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Research Groups Information

  1. 12Americans - uses surveys to segment Americans into twelve types based on their political and social attitudes.
  2. 2CV: Research & Planning - specialising in qualitative research, creative analysis and strategic guidance.
  3. 42 - offers insight and foresight into the emerging trends and future of urban culture.
  4. - collection of resources: chat, employment, directory, and more.
  5. ABa Quality Monitoring Ltd - assessments of service are made nationwide, using small teams of well trained assessors.
  6. ABC's Reader Profile - newspaper research verification service giving print advertisers and agencies access to a centralized library containing audience estimates.
  7. ACNielsen BASES - sales forecasting system for consumer packaged goods brands, helping marketers of both new product initiatives and existing brands.
  8. Action Data Group LLC - market research firm with projects in Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Belarus, The Baltics, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan.
  9. Active Research - offers insight into consumer behavior and provides real-time answers for smarter product decisions.
  10. Adams Business Research - specializing in market research and software for manufacturers and retailers in the alcohol beverage industry.
  11. ADF Research - offers custom and tracking surveys, data collection, reporting, and analysis for banking, technology, telecommunications, and health clients.
  12. ADKiT Ltd. - provides Israeli businesses and government with global marketing information to improve international competitiveness.
  13. Advanced Forecasting, Inc. - monthly forecasting of the semiconductor IC equipment, China electronics and PC markets.
  14. Aeffect - marketing and communications research firm that helps organizations communicate more effectively with their target audiences.
  15. Allegheny Marketing Group (AMG) - industrial and B2B market research firm, offering quantitative research including customer satisfaction, market analysis, new product development, and more.
  16. Alliance Research, Inc
  17. American Demographics - demographic marketing strategies, tools, and data.
  18. American Sports Data, Inc. - specialists in sports marketing research offering information on sporting goods, physical fitness trends, health statistics, and more.
  19. Andrew Fletcher Consulting - marketing and research consultancy.
  20. Angus Reid Group - provides an array of polling services, and market and social research.
  21. AP Research - a firm dedicated to providing market research and custom consulting in PCMCIA cards, cable modems, ISDN, LAN adapters, and video conferencing.
  22. Apartment Research - current Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment statistics, and residential building permit data for all MSAs.
  23. Apogee Analytics, LLC - specializes in survey development, statistical analysis of customer satisfaction and performance data, and business operations consulting.
  24. Applied Marketing Science, Inc. - consultants in research, strategic planning, Quality Function Deployment QFD, and new product development.
  25. Applied Research & Consulting - consulting firm offering social analysis, market research, and strategic advice for business and government.
  26. Arbitron - measures radio audiences in local markets, and tracks consumer, media, and retail activity.
  27. Arbor, Inc. - provides proprietary worldwide research to help clients find solutions to their marketing issues.
  28. Archetype Discoveries Worldwide - specializes in opinion research based on an archetypal methodolgy.
  29. Architectural Research Associates - offering a range of services including benchmark studies and custom research for manufacturers of building products.
  30. Architecture NOW - design strategy consultancy providing companies with a new way of thinking about how the right design can create a strategic business advantage.
  31. Asia Market Opportunities (AMO) - offers industry and investment studies to multinationals entering Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines.
  32. Asian Demographics Ltd - using analytical methods to estimate the demographic future of Asia.
  33. Asian Strategies - specialise in cross-cultural market research and analysis in Asia.
  34. Ask Southern California - Orange County data collection facility. Cars, condoms, courtroom Presentations, and quiche...all tested here!
  35. Associated Research Services (ARS) - provides competitive research and analysis on marketing, promotions, prices, reseller margins, programs, etc for mfr's of PC's, printers, peripherals, and supplies. Mfg. cost analysis of imaging products is performed.
  36. Audits & Surveys Worldwide
  37. Axiom Group, Inc., The - new product development, market research and marketing consulting firm.
  38. B/R/S Group, Inc. - full service research and marketing counsel agency specializing in qualitative research. 15 senior consultants in four U.S. offices directing global and U.S. based projects.
  39. B2B - specialises in advanced statistical analysis and business to business market research.
  40. B2B International - specializes in business to business marketing research. Includes advertising testing and tracking, customer loyalty, and more.
  41. Bank Insurance Market Research Group
  42. Benchmark Company - providing quantitative and qualitative research services in industries including high-tech, health care, finance, broadcasting, and hospitality.
  43. Benchmark Research - provides services for U.K. and overseas customers.
  44. Beta Research Corporation - including focus groups, panel studies, product tracking, database management, product concept and satisfaction studies.
  45. Beyen Corporation - world-wide market research.
  46. Beyond Data, Inc. - offers custom marketing research including consumer, B2B, quantitative, qualitative, and more.
  47. Bimsa - provides market research, reports on the Mexican economy and construction industry, and operates a cartographic division.
  48. BioScorpio - biotechnology market research firm specializing in investigational drugs, therapies, and vaccines suspended, terminated or rejected.
  49. BizMiner - providers of marketing research and industry financial profiles for local and U.S. trends, balance sheets, and ratios.
  50. BizVida - provides access to online library, research, and administrative support services to help professionals in small and mid-sized businesses save time.
  51. BlueHaven Services - makers of the Channel Monitor, which collects viewer data in near real time, and aggregates viewer statistics on a global basis.
  52. Bourget Research Group - offers marketing research and consulting services including project design, field work, data analysis, and presentations.
