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Sri Lankan Links

  1. Asian Buddhist Directory - Sri Lanka. - Meditation Centers listed on Buddhanet.
  2. Bambaragala Buddhist Meditation Centre - situated in the Kurunegala District.
  3. BuddhaNet's Sri Lanka Directory - Buddhist Centres in Sri Lanka.
  4. Buddhist Cultural Centre - A Sri Lankan charity providing services such as propagation of the Buddhadhamma, writing, translating, printing and publishing Buddhist books and Literature, sale of books, distribution of free books, religious counselling, and conducting residential meditation courses.
  5. Buddhist Resources - Anagarika Dharmapala archive, lay Buddhist practice, and Poya or Uposatha days
  6. Dhamma Server - Based on the Sri Lankan version of the Pali Canon provided as a Public Domain by the Sri Lanka Tipitaka Project.
  7. Dionysus - An essay examining the religious and mythological basis of the god Kataragama, and the relationships with the stories of Shiva, Skanda-Kumara, and Dionysius.
  8. - multi-religious pilgrimage centre Kataragama in Sri Lanka. Site offers detailed information and links.
  9. Kataragama: The Kataragama-Skanda Web Site - Comprehensive site devoted to the deity of Kataragama and his cult in Sinhala, Sanskrit and Tamil sources including meditation centers and ashrams.
  10. Lewella Meditation Centre - offering facilities and support for the study and practice of early Buddhism as documented in the Pali scriptures
  11. Meditation Centers in Sri Lanka - A brief list of meditation centers with telephone numbers and addresses.
  12. Mett net - Tipitaka, Buddhist English and Sinhala articles, Pali lessons and meditation
  13. Modern Zen Society - A Modern Style of Zen Combining Buddhist Prajna and Madhyamika Thoughts with the Spirit of Modern Science and Humanism Modern Style of Zen Combining Buddhist Prajna and Madhyamika Thoughts with Modern Scientific and Humanistic Spirit
  14. Nilambe Meditation Center - Describes the facilities available at this center.
  15. Parama Dhamma Cetiya Pirivena - The home page of Parama Dhamma Cetiya Pirivena, Ratmalana, Sri Lanka. An institute of Buddhist Education founded in 1841.
  16. Ramakrishna Math - Information on the movements in Sri Lanka, including its local regional branches.
  17. Religious Freedom Report: Sri Lanka - 1999 Report on religious freedom in Sri Lanka
  18. Sacred sites of Sri Lanka - details about many sacred places all over the country
  19. Sri Lankan Temples/Meditation Information - Comprehensive list.
  20. SriLankan buddhist temple in CA USA - Sri Lankan Buddhist temple in Sanfrancisco bay area
  21. Staten island Buddhist Vihara - the temple, directions to temple, program for 2001, Dhamma school the Bamiyan tragedy and ancient shrines
  22. Vidyalankara Pirivena - Vidyalankara Damma school, history, 125 the anniversary and exhibition
  23. Vipassana - three jewels, meditation, online course, resources, books, events, audio files and links, Meditation centers and resources in Sri Lanka, by Andrew Quern more. 1998.
  24. Virtual Buddist Temple On the Net - practice Buddhism online, meditate, listen to Pirith Chanting and Lord Buddha story
  25. World -Thailand-Sri lanka-Buddhism-Many Links - This page offers News, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Religion, Buddhism, Acadamic, People, Places, Books, Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha, Address, web links, Metteyya, etc 
  26. Vipassana Meditation Centre, Kandy Schedule of courses and contact information.
  27. Parama Dhamma Cetiya Pirivena, Ratmalana, Sri Lanka The home page of Parama Dhamma Cetiya Pirivena, Ratmalana, Sri Lanka. The first institute of Buddhist Education founded in the 19th century Sri Lanka-1841
  28. Vipassana Meditation Centres in Sri Lanka List of centres where instruction in English is available.
  29. Nilambe and Lewella Meditation Centres Residential Theravadan retreat centres.
  30. Nilambe and Lewella Meditation Centers Meditation retreat centres.
  31. Buddhist Cultural Centre A Sri Lankan charity providing services such as propagation of the Buddhadhamma, writing, translating, printing and publishing Buddhist books and Literature, sale of books, distribution of free books, religious counselling, and conducting residential meditation courses.
