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Educational Magazines

  1. American School and University - devoted exclusively to the business of managing educational facilities.
  2. American School Board Journal - editorially independent education magazine published monthly by the National School Boards Association.
  3. Black Issues In Higher Education - news magazine dedicated to minority issues.
  4. Catholic Teachers Gazette - consists of teacher vacancies plus the occasional short article of interest.
  5. Creative Classroom - hands-on, activity magazine for elementary teachers.
  6. CSS Journal - electronic educational journal dedicated to the encouragement of the use of computers and related technology in social studies classrooms. Published six times a year.
  7. Early Childhood News
  8. Education Travel Magazine - travel overseas to study in a university, college or high school. Information for students, agents and consultants.
  9. Education Update - a monthly publication dealing exclusively with topics in education for ages 3-93. The print publication is distributed in New York City.
  10. Electronic School - quarterly technology magazine for K-12 school leaders.
  11. Elements Magazine - produced by the University of Limerick for secondary school students. It contains articles on interesting aspects of science and technology.
  12. EntryPoints - stories and lesson plans for teachers and kids. Also sells puzzle-making software.
  13. Fast Times
  14. Fundango - publishes a weekly ezine for kids full of fun and learning opportunities. Also develops multimedia marketing packages for education companies.
  15. Highlight's TeacherNet - an online community for educators offering educational resources for K-8 classroom teachers across the curriculum, classroom projects, and professional development tips.
  16. Horizon - bi-monthly publication which informs educators about the challenges that they will face in a changing world and steps they can take to meet these challenges.
  17. Imagine - Opportunities and resources for academically talented youth. Published by the Study of Exceptional Talent under The Johns Hopkins University.
  18. Kossor Education Newsletter - contains information for parents and others who are concerned about public education in America.
  19. Language - monthly magazine for teachers and administrators formerly known as American Language Review.
  20. Language Travel Magazine - information for agents, educational consultants, and students who want to work with, or study at, language schools abroad.
  21. Learners Online - interactive e-journal for professional educators. Features online lessons and resources for teachers who use the Internet.
  22. MultiCultural Review - dedicated to a better understanding of ethnic, racial, and religious diversity. Written for teachers at all grade levels.
  23. National CrossTalk - news and analysis of policy issues facing the states and the nation regarding higher education. From the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education
  24. Newsweek Education Program - designed to help teachers build bridges between their curriculum and real-world issues.
  25. Physical Education Digest - quarterly magazines which provides ideas, tips, coaching cues, and research on sports, fitness, and physical education.
  26. Rethinking Schools - publisher of educational materials which emphasize the problems facing urban schools, particularly issues of race.
  27. Scholastic News
  28. School Planning & Management - magazine written and edited to meet the business and information needs of today's school buying team.
  29. Student UK - entertainment, information, accommodation finder, and news for students.
  30. Studyzone Magazine - provides information about study destinations for international students who want to study abroad.
  31. SuperKids Educational Software Review - provides unbiased reviews of childrens software, by parents, teachers and kids.
  32. T.H.E. Journal - source for exploring the technological horizons in education.
  33. Teaching K-8 IdeaSite - curriculum resources for kindergarten through eighth grade teachers. Enhances the monthly magazine, providing ideas for classroom use and professional development.
  34. Tech Learning - software reviews, online course registration, discussion groups, and more.
  35. Topics Magazine - written for teens but is designed to be a resource for teachers.
  36. Tribal College Journal - quarterly publication for American Indian educators, federal and tribal leaders, students and others interested in Indian issues.
  37. University Business - shows presidents, provosts, and other high-level officers how to apply business strategies while remaining committed to the mission of higher education.
  38. VCU Teaching - magazine concerning teaching in higher education.
  39. Education Week - offers daily news about K-12 education and schools. Issues include teacher accountability, policy, organizations, technology, student safety, and quality.
  40. EFL WEB - online magazine for those teaching and learning English as a Foreign Language.
  41. ESL - news and information for ESL and EFL professionals and students.
  42. ESL Magazine - a bi-monthly magazine serving ESL/EFL teachers and other professionals with feature and department articles, news and product information.
  43. GoUK - e-magazine for overseas students studying EFL in the U.K.
  44. Hot English Magazine - fun and funny way to learn, practice and teach slang, business, and functional English.
  45. Soon - advice, self-assessment test, U.K. language schools and how to choose one. Links to many resources, problem page, and more.
  46. TEFL Web Journal - free, web-based forum for adult level teachers, teacher trainers, and researchers.
  47. The English Magazine - multimedia magazine for students of English. Read and listen at 3 levels of difficulty, study the Language Notes and do the practice exercises.
  48. !Factorial Press: Collaborative Writing and Art - annual journal featuring collaborative writing and art by innovative contemporary writers.
  49. 0411.78 - an ezine with assorted fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, trivia, reviews and chat.
  50. 16 Renford Road - a literary journal for poetry, prose, drama, and exposition.
  51. 24:7 Magazine - featuring poetry, short stories, and photography.
  52. 3 A.M. Magazine - satire, horror, true tales, and comics for Generation X.
  53. Abhivyakti - features stories, poems, essays, humor, health, and home sections in Hindi.
  54. Absinthe Literary Review - quarterly literary journal featuring short fiction, poetry, and essays.
  55. Adirondack Review, The - online quarterly of literature and the arts. Also runs contests in fiction, poetry, and translation.
  56. Akkadian - magazine dedicated to "writing from the edge" and launching unpublished writers.
  57. al-Funun - devoted to the Arab-American journal that presented the works of the literary society al-Rabitah al-Qalamiyah between 1913 and 1918.
  58. Alsop Review - poetry and literature.
  59. Alt-X - where the digerati meet the literati.
  60. American Planet Galactic News - exorcising the Zeitgeist regularly, with a unique mix of fact, commentary, fiction, friction, satire, comics, prose and poetry.
