of computers and how they all work together.
  70. My Super PC - offers directions, list of components, and tips for building an affordable high performance PC.
  71. PC Gossip - offers news, information, downloads, and reviews on games, hardware, Internet, and software.
  72. PC Guide - including resource information, troubleshooting guide, system care and optimization tips.
  73. Stolen Computer Registry - list and search serial numbers of stolen computers. Includes a section on preventing computer theft.
  74. Texas Instruments 99/4 Home Page - all things TI99/4, including photos, history, and links.
  75. - PC products buyer's and upgrader's guide.
  76. TI-99/4A Home Computer Page - dedicated to the classic 1980s home computer, the TI-99/4A. Also covers the CC40, TI-99/8, and TI-99/2 computers.
  77. What's In That Box? - presentation on what's in your computer and how it works.
  79. Howstuffworks: How Laptops Work - laptop computer history, anatomy, features shopping tips, and more.
  80. LapLand - lots of information about laptop/notebook computers.
  81. Laptops Guide - offers advice on choosing new, cheap, and refurbished laptops.
  82. Notebook Nerd, The - prices, specs and the latest news on notebook and laptop computer technology.
  83. Refurbished Laptops and Cheap Laptop Reviews - guide to buying, upgrading, and maintaining cheap, used, and refurbished laptops.
  84. Web 8201 - supporting the NEC PC-8201A and PC-8300 computers with technical information, file downloads, and more for the vintage laptop computers.
  85. Acorn User - for users of Acorn 32-bit computers (the Archimedes and Risc PC)
  86. Australian PC Authority - contains IT product reviews, tutorials, and features.
  87. Australian Personal Computer Magazine - interviews, product reviews, technology articles, discussion forums, news.
  88. Computer Shopper - shop and compare computer products from a range of manufacturers and suppliers.
  89. Computer Today - monthly magazine specially designed for computer end users.
  90. ComputerCredible Magazine - dedicated to educating and entertaining both new and seasoned computer users.
  91. Corel Magazine
  92. EDM/2 - Electronic Developer Magazine for OS/2 - web resource for OS/2 developers, technical people, power users, and graphics enthusiasts. Features hardware and software reviews, as well as diverse articles.
  93. Internet de Alta Calidad - revista electronica en Mexico de contenido dinamico y agil.
  94. MicroPricer - A monthly publication which helps users appraise the value of used computer equipment.
  95. National Computer Tectonics Online - Information for computer buyers with news and reviews.
  96. OS/2 e-Zine! - monthly all OS/2 magazine.
  97. PC Chip - personal computer magazine. In Croatian.
  98. PC Graphics And Video
  99. PC Magazine - offers comparative reviews of computing and Internet products.
  100. PC Magazine ME
  101. PC News
  102. PC Plus Magazine - new every month, with reviews and news written by professional journalists as well as free commercial software for download.
  103. PC Praxis - German computer magazine online
  104. PC Pro - a daily news roundup of stories in the PC world and over a 1000 pages of searchable PC product reviews.
  105. PC Today Online - directory to products and dealers.
  106. PC Update
  107. PC World Komputer - in Polish.
  108. PC-Active - dutch magazine about personal computing.
  109. PC-Online - magazine for computer & communications in Germany
  110. PCPhoto Magazine - features reviews of digital cameras, scanners, printers, and imaging software as well as tips, how-to articles, and feature stories.
  111. PCWatch - news from the computer and Internet industries updated daily Monday - Friday.
  112. Retro Review Magazine - magazine for users of older computer systems.
  113. Shareware Solutions II - celebrates the magic of the Apple II computer.
  114. Technology and Business - guide to personal computing.
  115. TriCity Computing Magazine - Monthly print and web computer magazine.
  116. Tölvuheimur - PC Magazine, Iceland.
  117. Viewz - more than 2,000 CD-ROM reviews, interviews, news, tech support and advice for home computer users.
  118. ZD Net Australia