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Arts Educational Information

  1. Absolutearts - providing daily arts news from around the globe as well as delivery via email.
  2. Art Daily - news, reviews, and general information on the world of art.
  3. Art Museum Network News - offers news from art museums worldwide with special features on events and exhibitions, collections, people, and buildings and spaces.
  4. Art Newspaper, The - reports on art personalities, issues, and events. Strives to avoid pretentious language and value judgements.
  5. - includes an art magazine, various art works, and a schedule of gallery shows for the New York area.
  6. Artrumour - providing news, reviews, gossip, rumours, and buying tips.
  7. Arts & Letters Daily - daily aggregation of news and reviews covering literature, criticism, philosophy, theory, books, music and fine arts.
  8. Arts Journal - daily arts news from more than 100 newspapers, magazines, and online publications.
  9. Arts Wire - weekly journal of news in the arts supplemented with job opportunities for artists and arts organizations.
  10. BBC World Service: Arts and Drama
  11. Deviant Art - hub for online graphic artists to display their creations for feedback and exposure. Includes poetry, photography, Flash exhibits, wallpaper, and skins galleries.
  12. Global Museum - free webzine with news and information on international museums.
  13. Kulturkompasset - Norwegian culture and art newspaper containing articles, critic reviews, and photos of theatre, ballet, and musicals in Norway.
  14. - guide to artists, writers, photographers, curiosities, and more.
  15. The - arts and entertainment news headlines.
  16. American Art - journal of the National Museum of American Art explores the cultural factors that have shaped American art and artists over three centuries of national experience.
  17. Bulletin of the Asia Institute - presents studies in the art, archaeology, and culture of ancient Western and Central Asia.
  18. Captivated - chronicles from the fringe. Hawkins from Story County Jail. Bud from his taxi. Sheldon at the terminal bar.
  19. Encontro Project - a Portugues/English artist journal covering all aspects of art, from poetry to painting.
  20. Flightless Hummingbird - Art, Paranoia, Eschatology, Fashion Tips
  21. glossen - a scholarly journal focusing on literature, film and art in German speaking countries after 1945.
  22. Journal of Contemporary Art - Art Magazine with interviews, web projects by artists, writing of artists, portfolios
  23. Modernity - Critiques of Visual Culture
  24. Narcolepsy Arms - an online journal of words, images, sounds, and views.
  25. Prometheus - forum for ideas, debate, and discussion about the arts, sciences, and humanities.
  26. Studio International - features contemporary art, design, and architecture.
  27. think - A Newspaper of Literary and Visual Art. fiction, poetry, 2D art,and commentary.
  28. University of Mississippi - Artfirst - informational and educational publication for Mississippi's professional visual artists and craftspeople.
  29. Winterthur Portfolio - publishing articles on the arts and artifacts of America and the historical context within which they developed.
  30. Yishu - Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art - academic journal that covers Chinese contemporary art and culture. Includes scholarly essays on topical matters, critical commentary of conferences, exhibitions, and books in the Chinese art field.
  31. BBC Bookcase - news, author directory, features, online book club, games, and an animated history of books.
  32. Books on CBC - interviews, reports, reviews, and more.
  33. - contains book reviews, news, author interviews, essays, and other book-related topics.
  34. Independent: Books - news, reviews, and author interviews.
  35. MobyLives - news and commentary about books, writers, and the publishing industry from columnist Dennis Johnson.
  36. New York Times: Books - offers the full contents of each week's New York Times Book Review, as well as interviews, features, and an archive of book reviews published in The New York Times since 1980.
  37. Oprah's Books - archive of book features from O, The Oprah Magazine. Includes Books That a Difference.
  38. Page ONE - literary newsletter with interviews, news, writing resources, and tips.
  39. Books - archive of news, reviews, and features.
  40. Today's Book Club - from NBC's Today Show. Bestselling authors pick some of their favorite, lesser-known authors.
  41. Writer's Almanac, The - daily program of poetry and history, hosted by Garrison Keillor.