  53. Brain Surgery Worldwide - marketing knowledge boutique providing emotion based behavior insight and messaging with a specialty in the pharmaceutical and high tecnology industries.
  54. Brand Driver - international market research and customer strategy agency providing brand development for the youth, TV, advertising, and new media markets with focus groups, surveys, and segmentation.
  55. Bruzzone Research Company (BRC) - specializes in advertising research. Also offers a variety of testing and tracking services.
  56. Burke, Inc. - international research and consulting helps manufacturing and service companies understand and accurately predict marketplace behavior.
  57. Business Insights - full-service, custom research and marketing strategies firm.
  58. Business Trend Analysts, Inc. - compiles statistics and publishes market information in industry reports, including analysis, sales forecasts, imports/exports, and competitors.
  59. C R Market Surveys - specializes in both quantitative and qualitative market research services targeted toward multicultural and general markets.
  60. C.A. Walker & Associates Inc. - market research and consulting. In-house survey design, data collection, data tabulation, statistical analysis and reports.
  61. C/J Research, Inc. - offering services from complete study design through in-house results presentations.
  62. Camelford Graham Research Group - provides qualitative and quantitative research and cut-through analyses.
  63. Campbell Research - conducts surveys, focus groups, database analysis, and more. Specializing in donors, members, alumni, students, prospects, and Christians organizations.
  64. Capstone Research, Inc
  65. Carma International - media analysis/media research consulting firm that performs quantitative/qualitative analyses of U.S. and international print and electronic media.
  66. Catalina Research - offers in-depth studies on construction materials and building equipment markets.
  67. Central Europe Automotive Report - CEAR provides automotive market research covering the Central European markets of Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, and the CIS.
  68. Chart Track Ltd - entertainment industry watcher, providing research and reports on U.K. and worldwide PC, console, and music charts.
  69. Cheskin Research - offer research on the design, development and positioning of products and packaging.
  70. China Venture Advisors - provides Chinese market research and consulting and also facilitates market entry and joint ventures for U.S. companies doing business in China.
  71. Cima S:A. - marketing research company based in Chile.
  72. Ciprus Limited - marketing research and consulting for a variety of clients including building, design, and construction, industrial, commercial, and more.
  73. ClaritasExpress - provides marketing and geodemographic information, as well as online data for customer targeting, market research, and site selection.
  74. CLT Research Associates - specialize in strategic market research studies and online market research.
  75. CNET ChannelServices - offers product data and e-commerce services to IT manufacturers, distributors, resellers, and portals worldwide.
  76. Cogent Research - provides phone, mail, and Web surveys, focus groups, and interviews.
  77. Colburn & Associates, Inc. - marketing research, development and services firm, specializing in business-to-business and industrial markets.
  78. Coleman & Associates, Inc. - serves high tech companies in their business-to-business, consumer, and channel market needs.
  79. Columbia Information Systems - CIS sells, rents and supports users of the Perception Analyzer, a marketing research tool.
  80. Compas Inc. - public affairs, marketing, and social research firm.
  81. Competitive Benchmarking Associates - measuring competitiveness, customer satisfaction, and loyalty through quantitative and qualitative methods.
  82. Competitive Intelligence Services, Inc. - offering confidential research on the competition, markets and customer attitudes, using primary and secondary sources.
  83. Consumer Opinion Services
  84. Context - a European computer research company specializing in tracking sales and prices across a wide range of computer-related products in all the major European countries.
  85. Context Research - uses techniques from academic anthropology and traditional market research to help companies better understand the lived experience of their target publics.
  86. Cultural Access Group - provides clients with business development programs to reach high-value market segments with unique needs and expectations.
  87. Currie Communications, Inc. - ratings research and consulting.
  88. Custom Research Interactive (CRI) - marketing research and customer satisfaction services worldwide, addressing consumer, industrial and services markets. Focuses on multi-media, Internet and online panel survey research.
  89. Custom Survey Solutions Inc. - provides turn key customized employee and customer satisfaction surveys.
  90. - provides Internet survey research services.
  91. Daratech, Inc - has specialized in CAD/CAM, CAE, EDM/PDM, CIM, GIS and computer graphics since 1979.
  92. Data Search - offers quantitative and qualitative field research services.
  93. Datamonitor - global strategic market analysis company which focuses on financial services, technology, healthcare, consumer goods, industrial, energy, automotive, and medical equipment markets.
  94. Datatab - service bureau for market research since 1959.
  95. Datum Analysis - specializing in Hispanic research, segmentation, ad testing, concept tests, customer satisfaction, and exploratory studies.
  96. David Greenhouse & Associates - offers brainstorming facilitation, focus group moderation, and interviews for new products and services, as well as presentation skills training and oral history interviews.
  97. David Sparks & Associates - full-service national marketing research firm.
  98. Decision Analyst, Inc. - national research firm, founded in 1978. The firm is vertically integrated, with over 200 employees.
  99. DeCosmo and Associates, Inc. - offers data mining and market research services.
  100. DecPro Research and Consulting - offers advertising and brand and product research in North America and Asia.
  101. Delahaye Medialink - measures organizational reputation as well as a complete range of marketing, communications and PR activities globally.
  102. Delve - data collection partner providing focus groups, pre-recruits, web surveys, telephone interviews, central location testing, and more.
  103. DemographicsNow - Web based mapping and reporting service.
  104. Detwiler Group - researches and synthesizes information in the medical, pharmaceutical, and health industry.
  105. Development II - business consulting firm specializing in employee and customer satisfaction survey and research programs.
