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The Government

  1. Government of Sri Lanka - Provides regular news updates to Sri Lankan current affairs, security situation, development activities, a daily summary of editorials of several leading newspapers, on-line versions of the PRIU's publications.

& Departments

  1. Atomic Energy Authority
  2. Board of Investment
  3. Central Bank of Sri Lanka
  4. Computer and Information Technology Council
  5. Department of Agriculture
  6. Department of Building Economics - offers courses in quantity surveying and project management.
  7. Department of Census and Statistics - reports and bulletins, press releases, population including charts, national accounts and information
  8. Department of Elections - results and statistics of previous elections and the online update of current elections. Also includes history of electoral process.
  9. Department of Examinations (DOE) - national evaluation and testing service (NETS).
  10. Department of Information - news, security report, features, links, media events, weekly column, photo gallery and weather forecast
  11. Department of Inland Revenue
  12. Department of Labour
  13. Department of Meteorology
  14. Department of Meteorology - history, forecast, astronomy, weather data, satellite images, climatologically means, products and publications
  15. Dept. of Immigration and Emigration, Sri Lanka - The official web site.
  16. External Resources Department
  17. Ministries in Sri Lanka
  18. Ministry of Cultural Affairs - Information about preservation of cultural activities, formulation of National Policy for promotion and propagation of cultural activities to suit the social and economic development programmes and its implementation.
  19. Ministry of Economic Reforms, Science and Technology
  20. Ministry of Enterprise Development, Industrial Policy and Investment Promotion
  21. Ministry of Foreign Affairs - perspective , contact directory, foreign policy statements, press releases, news and publications
  22. Ministry of Highways
  23. Ministry of Housing & Plantation Infrastructure - with programmes from national housing development, water and sanitation, construction, and environmental improvement.
  24. Ministry of Human Resource Development, Education and Cultural Affairs
  25. Ministry of Rehabilitation, Resettlement and Refugees.
  26. Ministry of Rural Economy
  27. Ministry of Social Welfare
  28. Ministry of Tourism of Sri Lanka
  29. Ministry of Transport
  30. Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports
  31. National Fertilizer Secretariat
  32. National Institute of Education
  33. National Resources, Energy and Science Authority
  34. National Youth Services Council
  35. North East Provincial council - The NEPC with the view to good governance, transparency global participation in its endeavour to build a just prosperous society in Province appeals every potential visitors to this site to respond to us in the following manner "
  36. Rana Viru Seva Authority
  37. Resettlement and Rehabilitation Authority of the North
  38. Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment
  39. Sri Lanka Customs
  40. Sri Lanka Export Development Board
  41. Sri Lanka Navy
  42. Sri Lanka Police
  43. Sri Lanka Standards Institution
  44. Sri Lanka Tourist Board
  45. Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka

