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Diet & Weight Loss Information

  1. About: Weight Loss - articles and advice on weight loss and dieting.
  2. Am I Fat? - find out if you are overweight and what you can do to lose weight.
  3. Barbara's Apex Weight Loss Hut for Hopeless Slimmers - weight loss information, comic relief, diet tips, motivation, resources, and more.
  4. BlubberBuster - discusses a range of weight issues for children, teens, parents, and healthcare providers.
  5. Calculator Zone - features calculators for mortgages, auto loans, calorie counting, and more.
  6. Calorie Control Council - representing the low-calorie and reduced-fat food and beverage industry.
  7. Calorie Counter - offers advice on caloric intake, body mass index calculator, chat room, and more.
  8. Collected Weight Loss Tips - index of tips and facts on weight loss plans, diet motivation, exercise, and nutrition.
  9. Commercial Weight Loss Products and Programs - report from a conference on what consumers stand to gain and lose.
  10. Diet 'N Weight Loss - provides information and advice on diet plans, healthy recipes, fitness, and more for people trying to lose weight.
  11. Diet Information - includes information on diets and exercise including a free diet plan and weight loss E-zine.
  12. Diet Patch Information - offers a guide to a variety of weight loss techniques and supplements, including diet patches.
  13. Diet Tips - features information on weight loss, exercise, diet plans, and low fat recipes.
  14. - directory of diet and weight loss resources.
  15. Facts about Weight Loss Products and Programs - public service report from the Federal Trade Commission and Food and Drug Administration.
  16. Fat Loss Secrets of All Natural Bodybuilders - tips on how to lose bodyfat, get ripped, gain muscle, and develop your abs.
  17. - online community for the discussion of free weight loss plans and programs. Includes a support group, journals, and more.
  18. - diet journal and analyzer that tracks user's progress and offers graphical reports on calories, carbohydrates, fat, nutrients, and more.
  19. Healthology: Diet & Weight Loss - articles and videos about diet and weight loss.
  20. Diet & Fitness - includes diet plans, workouts, nutrition information, and more.
  21. Jody, Sofie and Ruby's Amazing Weight Loss Ideas - offers diet ideas, plans, links, and information especially for women.
  22. Lose Weight Gain Health - offers advice on healthy eating, diet, obesity, and more. From Roche Products (Ireland).
  23. MEDLINEplus: Weight Loss/Dieting - provides general and nutritional information, news, research, and links to resource sites.
  24. Mike's Calorie and Fat Gram Chart for 1000 Foods - provides calorie and fat gram charts organized alphabetically, by cholesterol content, by protein content, and by carbohydrate content.
  25. Myers Information Services - information on obesity/weight control, eating disorders, and related medical conditions.
  26. NIDDK: Weight Loss and Control - health information from the National Institutes of Health.
  27. - personalized weekly diets, exercise plans, motivational materials, shopping lists, recipes, chats, calculators, and more.
  28. Practical Weight Loss - offers articles and free email newsletter.
  29. Slimtime with Karen - offers diet information, support, and advice on losing weight by healthy eating and moderate exercise.
  30. TOPS - Take Off Pounds Sensibly - provides members with information, motivation and fellowship in attaining and maintaining their physician-prescribed weight goals.
  31. WebMD: Your Guide To Weight Loss - includes information about weight, diet, exercise, and weight loss medicine and surgery.
  32. Weight Loss Index - provides a directory of weight loss, diet, fitness, supplements, and support links.
  33. Weight Loss Information - offers advice on diet, obesity, and weight loss and control.
  34. Weight Loss Resource - provides a body mass index, food calorie counter, and information on talking to a doctor about establishing ideal weight.
  35. Weight Loss Tips Free - offers tips, advice, and weight loss tools.  
  36. Atkins Center Carb Gram Counter - presents a substitution chart and information on the carbohydrate content of many everyday foods.
  37. Carbohydrate Counter - basic table listing the carbohydrate content of categorized foods.
  38. Diabetes Mall: Carb Counting 101 - offers carbohydrate counting information with emphasis on its relationship to diabetes.
  39. Low Carb Diet Tools: Carbohydrate Counter - lists carb counts and the protein and fiber contents of particular foods.