  106. Dey Systems, Inc. - offers satisfaction and quality measurement solutions.
  107. Diagnostic Research International
  108. Diana Beckett Market Research Paris - a full qualitative research service with small scale quantitative research through an associate agency.
  109. Discovery Research Group - offers telephone data collection, independent, telephone interviewing.
  110. Discovery Works - full service marketing research firm providing a full array of qualitative and quantitative tools and techniques.
  111. Doyle Research - specializing in qualitative research among children, teens, and adults.
  112. Dr. Glenn's Research Services - support, analyst and overload services for market, opinion and survey research.
  113. DSS Research - market research for managed care, healthcare, technology and hospitality industries. Experienced with conjoint analysis, statistical modeling, customer satisfaction, NCQA and Internet surveys.
  114. e-FocusGroups - provides worldwide qualitative research and analysis with special expertise in emerging technologies.
  115. Easy Analytic Software, Inc. - publishers of The Right Site, demographic reference and analysis software.
  116. Edge Healthcare Research, Inc. - full-service marketing research firm that concentrates solely on the health care industry.
  117. Electronic Publishing Services, Ltd. (EPS) - new media analysis and research consultancy. Based in London, we provide strategic business advice and information services for clients developing digital information products.
  118. Electronic Trend Publications - Market research in computer, communications, and semiconductor technologies
  119. Elrick and Lavidge - full-service marketing research firm.
  120. Envirosell, Inc. - behavioral market research and consulting company specializing in examining consumer shopping behavior using in-store video recording, observation, & customer interviews.
  121. Envoy - offers data collection for marketing research. International services include web surveys, telephone interviews, mail surveys, IVR, face-to-face, and mystery shopping.
  122. Epley Marketing Services, Inc. - marketing research and consulting services. In-depth interviews utilize unique Epley Probe methodology.
  123. Esearch - provides Internet data collection supporting market research.
  124. eSearchCentral - source for market research reports, white papers, includes a directory of business report sources and a forum for posting requests for information.
  125. Espicom Business Intelligence - supplier of business intelligence publications and services for the telecommunication, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries.
  126. ESRI Business Information Solutions - provides industry-specific marketing application products and services including customer profiling and segmentation, custom target analysis, demographic data reports and maps, media planning, and merchandise mix analysis.
  127. Ethridge & Associates, L.L.C
  128. Euromonitor - provides global consumer market intelligence. Helps clients achieve marketing objectives with reports, statistical handbooks, directories, journals, and more.
  129. Express Market Research
  130. Fairfield Research, Inc - info on interactive technology. Game ratings, market size, concept tests, updated vital signs data every week.
  131. Farrand Research - marketing research company offering a range of services from focus groups to international surveys.
  132. FDS International Ltd
  133. Fearon Hepner & Rhodes, Inc - FH&R offers advanced market research, database marketing and applied marketing solutions.
  134. FGI Research - provider of sports research, consumer market research, and public opinion polling.
  135. Find/SVP - provides integrated research, advisory, and business intelligence services in a broad range of industries and management disciplines.
  136. First Market Research
  137. Fitzpatrick Research Services, Corp. - expertise in marketing, group dynamics & executive coaching.
  138. Food and Drink Market Reports - provides market reports, analyses, company profiles, and marketing studies published by international food and beverage market research companies.
  139. Forbes Consulting Group, Inc. - market research consultancy specializing in strategic planning driven by qualitative and quantitative market research, focusing on market target segmentation and brand equity management.
  140. Forbes Research - conducts surveys and market research focusing on the Asian business evironment.
  141. Frank N. Magid Associates, Inc. - full service research and strategic consultation firm serving both the media industries and general business.
  142. Gallup and Robinson, Inc. - offers advertising and marketing research.
  143. Gartner  - provides research and analysis of the computer hardware, software, communications, and related information technology industries.
  144. Gay and Lesbian Consumer Online Census - conducting and publishing a study on gay and lesbian consumerism and its effect on mainstream marketing.
  145. Global Industry Analysts, Inc. - research, analyze and publish global market research reports in medical, high tech, consumer, industrial, and services markets.
  146. Gobi International - business reports on European markets for wire and cable, transformers and HV switchgear.
  147. Golf Research Group - publishers and consultants providing business information to the golf industry.
  148. Grace Market Research, Inc. - full service research company in Los Angeles specializing in the entertainment industry.
  149. Greenfield Online - offers traditional and online research services.
  150. Griffin Group, The - providing solutions for customer loyalty and customer win-back challenges, both online and off. Also features information about Jill Griffin's seminars and books.
  151. Griggs-Anderson Research
  152. Groups Plus, Inc. - qualitative research organization with a plus.
  153. Growth Strategies International - specializing in customer satisfaction surveys and customer relationship management programs.
  154. Harris Interactive  - Internet-based market research and polling.
  155. Harte-Hanks Market Intelligence - provides information on computer and communications industry trends, product developments and buyer activity.
  156. Hartman Group, The - offering research, strategic consulting, reports, and conferences for the natural products marketplace.
  157. Haystack Group, The - conducting qualitative consumer research based on the principles and foundations of the social sciences.
  158. Heskes & Partners - Qualitative market research company in the Netherlands.
  159. HighTech Business Decisions - provides market research services and reports for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, electronics, and other high tech industries.
  160. Hispanic & Asian Marketing Communication Research - conducts discussion groups, telephone surveys, and in-depth interviews in Spanish, Portuguese, and most Asian languages.