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  1. Association of Container Depot Operators (ACDO) - provides training programmes and seminars to staff of members and non-members.
  2. Association. of Lankan Professionals UK - Worldwide association for young Lankan professional providing careers advice and help
  3. BOI Sri Lanka - investment information in Sri Lanka including human resources, business environment and news
  4. Ceylon Chamber of Commerce - providing services and seeking other business opportunities.
  5. Ceylon National Chamber of Industries - national chamber of commerce in Sri Lanka that include importers, manufacturers, exporters, and service organisations.
  6. Colombo Plan - committee for economic and social development with emphasis on facilitating the transfer and sharing of development experiences among member countries.
  7. Colombo Stock Exchange -Online stock quotes, business news, and links to financial services and resources.
  8. Employees' Trust Fund - A financial trust providing a wide range of benefits to it's members
  9. Federation of Chambers of Commerce & Industry of Sri Lanka (FCCISL) - umbrella body for chambers and allied associations in Sri Lanka covering a wide spectrum of business, industry, and trade sectors.
  10. Federation of Information Technology Industry in Sri Lanka
  11. Geological Survey and Mines Bureau - geological mapping, identify and access the mineral resources, mining, mineral exploration and core drilling
  12. ICA -  The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka
  13. Infotech Ideas (pvt) Ltd - coastal resources management, agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry and natural resource management and recent projects
  14. Institute of Management Sri Lanka - details and grades of membership, national management conference, national council of management and newsletters
  15. International Water Management Institute - country activities, partnerships for better research, tools for improved water management, research programs and publication
  16. National Apparel Exporters Association - includes apparel manufacturers, buying offices, service providers and other information.
  17. National Chamber of Commerce Sri Lanka - Offers registration and administration of documents, information on trade inquiries, policies, rules, and regulations, and library facilities.
  18. National Construction Association of Sri Lanka (NCCASL) - representing construction contractors with memberships.
  19. National Institute of Education
  20. National Youth Services Council
  21. Public Enterprises Reform Commission of Sri Lanka - The statutory body responsible for formulating and implementing the privatisation and public enterprise reform program of the Government of Sri Lanka
  22. Ranaviru Surakum Ekakaya - Unit for Well Being of War Heroes. A facility to coordinate psychosocial support systems for service personnel and the soldiers' dependents during acute crisis situations.
  23. Resettlement and Rehabilitation Authority of the North - RRAN works in Jaffna, Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu, Vavuniya and Mannar districts, and runs resettlement and rehabilitation programmes.
  24. Rural Banking Innovations Project - management information system, geographic information system, customer approach strategy, computer training, training for banking staff
  25. SLASIA - Sri Lanka Association of Securities and Analysts
  26. Small & Medium Enterprise Developers (SMED) - project of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka (FCCISL) in collaboration with the Friedrich-Naumann Stiftung of Germany (FNSt)
  27. Sri Lanka Convention Bureau - promotes Sri Lanka as a venture for international and regional conferences, corporate meetings, and exhibitions.
  28. Sri Lanka Export Credit Insurance Corporation - offers objectives, insurance policies, bank guarantees, and more. 
  29. Sri Lanka Post - history, postal codes, services, special stamps, foreign mail dispatches and postal rates
  30. Sri Lanka Trade Information Network
  31. Sri Lankan Missions Abroad
  32. State Pharmaceuticals Corporation of Sri Lanka
  33. Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka
  34. The Competitiveness Initiative - conferences, publications and links
  35. Travel Agents Association of Sri Lanka - promotes aviation, travel, and tourism.
  36. Urban Development Authority - history, major projects, press releases, tenders, publications and organizational structure
  37. Voice of the Private Sector in Sri Lanka - business issues and archives
  38. World Trade Centre - location, facilities and floor plan

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  1. SLFVH - Sri Lanka Federation of the Visually Handicapped
  2. PEACE - A Campaign launched in 1989 against the commercial sexual exploitation and abuse of children.
  3. The Heart Club - If you want to 'touch' the world. get in touch with us!
  4. Sunera Foundation - Bringing hope to the disadvantaged
  5. ADIC - Alcohol and Drug Information Centre
  6. Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies - Sri Lanka
  7. NCCYW - National Council for Child and Youth Welfare, Sri Lanka
  8. Japan International Cooperation Agency - Sri Lanka Office
  9. Sri Lanka Post Office - The Official web site for Sri Lanka Post Office
  10. Sri Lanka Air Force - 50th anniversary
  11. Sri Lanka Police Department - history, emergency telephone numbers, traffic, training, area maps and last 24 hours
  12. Sri Lankan Army - history, organization and units, welfare, training, operations, news, publications and sports

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Political Parties & Politics

  1. Guide to Law Online - legal guides and miscellaneous
  2. Devolution Proposals and Ethnic Crisis - document and article archive
  3. Manthree - history, constitution, viewpoints, news
  4. Voice of Lanka - political and war news, constitution, devolution, terrorism
  5. JVP - Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna
  6. SLFP - Sri Lanka freedom party
  7. SLMC - Sri Lanka Muslim congress
  8. United National Party (UNP)  - official site. Includes speeches, news, interviews, and manifesto.

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Miscellaneous Service

  1. SriLink Business Directory - business news, hotels, banking, money market, exchange rates, treasury bonds, shipping etc
  2. Lanka Business Directory
  3. - offers listing of businesses, country information, and business news.
  4. eBusiness Hub - commercial directory.
  5. - business and travel directory offering news, mail, and classifieds.
  6. Trade Sri - offers news and business listings.

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