  40. Carbohydrate Counter - collection of carbohydrate counts for foods popular amongst low carb dieters.
  41. 3 Day Diet Plan - contains a diet plan and a calorie chart of suggested foods.
  42. - provides reviews and tips on multiple weight loss programs. Including food based, workout, and membership programs.
  43. Choosing a Safe and Successful Weight-Loss Program - advice from the National Institutes of Health on evaluating diet plans.
  44. Current Diet Plans - information on a variety of popular diets.
  45. Diet Plan, A - dieting guide for Atkins, Mayo Clinic, Slim Fast, herbal supplements, and other commercial programs.
  46. Dieting Review - reviews the general guidelines and positive and negative aspects of most popular diets. Contains a selection of weight loss tools and a forum.
  47. eDiets vs Nutrisystem - compares eDiets and Nutrisystem diet and weight loss programs.
  48. Good Housekeeping Diet Central: Diet Plans - list of diet plans with sample menus.
  49. Hacker's Diet, The - how to lose weight and hair through stress and poor nutrition.
  50. Heart Healthy Florida Grapefruit Diet - diet plan featuring grapefruit.
  51. iVillage: Diet Plans - ratings and reviews of diets from A to Z, plus articles on a variety of diet topics.
  52. Ladies' Home Journal: Diet Central - articles, tips, and tools to help dieters to choose strategies they can stick with, find personal motivation, and work healthy eating and regular exercise into their lives.
  53. - produces custom reports determining the three best diet plans based on analysis of weight loss and lifestyle preferences.
  54. - provides an online diet and recipe analysis as well as diet, alternative nutrition and sports nutrition content.
  55. - provides free on-line dietary analysis, using a questionnaire or a weighed food intake.
  56. - diet journal and analyzer that tracks user's progress and offers graphical reports on calories, carbohydrates, fat, nutrients, and more.
  57. NutraWatch - provides registered users access to a calorie counter and diet journal that reports on the calorie content of fat, protein, and carbohydrates in the foods they eat.
  58. Nutrition Analysis Tool - web based program for analyzing your diet for 21 different nutrients.
  59. ! # 1 Weight Loss Programs and Diets - offers customized nutrition and fitness programs featuring tailored workouts, meal plans, and weight loss products and supplements.
  60. ! A1 High Protein - Low Cholesterol Diet - offers links to weight loss plans as general information.
  61. # 1 A Weight Loss Program Health Diet Plan Lose Weight Loss - weight loss program designed to promote healthy weight loss without diet products.
  62. #1 Diet For Weight Loss - features thirty-day diet plans designed by registered dietitians, weight loss supplements, and personal fitness training.
  63. #1 Power 90 and Oxycise Weight Loss Programs - features two fitness systems.
  64. 1 Source Weight Loss Diet Programs - offering diet programs to enable weight loss.
  65. 1-2-3 Lose Weight Fast - offers exercise programs, diet pills, eating advice, and tips on getting started.
  66. 1-Step Weight Loss Secrets - offering the MagicallySLIM weight loss program.
  67. 2 Step Weight Loss - offering personal diet plans for weight loss.
  68. 24 Hour Thermogenics - offering diet menus, meal planning, weight loss and weight management programs, and products specializing in thermogenics, fat burning, and appetite suppression.
  69. 3 Day Diet - offers diet program, recipes, calorie calculator, and more.
  70. 4 Weight Loss Diets Home Business - natural weight loss program using hypo-allergenic whole foods. Also offers a home business opportunity.
  71. 4 Your Best Body Ever Weight Loss Diet and Exercise Program - Dr. Osgoodby offers customized diet and exercise programs.
  72. 7 Step Diet - features a 7 day diet plan.
  73. A Personal Dietitian - diet plans designed by a dietitian in accordance to an individual's diet habits, activity levels, and food preferences.
  74. A Simple Diet - offers all natural, ephedra free weight loss programs.
  75. AAM's Weight Loss - featuring natural weight loss products, diet plans and network marketing opportunities.
  76. ABC Weightloss Network Inc. - online program that features weight loss tips, exercise plans, healthy recipes, and more.
  77. Academy of Bariatric Surgeons - includes information and professional resources about weight loss and weight reduction surgery.