  61. Amorphous Estrella - art, graphics, poetry, like a literary magazine but digital.
  62. Angeleno Stories - cyber venue for artists and writers to publish their work and ideas regarding life in Los Angeles.
  63. Another Chicago Magazine (ACM) - annual journal of poetry and prose published each September. Also sponsors a literary contest for short stories and poetry.
  64. Anthology - online and print poetry and prose magazine.
  65. - collection of ezines featuring poetry, prose, and art.
  66. Apostrophe - speculative fiction magazine including short stories, book reviews and links to other sites.
  67. Archipelago: An International Journal On-Line of Literature, the Arts, and Opinion - a quarterly journal of prose and poetry. Contributors include Benjamin Cheever, Maria Negroni and Larry Woiwode.
  68. Ares Press
  69. Areté Magazine. The Arts Tri-Quarterly - features subscription rates and information.
  70. Argonne Hotel Press and Wordwrights - home of both Argonne Hotel Press (a publisher of chapbooks and poetry) and WordWrights (a literary, poetry/prose magazine).
  71. Art Bin - a Swedish/international forum for art, literature, music, cultural politics etc. Here you will find articles, essays as well as some rare classical or other source texts. "ArtBin can only evolve into one of the Web's best art resources" (Dianna Husum, WEBster, May '95)
  72. ArtCommotion - magazine exposing contemporary visual and literary art of Los Angeles. Features commissioned art, interviews, weekly news, reviews, and classifieds.
  73. Artisan - fiction, poetry and non-fiction by and about artists of all genres and abilities.
  74. Artistic Eye Review, The - focused on society and the arts.
  75. Artsy Magazine - for female artists and writers.
  76. Asian Voices - find poetry, prose, and illustrations in this annual publication of the Asian Cultural Union at New York University.
  77. Astounding Adventures Quarterly , The - adventure fiction of all genres! Always looking for writers, illustrators, essayists, and more.
  78. At Random - magazine of Random House and Villard Books. Includes author profiles, reading group guides, and excerpts.
  79. - quarterly literary ezine publishing fiction, poetry, and humor.
  80. Auricular Immersion Media - the online magazine taking aim against the media world.
  81. Backwater Review - journal of contemporary writing and reviews.
  82. Barcelona Review - international review of contemporary cutting-edge fiction in English/Spanish bilingual format. Book and film reviews, interviews, essays, and more.
  83. Bathtub Gin - subscription and submission information for the literary/art magazine.
  84. Bear Deluxe - quarterly magazine exploring environmental issues through the creative arts.
  85. Bear Mountain Journal, The - ezine featuring stories, poetry, editorials, and more.
  86. Beat Scene - highlights the writers, poets, musicians, and artists of the Beat Generation.
  87. beatrice - Ron Hogan interviews the top fiction and non-fiction writers in contemporary literature.
  88. beatthief - plagiarism, shoplifting, blackmail, perjury. poetry, 70s funk jazz, interviews and more. all thats fit to steal.
  89. BeeHive - fiction, theory, hypertext, poetry and essays.
  90. Beginnings Magazine - bi-annual publication of unique writings from unpublished writers.
  91. Believer, The - monthly magazine where length is no object. Features essays, book reviews, interviews, profiles of tools, mammals, motels, and children, and uncopyrighted ideas free for the taking.
  92. Bellingham Review - excerpts from the literary Northwest: fiction, poetry, and essays.
  93. - online magazine featuring poetry, fiction, art, and performance scenarios.
  94. Between the Lines - literary magazine featuring essays, poems, book reviews, and stories by students in grades 7-12.
  95. Bikwil - home of quiet enthusiasms, where contributors celebrate in essay, art, or poem whatever beguiles them.
  96. Biscuits & Gravy Quarterly - serves up reviews of the best and gad-awful worst cafes that serve biscuits and gravy, and also interviews authentic cowpokes.
  97. Bitey - sex, lies and the Internet.
  98. Blithe House Quarterly - features short stories written by emerging and established gay and lesbian authors.
  99. Bloomsbury Magazine  - community for everyone who is interested in literature and writing.
  100. Blue Monk Press - quarterly magazine publishing poems and short stories.
  101. Blue Moon Review - online review of the literary arts, from the staff of the former Blue Penny Quarterly. Includes awards for writers.
  102. Blue Rose Bouquet - quarterly literary and humor e-zine, featuring submitted fiction and nonfiction, reviews, and writing advice.
  103. Bohemian Ink - guide to underground literature, with links to zines, alternative publishing houses, spoken word events, and performance art.
  104. Bold Type - an interactive magazine for people who love to read.
  105. Book Magazine - bi-monthly publication about books, authors and the reading life.
  106. BookEnds Magazine - news, reviews, short stories, features, trade news and top tens from the World of Books.
  107. Bookforum - with two sections, art and culture and fiction; containing the latest reviews, interviews, columns, and commentary with a signature mix of pop and profound.
  108. - features interviews with authors and publishing insiders, biting commentary on the book industry, and more.
  109. BookPress: The Newspaper of the Literary Arts, The - collection of reviews, interviews and essays eight times a year.
  110. Boolaboo - publishes contemporary poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.
  111. Born Magazine - marrying literary arts and interactive media every three months to create a unique collaborative effort between writers and artists.
  112. Borzoi Reader, The - stories, poems, and excerpts from novels and works of nonfiction.
  113. Bovine Free Wyoming! - quarterly e-zine of literature and art.
  114. Brevity - journal of concise literary nonfiction.
  115. Brick - subscription-based. Publishes literary essays in which novelists and poets share their thoughts about their lives, their work, and the work of other artists.