  161. Hispanic Market Connetions Inc - find information about the Hispanic Market and about our market research services.
  162. - provides articles and statistics concerning Hispanic and Latino target markets.
  163. Hispanic-Research Company - site includes articles, links, and demographic information on the Hispanic/Latino market.
  164. HSX Research - offers entertainment market research information and products and services.
  165. IBISWorld - offers market research analysis, reports and publications, including research on the size, trends, growth, and competitors of a large number of industries.
  166. Ignatov & Company Competitive Intelligence Professionals - provides competitive and business intelligence services including analysis, prognosis, informational monitoring, web searching, and profiling with special emphasis on the Russian and CIS economy.
  167. IMS Global Services - market research and business solutions for the healthcare and chemical industries.
  168. In Vivo - specializes in marketing mix and behavior studies, including consumer purchasing and decision making processes.
  169. In-Depth Research - specializes in market research and strategic planning for technology companies.
  170. In-Stat - high-technology, market research and information company serving the semiconductor, communications, computer, and converging multimedia marketplaces.
  171. Information International - market research firm based in Beirut, Lebanon offering demographics, feasibility studies, and analysis of markets in the Arab world. Research areas include health, education, agriculture, and civil infrastructure.
  172. Information Network, The - for the semiconductor and computer industry.
  173. Information Research Limited - international consultancy providing marketing research and analysis services to the global paints and coatings industry.
  174. Information Resources  - offers marketing research using UPC scanner data and software to assist with new product introductions, category management, trade promotion, shelf merchandising and logistics.
  175. Infosurv, Inc. - full-service online survey administration firm specializing in employee and customer satisfaction surveys.
  176. InfoTech - worldwide market research for the CD-ROM, DVD, and online publishing industries.
  177. InfoTech Trends - providing market statistics and industry trends for the computer and information technology industries, including sales forecasts, market share and base on computers, communication, and software.
  178. InfoTek Research Group, Inc. - specializes in customized research involving technology products and services.
  179. Innovista Research - research firm that specializes in consumer market analysis and marketing insight for the cable, satellite, and interactive TV industries.
  180. INPUT - worldwide market intelligence research and consulting firm
  181. InSearch - offers secondary, Internet, and qualitative research. Also specializes in Tagalog, a major language of the Philippines.
  182. Insight Marketing Strategy
  183. Insight Research & Consulting - institutional research provider based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Specializes in satisfaction research for school divisions.
  184. Insight Research Corporation - comparative market research and competitive analysis for the telecommunications industry.
  185. Insight Research Group - custom research firm specializing in media, youth, technology, consumer behavior, and social cause.
  186. INTECO Corporation - research, market planning data, strategic analysis, & consulting for companies.
  187. Intelligence Data - providers of business data for strategic analysis, company reports, industry news, and other tools.
  188. IntelliQuest, Inc. - providing survey software, information databases, and customized marketing research to the high technology and computer industries.
  189. International Business Consultants
  190. International Research Associates (INRA) - specializing in market and opinion research.
  191. Intex Management Systems (IMS) - suppliers of market research on the electronics industry. Covers a range of markets from mobile phones to factory automation and more.
  192. IPSOS-ASI, Inc.
  193. J.D. Power and Associates - global marketing information services company providing market research, forecasting, consulting, training, and customer satisfaction opinion surveys for businesses and consumers.
  194. Jacobs Jenner & Kent - offers recommendations based on primary research using both qualitative and quantitative methodologies.
  195. Japan Research Services - provides quantitative and qualitative market research on the Japanese market. Features online surveys, interviews, and more.
  196. Joyce Julius & Associates - provides independent sports and special event sponsorship research.
  197. Kadence Business Research - offers quantitative and qualitative B2B marketing research including customer satisfaction and loyalty, competitive benchmarking, and branding studies through phone interviews, focus groups, and web surveys
  198. Keenote Marketing and Media - provides targeted market analysis and strategy, demographics, market segmentation, direct marketing, sales leads, and more.
  199. Kenny and Associates, Inc. - focuses on consumer psychology, brand identity, brand strategy, and emotional research.
  200. Kiev International Institute of Sociology - currently conducting an Omnibus Survey of the adult population of Ukraine.
  201. Kimbell Group, The - conducts qualitative research including focus group moderating for new products, positioning, branding, advertising, packaging, and customer satisfaction.
  202. King Brown & Partners - a full service market research consulting firm offering qualitative and quantitative research: Focus groups, telephone and mail surveys, and Internet research, including online focus groups and Web-based surveys.
  203. Knowledge Source - offering market information, specializing in managed health care.
  204. L. Quillin & Associates
  205. Liberty Research Services - specializing in in-store data collection.
  206. Lindsay Research
  207. LiveWire Strategy/Research - specializes in researching brands for the urban and youth culture market.
  208. Longwoods International - provides strategic research solutions and expertise in destination marketing, travel and tourism research, communications, public affairs, accountability, and branding.
  209. Looking Glass Focus Group Facility - online market research company that provides a focus group facility, market analysis surveys, ideation services, and moderation research project enhancements.
  210. Lucian James - team of research and marketing consultants who specialize in creating flexible brand strategy that can adapt to the fast-moving pace of pop culture.
  211. Lundberg Survey - independent market research company specialized in the U.S. petroleum marketing and related industries.
  212. Luth Research - data collection firm offering focus groups, mall intercepts, one-on-one interviews, online data collection, and telephone interview services.
  213. Maritz Research - global provider of marketing research including customer satisfaction and loyalty, segmentation, brand equity, and tracking studies.
