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Sri Lanka Food and Restaurants Information

Recipes :: Sri Lankan    Indian    Oriental    Western

Food & Restaurants           Cafes, Lounges & Bars

Food & Restaurants

  1. Sri Lankan and Indian Food Recipes
  2. Walauwa Restaurant - serves traditional Sri Lankan cuisine, cakes and pastries, and full-service bar. Also provides themed nights with special bands, DJ music, and dancing.
  3. Deli Market
  4. Kinjou - offers Chinese cuisine. Also provides air-conditioned rooms and cottages at Safari Village Hotels.
  5. Chandrage Sri Lankan Recipes - offers recipes and directory of Sri Lankan restaurants worldwide.
  6. Kosher Sri Lanka Recipes
  7. Malini's Kitchen - add your favorite Sri Lankan recipe.
  8. Recipes from Sri Lanka
  9. Sri Lankan Recipes
  10. Lanka Food - food items on sale, food by category, tea, recipes and flowers
  11. Sri Lankan Recipes and photos - One step gateway to Sri Lanka. No more search. You can find Sri Lankan recipes and photos. 
  12.  The authentic Sri Lankan food ingredients store Convenience - Great
    prices - Fast delivery
  13. Health Beverages,Tea ,Herbal Products - slimming tea, Aphrodisiac Tea, Natural Spice Tea, Herbal Tea, Herbal Soups
  14. Athula Caterers (Pvt) Ltd. - Official web site of Athula Caterers (Pvt) Ltd.

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Cafes, Lounges & Bars

Beira Lounge
Trans Asia Hotel 115, Sir Chittambalam A.Gardiner Mw Colombo 02

Blue Leopard, Harbour Room
Grand Oriental Hotel 2, York Street, Colombo 01
Tel: 320391-3

Aquamarine Bar
Intercontinental Hotel 48, Janadhipathi Mw, Colombo 01
Tel: 421221

Bradman Bar
Cricket Club Cafe 34, Queens Road, Colombo 03
Tel:  501384

Karaoke Lounge, Lobby Bar
Galadari Hotel  64, Lotus Road, Colombo 01
Tel: 544544

29, Maitland Crescent, Colombo-7

Tel: 075 378017,8

Don Stanley's
42, Navam Mw., Colombo 02
Tel: 074 719192,3

Echelon Pub, Karaoke Bar , Thorana Lounge
Colombo Hilton - 2, Sir Chittambalam A. Gardiner Mw, Colombo 02

Lobby Bar
Taj Samudra Hotel 25, Galle face Centre Road, Colombo 03
Tel: 446622

Rock Cafe
43, Ananda Coomarasamy Mw, Colombo 03
Tel: 565986

104, Reid Avenue, Colombo 04

Tel: 596958

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