  32. BuddhaNet's Sri Lanka Directory Buddhist Centres in Sri Lanka.
  33. Sri Lankan Temples/Meditation Information Comprehensive list.
  34. Dhamma Server The Sri Lankan version of the Pali Canon, much of which is translated into English.
  35. Buddhist Publication Society (BPS) A Sri Lankan charity. Electronic versions of publications, and many other articles, all from a Theravadan perspective.

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International Links

  1. Buddhist Studies Virtual Library 
  2. Stanford Center for Buddhist Studies 
    Serves to coordinate, support, and develop the university's resources for Buddhist studies and other Asian religions in four general areas: scholarly research, academic communication, teaching, and public outreach.
  3. International Research Institute for Zen Buddhism 
    International Research Institute for Zen Buddhism (IRIZ) at Hanazono University (Kyoto, Japan) is an academic research institution devoted to the study of Zen Buddhism, serving the needs of researchers, students, teachers, and practitioners of Buddhism. 48.000 character Chinese character database.
    The Vipassana Research Institute publishes the Tipitaka in the pali language on a CD-ROM.
  5. Berkeley Buddhist Research Center
    Translators of the Gilgit manuscripts.
  6. The Asian Classics Input Project 
    Translation of Tibetan texts into roman characters.
  7. H-Buddhism
    H-Net discussion group that serves as a medium for information exchange regarding academic resources, research projects, and scholarly publications for specialists in Buddhist Studies. Features archive, search, links to related resources, subscription details, and job listings.
  8. Electronic Buddhist Text Initiative
  9. Buddhist Scriptures Information Retrieval (BUDSIR) - Project to record the 45 volumes of the Pali Tipitaka onto computer, together with the development of an application program for searching it. Project has completed a Thai translation of the Tipitaka, and versions of the original Pali text using Thai and Roman scripts, as well as a Thai-Pali dictionary.
  10. International Association of Buddhist Studies - Translators of Sanskrit and Tibetan Buddhist sutras and texts.
  11. Institute of Buddhist Studies A seminary and graduate school affiliated with the Graduate Theological Union and associated with the Buddhist Churches of America. IBS offers a systematic educational program specializing in Contemporary Shin Buddhist Studies and culminating in a fully accredited Master of Arts degree which is jointly administered with the GTU.
  12. Sparsabhumi - Buddhist and Indological Studies Selected Resources for the Study of Buddhism, Indian Philosophy and Culture and the Encounter between India and the Western World (Buddhist Texts in Pali, Sanskrit, Tibetan, Central Asian Languages, Chinese and in Modern European Languages, Sanskrit Literature in General, Other Indian Languages Texts, Buddhist and Indian Art and Western Classical Texts of Interest to the Indologist and the Buddhist Scholar)
  13. Japanese Buddhism About Buddhism in Japan: the introduction to Japan; and the different sects, with dates.
  14. Pali Text Society Founded in 1881 to foster and promote the study of Pali texts. It publishes Pali texts in roman characters, translations in English and ancillary works including dictionaries, concordance, books for students of Pali and a journal.
  15. The Research Institute of Tripitaka Koreana The Koryo Tripitaka is a woodblock edition of the Tripitaka canon and is housed at the Haein Temple, Korea. The aim of the institute is to support continual research on and preservation of the Koryo Tripitaka.
  16. Resources for the Study of Buddhism Links to both general Buddhist resources and specialized materials on Zen, Chinese Buddhism, Yogacara Buddhism, and various Buddhist sutras.
  17. Karmapa International Buddhist Institute, New Delhi Offers a four-year program of Buddhist. Founded by HH the 16th Karmapa and emphazises the teachings of the Karma Kagyü school of Tibetan Buddhism.
  18. The Buddhist Library Located in Singapore.
  19. Hsi Lai University Ch'an-affiliated Buddhist University, in California.
  20. Sanskrit Buddhist Text Input Project This research center works in cooperation with the Institute of East Asian Studies on the Berkeley campus to input 20,000 pages of Sanskrit Buddhist texts.