  214. Market & Opinion Research International (MORI)
  215. Market Advantage Consulting - marketing science research firm developing data mining, CRM, and DSS software using quantitative research methods for market segmentation, product design, and customer retention solutions.
  216. Market Decisions Corporation - quantitative and qualitative custom research serving high technology, utilities, and manufacturing worldwide.
  217. Market Enhancement Group, Inc.
  218. Market Facts - engaged in the design, execution, and interpretation of market research conducted on behalf of its clients.
  219. Market Pulse - helping companies understand the Indian market by offering market mapping, product evaluation, and development of entry strategies.
  220. Market Solutions Group - offers strategic marketing research services brand and advertising tracking, product evaluation, and integrated customer experience programs.
  221. Market Strategies - info technology, healthcare, politics & policy, energy utilities, and media consulting.
  222. Marketing and Planning Systems - provides strategic marketing counsel.
  223. Marketing Diagnostics - specialises in the continuous tracking of brand health in the Australasian marketplace.
  224. Marketing Information Systems International Inc. - offers market research services to domestic and international companies.
  225. Marketing Intelligence Service, Ltd - new consumer packaged goods (foods, beverages, HBA, etc.) reporting, news, analysis & research. Sample retrieval, Productscan online database & Alert publications.
  226. Marketing Leverage, Inc. - analysis, market research, and strategy consulting for products/services in the insurance, financial, information technology, and health/managed care industries.
  227. Marketing Metrics Inc. - marketing services firm specializing in customer retention programs.
  228. Marketing Research Services, Inc - conducts custom research for business-to-business firms, consumer goods manufacturers and multi-service companies.
  229. Marketing Science Centre - offers services for advertising, brand image, customer behaviour, service quality, and loyalty.
  230. Marketing Strategy and Planning, Inc. - market research, interactive interviewing, and software modeling. Services include customer satisfaction research, market structure analysis and what-if simulations.
  231. - offers geographic and demographic market analysis to target promotional activities. Results are displayed on maps.
  232. MarketOption, Inc. - marketing and consulting firm provides strategic planning and market research services to companies entering Eastern Europe and Russian markets.
  233. MarketPoint Corporation - offers market development, strategic planning, market research, and other services.
  234. MarketQuest Research Group Inc - marketing research firm specializing in asking the right questions.
  235. - database of market research analysis, reports, books, and publications.
  236. MarketResponse International - research consultancy offering solutions to help companies dig deeper and make better business decisions for their organizations.
  237. Marketsearch - order our extensive guide to published market research studies.
  238. MarketSearch Corporation - services include phone interviews, focus groups, and ad testing.
  239. MarketStance - market analysis tool for the U.S. commercial insurance market that provides a database of business demographics, insurable exposures, by-line premiums and growth rates.
  240. MarketVision Research - with capabilities in product development, segmentation, brand equity, pricing, sensory, customer satisfaction, advertising, and economic impact research.
  241. Marktest - provides information in multiple forms, i.e., television audiences, market studies, etc.
  242. Marty Costello Inc. - specializes in market research focus groups and business travelers' equipment shipping cases
  243. Maxtech International, Inc. - offering market research in nondestructive testing and infrared imaging.
  244. MBL - local market and Asia-wide research for both clients and suppliers.
  245. McLaughlin & Associates - survey research and strategic services company, specializing in public opinion polls, market research, strategic consulting, and media buying.
  246. Media Dynamics Inc. - publishers of fact books and newsletters. Consulting services also available.
  247. Media-Screen - services include market research, product and business development, brand strategy, customer and audience profiling, and trends analysis.
  248. Mediamark Research - supplies multimedia audience research to magazines, television, radio, web sites, and advertising agencies.
  249. Mediametrie - offers Eurodata TV, an international data bank for television program logs and audience results ratings.
  250. MEMRB International - research and consultancy company.
  251. Metro Market Studies - provide distribution analysis and market share guides for grocery, drug, and discount stores in 230 metro areas and 100 television markets.
  252. Metromark Market Research, Inc. - provides market research and analysis, business development research, strategy, and competitive intelligence.
  253. Michael Herbert Associates - specialists in qualitative research and have pioneered cyberqual or online qualitative research.
  254. Mid-America Research - grass roots study of microprocessor usage by the Internet community!
  255. Millward Brown Precis - analyzes news coverage in print, broadcast, and web media domestically and internationally.
  256. MindBranch - provides knowledge management, analysis, and research for a variety of industries.
  257. Mintel Marketing Intelligence - consumer market research reports delivered via the Internet or Lotus Notes, on CD, or on paper.
  258. Modus Research - agricultural and veterinary market research.
  259. MORPACE International, Inc. - specializes in strategic research, market analysis, customer satisfaction, and quality measurements.
  260. MPA International - research agency serving the European office products market offering a comprehensive range of marketing research and analysis services as well as packaging and security printing.
  261. Net Exchange - designs, engineers, and builds commerce management systems and markets that enhance the value of trade.
  262. NewGrowth Communications - offers information technology market research, competitive intelligence, strategic planning, and channel development consulting for vendors.
  263. NOP Research Group - provides market research services in a range of specialist sectors to the business community.
  264. North American Testing Organization - specializing in data collection, statistical analysis, and general research studies.
  265. Nottingham & Husk - market research firm providing ideas and strategies through quantitative and qualitative methodologies, including focus group, telephone, mall intercept, and internet-based studies.
