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Can I search?

How do I submit recipes?

Can I edit my posts if I make a mistake?

Can I use HTML on my messages?

Are JavaScripts used?

You can search and view recipes easily. The system will search the recipe name, ingredients, type of food, country and anything written in the description area matching your requests. Most of the desserts are listed in the Western food section.
e.g. you can search using keywords such as: cakes, puddings, ice cream, miris malu, fish, chicken, beef, vegetable, soup, Thai, & etc...

Submitting Recipes
You can submit recipes by following the options on the main page. It should be easily visible and contains a link stating, "Submit Recipes". In your submission you can add your name & email address, so that users can reach you for any assistance regarding your recipe.

Editing Your Posts
Unfortunately due to security reasons, you will not be able to edit any recipe you post. However, if you feel you need to correct your errors, just submit the recipe again and the admin will delete your old entry.

Using HTML
You may be able to use HTML in your posts, however you must not use any html or scripting technologies (ie. JavaScript) to deliberately destroy the formatting of the recipe list.

This web site uses low level JavaScripts. It is designed for browser compatibility however if javascript is not supported on your system, don't worry since the web site should continue to happily function and you will still be able to submit marriage proposals.


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