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Free Fun Stuff Providers List

    Are you bored and looking for some fun? This site offers loads of fun, free activities, including over 700 online games. Here, you'll also find over 1,000 brain teasers, as well as puzzles, quizzes, IQ tests, trivia, contests and more.
    Looking for avatars? (Avatars are small images that people use to represent themselves in Web forums and chat services). This site serves up a nice free avatar collection, as well as signatures, icons, textures, tutorials and more. You can also store and share your avatars online here.
    Do you enjoy playing the solitaire game that came with your computer? Are you looking for a better challenge, as well as the chance to compete with others online and win prizes? TournamentGames.Com offers a free, fun selection of online solitaire games, in which you can win cash prizes ranging from $7.50 to $150. The games feature nice graphics and sound. (For Windows).
    Are you bored? This site has the cure: loads of fun, free games that you can play in your browser. The dazzling, multimedia games here can be quite addictive. Titles include action, strategy, puzzles, sports and arcade games.
  5.  Free Singing Greetings 
    This unique site offers a fun collection of free "singing greetings" that you can send to friends and family via E-mail. Note: to access the free content on this site, click on the "Free Singing Greeting Tags" link under the "Our Free Offerings" heading. Customized greetings are also available here (but aren't free).
    A must for bingo fans, this site offers free online bingo tournaments around the clock, in which you can win cash prizes. This family friendly site offers three types of bingo: traditional, blackout and pattern-style games. Here, you'll also find bingo news, a bingo directory, and more. You must be 18 or older to play.
  7.  Schmaili 
    Liven up your E-mail correspondence with this fun, freeware program that lets you easily insert an animated smiley face into your messages with a simple mouse click. There are a wide range of nifty-looking smiley face characters to choose from here. (For Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, IncrediMail, and Netscape Messenger 7.0).
    This site offers a fun roundup of free games that you can play in your browser. Titles include Ping-Pong Diplomacy and Blix Man. The site also lists free offers and contests.
  9.  Buckaroos 
    This site offers a grab bag of various fun free items, including games, jokes, cartoons, trivia, cartoons, and funny pictures.
    Here's a fun, free entertainment site that is updated daily with fun trivia, thought-provoking quotes, amazing facts, interactive opinion polls and more.
  11.  Super Web Soccer 
    Relive the action of the FIFA World Cup with this fun, free online game. Super Web Soccer lets you control teams from the recent tournament and it offers joystick support. The game is Java-based, so you can play it in your browser.

  12.  Error95 Joke Program 
    This freeware program is a must-have gag for pranksters. Error95 generates customizable fake error messages for Microsoft Windows. Drive your computer buddies crazy! (For Windows).
  13.  Star Wars Yoda Jigsaw Puzzle 
    Here's a fun freeware jigsaw puzzle program that pays homage to Yoda, the popular "Star Wars" character. A similar jigsaw puzzle that features Spider-Man is available here. Both programs include MIDI movie theme sounds. (For Windows).
  14.  Fart Machine 
    Here's a completely useless freeware program that offers rude noises for your listening pleasure. Install the Fart Machine, open the program from your start menu, and simply double click on the rude sound that you want to hear. From the wacky guys at (For Windows).
  15.  Lucky Picks 
    Do you play the lottery? This free service generates online daily "lucky lottery" numbers, based on your name and date of birth. Games covered include Pick 3, Pick 4 and Lotto.
    Having a rough day? Click over to this humor site for a load of hilarious jokes. Topics include computers, family, men, blonde jokes, lawyer jokes and more. There's also a free joke newsletter you can sign up for.
  17.  Cursor Fun 
    Here's a fun, freeware program that randomly changes the appearance of the mouse cursor. It allows you to choose which cursor to change, what type of cursor to change it to, and how often you'd like to swap the cursor. Cursor Fun is great for playing a trick on an unsuspecting user, or for those who get bored easily with their desktop. (For Windows).