  21. Buddhism Past and Present A 13 week distance education unit taught online from La Trobe University. Explores the origins and evolution of the Buddhist tradition and its contemporary place in society and follows the progress of Buddhism through Indian history focusing on its responses to local cultural, political and economic conditions.
  22. Dharma & Nirvana Introduction to Buddhist principles
  23. Buddhism in Brazil Academic references on the expansion of Buddhism in Brazil. Also a web directory of Brazilian Buddhist centers, temples, monasteries, and Buddhist texts translated to Portuguese.
  24. Buddhist Country Statistics Lists Top 10 countries with most Buddhists, top 10 countries with highest percentage of Buddhists.
  25. Sri Lanka Tripitaka Project Download site for the first public domain electronic version of the Sri Lankan version of the Pali Canon.
  26. Buddhism in Europe An annotated bibliography on Buddhism's historical development and contemporary state of affairs in Europe.
  27. Academic Essays on Buddhism A large collection of academic essays on Buddhism supported by the University of Heidelberg.
  28. Chan and Zen Buddhism A compilation of important links to materials for the study of Chan and Zen Buddhism, primarily for the use of college students.
  29. Borup's BuddhaNet Homepage of Jørn Borup, Ph.D., Institute for the Study of Religion at Aarhus University, specialist on contemporary Japanese Zen Buddhism, and Buddhism in Denmark. Online articles and bibliography, in English and Danish.
  30. Thinking in Buddhism: Nagarjuna's Middle Way academic thesis on early Buddhism, yhe historical context of Nagarjuna, Nagarjuna's Mulamadhyamakakarika, and the Philosophy of Madhyamika.
  31. The Buddhist Book Project Poland An information center in Poland collecting world literature on Buddhism, and presenting related conferences, lectures, exhibitions and publishing.
  32. University of Bristol, Centre for Buddhist Studies 
  33. The Hindu Roots of Chinese Buddhism 
  34. Pali Language Sources and Resources 
    Original language of Buddhist sutras.
  35. Learning Guide to Buddhism Academic introduction to Buddhism and Zen by Guy Newland, Ph.d., Central Michigan University.
  36. Buddhism Comes to Main Street Article by Jan Nattier in The Wilson Quarterly (Spring 1997). Discusses the history and cultural and ethnic issues that form the most crucial differences within American Buddhism.
  37. College of Buddhist Studies Offers certificate in Buddhist Studies. Los Angeles, CA, USA.
  38. Origins of Buddhism A Christian analysis of the history and development of Buddhism.
  39. Buddhist and Indological Studies 
  40. Naropa Institute: Master of Divinity in Buddhist Studies Offers Tibetan and Indian Buddhism, and Tibetan and Sanskrit language classes.
  41. Sharpham College for Buddhist Studies and Contemporary Enquiry Offers a broad education in traditional Buddhist values critically applied to contemporary needs. The nature of this education is meditative, transformative and creative. It is non-religious and non-sectarian in nature.
  42. Barre Center for Buddhist Studies Research and publication facilities for Buddhist scholarship and translation. Offerings include research opportunities, lectures, classes, seminars and independent study. Barre, Massachusetts.
  43. Center for Buddhist Studies, National Taiwan University Online Buddhist texts. Many in Chinese.
  44. UK Association for Buddhist Studies  Acts as a focus for Buddhist Studies in the UK, and is open to academics, post-graduates, and unaffiliated Buddhist scholars or interested Buddhist practitioners. Based at the University of Sunderland.
  45. Journal of Buddhist Ethics An electronic academic journal dedicated entirely to Buddhist ethics. Research articles as well as discussions and critical notes submitted to the journal are subject to blind peer review.