  78. Advanced Diet Weight Loss - offering a nutritional program using herbs and vitamins.
  79. Advantage Diets - a personality approach to weight loss and fitness. Designs diet plans using an exclusive personality quiz and provides online counseling.
  80. All About Thin - offering tips and answering questions while introducing a unique Personal Trainer Program.
  81. All About Weight Loss and Diet Success - provides guide to choosing an online weight loss program, and setting reasonable diet goals.
  82. Alternative Health Weight Loss Products - offers health, fitness, and natural weight loss products and programs.
  83. Amazing Micro Diet - offers diet plans and food.
  84. Amazing Results - features a weight reducing program.
  85. Anne Collins Diet - weight loss diet plan for hopeless slimmers everywhere. Includes advice on sensible eating, women's health, nutrition, fitness, obesity, and more.
  86. Apple Cider Vinegar Diet - offers diet information, testimonials, and recommended vendors for tablets.
  87. Applied Weight Loss Center - offers personalized weight loss programs.
  88. Attain Consolidated - specializing in weight loss and diet products including Slender Secret and Aspen Products.
  89. B-Better Health and Weight Loss - offers information and advice on diet, weight loss, health, and nutrition.
  90. Beauty Bootcamps - features weight loss retreats.
  91. beeSlender Weight Management - psychologists, nutritionists, and exercise physiologists provide emailed lessons and daily diet, exercise, and lifestyle counseling.
  92. - produces custom reports determining the three best diet plans based on analysis of weight loss and lifestyle preferences.
  93. Beyond Dieting
  94. Blast off the Pounds by Richard Simmons - program kit includes aerobic workout videos, cool weights, vitamins, and instructions.
  95. Body Code Body Type Diet - offers body type questionnaire on genetic types and suggests diet-exercise plan for different metabolic types.
  96. Body Weight - offers an e-manual diet plan for weight loss.
  97. Breathing Beauty - offers the LifeLift aerobic breathing technique, which increases fat metabolism for weight loss. Also sells body and skin care products.
  98. Business Plan for the Body - by Jim Karas. Utilizes a business plan model to assist readers in devising effective strategies to manage their health and weight.
  99. - online weight management, dieting and healthy lifestyle program featuring meal plans, recipes, calorie calculators, chat groups, and information from weight loss experts.
  100. Camp La Jolla - residential weight loss and fitness camp for children, teens, and adults. Specializing in diet, nutrition, exercise, and behavior modification.
  101. CarboH - 14-day lifetime diet plan developed by a licensed dietitian/nutritionist. Vegetarian friendly.
  102. Catabolic Diet
  103. Change For Life - offering a weight loss program focusing on healthy eating, health and fitness, good nutrition, and lifestyle changes.
  104. ChangeOne: The Reader's Digest Diet - offers an approach for modifying diets to promote healthy weight loss.
  105. ChaseFreedom - attack weight loss demons with mental preparation, balanced nutrition, and exercise.
  106. Choice Diets, Inc. - offering lowfat recipes to make weight loss a pleasure.
  107. Committed to Kids Pediatric Weight Management Program - management of childhood obesity.
  108. Complete Weight Loss - offers customized weight loss programs, fitness plans, personal evaluations, and support.
  109. Cookie Diet - healthy meal replacement plan.
  110. Craving Extinction Program - offers weight loss technology to extinguish the feelings that drive overeating without dieting or drugs.
  111. Curves International - thirty minute fitness and weight loss centers.
  112. Cyberdiet - includes a do-it-yourself nutritional profile to let you calculate your ideal body weight.
  113. David Farrell - Ultimate Body Plan - offers programs and diet plans for members.
  114. Dee Wolk's Weight Solution - offering a non-diet weight loss program, including audio tapes and cookbook.
  115. Dermalin APg - offers a transdermal acute penetrating gel to help reduce fat.
  116. Detox - offers two programs to cleanse out the body for weight loss.
  117. Diet 4U Online - offers weight loss, weight gain, high protein, vegetarian, low fat, and zone diets.
  118. Diet Advice International
  119. Diet and Body - includes columns on dieting, fat loss, body image, and more.
  120. Diet Center - offers a catalog with approved products, programs, and services for weight loss.
  121. Diet City - interactive weight loss and diet program personalized to fit your individual nutritional needs, designed by a licensed and registered dietitian.