  116. Brink, The - A prickly digizine filled to the brim with shiny words.
  117. Brown Critique, The - published and edited by writer Gayatri Majumdar.
  118. Bulk Head - laxative for the literary mind.
  119. Burning Word - literary magazine for authors and readers covering every genre.
  120. Cafe Compendium
  121. Cafe Irreal - International Imagination - a semiannual webzine focusing on short stories and short shorts of an irreal nature.
  122. Can of Worms Literary Magazine - for unpublished writers of short fiction. Now accepting submissions.
  123. Canadian Literature - A quarterly of Criticism and Review, published at the University of British Columbia.
  124. Carnivale Festivale Montonja'ale - web-based journal dedicated to creating the conditions for the free exploration of creativity.
  125. Center For Literary Publishing - publishes the Colorado Review, volumes in the Colorado Prize for Poetry series, and the Series in Contemporary Fiction.
  126. Century - quarterly magazine of imaginative fiction.
  127. Ceteris Paribus - fiction, poetry, reviews, criticism, essays, and personal narratives for the discerning reader.
  128. Chattahoochee Review - quarterly journal dedicated to publishing literature in a variety of genres and subject matter.
  129. I Like Monkeys - e-zine for slightly twisted prose and poetry founded in 1995.
  130. Circle Magazine, The - quarterly literary magazine featuring poetry, short stories, and articles.
  131. Clay Palm Review - art and literary magazine published biannually.
  132. Coffee Shop Times - including short fiction, bad poetry, political commentary, bathroom graffiti, original comics, and readers' submissions.
  133. Common Review, The - magazine of the Great Books Foundation; firmly committed to reading and discussing books that have stood the test of time.
  134. Conduit - biannual journal of contemporary poetry, prose, art, and interviews with creative thinkers.
  135. Conjunctions - journal of avant-garde literary art. Publishes the best of new fiction and poetry, interviews, and art.
  136. Conspire - publishes poetry, prose, and criticism.
  137. Constant Reader, The - features reviews, recommendations, and literary news.
  138. Cortland Review, The - online literary quarterly featuring interviews, poetry, and fiction.
  139. Cotworld - news, reviews, and columns.
  140. Couch, The
  141. Crab Creek Review - an independent literary magazine of palmary poetry and short fiction.
  142. Crania - fiction, poetry, essays, reviews, and original artwork.
  143. CrossConnect - The premier online literary magazine based in Philadelphia.
  144. - stories and articles by computer nerds for anyone who doesn't run away screaming.
  145. Cypriot Cicada Literary Magazine - promotes literature as a means of questioning identities, power structures, and interpretations of history in the context of inter-communal relations, in Cyprus and beyond.
  146. Dead Letter Office - where fiction, poetry, and non-fiction come to die.
  147. Dead Mule, The - an Eastern North Carolina literary journal.
  148. Descriptions of an Imaginary Universe
  149. Dickinson Review, The
  150. - writing by writers who hate writers.
  151. digittante - for dabblers in writing and art.
  152. DigiZine - venue for writers, artists, and musicians.
  153. Dimension2 - a bilingual literary magazine devoted to modern German-language literature.
  154. Dirty Sponge - manifest your mind and voice your questions and answers here. Read others' writings, or send in your own.
  155. doctors_lab - counter-culture electronic publication promoting unknown artists from around the world.
  156. Doorknobs & BodyPaint - electronic magazine of short-short fiction under 450 words. Contest for best story under 250 words.
  157. Double Dare Press - literary ezine featuring fiction, poetry, reviews, comics, editorials, and more.
  158. DoubleTake  - building a new kind of exhibition space, where pictures can serve as the catalysts for stories, and where photographers - through their images - can speak for themselves.
  159. Dragonfly Review - quarterly literary journal, monthly newsletter, and discussion group.
  160. Dreaming Pool, The - poetry, short stories, articles, and multimedia presentations, with the theme of dreams and Jungian psychology.
  161. Drunken Boat - journal of the arts that includes fiction, poetry, and expository writing, as well as photography, video, and web multimedia.
  162. Duct Tape Press - accepting submissions.
  163. Elbow Creek Magazine - Western-themed ezine with fiction, poetry, and articles.
  164. Electric Acorn, The - seasonal publication of poetry and prose from the Dublin Writers' Workshop.
  165. ElectroAsylum - journal of creative writing, poetry, interviews and more. Includes weekly segments.
  166. elimae - stories, reviews, and features.
  167. Ellipses - exploring arts, letters, science, and ideas.
  168. Elmer Swims - Elmer's in the water! Cyber-zine offering a graphically exciting setting for poetry and fiction.
  169. - presenting monthly tales of first love.
  170. Enterzone - writing, art, and new media featuring criticism, fiction, poetry, philosophy, hypertexts, computer graphics, interactive artforms, scanned photography, and drawings.
  171. Ept Magazine - a gormful publication for the immaculate readership.
  172. Erratic Untitled Magazine - Literature, poetry, and non-fiction of a lyrical, modernist, human sort.
  173. eScene - the Internet's first yearly anthology of the best short fiction published online.
  174. Evening Gossip, The - features short stories, poetry, humor, and ongoing columns.
  175. Evergreen Review - features items from classic Evergreen stories and articles to the latest cutting edge literature, art and reports from the underground.
  176. everyday beat - devoted to beat generation related and inspired prose, poetry, analyses, and thought. Submissions encouraged.
  177. Exquisite Corpse - online incarnation of now defunct print magazine, a review of letters and life edited by Andrei Codrescu.
  178. Eye Dialect - quarterly publication featuring poetry, essays, fiction, and reviews.
  179. Eyeshot - online litter for the ill and literate, including new fiction, hypertext essays, interviews, and links to audio readings and other.
  180. Fail Better - literary journal featuring original works of fiction, poetry, and art.
  181. Fairfield Review - online literary magazine for Fairfield County, CT writers and students of poetry, short stories, and essays.