  46. Buddhism 101 - The basics of Buddhism, including the life of the Buddha.
  47. The Life of Buddha Gotama Taken from "The Buddha and His Teachings", written by Venerable Narada.
  48. Buddha and Buddhism Describes the life of the Buddha and his teachings.
  49. Lord Buddha  A good source for information about the life of Buddha and about Buddhism. "If we can eradicate desire, all sorrows and pains will come to an end. We will enjoy Nirvana or eternal peace. Those who follow the Noble Eightfold Path strictly, viz., right opinion, right resolve, right speech, right conduct, right employment, right exertion, right thought and right self-concentration will be free from sorrow. "
  50. Siddhartha Gautama Account of the life of Siddhartha Gautama, on a site that is an introduction to Buddhism.
  51. Buddha, A Warrior Prince The first popular fiction ever written about the Life of the Buddha. Also lunar astrology, gift items, research, humor.
  52. The Feeling Buddha This page is based on a book called 'The Feeling Buddha' and describes the Buddha's path of wisdom and loving kindness as growing out of the Buddha's own experience of personal suffering.
  53. Siddhartha Gautama An account of the story of the life of Siddharta Gautama who became the Buddha.
  54. The Gospel of Buddha Life and teachings of Buddha. Compiled from ancient records by Paul Carus, 1894.
  55. Living Buddha and Salvation Maitreya Buddha in Korea came in the world for saving human beings by Buddha Light. Two Buddhas one male and one female in the world at this time came as Maitreya Buddha.
  56. Buddha Personal profile of Buddha in The Book of Life contains structural information on his origins, biography, personality, and legacy, plus links to related sites and bibliography.
  57. Buddhist Tales Jataka stories of moral conduct and good behaviour.
  58. The Mulapariyaya Jataka Story Translated from the Pali by Robert Chalmers.
  59. Jataka Stories Jataka stories for children.
  60. Jataka Stories - Buddhist Tales For The Young And Old Selection of Buddhist parabels and fables.
  61. Jataka Tales of the Buddha (Part I) Four Jataka Tales: "Crossing the Wilderness", "The Traders of Seriva", "The Goat that Laughed and Wept", and "The Straw Worth More Than Gold".
  62. Jataka Tales of the Buddha (Part II) Three Jataka tales: "The Miserly Treasurer", "What's in a name?", and "The Queen's Necklace".
  63. Jataka Tales of the Buddha (Part III) Four Jataka tales: "The Fifth Precept", "A Good Friend", "The Sound the Hare Heard", and "The Great Monkey King".
  64. Jataka Stories About fifty Jataka stories for children, with morals.
  65. Jataka Tales Three Jataka tales: "The Jackal Who Saved the Lion", "The Greedy Crow", and "The Doe Which Set Her Husband Free".
  66. Jataka Tales Retold by Noor Inayat Khan Bookpresentation with introduction to the Jataka tales and three sample stories.
  67. A Jataka-Tale from the Tibetan Article by H. Wenzel, published in "The Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland."
  68. More Jataka Tales By Ellen C. Babbitt (1922), e-text from the Baldwin Project.
  69. The Jatakas Tales Eighteen tales retold by Ellen C. Babbitt (1912); e-text from the Baldwin Project
  70. Sacred Texts - Buddhism Contains various texts on Buddhism teaching.
  71. Gospel of Buddha Compiled by Paul Carus in 1915. One of the earliest translations of Buddhist texts into English.
  72. Buddhist Articles and Sutras List of articles and Sutras by various authors.
  73. Verses Delineating the Eight Consciousnesses By Tripitaka Master Hsuan-Tsang of the Tang Dynasty. Translation and explanation by Ronald Epstein
  74. Buddhism Study and Practice Group -A collection of Buddhist stories.
  75. Teachings Of The Buddha Derived from ancient Buddhist and Zen texts, for the benefit of all living beings.
  76. Dhammapada and Metta Bhavana Translation of the Dhammapada - The Buddha's Path of Wisdom - a collection of 423 verses containing the Buddha's essential teachings. Also page on Metta Bhavana (Loving Kindness meditation).