  266. NPD Group, Inc. - syndicated and custom research for many commercial and consumer industries, including PC-Meter, which provides audience measurement of web sites and online services.
  267. Odyssey LP - specializes in researching consumers and technology.
  268. OmniTech Consulting Group - OTCG provides market research, benchmarking, competitive info, product intros, performance support (EPSS), and sales training.
  269. Opex - developer of benchmarking and other market research software.
  270. Opinion Dynamics Corporation - full-service market research firm in energy/utility, associations, ballot measure, health care, education, and other areas.
  271. Opinionmeter, Inc. - electronic survey device that captures on-site market research and customer satisfaction feedback at point of sale.
  272. Opinions, Inc. - provides employee opinion, customer opinion, 360-degree feedback, and focus surveys.
  273. Outlink, Inc. Market Research - publishers of "The Firewall Report." Market research firm focusing on the information security market.
  274. P&P Research - market research survey consulting firm using the Internet and mobile phones as survey methods, providing business information on Korea, Latin America, China, and the U.S.
  275. PANGAEA.NET - global marketing resources, trade leads, newsletters, directory, and match-making.
  276. Paragon Research - assisting companies in researching customers.
  277. Parks Associates - market research and consulting firm that provides information and analysis to its clients on emerging residential, small office, and light commercial technologies.
  278. PC Data, Inc. - provides market research data for computer software, hardware, and video games sales thru retail, corporate, and distribution channels.
  279. Penn and Associates - provides full-service marketing research and evaluation consulting.
  280. Performance Research - sponsorship research and evaluation services for corporate sports sponsors.
  281. Personal Opinion, Inc.
  282. PhorTech International - marketing research and technology assessment in the life sciences
  283. Photo-Ethnography - marketing research methodology that allows consumers to express themselves by using photography.
  284. Pine Company - provides data input, data processing and data management.
  285. Plaza Research - national network of focus group facilities.
  286. Plog Research, Inc. - conducts market research studies for airlines, cruises, rental car companies, hotel chains, resorts & destinations and other segments of the travel industry.
  287. Plum Marketing  - sales and marketing consultancy aimed at small and start-up technology companies.
  288. Plunkett Research - provider of industry information, market research, trends analysis, company profiles, and executive mailing lists.
  289. Polaris Marketing Research - specialties include the telecommunications, healthcare, online services, and banking industries.
  290. Pollara - public opinion and market research firm.
  291. Populus - provides marketing, human resource, product development, and human behavior analysis and research.
  292. PortiCo Research, Inc. - provides ethnographic market research in written and video formats to advertising agencies and product manufacturers.
  293. Power Systems Research - market research and consulting firm specializing in the study of engines and engine powered equipment.
  294. Practica Group, LLC - consulting in consumer and business markets including ethnography, branding, business to business, and high tech.
  295. Pragmatic Research - custom market research in satisfaction, advertising, imagery, segmentation and web-based surveys.
  296. Praxi Group, The - provides custom market research services founded on the two key principles of practical methods and actionable results.
  297. Primary Intelligence - offers business-to-business market research and competitive intelligence by gathering information from primary sources within the targeted industry.
  298. Primer, Ltd.
  299. Prism Strategy - specializes in qualitative and web-based research as well as strategic planning.
  300. Product Testing Services - specializes in utilizing Internet users for product evaluations and surveys.
  301. PSI Global
  302. Public Opinion Strategies - Republican political and public affairs survey research company.
  303. Publications Resource Group, Inc. - source of newsletters, market reports, and directories for the communications, healthcare, industrial, business, and consumer industries.
  304. Pulse Back - gathers retail intelligence via mystery shops, customer satisfaction feedback, survey development, and customer intercepts.
  305. Pyrabelisk - provides business information about the timber, pulp and paper, food, and consumer goods industries of the former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe.
  306. QCN Corporation - research and polling company with an emphasis on providing city-specific information, e-commerce and community on a variety of company-sponsored and affiliated Internet web sites.
  307. Qualitative Insights Consortium - provides research through focus groups, in-depth interviews, and more.
  308. Quality Controlled Services - offers data collection for the marketing research industry.
  309. Quality Education Data (QED) - provides statistical data and trend analysis of schools and education for marketing and research purposes.
  310. Quality Resource Associates, Inc. - customized telephone and web-based business-to-business research solutions, specializing in domestic and international marketing research.
  311. Quality Surveys Inc. - specializing in employee and customer satisfaction surveys, management and human resource consulting, web surveys, and performance reviews.
  312. Quantitative Market Research - specializing in retail fuel, convenience stores, truck stops, and car wash industries. Services include market studies, site selection, appraisals, and business evaluations.
  313. Raddon Financial Group - offers banks and credit unions consumer research, profitability analysis, householding and MCIF software, and online banking and e-commerce strategies.
  314. Radicati Group, The - specializing in messaging, directory services, Internet/intranet, security and electronic commerce.
  315. Radley Resources - offers market research and consulting to contract furniture and construction, financial services, and international companies.
  316. Rea & Parker Research - specializing in sample survey research, fiscal impact, and project feasibility.
  317. Recruiting Resources Unlimited (RRU) - recruits qualified respondents for projects including focus groups, political surveys, and music tests in Greater New York City and the entire United States.
  318. RedSheriff - specializes in interactive media and commerce business intelligence.
  319. Reperes Market Research & Opinion - provides qualitative and quantitative studies in marketing and advertising research and coordination of international studies.