  182. Faultline Journal of Art and Literature - publishes new poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and artwork.
  183. Fiction Funhouse - online magazine of fiction, essays, poetry, and humor.
  184. Fictionline - nonprofit literary journal, celebrating short fiction by paying writers when stories are accepted.
  185. FIELD Magazine - biannual journal of contemporary poetry and poetics.
  186. First Line, The - magazine devoted to stories starting with the same first line. Site contains the current first line, writers guidelines, sample stories, and subscription information.
  187. Five Points - journal of literature and art, featuring poetry, fiction, essays, and author interviews. Published by Georgia State University's Department of English.
  188. FlashPoint - fiction, poetry, essays and graphics, where the arts and politics clash.
  189. flim: a free page - an ezinelikething featuring short, quirky writing.
  190. - for short fiction and poetry. Specializing in science fiction, fantasy, horror, and the unusual.
  191. Forbidden Donut - small privately published magazine, intended to contain all types of writing and art.
  192. ForeWord - provides news and book reviews about independent and university presses.
  193. From The Window - worldwide magazine of journalism, poetry, travelogues and experiential writing. Includes several eminent contributors.
  194. Geist - ideas and writings on Canadian culture from a literary perspective.
  195. Gimlet Eye - poetry, fiction, art, links, and whatnot.
  196. Glimmer Train Press - quarterly short-story magazine.
  197. Gone South Productions - home of As-Is Fiction dedicated to new writers and new work, and Gone South Partners in the Arts.
  198. gonzo - forum of opinion and satire through writing, multimedia and other genres.
  199. Goppo Online Network - e-zine about filmmaking, poetry, fiction, absurd theories, webdesign, jokes, art, and photography.
  200. GotCannedGoods?com - provides a balanced media diet featuring art and literary works by several artists, as well as progressively inclined political articles and commentaries.
  201. Granta - paperback magazine and publisher of new writing.
  202. Gratis Webzine - includes fiction, artwork, comics, poetry, and reviews.
  203. Greetings from Dementia - presenting original artwork and writing.
  204. Gruene Street - seeks to provide an outlet for high-quality prose and poetry that appeals to a sophisticated online readership.
  205. Hardin, Rob - Matterland - an autopsy of the unconscious, based on Poe, with original fiction and music. Internationally published (Oxford Press, Avon), despite the opinion of Excite.
  206. Hatteras - literary, philosophical, and political generation-x journal for conservative intellectuals.
  207. Hawkwind - features poetry, short stories, and prose.
  208. Hootenanny - an independent arts/letters journal. The online version is a counterpart to the limited edition collectible.
  209. Horagai - features works by Jun Ishikawa, Kobo Abe, and contemporary Japanese writers.
  210. Huge Magazine - looking for submissions of fiction, poetry, and art.
  211. Hungarian Quarterly, The - English-language journal about Hungarian arts, culture, literature, society and history.
  212. Hungry Soul, The - a literary magazine that explores the common boundaries between spirituality, healing and artistic expression.
  213. I Have A Secret - where people like you share inner worlds. Features interviews, writing and art, chat forum, live cam, and online journals.
  214. Icon Magazine - dedicated to exploring the art of storytelling on the web through visual arts and literature.
  215. Identity Theory - offers short fiction and nonfiction stories, interviews, weblogs, and more.
  216. Image - Journal of the Arts and Religion. Explores the relationship between Judeo-Christian faith and art through world-class fiction, poetry, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, music, and dance.
  217. Imagination Online Magazine - a monthly literary magazine dedicated to bringing you some of the best poetry, short stories, webpages, and jokes on the Internet.
  218. In Celebration of Trees - art, literature, and poetry about trees.
  219. Inditer, The - devoted to the encouragement of new writers. Fiction, short stories, essays, and comment are sought.
  220. Industrialist 97 - strange facts, art, literature, misc.
  221. Inflatable Magazine - connecting writers and artists in Los Angeles, New York and anywhere in-between.
  222. infrari - literature is life. Includes stories, movie reviews, editorials, and ideas.
  223. Inkblots Magazine - literary and cultural magazine, with fiction, poetry, and articles and reviews on music, art, film, books, and technology.
  224. Inkwell - published annually in the spring by Manhattanville College. Encourages diverse voices and has an open submission policy for both art and literature.
  225. Inner Renaissance - the online magazine that is dedicated to the revival of the written arts.
  226. Insouciance - e-zine of the arts, ideas, law, policy and commentary.
  227. InterFiction Online Magazine - visitors can publish own works, read, rate and comment on all published pieces. IFOM holds short fiction and poetry contests with cash prizes.
  228. International Quarterly - superb art and writing from around the world in English originals and in translation
  229. InterText Magazine - an electronically-distributed magazine of fiction. InterText has been publishing since March of 1991. A new issue is released every two months.
  230. IR Magazine - features short stories, poetry and S. Fla. band interviews.
  231. Jack Magazine - showcases original works by artists who continue in the tradition of the Beat generation. Also features articles and images.
  232. Jacket Magazine - Australian review of new writing including poetry, interviews, and articles.
  233. January Magazine - features interviews and profiles of well-known authors as well as book reviews and publishing news.
  234. jeb's salon - rose and poetry from the members of a Phoenix, AZ literary salon. Submissions accepted.
  235. Jerkwater Oracle - dedicated to supporting isolated writers and artists through content and publication. Features essay, short fiction, interview, and writing how-to.
  236. Journal, The - with monthly features on authors and artists.
  237. Juked - stories, features, and commentary.
  238. KaJong - features the writings of family members.
  239. Kalliope - a journal of women's literature and art; includes poetry, visual arts, interviews, short fictions, essays and sponsorship of a national poetry contest.
  240. ken*again - offers prose, poetry, art, and photography.
