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Sri Lanka Agriculture Related Services

  1. Agriworld - products include greenhouses, drip, and sprinkler irrigation systems.
  2. CIC Agri Business
  3. CTC Foliage Ltd - grows a wide range of ornamental plants.
  4. EOAS International - distillers and exporters of traditional and organic essential oils and spices.
  5. Jayampathi Lanka Exports - exporter of cocopeat, coconut husk chips, coir fibre pith, coir pots, coconut fibre, soil conditioner, and other growing media.
  6. National Agri Business Council - Works to create an environment for a viable and profitable agribusiness sector in Sri Lanka. Includes information on trade fairs, advisory services, and advertising.
  7. Ruvini Aqua Plants Lanka - propagator and exporter of potted aquatic plants and ornamental fish breeders.
  8. Star Fibre - manufactures and exports coir and cocopeat products for agriculture industry.






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