  122. Diet Divas  - offers supplements, newsletters, personal plans, and more.
  123. Diet Doctor - provides diet analysis and recommendations for wellness.
  124. Diet Fast - offering a regimen of supplements and shakes.
  125. Diet Forum - offers weight loss program, newsletter, recipes, articles, and more.
  126. Diet No More - interactive online weight loss program.
  127. Diet Pills Lose Weight Fast Fat - guide to prescription diet pills, losing weight, fitness, and exercise.
  128. Diet Riot - offering a humorous, non-diet approach to permanent weight loss.
  129. Diet Supplements Revealed - offers review of common weight loss supplements.
  130. Diet To Go - direct ships freshly prepared low-fat meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Select from different meal plan combinations and calorie levels. Vegetarian menu available.
  131. Dieter's Club - emailing support list, consisting of a women who are trying to diet, dieting, or maintaining their weight loss. Features tips , advice, recipes, and all around support.
  132. - dietitians and nutritionists answer nutrition and fitness questions online, create customized meal plans, and analyze recipes.
  133. - offering products for weight loss and health improvement, including Extreme Power Plus, Extreme Colon Cleanser, and Fat-N-Emy.
  134. - offers a variety of options and products.
  135. DietWatch - integrates a web community with a personal nutrition and exercise diary.
  136. - online diet clinic that provides custom weight loss management and dieting programs.
  137. Elaine Gottschall's Breaking the Vicious Cycle - presents information on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, used to treat various forms of bowel disease, including indigestion, chronic diarrhea, Crohn's disease, and diverticulitis.
  138. Enzyme Weight Loss Diet - weight loss program featuring an enzyme diet shake for meal replacement dieting.
  139. Fad Diet Supplements - offers weight loss products.
  140. Fast Natural Weight Loss - quick weight loss program.
  141. - offering an online e-book showing how to lose weight and eat all you want, including fast food.
  142. Fatbuster Menu - a daily menu for 30 days of delicious food that contains 20% or less fat and is low in cholesterol, sodium and sugar, yet high in fiber.
  143. Fatmanslim - at home waist loss programme designed specifically for overweight men.
  144. First Place - Christ-centered health program with emphasis on weight control. Small group meetings in churches of all denominations.
  145. Free Diet Tips - features a resource for weight loss information. Includes diet tips, Atkins diet plan, body slimming exercises, and low fat recipes.
  146. FreeDieting - directory of diet plans and programs, weight loss supplements, and other products. Provides a list of free information and product offers.
  147. George Washington University Weight Management Program - combines medical, nutritional, psychological, behavioral, and fitness group and individual interventions.
  148. Get A Life - showing the way to get healthy.
  149. Get Fit & Healthy - offers weight loss program that focuses on eating real foods.
  150. Get in Shape Contest - organizes diet and fitness contests with members competing against each other for cash awards.
  151. Gittleman, Ann Louise - author of The Fat Flush Plan. Certified clinical nutritionist specializing in nutrition, weight loss, and cleansing diets.
  152. Green Mountain at Fox Run - helps women find and maintain a healthy weight through education, consultation, fitness programs, diet, and more.
  153. - custom made diet programs and weight loss information.
  154. Hassle Free Weight Loss Programs - features diet pills and plans for losing weight based on specific weight class including liver cleanse and weight rebound prevention products.
  155. HawaiiDiet - eat more, weigh less with Dr. Terry Shintani
  156. Health Image - offers weight loss products.
  157. Health Management Resources - offers nutritional information and online calorie maintenance help along with weight loss programs.
  158. Health Tech 2000 - offering a three-step diet pill system.
  159. HealthKeeper, Inc. - provides diet, exercise, and behavioral support tools for weight loss, maintenance, or gain, and for maximizing fitness and health.