  241. Kerouac Connection - subscription and submission information for the Beat literary journal and review.
  242. Kesuda - literary magazine for Gujarati lovers with stories, poems, and art.
  243. Kshanti Literary Review - magazine of poetry, fiction, interviews, photography and art.
  244. Kudzu: a digital quarterly - digital quarterly magazine dedicated to bringing you the best in fiction, poetry, and essays.
  245. Literal Latte - where challenging entertainment is not an oxymoron: prose, not pose; poetry, not performance; essays,not ego; art, not attitude.
  246. Literary Review, The - sample articles and subscription information.
  247. Literary Times, The - complete program of services for readers and writers of romantic fiction. Also find the latest info on your favorite authors.
  248. LitRag - literary and art magazine.
  249. Litterae - a multilingual literary magazine.
  250. Little Bit of Heart, A - electronic journal dedicated to cultural issues of the East and West, tales, stories, and lots more.
  251. Little Read Writer's Hood - professional monthly magazine publishing amateur writers. We're seeking amateur writers now in most fiction genres as well as poetry, plays and humor.
  252. Log Cabin Chronicles - features, fiction, poetry, opinion, photography, and art from the Vermont/Quebec border.
  253. London Review of Books - political and literary review.
  254. Lonesome Road - webzine for unpublished writers, artists, and poets.
  255. Lonzie's Fried Chicken Literary Magazine - subscription information for the journal of accessible Southern fiction and poetry.
  256. Louisville Review, The - semi-annual literary magazine featuring poetry and fiction by both new and established writers.
  257. MAGA: the unzine - subscription and submission information for the print zine; includes a sample issue.
  258. Magic Stream Journal
  259. Magnolia Magazine - monthly literary magazine with Southern grace and style. Accepts and welcomes submissions.
  260. MANOA: A Pacific Journal of International Writing - subscription, submission, and contributor information, as well as excerpts from the current volume.
  261. Marlboro Review - literary magazine publishing poetry, fiction, essays, book reviews, and translations, and sponsoring an annual poetry contest.
  262. Masthead - a forum for discussion of poetry, literature, theatre, music, visual arts, human rights, poetics and ethics.
  263. Melic Review - dedicated to publishing poetry and fiction; also offers a lively poetry discussion group, an annual contest, a light verse archive, and literary criticism.
  264. Mercury Books - collections of fiction and poetry by award-winning authors.
  265. Metaxis - online magazine of The Writers' Institute.
  266. milk magazine - annual poetry, fiction, essay, and photographic online zine.
  267. millennium papers, the - a forum for young artists and writers to showcase their respective talents among friends, family, and whomever else may care to a look.
  268. minnesota review, the - literary and critical journal publishing fiction, poetry, critical essays, and book reviews.
  269. MiPoesias Magazine - past contributors have included Denise Duhamel, Lyn Lifshin, David Trinidad plus voices such as Esteban Arellano, Kris Broughton, and others.
  270. - web zine for those too young to be baby boomers and too old for Gen X, with fiction and articles about travel, life, and art.
  271. Monsoon Magazine - journal of South Asian literature and culture, featuring poetry, fiction, reviews, interviews, and online collective collaborations.
  272. Morpo Review - quarterly literary magazine that publishing fiction, non-fiction, and poetry since 1994.
  273. Mosaic Literary Magazine - dedicated to covering all aspects of African American and Hispanic literature.
  274. Muse It Webzine - offers fiction, non-fiction, poetry, news, and more. Accepts submissions from novice and experienced writers.
  275. Mystic River Review - online journal showcasing the work of poets, fiction writers, and essayists.
  276. - words are bare necessities.
  277. Narrativity - a critical journal of innovative narrative, with contributors such as Kathy Acker and Michelle Tea.
  278. Natterbox - featuring question and answer-style interviews with writers.
  279. NeoLogue - an e-mail-based journal of literary prose, poetry, drama, and short fiction.
  280. Nepenthe Journal - interactive site devoted to fiction, non-fiction, poetry and the visual arts, with a travel theme.
  281. New York Hangover, The - literature, comix, and humor from the East Village. Site includes past issues and submission information.
  282. North Words Magazine - poetry, short stories, guest writers and more from the Highlands of Scotland.
  283. Northern Michigan Journal - online publication with regular columns, features, fiction, and more.
  284. Not Bored - situationist inspired, irregularly published, totally autonomous journal of amateur radical socio-cultural critique published since 1983.
  285. Nufoto - photography and literary magazine featuring photojournalism, short stories and opinion.
  286. offcourse: A Literary Journey - online journal publishing fiction, poems, reviews, and essays on life and art.
  287. On The Road - webzine dedicated to creative writing and creative thinking; nature, adventure, and travel; where the topic is everything and nothing.
  288. One Story - literary magazine containing one story per issue.
  289. Onnastick - online magazine for the aspiring writer, featuring articles and short stories.
  290. Open City Magazine - publishes literature, poetry, and art from emerging and established writers and artists.
  291. Open Scroll, The - poetry, prose, and literary magazine dedicated to the freedom of art in the pursuit of passion, brilliance, and insanity.
  292. Open Spaces Magazine - general-interest magazine of ideas from the Pacific Northwest. We offer in-depth articles, fiction, poetry, reviews, and art.
  293. Opsonic Index - featuring experimental writings, rants, and cutups.
  294. Optimism - monthly literary and arts publication centered in Prague and featuring the poetry and prose of English-speaking writers.
  295. Outsider Ink - alternative literary fiction and poetry zine, including art brut, photography, and a different perspective.
  296. Oxford American - the Southern magazine of good writing.
  297. Oyster Boy Review of Fiction and Poetry - independent literary magazine that publishes fiction and poetry in Chapel Hill and is distributed throughout the Southeast. Submissions are accepted year-round.