  77. Still Thoughts Ideas and principles of by Dharma Master Shi Zheng-Yan.
  78. The Two Kingdoms A retelling in modern language of a Buddha parable, written by Patrick Drazen.
  79. A Tribute to the Buddhas formerly at Bamiyan, Afghanistan A dharma talk by Rev. Eric Matsumoto.
  80. The Middle Path Includes Buddha-Dharma information and teachings of the Buddha.
  81. An Invitation to Dharma Articles and translations of Tripitaka discourses.
  82. IntraText: Bibliotheca Religiosa: Buddhistica Index to Buddhist related texts (Sutras and others) on an open access digital library called IntraText.
  83. Cula-Kammavibhanga Sutta Buddhist text on how Action differentiates beings in terms of baseness & excellence. On the relation between karma and reincarnation.
  84.  Buddhism's View on The Wheel of Rebirth A detailed presentation of reincarnation from a Buddhist perspective. With questions and answers. 
  85. Dalai Lama's confirmation of Reincarnation Invalid Discussion on confirming the reincarnation of a Tibetan boy for Panchen Lama in India. 
  86. On Reincarnation Article by Takashi Tsuji on the misconceptions around reincarnation.
  87. On Rebirth: Buddhism and Reincarnation Exerpted from Paul Williams, The Unexpected Way: On Converting from Buddhism to Catholicism.
  88. A Buddhist Ethic Without Karmic Rebirth? An article by Winston L.King, Emeritus Professor, Vanderbilt University.
  89. Dharma Data: Rebirth A discussion on rebirth from a Buddhistic perspective.
  90. Buddhism in a Nutshell - Rebirth Article by Narada Thera on karma, rebirth and ignorance.
  91. Buddhism and Death Information about death and dying from a Buddhist viewpoint.
  92. What happens when we die? Manjuvajra offers some Buddhist views. Reprinted from Golden Drum 18.
  93. Can I be a Buddhist and not believe in reincarnation Discussion on the importance of the reincarnation belief in Buddhism.
  94. An Introduction to Buddhism To do no evil; To cultivate good; To purify one's mind: This is the teaching of the Buddhas. --The Dhammapada
  95. Resources for the Study of Buddhism Site contains links to both general Buddhist resources and specialized materials on Zen, Chinese Buddhism, Yogacara Buddhism, and various Buddhist scriptures (sutras/suttas).
  96. An Overview of Buddhism A brief introduction to Buddhism. How Buddhists perceive the world, the four main teachings of the Buddha, the Buddhist view of the self, the relationship between this self and the various ways in which it responds to the world, the Buddhist path and the final goal.
  97. Fundamental Buddhism Explained Explicit explanation of fundamental Buddhism based on the Pali Canon, recognized by Buddhist scholars as the oldest surviving written record of what the Buddha said and taught.
  98. What Is Buddhism? Excellent introduction to Buddhism provided by Mahidol University, Thailand.
  99. Essentials of Buddhism Lists out the core teachings of Buddhism. Also provides selected links to other sites and book recommendations.
  100. What People Say about Buddhism Pithy statements on key questions people have about Buddhism.
  101. Buddhism: An Introduction An extensive introduction to Buddhist thought and history. From "Anthology of Scriptures of World Religions", by John Powers and James Fieser, faculty of Asian Studies at the Australian National University.
  102. What Buddhists Believe Online version of a book by K.Sri Dhammananda giving an extensive explanation of basic Buddhist thought from a Theravadan Buddhist perspective.
  103. Common American Misconceptions About Buddhism Reincarnation, prayer, and paganism.
  104. GraceWatcher Ministries's Buddha Quest A perspective of Buddha and his teachings, from a New Age Christian Ministry.
  105. From Turmoil to Peace -- Complete Online Book Written for teaching Buddhism to children, the book is also excellent introduction to Buddhism.
  106. Questions & Answers on Buddhism Answers to common questions about Buddhism.
  107. About Buddhists An introduction from a New Kadampa Buddhism perspective to Buddhist religion, philosophy, teachings, meditation, and practice.
  108. The Word Of The Buddha Online version of the classic introduction to Buddhism published in 1906 by the Buddhist Publication Society. The book covers the basic principles of Buddhism, selected from the five great collections of discourses which form the Sutta-Pitaka.