  160. Healthy Weight Loss Diets - specializes in low carb diets and weight gain programs.
  161. Herbal One Weight Management Nutritions Centres - offers natural weight loss programs and products.
  162. Hi Energy Weight Control Inc, - offers a home weight-loss program.
  163. Hugs International Inc. - features information and resources about nondieting.
  164. Hungry Heart - program to help clients break out of the diet/binge cycle and lose weight naturally and permanently.
  165. I Need A Good Diet - offers reviews, comparisons, and information on popular weight loss programs and supplements.
  166. Idealine Protein Diet - offering a range of high-protein products and recipes.
  167. IncrediBody - provides revolutionary body improvement information for anybody who needs to either gain muscle mass, or lose weight (FAT).
  168. Inter/Slim Technologies - features weight loss topics and articles, a chat,counseling, and a book.
  169. Jay Robb Enterprises - - offers a diet program and sells a variety of related products.
  170. Jenny Craig - provides a comprehensive weight management program through a retail chain of weight loss centers.
  171. JLR, Inc. - offers the 5 Step Personal Power Diet.
  172. Jorge Cruise 8 minute Weight Loss - offers weight loss advice, newsletter, chat room, and product links.
  173. LA Weight Loss Centers - weight loss management franchise operation.
  174. Lean for Life
  175. Lighten Up! - weight loss program using hypnosis and lifestyle modification.
  176. Livrite System - guide to diet, longevity, physical, mental and spiritual well-being.
  177. Lose Weight America - offers a personalized menu designed by a nutritionist and 24 hour counseling to assist weight loss efforts.
  178. Low Carb Connoisseur- Yahoo! Store: - low carb and sugarfree products for Dr. Atkins's, Sugar Busters, and Protein Power dieters.
  179. MagnaSlim - offers a non-stimulant weight loss program using magnetic therapy.
  180. McDougall Wellness Center - offering information on a low-fat, starch based diet for weight loss and the prevention of illness. Includes workshops, products, articles, and recipes.
  181. MDdiets - online solution to weight control and weight related diseases.
  182. Medibar - offers bariatric medical advice and products.
  183. Medifast - program that emphasizes meal replacement as the key to weight loss.
  184. Metamorphosis On-Line Weight Loss Program
  185. Modern Methods - weightloss program.
  186. Mountain Men Fitness - offering Tom Redmond's dietary supplement engineered for the active outdoorsmen looking to maintain a healthier lifestyle.
  187. - provides information on Cathleen Lynch's book, Why Weight? Diet Successfully Now!, as well as online diet plans and support.
  188. myScaleDown - offers a weight control solution using customized diet system, online support network, diet monitoring, and smart scale.
  189. Apple Cider Vinegar Diet - provides information on the benefits and possible problems involved with this diet program as well as recipes and capsules.
  190. Natures Diet Pills - offers diets pills.
  191. New Image Weight Loss - offers personalized weight loss program and weight analysis.
  192. - offers a spiritual weight loss/management program.
  193. NuFit System, The - encompasses nutrition, fitness, and supplements to lose body fat.
  194. Nutri-Works
  195. - offers personalized meal plans and fitness plans, weight loss and healthy living tools and resources, and weight loss counseling.
  196. NutriSystem  - offers weight loss programs featuring prepackaged foods.
  197. One Day Diet Weight Loss Group - diet one day, eat normally the next. Includes program information, tips, and facts.
  198. Optifast - helps medically at-risk, obese patients lose weight and improve weight driven diseases.
  199. Optifast Diet Bulletin Board - hosts a posting forum for people on the Optifast Diet to openly discuss the program, ask questions, and share experiences.
  200. Optimal Nutrition and Fitness - features dietary meal plans, fitness plans, and nutritional supplements.
  201. Oxycise Marketing - offers an aerobic breathing and stretching program.
  202. Oxycise Store - offers weight loss exercise program which uses breathing techniques to increase the intake of oxygen. As seen on TV.
  203. Personalized Weight Loss - offers personalized meal plans designed by a nutritionist and featuring online support.
  204. Physicians Weight Management - outlines a weight loss program designed by Physicians Weight Management.
  205. - provides an enhanced approach to fat loss that maintains calorie-burning lean muscle mass through a three-phase diet analysis, metabolic conditioning, and caloric cycling program.
  206. Power 90 - offers a weight loss program and workout routines proven to reshape the abs, thighs, and body.
  207. Power 90 Workout with Tony Horton - offers a step-by-step accelerated fitness and fat burning program as seen on television.