  298. Pages Magazine - includes features, profiles, and interviews of the top writers and up-and-coming authors.
  299. Pagitica - offers information about contributors, subscriptions, events, and more.
  300. Painless Endings - monthly entries by the Reverend James and by a guest writer.
  301. Paragraph - a small magazine of short prose.
  302. Paris Review, The - international literary quarterly founded by Peter Matthiessen and Harold L. Humes and edited for many years by George Plimpton.
  303. Paste Magazine - online magazine and forum featuring creative writing by current and former Bristol University students.
  304. Pax Acidus - offers stories, poetry, and music for the e generation - people who enjoy techno, parties, and madness.
  305. Pearl Magazine - publishes contemporary poetry and short fiction, sponsors an annual poetry and short story contest, and publishes books of poetry.
  306. Pen & Ink - Philippine literary journal dedicated to providing a venue for writers and artists who want to share their works with a sympathetic audience.
  307. Pen & Sword Hypersite - repository for poems, essays, fiction, graphics and multimedia. Includes the Pen & Sword electronic magazine, resources for research into hypertext literature.
  308. PEN America - journal featuring award-winning fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and translation, as well as symposia on topics of concern to writers and readers alike.
  309. Peridot Books - offering a quarterly online magazine with links for writers, and articles on the art and practice of authorship.
  310. Pif - dedicated to publishing quality poetry and short stories by new and emerging writers. Book, CD, movie reviews and political commentary also welcome.
  311. Pilgrimage: Reflections on the Human Journey - journal of essays, articles, and stories which reflect on the joys and struggles of the human journey. Site features excerpts and subscription information.
  312. Poets & Writers - focuses on the source of literature, providing support and exposure to writers at all stages in their development.
  313. Portsmouth Movement, The - a consortium of writings by GenX thinkers and dreamers.
  314. Potpourri - features short stories, essays, poetry, haiku, travel pieces and black and white illustrations. Accepts submissions.
  315. Power Star 111 - online magazine of imagination.
  316. Prairie Fire - Canadian magazine of new writing published quarterly. Includes book reviews and other unique online-only content.
  317. Praise Bob - Everything comes alive in the experimental virtual version of this magazine, an urge to be aware and create, and to always forward and extend.
  318. Probes on line - `zine which offers a forum for thoughts, idea, stories.
  319. Psrhea Magazine - monthly publication of surreal writing, social insight and humor.
  320. Pyxis - literary e-zine featuring poetry and short fiction. Come on and check it out, and feel free to contribute some of your work to share with the online community.
  321. Rafters Literary Journal
  322. Rahavard Persian Journal - printed literary quarterly, published for the purpose of preserving Persian language and litrature among Iranian immigrants.
  323. Raven Chronicles - cultural literary magazine with an events calendar and discussions by regional & national writers.
  324. Reed Magazine - San Jose State University's annual journal of poetry and prose, one of the oldest student publications west of the Mississippi.
  325. Renaissance Magazine - monthly magazine featuring original literature, arts, reviews, humor and more. Open forum and exchange between readers and editorial staff.
  326. Review, The - international literary magazine publishing contemporary poetry, fiction, and translations.
  327. Rhinosplode - essays, poetry, humor, photography, and a high level of smarm.
  328. Richmond Review, The - U.K. literary monthly published exclusively on the web.
  329. River Styx - poetry, short fiction, essays, interviews, drawings, and photographs.
  330. River Teeth - biennial journal of nonfiction narrative. Site features excerpts and subscription information.
  331. riverText's Cafenet - Each week Thoreau describes the current season. Features include Simone Weil's philosophy, gnomes, comic strip poetry, punk rocker Patti Smith, Orgone and the Holy Grail.
  332. Romantic Bower, The - previews new romance books and contains original romantic fiction by new and established authors, interviews, book reviews, articles, and more.
  333. Rose & Thorn, The - showcasing emerging and established writers and writers' resources. Read literary works of distinction and eclectic variety.
  334. Rude Dog Magazine - online guide to the offline magazine.
  335. Sabine - featuring a diverse range of artists, writers, poets, thought provoking articles, and monthly columns.
  336. Salt River Review, The - triquarterly review featuring poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction.
  337. Sapphic Ink - a lesbian literary journal of fiction, poetry and book reviews. See who the contributors are, learn about submissions and more.
  338. Saucepot Review - fiction, poetry, essays, and satire.
  339. Scottish Book Collector - literary and collecting magazine.
  341. Scriba Org
  342. Scribble - creative writing cyber-zine.
  343. Sell Writing Online - features tips on selling writing online, showcase for writers, and directory of writing resources.
  344. Serpentine - new writings where death begets life, hate begets love, woman begets man, the internal universal, and the unconscious aware.
  345. SF Eye - semi-annual periodical devoted to interviews and criticism of modern science fiction. Also a graphic showcase for unusual and adventurous illustration.
  346. Shakespeare Magazine - information from Shakespeare scholars, teachers, and theatre professionals.
  347. Short Stories Magazine - provides stories from all genres.
  348. Siren: Voices from the LifeSpan - focuses on women in the life span - family, love, relationships, and motherhood; in short, the whole of life experience.
  349. Skyline Literary Magazine - features poetry, stories, art, photography online, and a print literary magazine. Also, offers poetry contests.
  350. Slant  - bimonthly online magazine publishing essays, memoirs, reviews, interviews, poems, and fiction.
  351. Slate Magazine - focusing on cult authors, cutting-edge fiction, and London bar culture.
  352. Small Spiral Notebook - online literary and arts journal showcasing evocative poetry and prose.
  353. Snake Nation Review - publishes contest and non-contest issues of poetry, essays, fiction, and drawings. Also sponsors the Violet Reed Haas Poetry Contest.
