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Online Auctions

  1. 321Gone - offers auctions, classifieds, and more.
  2. AAA Auction Service, Inc. - offers auction services throughout the Midwest.
  3. AAA Online Auctions - overstock, liquidation, and closeouts wholesale merchandise auctions.
  4. Abidon - antiques, computer auctions, collectibles, and more.
  5. AbraSell, Inc. - bid, buy, and sell collectibles, antiques, and general merchandise.
  6. - features event ticket auctions and classifieds.
  7. Auctions - buy and sell used and collectible items.
  8. America's Auctions and Sales - bid, sell or buy just about anything. Offers free registration.
  9. Auction Dawg - general auction site with free membership and listings.
  10. Auction Junk Yard - online auction site for cars, computers, furniture, and more.
  11. Auction Port
  12. Auction US - buy and sell almost anything from trading cards to jewelry.
  13. - online auctions for computers, electronics, office products, and more. Offers business to person and person to person auctions.
  14. - provides an auction web site of consumer items for buyers and sellers.
  15. - person-to-person transactions with no listing fee.
  16. - offers a discussion forum for online auction webmasters and programmers covering auction scripts, software, and day to day operations.
  17. Bargain and Haggle - buy and sell through one-on-one negotiations for antiques, collectibles, electronics, cars, and more.
  18. Bargain Property - features Real Estate, vehicles, and merchandise.
  19. Battery Megasource: EZBid2000 - offers auctions of rechargeable batteries and accessories for camcorders, digital cameras, notebooks, and cellular phones.
  20. Bay9 Auctions - offering a wide range of online auctions.
  21. Best Flea Market - features auctions and set price sales.
  22. Bid2Save - offers auctions on consumer electronics, office equipment, digital cameras, phones, and more featuring no reserves.
  23. - marketplace for high-value, distressed assets.
  24. - online auction site featuring no listing fees.
  25. Bids N Ads - offers standard, buy it now, and Dutch auctions and classified ads featuring no listing fees.
  26. Bidsmaker Classifieds & Auctions - online auctions in a variety of categories. Includes standard or dutch auctions plus resellers program.
  27. - online auction site. Offers storefronts and image hosting for sellers.
  28. Bidz - features trading and bidding for jewelry, sports memorabilia, computers, antiques, books, sporting goods, cards, coins, and more.
  29. Big Bids - offers auctions, classifieds, and wanted ads featuring no listing fees and one monthly charge for unlimited listings.
  30. Auctions - bid on and buy many varied products and services.
  31. BuySell.Net - trade collectibles, antiques, beanies, dolls, coins, stamps, computers, and more.
  32. - auctions a variety of items from lotions to electronics and clothes.
  33. - antiques, coins, collectibles, computers, and more.
  34. CWS Marketing Group - marketing company to the U.S. Treasury and U.S. Marshals Service who conduct government auction sales of seized property, real estate, aircraft, boats, vehicles, and confiscated, abandoned merchandise.
  35. - bid on a wide range of name brand items.
  36. DigiBid - audio, video equipment, and musical instruments.
  37. eBargainbay - auctions for auto accessories, furniture, jewelry, coins, computers, collectibles, and more.
  38. eBay  - person-to-person online auctions.
  39. eBidnBuy - online auction for antiques, memorabilia, books, computers, art, jewelry, collectibles, cars, and more.
  40. edeal - person to person global trading community where you can pay for merchandise by credit card. Multiple currencies, auctions, and InterActive classifieds.
  41. - offers two way paging, charting, and alerts.
  42. EonART - auction for collectors of fine Japanese woodblock prints, features Kunisada prints and diptychs.
  43. FurBid - furry auction house for anthropomorphic- or therianthropic-related items.
  44. Gothic Auctions - features Gothic fashion and lifestyle items.
  45. Internet Auction - offering electronics, jewelry, computers, gifts, fitness, automotive, and more.
  46. KaBid! Online Auctions - features free registration, basic listings, and image hosting.
  47. LaundroMatic - trading post for teenagers. Offers auctions, chat, and bulletin boards.
  48. Maynards Industries - offers offline liquidations, appraisals, and auctioneers. Offices in Canada and the United States.
  49. Mobility Auction - specialized auction site offering a marketplace for buyers and sellers of medical equipment.
  50. - bid live in auctions around the world for classic antiques, rare collectibles, vintage racing cars, and fine wine.
  51. - features computers, antiques, sports cards, and more.
  52. Nationwide Auction Systems - specializing in vehicles, heavy equipment, and personal property.
  53. - helps people find local experts to sell their stuff via online auctions.
  54. OutBidder, The - online auction site.
  55. Player Auctions - site for buying and selling equipment and accounts from online games.
  56. Popula - Hollywood items, books, music, art, erotica, and more.
  57. Property Room - auctions of property seized or recovered by local, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.
  58. QXL - online auction community that allows members to bid on merchandise and services.
  59. - consumer-to-consumer site offering items in a variety of categories.
  60. Sell And Trade - marketplace where people from around the world come together to sell, auction, exchange, and buy items.
  62. - offering an array of antiques and collectibles pulled from Goodwill's inventory of donated goods. Revenues fund programs for people with disabilities.
  63. - offers personal auctions in a variety of categories.
  64. StealthBid - online auction sniping and bid management tool.
  66. uBid - products range from computers and housewares, to jewelry and sporting goods.
  67. - buy and sell a wide variety of products and services.
  68. - allows online users to shop and bid for a wide range of goods and products.
  69. - antiques and collectibles, travel, vehicles, and more.
  70. Wholesale Auctions Online - online auctions of wholesale merchandise.
  71. WinAuction
  72. Yahoo! Auctions - bid, buy, or sell anything.
  73. Your Earth Now! - worldwide site with assortment of auction categories featuring standard, dutch, and reverse auctions.
  74. - allows users to buy, sell, and bid on a variety of items. Includes free registration and flat listing fees with no percentages.
  75. CityAuction - classifieds service that lets people post items and sell them in a silent auction. A percentage of the sales price goes to CityAuction.
  76. Lycos Auctions
  77. MSN Auctions - offers a wide choice of auction categories.