  18.  HeadAche 
    This freeware prank program lives up to its name. That is: it'll definitely give you a headache. Be sure to view the disclaimer before viewing. You may also send HeadAche as a postcard. (For Windows).
  19. Black Screen 
    This freeware program will cause your victim's screen to go black or capture the desktop and display a bitmap image. The victim of your prank will then be unable to close the screen without a password. Black Screen can be used as a joke gag or for security purposes. (For Windows).
  20.  Fake Format 
    Drive your friends(?) insane with this cruel prank program. Fake Format is a free utility that when executed, gives the appearance that your hard drive is being formated. Your victim will be unable to stop or close this clever, realistic program. It even creates hard drive noise while it is formatting. (For Windows).
  21.  Random Wallpaper Changer 
    This free utility randomly switches your Windows desktop wallpaper at any interval that you select. It's a stealth program (meaning that it can't be detected). Good either as a prank or if you'd just like to have a new wallpaper automatically displayed, from time to time. (For Windows).
  22.  The Finger Prank 
    Launch this free prank program on your unsuspecting victim and watch their reaction when the Windows cursor changes to a rude gesture that involves the middle finger! By default, this program will switch the standard cursor to a finger every five seconds, but you can configure how often the cursor will change. (For Windows).
  23.  Program/WAV Launcher 
    This free, sneaky gag program offers all kinds of possibilities for driving your buddies bananas. It's a hidden program launcher that'll execute a specified program or .WAV file at intervals that you choose. You can specify when the program or sound file will be launched, as well as how often it'll be launched. Fun! (For Windows).
  24.  Crazy Num-Caps-Scroll gag program 
    I know from personal experience that this prank program can drive someone crazy! This free utility will toggle the Num Lock or Scroll Lock keys at intervals that you can specify. You can set up which keys to toggle and how often they'll be toggled. New version includes command line support for Num, Caps and Scroll Lock. (For Windows).
  25.  Clickme 
    Install this free joke program and it displays a button on the desktop. When your prank victim moves their mouse to click on the button, it moves elsewhere! Lots of fun. (For Windows).
  26.  Fake Delete 
    This exceedingly cruel, free prank program simulates the deletion of all files and folders in your victim's Window directory. Looks very real, and even experienced users will be unable to detect or stop it. You can select the directory to be deleted. This new version even features the added realism of hard drive noise! (For Windows).
  27.  Fake Windows Start Menu 
    Here's another free gag program to play on a computer user. This is a fake Windows Start Menu that won't respond to the user. It actually takes away the users' Start menu and puts this one in its place. Very realistic. (For Windows only).
  28.  JavaScript alert gag 
    If you're a Webmaster and you'd like to play a practical joke on your visitors, then check out this free JavaScript that offers a scary pop-up message that tells visitors they have a computer virus. From The JavaScript Source.
  29.  Message Manager 
    This free gag program allows you to set up a message dialog to be displayed on someone's computer. You can specify the text to be displayed, as well as the type of message box. You can also specify when the message will be displayed, among other options. (For Windows).
  30.  Bomb Crash Alert Gag 
    This joke program simulates the Windows program crash dialog box. And it's difficult to tell that it's a fake! It's easy to use and there is no setup/install involved. Just copy the program to someone's machine and run it. (For Windows).
  31.  Joke Windows Splash Screens 
    Here's a collection of funny alternative free splash screens for your Windows machine. Various images are here, including "This is Windows on drugs..." (which cycles through various colors while booting) and "We are Microsoft. Resistance is futile..." (which features a scary-looking cyborg character).
  32.  Open CD gag 
    Mystify your computer friends with this free program, which inexplicably opens the CD drive. You can change a shortcut on a commonly used application to point to this gag program, sit back, and let the fun begin as they try to figure out what the heck's going on! (For Windows).
  33.  Fantasy Football League Organizer 
    If you play fantasy football, either as a team owner or as a league manager, you'll find this free program helpful. Fantasy Football League Organizer lets you run your draft, track rosters and lineups, perform transactions, input stats and lots more. (For Windows).