  354. Solas - magazine of new and unpublished talents in all the arts.
  355. SoMa Literary Review - showcasing the work of a nonprofit group of writers based in San Francisco's SoMa district.
  356. Sonata Magazine for the Arts - original writing, artwork, and music by various contributors.
  357. Sour Milk, The - forum for writings that depict the world and the self beyond the typical or flowery. Skeptics, satirists, brooding philosophers, and misanthropes need not turn away.
  358. Southern Ocean Review - the southernmost ezine in the world, featuring first rate writers, both known and emerging.
  359. SouthernCross Review - online multicultural review of fiction, essays, the social question, and spiritual themes.
  360. Speak Magazine - publishes long form interviews, fiction, essays, and features on a variety of topics.
  361. Speakeasy - magazine about the worlds of literature, publishing, and politics.
  362. Spilled Ink - consisting of all sorts of literary works -- poetry, prose, songs, short stories, and philosophy -- tending to deal with the darker side of things.
  363. Spilled - a creative thought journal.
  364. Spook Magazine, The - fully downloadable e-zine in PDF format that features, short fiction, celebrity profiles, reviews, and more.
  365. Standard Hostility Index - online literary magazine featuring work by new writers focusing on autobiographical and experimental experience.
  366. Standards
  367. Stark Raving Sanity - electronic literary journal aiming to deliver the best poetry, short stories, and literary theory.
  368. State of unBeing - monthly literary magazine of absurdist rants, recipes for cthulhu, political romps, and divine fiction. Also home of STS-48 - freeform improv textual audio.
  369. Static Output, The - home of the Photostatic Retrofuturist and the Tape-beatles project.
  370. StickYourNeckOut - online variety magazine publishing short fiction, essays, poetry, and more.
  371. Stirring: A Literary Collection - online publication featuring scripts, poetry, and prose.
  372. StoryCrafting: The Fiction Writers Magazine
  373. StoryQuarterly - short story publication.
  374. storySouth - quarterly magazine featuring fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction by new southern writers.
  375. Surface, The - shop window of aspiring writers, artists, and photographers. Submissions encouraged.
  376. Swagazine Rack - a collection of poetry and prose created by the Santa Barbara telecommunity.
  377. Swallow - a monthly zine for bored web-literates.
  378. Sweet Fancy Moses - a collective journal of wit that speaks loudly with intellect, humor, and voice.
  379. Sycamore Review - award-winning journal of the literary arts. Complete contents of out-of-print issues and new book reviews on-line!
  380. Talus Review - Rocky Mountain literary journal featuring fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.
  381. Tangerine Seahorse - a literary experience.
  382. Tatlin's Tower - includes fiction, book reviews, and general irreverence.
  383. TeleTale - a Playground for Writers - site where authors can try out new voices, styles, and play with the written word.
  384. TextWerk - German literature, collaborative writing, tree fiction.
  385. TheScreamOnline - Internet magazine of art, photography, and literature.
  386. think - A Newspaper of Literary and Visual Art. fiction, poetry, 2D art,and commentary.
  387. Thought Magazine - print and web magazine offers a diverse selection of works from new writers, and interviews with acclaimed authors.
  388. Thoughts about Things Magazine - interesting columns, articles, illustrated stories, poetry and ideas.
  389. Three Candles: a poetry journal - journal of the arts, featuring poetry, prose, and an extensive resources selection.
  390. Threepenny Review - includes selections from current and past issues of the quarterly magazine.
  391. Tilde - online literary magazine. Please send in your submissions today. Tilde is hosting monthly competitions with first, second, and thrid prize pay-outs.
  392. Timothy McSweeney's Internet Tendency - literary journal created by nervous people in relative obscurity.
  393. Tin House - publishes fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and interviews.
  394. Tintype Review - e-zine featuring fiction, poetry, and art.
  395. Tirra Lirra - Australian and international literary magazine based in Victoria's Yarra Valley.
  396. To-Do List - excerpts and subscription information for the magazine of meaningful minutiae.
  397. Trincoll Journal
  398. Trout - a South Pacific journal of the arts - featuring poetry, fiction, photography, reviews and listing recent NZ & Pacific books.
  399. - publishes fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, essays, book reviews, and all things of a literary nature.
  400. Tyro's Pen - quarterly webzine featuring fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, essays, and more by new writers.
  401. Unbound Fiction - from the Atlantic Unbound. Features a new web-published story every month, as well as the stories from the print edition.
  402. Undiscovered Country, The - literary magazine for the morbid and romantic.
  403. Unmade Magazine - literary arts magazine dedicated to presenting the very best in international poetry, fiction, interviews, reviews, art, and articles.
  404. untergrund - geeks, love, truth and faith.
  405. Urban Spaghetti - a bi-annual literary publication featuring poetry, short stories, and art work.
  406. Verbal Abuse - literary quarterly for the culturally jaded.
  407. Verbiage Magazine - Original WWW short fiction magazine. Edited and published via the web, Verbiage purchases the ten best stories submitted for each bimonthly issue.
  408. Vestal Review - flash fiction magazine.
  409. Virtual Word - web-centric literary magazine publishing poetry and fiction. Listen to the writers read their work.
  410. Visions Magazine
  411. VLS: Voice Literary Supplement - the online literary supplement of the Village Voice and the Los Angeles Weekly.
  412. Vox International Literary Magazine - features poetry, fiction, non-fiction prose, and visual art in English, Bulgarian, and other languages.
  413. Wag - a magazine for decadent readers, with articles, reviews, and original fiction.
  414. WebDreamer Magazine - accepting submissions for short stories, non-fiction articles, poetry and art.
  415. Webster's Weekly - Featuring columns, poetry and pictures.
  416. Weekly Literary Supplement - online literary supplement of the Village Voice and Los Angeles Weekly. Includes reviews, interviews, and bestsellers.
  417. wespennest - Austrian magazine containing contemporary literature and a main topic, regular photographic essays, critics and book-reviews.
