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Currency Converters & Exchange Rates

  1.  - offers rate calculator, charts and graphs, past rates, and more.

  2. Universal Currency Converter  - offers interactive foreign exchange rate conversion.

  3. 1-Click Currency Conversion - New Zealand dollar exchange rate conversion to many foreign currencies.
  4. 4 Currency Exchange Converter and Rates - offers a currency exchange rate conversion tool, calculator, and photos.
  5. Cheat Sheet for Travelers - provides a simple, printable cheat sheet for any exchange rate based on Interbank, credit card, cash rate, or other margins.
  6. CNN/Money: Currencies Market - online currency conversion tool.
  7. Currency Trends - fee-based access to price information and other trading tools for both short and long term investors in the foreign exchange market.
  8. Exchange Rate Converter - javascript based exchange rate converter.
  9. Exchange Rates - features conversion calculator for exchange rates and graphs of last days values using data from the Federal Reserve Bank.
  10. Flash-DB Currency Converter - web-based tool.
  11. - currency trader's portal, providing online forex charts, quotes, news, and training.
  12. - The Forex Market - provides links to real-time exchange rates, news, currency market reports, charts, and foreign exchange brokerage firms.
  13. - converter between the euro and other currencies.
  14. HelloEURO - features Euro conversion software for documents, spreadsheets, and databases.
  15. FXConverter - online exchange rate conversion tool for 164 different currencies.
  16. Pacific Exchange Rate Service - provides daily updates with an interface allowing retrieval and plotting of data.
  17. Rubicon International: World Currency Exchange - chart and tool for converting currency.
  18. United Nations Operational Rates of Exchange 2003 - presents a list of currency rates for 2003 with country code and name, currency name, and recent changes.
  19. - provider of online foreign exchange tools and services for consumers, travelers, webmasters.
  20. Yahoo! Finance: Currency Conversion - web-based tool for converting worldwide currencies. Also provides links to quote charts for each currency.