  320. Research Data Technology - full-service data tabulation service, specializes in crosstabulation and SPSS programming for market research.
  321. Research Inc. - specializes in the design and implementation of market research procedures, analysis of data, and formulation of marketing strategies.
  322. Research International - custom market research agency, experienced in over 130 countries.
  323. Research Options - consultancy with dedicated health care, fitness and sports-related practices.
  324. Research Spectrum, The - information online about various research methods such as online surveys, surveys by email, disk-by-mail surveys, and phone surveys.
  325. Resolution Research - provides expert market research and analysis via CATI telephone surveys.
  326. Ricercar, Inc. - offers geodemographic market targeting systems, services, models and databases for direct, retail and e-comm marketers which locate potential consumers.
  327. Rincon & Associates - specializing in the Hispanic, African-American, and Asian markets using focus groups, survey research, and demographic analysis.
  328. RISC International - provides consulting services with international socio-cultural approach based on surveys.
  329. Romance Alant Consultants - ad hoc surveys.
  330. Rood Research - conducts primary market research for the healthcare industry through gathering targeted expert opinions.
  331. RS Consulting - market research consultancy specialising in IT, telecoms, computing, logistics, and distribution.
  332. RSVP Research Services - specializing in telephone data collection and interviewing, including business-to-business, medical, and consumer.
  333. RTNielson Company - offering marketing opinion research services including web surveys, telephone interviewing, and CATI programming.
  334. Ruf's Neighborhood Snapshot - may give you a better sense of the demographics and lifestyles of those around you.
  335. Russell Marketing Research - provides full-service custom research for strategic planning, product and concept development, advertising evaluation, tracking research, and brand equity studies.
  336. S. D. Cummings - economic and financial research on Ventura, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.
  337. SA&A Direct - division of Smith Advertising offering consulting and research including focus groups, feasibility studies, and customer surveys.
  338. Sachs Insights - specializes in qualitative market research with focus groups, ethnography, usability testing, and user interface analysis for web sites.
  339. Sales Forecasting Benchmarking Forum - providing benchmarking information, seminars, forums, and consulting services.
  340. Sales Information Systems, Inc. - lead generation and qualification, customer satisfaction surveys, and database management services.
  341. - offers sales quota calculation and sales forecasting programs to software, professional services, and IT firms seeking to increase corporate revenue.
  342. Samadico - specializes in e-learning market analysis and learning technology trends analysis.
  343. Sandelman & Associates - specializes in consumer research for the foodservice industry. Offers, an online survey tool for collecting consumer attitudes about participating restaurants.
  344. SatisfactionExpress - offers continuous customer satisfaction measurement, advanced analytics, and results reporting.
  345. Saurage-Thibodeaux Research - specializing in the healthcare, advertising, legal, and technology industries.
  346. Schulman, Ronca & Bucuvalas, Inc. - international survey research firm specializing in public policy, market and media research.
  347. Schwartz Research Services - offering a wide range of services, such as marketing and qualitative research, focus groups, video conferencing, product evaluation, and a bilingual staff.
  348. Science Advisory Board - surveys panels of biomedical experts online to get their opinions on emerging technologies and product performance.
  349. Second50Years Marketing - specializes in searching for and organizing information for those that market to people over 50.
  350. SEF Consulting Inc. - a marketing consulting firm that specializes in global business development.
  351. Semiotic Solutions - consultancy that uses semiotics to help companies exploit the cultural dimensions of their communications.
  352. Seniors Research Group - specializing in seniors and aging research.
  353. Sensors Quality Management Inc. (SQM) - offers quality/service assurance, mystery shopping programs, and business support services.
  354. SES Canada Research, Inc.
  355. SGA (Simon Godfrey Associates) - one of the UK's largest international agencies. Specialties include concept/product testing and volume estimation.
  356. Sigma Validation - providing services to the marketing research community.
  357. Sigma: Online Research Group - provides online focus groups and web surveys to the high tech, automotive, utility, and advertising industries.
  358. SIL Group - offers market research and direct marketing services.
  359. Simonson Associates, Inc. - survey research and consulting firm specializing in trademarks, trade dress, claims substantiation, deceptive advertising testing, brand equity, and protection, headed by Alex Simonson.
  360. SiteReports - online data and maps for U.S. markets, including demographics, lifestyle segmentation, business, and retail trade potential.
  361. Smart Research - offers qualitative market research in a variety of subject areas.
  362. SMG Marketing Group
  363. Smith Travel Research - independent research firm that tracks the performance of the hotel industry.
  364. SMS
  365. Solomon & Associates, Inc - full-service marketing research and support firm. Offers new concept development and a questionnaire service.
  366. Southeastern Institute of Research, Inc
  367. Sports Business Research Network - for sporting goods and sports marketing professionals.
  368. SRC - provides demographic and market analysis tools through custom Internet and intranet applications.
  369. Stancombe Research and Planning - qualitative research consultancy, specialising in insightful consumer and social qualitative research.
  370. Stat One Research - conducting focus groups, telephone studies, and in-depth interviews for marketers in a variety of industries.
  371. Statistical Research, Inc. - a full-service market research firm specializing in media audience measurement.
  372. Strategic Directions Group, Inc. - international market research company specializing in psychographic segmentation and the mature market.
  373. Strategic Insights - client-intensive market strategy and business consulting firm.
  374. Strategic Marketing And Research Techniques - marketing research firm specializing in quantitative survey research for product optimization, market segmentation, and brand positioning, forecasting, and customer satisfaction measurement.