  208. PR*Nutrition, Inc. - offers PR*Bars and the Fastburn Nutrition Program as an alternative to the high-carbohydrate diet.
  209. Pritikin Longevity Center - learn about nutrition, exercise, stress and low-fat recipes.
  210. Protein Power - by Michael Eades, M.D. & Mary Dan Eades, M.D. Diet based on higher protein/lower carbohydrate approach to losing weight and lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.
  211. Quaranto Productions - offers the Get Me Lean weight loss and spot reduction flowcharting based program.
  212. Radiant Health - offers nutritional essences that curb cravings.
  213. Rice Diet Program - at Duke University Medical Center.
  214. Ripped-up - offers a diet program for achieving the ripped/shredded look.
  215. SC Enterprises - offers natural diet pills and a weight loss support forum.
  216. Scan Diet - meal replacement product and personalized nutrition strategy for consumers who are striving to lose or maintain their weight.
  217. Schwarzbein Principle - founded by Dr. Diana Schwarzbein. Two phase program intended to achieve weight loss, normalize metabolism, and reduce body fat.
  218. Scottsdale 7 Day Diet - offers a natural three part weight loss system.
  219. Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating - provides freshly prepared meals per week, following the guidelines of the American Heart Association.
  220. Self Help University - offers diets and alternative medicine for weight loss.
  221. Skinny Pill - offering supplements, as well as a club, food clock, and plan.
  222. Slim & Trim Diet - teaching diet and weight loss classes.
  223. Slim City - health and weight management services.
  224. Slim Fast - offers weekly weigh-ins, buddy program, newsletters, and nutrition information.
  225. Slim Lines - offering a program utilizing specially constructed shorts in conjunction with a contour cream.
  226. Slimming World - eating plans and 5,500 classes nationwide.
  227. Somersize - program from Suzanne Somers.
  228. South Beach Diet, The - official web site features discussions with the author, recipes, nutritional information, and weight tracker.
  229. Southwest Bariatric Nutrition Center - a research oriented, life-style nutrition center.
  230. Succeed Health and Fitness Ltd. - offers a five week, carbohydrate control diet and exercise plan.
  231. Suddenly Slender - offers weight loss, herbal wraps.
  232. - providing support and products to heal sugar or carbohydrate addictions.
  233. Susan Powter Online - best-selling author of 'Stop the Insanity' offers weight loss programs, advice, products, and more.
  234. Team Timz - personalized online weight loss program featuring personal food analyst, newsletter, and information on weight loss, wellness, fitness, and more.
  235. TFX International - health, fitness, and weight loss resource.
  236. Total Body Fitness - specializing in designing weight loss programs to meet your needs and goals.
  237. Total Nutrition Technology - offering weight loss programs through exercise, diet control, nutrition, and body fat management.
  238. Vitaline - offers personal diet plans.
  239. Wah Yat Import & Export Inc. - offers dieters' teas.
  240. Walford - information about the calorie-restricted optimal nutrition (CRON) diet developed by Dr. Roy Walford.
  241. Weight Loss Center, The - offers a variety of weight loss supplements, programs, foods and beverages, and more.
  242. Weight Loss Diet Pills Online Programs - selling prescriptions online.
  243. Weight Loss Diet Plan - sells a weight loss diet program utilizing natural fat burners. Also offers business opportunities.
  244. Weight Loss Lab - provides information on diets, weight loss, and fitness. Also introduces the Norwood Weight Loss Program.
  245. Weight Reduction and Athletic Performance Center of Southern California, The - offers program and newsletter for losing weight and toning muscles.
  246. Weight Watchers  - hosts weekly nutritional advice meetings, offers online weight loss tools, and sells health products such as recipe books and vitamins.
  247. - psychotherapist offers diet information, therapy, and hypnosis tapes for weight loss.
  248. - offers a collection of weight loss and wellness plans and products.
  249. Which Weight Loss - offers ratings and reviews of different weight-loss plans.
  250. Yoga Balance - weight loss program which restores the body's natural balance through yoga, meditation, and aromatherapy. Program includes protein-rich vegetarian recipes, hatha yoga routines, and other techniques.
  251. Low Fat Recipes
  252. 1-2-3 Low Fat Cooking Recipes - offers an assortment of recipes for meals and desserts. Requires free registration.