  109. Dharma & Nirvana Introduction to Buddhist principles
  110. Basic Buddhist Beliefs 
  111. Basic Points Unifying Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism Approved by the World Buddhist Sangha Council in 1966.
  112. Questions and Answers on Buddhism From the Buddha Sassana website.
  113. The History and Philosophy of Buddhism A simple, yet comprehensive, non-sectarian introduction to Buddhist history, philosophy and culture.
  114. 12 Principles of Buddhism By Christmas Humphreys, founder and president of the Buddhist Society of London. These principles express a common ground for all schools of Buddhism and have been approved by the leading sects throughout the world as a basis for World Buddhism.
  115. Very Brief Overview of Buddhism Buddhism does not believe in God. In Buddhist teaching, there is no aggressive promotion of Buddhism or strong rejection of other religions.
  116. Modern Buddhism General overview of Buddhism.
  117. Buddhism - The Buddha's Message to Mankind An overview of Buddhism, including a comparison with Christianity.
  118. The Four Noble Truths Basic exposition of the Four Noble Truths, done in a graphically lyrical style.
  119. The Four Noble Truths Explanation of the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism.
  120. Searching for Buddha Provides a simple introduction to Buddhism, answering the most common questions by curious people.
  121. B is for Buddhism - Information for beginners.
  122. Buddhism from a Naturalistic Viewpoint Viewpoint on what Buddhism is, from a rationalist standpoint.
  123. Buddhism Buddhism, a major world religion, founded in northeastern India and based on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, who is known as the Buddha, or Enlightened One. Buddhism today is divided into two major branches known to their respective followers as Theravada, the Way of the Elders, and Mahayana, the Great Vehicle. Buddhism has been significant not only in India but also in Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia, where Theravada has been dominant; Mahayana has had its greatest impact in China, Japan, Taiwan, Tibet, Nepal, Mongolia, Korea, and Vietnam, as well as in India. The number of Buddhists worldwide has been estimated at between 150 million and 300 million.
  124. Buddhism 2001 introduction to Buddhist philosophy and practice.
  125. Buddhism Anyone? "Buddhism is probably the least understood of all major religions. Indeed, from an Occidental viewpoint we might well question whether it warrants the title of religion."
  126. What is Karma? Karma is one of the most important concepts in Buddhism. Karma is an imprint in one's Mind. The underlying factor in the formation of Karma is Intentions. What gets imprinted into one's mind is largely decided by one's intentions.
  127. The History, Philosophy & Practice of Buddhism An easily understood, non-sectarian introduction to Buddhist history, philosophy and practice.
  128. What People say about Buddhism An extensive introduction to Buddhism.
  129. Buddhism As A Religion Is Buddhism a religion? An extensive analysis of Buddhism and its religious and non-religious aspects
  130. Access to Insight A library of readings from Theravada Buddhism. Search, browse, and download over 600 translated discourses by the Buddha, plus many transcriptions of Dhamma books and talks.
  131. Buddha Dust An exploration the original Pali teachings. Includes an introductory course and discussion forum.
  132. Theravada Buddhist InfoWeb Directory.
  133. Buddhism Outline of Buddhist beliefs and practises from "Religious Tolerance" site.
  134. Buddhasasana An extensive collection of articles on Theravada.
  135. Buddhism Depot Scriptures, mudras, virtual temple, discussion, live chat, recommended reading and art gallery.
  136. Ehi-passika An edited version of the Venerable Buddharakkhita's translation of The Dhammapada.
  137. Nandawon Vipassana and Theravada from a Burmese perspective.
  138. Translations of the Tipitaka, teachings and articles on Theravada Buddhism and cultural aspects.
  139. Chieng Mai Dhamma Study Group A collection of books, essays, talks and reflections centering on Theravada Buddhism.
  140. Dhammakaya Foundation Thailand-based foundation that promotes meditation as a way to inner and world peace.
  141. Urban Dharma... Buddhism for Urban America Buddhism for urban America. A large site with a wide range of articles.
  142. Forest Sangha links to Theravadin Buddhist monasteries in the West and in Thailand, links to newsletters and Dhamma-talks of Ajahn Chah and his disciples.