  375. Strategic Metrics - aids clients with market research, benchmarks, competition analysis, and focus group interviews.
  376. Strategic Vision - conducts research to better understand consumer decision-making systems in all arenas.
  377. Strategix Planning & Research - provides qualitative market research and analysis on consumer packaged goods, high technology, advertising, and brand image research.
  378. Strategy Research Corporation - offers a full range of marketing research services throughout the U.S., Latin American, Caribbean, and U.S. Hispanic markets.
  379. Survey Analysis, Inc. - questionnaire design, coding, data-entry, custom computer programming, and data analysis.
  380. Survey Intelligence - full-service survey/marketing research and statistical consulting firm.
  381. Survey Sampling, Inc - providing samples to the survey research industry.
  382. Survey Solutions Ltd - offers services in market research, and employee and customer surveys in the U.K. and internationally.
  383. Survey Support Group - specializes in the execution of telephone, in-home, on-site, direct mail, web, and mall projects including a CATI facility in-house.
  384. Surveys & Forecasts - combines data collection methods with advanced analytics.
  385. Surveys Australia - data collection and processing organisation with offices in all Australian capital cities.
  386. Surveyworx - research service to test new names, products, pricing, name awareness, brands, customer service, consumer opinions, and patent infringement through email contact, focus groups, interviews, and online surveys.
  387. Switchcase - consulting and advisory firm providing strategic planning, competitive analysis, and market research to Internet-centric technology firms.
  388. Synergy Consultants, Inc - services include patent searches, patents, prototyping, business and marketing plans, and venture capital sourcing.
  389. Tactics - high technology marketing and competitive research.
  390. Talley Research Group - full-service, global provider of qualitative and quantitative marketing research.
  391. Taloustutkimus - A full service market research firm in Finland.
  392. Target Group GmbH - market traffic and telecommunication research, all instruments and methods can be offered.
  393. Taylor Nelson AGB - market research for the consumer goods, healthcare, media, automotive, business and financial services industries worldwide. Also conducts opinion polling.
  394. TD Marketing Research, Inc. - Marketing Research including customer satisfaction, attitude measurements, call center testing.
  395. TechKnowledge Point - connects entrepreneurs and business owners to make better strategic business decisions through research and referral exchange and summarized research studies.
  396. Technologies Research Group - Market-based consultants serving the telecommunications, computer, and infotainment industries.
  397. Techtel Corporation - measures product and industry market effectiveness in the high tech industry. Demand tracking, custom research, free sample data.
  398. Telepoll Canada Inc. - independent data collection and opinion research company specializing in cost-effective, quantitative interviewing of business and consumer markets worldwide.
  399. Test Market Network - uses direct response TV to test the television sales appeal of products and develop a track record for products to home shopping networks.
  400. Thompson Associates - provides location and consumer research, sales forecasting methodologies, and statistical analysis.
  401. Tier One - market research for the automotive electronics industry.
  402. Total Research Corporation - market intelligence firm with expertise in advanced analytics and modeling.
  403. TouchPoll - features a touch screen research system that lets organizations easily survey their customers and clients with cost-effective technology.
  404. Trendsetters Strategic Marketing and Design - offers marketing surveys to help determine and execute business strategy.
  405. TriArche Research Group - marketing and industrial research firm specializing in strategic market analyses and industrial research.
  406. Trullinger Associates, Inc. - specializing in executive interviewing, customer satisfaction surveys, business plan development, and more.
  407. Unity Marketing - research and consulting company specializing in the collectibles and giftware industries.
  408. Value Exchange, Inc. - offers custom marketing consulting services including research, planning, and education. Also offering Internet resources education.
  409. Velocity Industry Research and Consulting LLC - market research and consulting firm focused on high technology industries.
  410. Venture Data - nationwide CATI telephone interviewing & data tabulation.
  411. Virtual Media Resources - provides marketing and media research, demographics, PRIZM geodemography and related services; site also includes links to media and advertising research sites.
  412. Voice Poll Communications - a technology-based approach to public opinion polling and perception research, using telephony, interactive group response, and other feedback systems.
  413. Walker Information
  414. Wilson Research Group - serves high technology, software, hardware, and publishing industry firms with disk-by-mail surveys.
  415. Win Loss Solutions - offering custom market research, competitive and customer satisfaction analysis, and lead generation services.
  416. WireBridge Corporation - offers a full range of market research and planning services to companies of all sizes.
  417. Wirthlin Worldwide - an opinion research organization with expertise in such areas as political, marketing, employee, and Internet research.
  418. World Information Technologies, Inc. - specializing in the industrial and advanced technology fields.
  419. World Market Watch - provides custom global or regional market analyses for exporters or importers of specific commodities/products.
  420. WorldOpinion - collection of market research resources including a directory, news service, stock watch, classified ads and more.
  421. Wyoming Studios - central London market research viewing facility with high-speed Internet access in all studios and suites. Available for U.K. focus groups, online research, and web usability.
  422. XPC Research - offers information technology market research in Belgium and Luxembourg. Subjects include value-added channel partners, market segmentation, and strategic positioning.
  423. Yankee Group - international organization specializing in the analysis of trends in strategic planning, technology forecasting and market reasearch.
  424. Yankelovich Partners - marketing research and consulting organizations with an international affiliate network spanning over 20 countries.
  425. Zeldis Research Associates - providers of financial services and publishing research, web-based advertising research, and electronic tradeshow surveys.
  426. Zogby International - conducts public opinion polls and research.