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Sri Lanka Food Industry

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  1. Akbar Brothers Limited - exporter of fine Ceylon tea.
  2. Alwazah Tea - Pure top quality Ceylon Tea
  3. Amazon Lanka Pvt. Ltd. - manufacturers, processors, and exporters of packed, bulk, bagged, and flavoured tea from Sri-Lanka.
  4. Ceylon Black Tea - exporters of black tea, green tea, flavoured tea and organic teas as bulk tea, tea packs, and tea bags.
  5. Ceylon Black Tea Co. (Pvt) Ltd exporters of pure black tea in bulk, tea packs and teabags under company brands or to buyer's
  6. Dilmah Tea - supplies garden fresh and unblended direct from the highlands of Ceylon.
  7. Expolanka Teas - offers tea in bulk, packets, and tea bags, as well as cashews and spices.
  8. Fine Teas (Private) Limited - exporter of tea in bulk, packets, and bags.
  9. Kalubowitiyana Tea Factory Ltd. - exporters of unblended and blended teas.
  10. Kas & Kami International - producer and exporter of Ceylon tea. Also customises flavoured tea in bulk, packets, and bags.
  11. LakTea - Sri Lanka Tea Shop 
  12. Mabroc Teas - A Tea Company with a Difference
  13. Marcelle - offers Ceylon tea in bags.
  14. Pure Ceylon Tea -online selling - We sell the finest Black Tea Ceylon Tea shop 
  15. Sri Lanka Tea Shop . Com - Sri Lanka Tea Shop 
  16. A.F. Jones (Exporters) Ceylon Ltd.
  17. MEH Industries - exporter of packaged Ceylon, green tea, and flavoured tea.
  18. Neptune - manufacturer and exporter of Ceylon tea and flavoured tea in bulk, packets, and bags.
  19. Ni-Cey Group of Companies - exporter of branded Ceylon tea, sea salt, and spice mills. Also offers freight forwarding and warehouse services of mixed commodities.
  20. Ni-Cey Group of Companies - exports Ceylon and flavoured tea in bulk, packets, and bags.
  21. Qualitea Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd
  22. Quick Tea (Pvt) Ltd
  23. Southern Group Tea Exports - producer and exporter of Ceylon tea. Also customises flavoured tea in bulk, packets, and bags.
  24. Slimming tea, Hebal beverages, Herbal Soups,Naturally flavored Spiced Tea and Fruit Tea
  25. Thomas Pearse Tea Merchants - The Magic of Ceylon Tea.
  26. Sri Lanka Tea Board - The Official Web Site

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  1. Athula Caterers (Pvt) Ltd. - Official web site of Athula Caterers (Pvt) Ltd.
  2. Ceylon Biscuits Limited - Munchee products, subsidiaries, promotions, news and events
  3. Ceylon Brewery Ltd
  4. Ceylon2U Foods (Pvt) Ltd., - Largest Exporter of the widest range of Sri Lankan processed Food & Beverages to the EU and the International market. 
  5. Countryside Breweries Limited - produces beer for the domestic and Southeast Asian markets.
  6. Deli Market
  7. Devi Trading Company - exporter of spices including cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, and more. Imports chemicals, dyestuff, and food stuff.
  8. EOAS International - distillers and exporters of traditional and organic essential oils and spices.
  9. Health Beverages,Tea ,Herbal Products - slimming tea, Aphrodisiac Tea, Natural Spice Tea, Herbal Tea, Herbal Soups
  10. HVA Foods (Pvt) Ltd
  11. Intercom - manufacturer and exporter of spices including cinnamon and desiccated coconut.
  12. John Keels Group - food and beverages
  13. Kinjou - offers Chinese cuisine. Also provides air-conditioned rooms and cottages at Safari Village Hotels.
  14. Lanka Food - food items on sale, food by category, tea, recipes and flowers
  15. Maliban Biscuit Manufactories ltd - profile and products
  16. Midigama Fruit Farms - produces and distributes fresh fruits in Sri Lanka and exports dried tropical fruits.
  17. MJF Group
  18. Nidro Supply (Pvt) Ltd
  19. Pro Foods 2002 - August 9-11, 2002, in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Promoting Sri Lanka as a hub for processed food in the region and - delivers Chinese food, cakes, and sweets. Also offers tea, gift, and musical CDs deliverable in USA.
  20. Sri Lankan Recipes and photos - One step gateway to Sri Lanka. No more search. You can find Sri Lankan recipes and photos. 
  21.  The authentic Sri Lankan food ingredients store Convenience - Great
    prices - Fast delivery
  22. Uswatte Group - manufactures brand name wafer biscuits, hard candies, potatoe snacks, and jelly.
  23. Walauwa Restaurant - serves traditional Sri Lankan cuisine, cakes and pastries, and full-service bar. Also provides themed nights with special bands, DJ music, and dancing.

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