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ASP Scripts & Support

  1. 1 ASP Street - provides source codes, tutorials, articles, discussion boards, and a job database.
  2. 101 ASP Tutorials - offers tutorials, information on development tools, and more.
  3. 15 Seconds - resource for developers working with Microsoft Internet Solutions.
  4. Active Server Corner - offers a non-technical perspective of the technology, as well as books, chat, tutorials and more.
  5. Active Server Pages Site - includes example code, forums, and lists of resources.
  6. ASP 101 - helps programmers through the use of tutorials, articles, news, a resource directory, and user forums.
  7. ASP Alliance - components, tools, and networking lists.
  8. ASP Forums - provides directory, forum software written in ASP, and message boards.
  9. ASP Free - offers downloads, demo's, source code, and more.
  10. ASP Lists - newsgroup and email lists on various topics, and in multiple languages.
  11. ASP Today - features original articles by, and for, programmers.
  12. ASP Toolbox - offers source code for Microsoft Active Server Pages with examples, tutorials, books, and related links.
  13. ASP Trenches, The - tutorial site designed for both beginning and experienced programmers.
  14. ASP Web Pro - resource for Active Server Pages scripts and tutorials.
  15. - provides reviews, forum, resources, articles, and more.
  16. ASP-NG project - official site for the ASP-NG (Application Service Providers - New Game) project, funded by the European Union whose goal it is to research, develop, and implement a new middleware for ASP.
  17. ASPapp - online code generation, development tool, and resource for create a .asp interface for Access or SQL databases.
  18. ASPCode - index for ASP applications, including scripts available for download.
  19. AspGrid - active server component for building web-based data-bound editable grid interfaces in the IIS/ASP environment.
  20. aspGuys - containing articles, components, forums, tools, and more.
  21. - collection of resources dedicated to ASP.NET, C#, and other Microsoft .NET technologies
  22. - news and articles for advanced ASP developers.
  23. - provides adaptable practical Active Server Pages, JavaScript, HTML code, script writers, and articles.
  24. DevASP - provides samples, including a hit counter, color picker, and more.
  25. Kathi's Place - offers tutorials, samples, tools, and components.
  26. - resource site with tutorials for new users, articles, links, and book reviews. By Charles Carroll.
  27. LiquidRage - provides source code samples, graphical templates, database how to's, and more.
  28. - offers articles, links, and tutorials.
  29. ROI-Net - features sample applications, download, and links.
  30. ScottW's ASP.NET WebLog - ASP.NET, C#, XML, and other stuff.
  31. - features articles and tutorials about Java server pages, COM, database access, JDBC, and more.
  32. - programming framework that enables the development of web applications and services.
  33. Beautiful Report Language (BRL) - language designed for server-side WWW-based applications, particularly database applications. This implementation is a Java Servlet using the Kawa Scheme compiler.
  34. FreeMarker - free Java text template engine, for dynamic HTML pages in servlet-based Web applications following the MVC pattern.
  35. - offers an index of client and server side ASP, PHP, CGI, and Javascript source codes. Categorized listings include free and fee-based scripts.
  36. Server-side "Gateway" Programs
  37. - offers Flash 3 and 4 tutorials, PHP scripts, free web hosting, and more.
  38. Zend - engine for PHP server-side scripting language for Internet applications.
  39.  - offers ASP articles, FAQs, message boards, tips, reviews, humor, and more.
  40. - with code library, scripts, tutorials, and examples for programming and hosting ASP.NET.
  41. 411 ASP.NET Directory - features links to ASP.NET tutorials, code scripts, assembly, and other programming resources.
  42. Active Server Pages Hits - offers links to ASP applications, tutorials, components, scripts, programming articles, and other sites.
  43. - provides a directory of ASP resources including applications, scripts, books, tutorials and software.
  44. ASP - links to books, software, tutorials, source code, references, jobs, and other sites.
  45. ASP Objects - links to sites about ASP objects, server side windows scripting components, applications, and more.
  46. ASP Reference Sites - contains annotated links.
  47. ASP Resource Index, The - links to sites about ASP components, applications, scripts, tutorials, and references.
  48. ASP Sites Resource Guide - lists sites by category, by popularity, and by rating.
  49. ASPWire - source of news and information.