  253. Abigail's Low Fat Recipes - tasty selection of low fat recipes for meat dishes and desserts.
  254. About: Low Fat Cooking - recipe collection and useful links.
  255. All Recipes: Light - low fat recipe search.
  256. Anita Epler's Very Low-Fat Thanksgiving Dinner - menu and recipes.
  257. Anita's Tried and True Recipes - most recipes contain less than 30% calories from fat.
  258. Cafe Creosote: Low Fat Recipes - includes recipes from a variety of cultures.
  259. Carrie Rozee's Low Fat Recipes Page - recipe collection displaying fat content.
  260. Deb's Low Fat Recipes - selection of recipes.
  261. Flora's Recipe Hideout: Low-Fat Recipes - recipes for low fat food and desserts, in MasterCook format.
  262. Geraghty Gourmet: Low-Fat Recipes - low-fat recipes for traditional foods.
  263. Good Morning America Low-Fat Recipes - archive of recipes broadcast on the TV show.
  264. IndiaDiets: Low Calorie Recipes - covers Indian and western dishes.
  265. Latin American Recipes - low-fat recipes from different countries.
  266. - low-fat, low-cholesterol cooking for a healthy lifestyle.
  267. Living Better: Recipe Archive - includes searchable database as well as featured recipes.
  268. Low Fat Lifestyle - features recipes, cooking tips, herbs and spices, facts on cholesterol, body fat, and more.
  269. Low Fat Recipes - features entrees, salads, desserts, bread, soups, and more.
  270. Low Fat Southern Recipes - healthy southern recipes for breads, desserts, meats, salads, soups, and vegetables.
  271. Low-Fat Lifestyle Forum - low fat eating, cooking tips, and recipe collection.
  272. Low-Fat Living - recipes, articles, and cooking tips and tricks.
  273. PastryWiz: Low Fat and Reduced Fat Recipes - includes cooking tips to reduce fat.
  274. Recipezaar: Low Fat - offers a selection of posted recipes.
  275. FATFREE: The Low Fat Vegetarian Archive - large vegetarian recipe archive organized by food category.
  276. Best of Low Carbs - offers information, support, and advice on low carbohydrate dieting.
  277. Carb Solutions - offers a line of products for low-carb dieters.
  278. Carbohydrate Addict, The - a program and support network by Dr. Richard and Rachael Heller.
  279. CarbSmart - features low carb books, food, supplements, snacks, and more.
  280. Diet Depot, Inc. - service center for Atkins, sugar-free and low carbohydrate diets.
  281. FormulaZone - provides a source for Zone Diet, 40-30-30, and low glycemic diet programs, recipes, menus, and tools.
  282. Gittleman, Ann Louise - author of The Fat Flush Plan. Certified clinical nutritionist specializing in nutrition, weight loss, and cleansing diets.
  283. Health Quest International - high protein, low carbohydrate diet with supplements.
  284. Lo Carb Diner - sells low carbohydrate, high-protein, sugar-free products.
  285. Lo Carb Living Online - offers recipes, tips and tricks, news, and diet products and foods.
  286. - offers a variety of low carbohydrate products, including protein bars and shakes, sugar-free candies, and low carb baked goods.
  287. Low Carb Chefs - official site of George and Rachel Stella, the Low Carb Chefs. Includes recipes, video offer, and information on their personal chef services.
  288. Low Carb Connoisseur - low carb and sugarfree products for Dr. Atkins's, Sugar Busters, and Protein Power dieters.
  289. Low Carb Diet Plan - provides information and recommendation on following a low carbohydrate, high nutrient diet plan for losing weight.
  290. Low-Carb Corner - offering food for low carbohydrate diets and supplements. Network marketing opportunities.
  291. - features a selection of low carbohydrate and sugar free food products for dieters.
  292. Odiets, Inc. - offers the CarbCutter supplement and online information and services for a low carbohydrate lifestyle.
  293. Personal Weight Loss, Inc. - low carbohydrate, high protein diet plan.
  294. Somersize - program from Suzanne Somers.
  295. - providing support and products to heal sugar or carbohydrate addictions.
  296. ZonePerfect.Com - official home of the Zone Diet, with information about the diet plan, products, and store locator.