  143. DhammaWeb Theravada Buddhism in the UK. Many articles and discources.
  144. Sae Taw Win II a Burmese offspring of classic Theravada Buddhism.
  145. Introduction to Buddhism From the Birmingham (UK) Buddhist Vihara.
  146. Dharma Seed Tape Library US based collection of meditation tapes, videos and books to purchase.
  147. Dhamma Talks MP3s of Dhamma talks given by various teachers in the Theravadin Forest Sangha tradition.
  148. Theravada Buddhist Society of America. News, information and articles.
  149. Insight Meditation Writings by Christopher Titmuss, co-founder of Gaia House in Devon,and details of retreats.
  150. Buddhist Spiritual Sound Recordings Audio recordings of teachings online in the RealAudio & Windows Media formats.
  151. Dharmastream Over 30 dharma talks by Jack Kornfield, Ajahn Sumedho, Ajahn Candasiri and many others.
  152. Buddhism and Everything Basics of Buddhism, Suttas, personal experiences and discussion forums.
  153. Cultivating Mindful Living An exposition of the basics of Theravadan practice.
  154. Abhidhamma Vipassana Books and articles about Theravada Buddhism.
  155. Thailand Buddhism World Wide Web Thai Buddhist articles in Engilish and Thai.
  156. Buddhism Perspectives on Buddhism from Dr B B Ambedkar, the Indian social activist, and his followers.
  157. Dhamma Study Articles by Nina van Gorkom, Sujin Boriharnwanaket, and others on meditation, vipassana, citta, and satipatthana.
  158. Information based on the Pali canon, and Buddhist news.
  159. Khmer Buddhist Organization Cambodian Theravada Buddhism.
  160. Lotus Buddhist Resource A basic introduction to Buddhism from a Theravadan standpoint, presented in a (computer-resource intensive) multimedia format.
  161. Dhamma Net Articles by Theravada Buddhists around the world.
  162. How to become a Buddhist A Do-It-Yourself guide to taking the Three Refuges and becoming a Buddhist.
  163. Dhammaduta Describes the establishment of the bhikkhu Sangha or Order of Monks in countries outside S.E. Asia.
  164. Theravada A detailed introduction to Theravada Buddhism.
  165. dhammakaya Website of the Dhammakaya Foundation, which promotes a specific style of meditation practice.
  166. Finding the Way Buddhists of various nationalities describe their varied ways of finding the Buddha Dhamma.
  167. Look Within Portal of annotated hyperlinks, mapping online Theravada resources.
  168. Sadhu! The Theravada Buddhism Web Directory An extensive, searchable web directory of Theravada Buddhism.
  169. Contemplatives, Singapore An MSN community dedicated to the Teachers of the Forest Meditation Tradition (Kammathana) of Thailand.
  170. A Manual of Buddhism An introduction to Theravada Buddhism.
  171. eDhamma.Com: A Window to Theravada Buddhism A collection of Dhamma teachings and Sutta recitations.
  172. Buddhist path of the Upasika An essay on the power of mindfulness in daily life.
  173. What Buddhists Believe Extensive description of Theravadan Buddhist views by Ven. Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda.
  174. Buddhism for the Lay Practitioner For those who are interested in discovering Theravada Buddhism from a lay perspective.
  175. Introduction to Vijja Dhammakaya Meditation Introduction to a meditation technique practiced in Thailand.
  176. Sinhala Buddhism A Bibliography of the Sri Lankan form of Theravada, from the Journal of Buddhist Ethics
  177. BuddhaNet
  178. Buddhist Studies - WWW Virtual Library
  179. DharmaNet
  180. Kalavinka Dharma World 
    Informational website which includes a non-sectarian Buddhist journal (Kalavinka Dharma Notes) and translations of stories and teachings. Translations include sections from Lotus Sutra, Nagarjuna, Master Chih-I, Master Han-shan De-ching, and Master Hsuan Hua. Also included is a bookstore (associated with Amazon) with titles usefully sorted into different categories. There is also a selection of photographs from a pilgrimage to the holy places of India.

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