  418. Whalelane - online journal of writing, arts and hypertext with a focus on myth, fable and the surreal.
  419. White Crow - quarterly offering poetry, short fiction, and art.
  420. White Shoe Irregular, The - e-zine that publishes short fiction, poetry, essays, translations, and anything else that makes people think.
  421. Wild and Whirling Words - writing and literature e-zine featuring readers' submitted works.
  422. Wild Child Magazine - a clean, well-edited magazine which celebrates the English language through interviews, fiction, poetry, travel articles, and photography.
  423. Wolf Head Quarterly - we publish quality prose and poetry, with subjects ranging from the personal to universal, from the simple to the profound.
  424. Word Worth - online magazine offering editorials, articles, fiction, and photography.
  425. Wordology Magazine - fiction, poetry, entertainment and reviews.
  426. Words Without Borders - highlighting the work of writers from Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the Americas. Features fiction, nonfiction, drama, and essays.
  427. - journal of fiction, poetry, and articles.
  428. WordWrights - nationally distributed magazine of poetry and prose.
  429. Write Page, The - an online newsletter with information for readers and writers of genre fiction.
  430. Write Times Reader Rag - features stories, reviews, rants, and poems.
  431. Writer's Block - The Creative Reference for Today's Writers - provides technical, scientific, and business writers with a glimpse of the challenges in documentation and communications today. Includes a fun column on phrase and word origins.
  432. Writermelon Pulp - quarterly printed zine for writers, publishing literary shorts, poetry, how-to articles, and journaling pages.
  433. Writers Post, The - features stories, essays, and poetry, with an emphasis on Vietnamese literature translations.
  434. Written Voices - features specially selected books with multimedia, including author readings and interviews, along with events such as live chats and author Q&As.
  435. Xero Magazine - industrial small-press magazine of art, fiction, poetry, and photography.
  436. Zoetrope: All-Story - short story magazine, founded by Francis Ford Coppola, and dedicated to finding and publishing new voices in short fiction.
  437. Zugernat - offering art, features, fiction, poetry, reviews, discussion, etc.
  438. Zyzzyva - literary magazine featuring West Coast writers and artists, published in San Francisco.
  439. Early Modern Literary Studies
  440. Euphony - journal of literature and art.
  441. Exemplaria: A Journal of Theory in Medieval and Renaissance Studies
  442. Focus on Robert Graves and His Contemporaries© - journal devoted to the study of the poet and author, and the impact of the Great War on modern consciousness. Includes articles and a biography.
  443. George Eliot-George Henry Lewes Studies - a journal of literary criticism, theory, and book reviews devoted to the study of George Eliot, George Henry Lewes, and their circle.
  444. In the Wake of Captains Cook & Vancouver - journal and photographs of a 2500 mile expedition by open rigid inflatable boat in the tracks of Cook & Vancouver. From Vancouver BC to Glacier Bay, Alaska.
  445. Jerusalem Review - biannual literature and arts journal in English published in Israel by Ah'shav Association in collaboration with the Jerusalem International Book Fair.
  446. Journal of African Travel-Writing - features essays, fiction, and art works centering around the theme of travel in Africa. Subscription information and sample articles.
  447. Journal of Modern Literature
  448. Lifelines - literary project of Dartmouth Medical School, showcasing the works of students, doctors, and patients at Dartmouth-affiliated hospitals, and exploring the doctor-patient relationship.
  449. Literature and Medicine - annotated bibliography of prose, poetry, film, video, and art developed as resource in medical humanities, for use in health/pre-health and liberal arts settings.
  450. Lucero: a journal of Iberian and Latin American Studies - the literary journal of the Spanish and Portuguese Department at UC Berkeley. We publish scholarly articles as well as creative writing in Spanish, English, Portuguese and Catalan.
  451. Lycoming College - Brilliant Corners - journal of jazz and literature.
  452. MFS: Modern Fiction Studies
  453. Michigan Quarterly Review - literary journal which publishes fiction, essays, poetry, book reviews, and interviews of distinguished people.
  454. Mid-American Review (MAR) - literary journal dedicated to contemporary fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and translation.
  455. New Criterion, The - monthly review of the arts and intellectual life edited by Hilton Kramer and Roger Kimball. A voice of critical dissent in the culture wars.
  456. New South Wails - intends to give a voice to a new generation of Southern writers and artists with distinctly new outlooks.
  457. Omniscient's Literary Absurdity - radical, free thinking, political, and satirical poems, essays, short stories, etc.
  458. Oregon Review - semi-annual literary journal. Also home of The Bacchae Press, publisher of poetry chapbooks, full-length collections, and anthologies.
  459. Paideuma - journal devoted to Ezra Pound Scholarship
  460. Papers on Language & Literature - a quarterly journal of literary criticism and scholarship.
  461. Paradigm - biannual journal of the Textbook Colloquium, an international scholarly organization dedicated to the investigation of textbooks of all kinds.
  462. PEEKreview - journal dedicated to Baltimore's written arts.
  463. Pen & Ink - includes interviews, black-and-white photography, essays, poetry, and political commentary from the Philippines.
  464. Pynchon Notes - contains table of contents from latest issue.
  465. Qui Parle: An Interdisciplinary Journal - Literature, Philosophy, Visual Arts, History
  466. Religion and Literature - scholarly journal of religious literature and religious approaches to literature (all denominations) sponsored by the English Department at Notre Dame.
  467. Renaissance Forum - refereed electronic journal of early modern literary and historical studies.
  468. Romanticism On the Net - Electronic journal dedicated to Romantic Studies containing articles, reviews, announcements and links to other sites.
  469. The Age of Johnson: A Scholarly Annual - lists contents of volumes since 1994.
  470. Yemassee - University of South Carolina - Columbia - International journal of poetry and prose, publishing established and emerging