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Free Java JavaScript Software List

  1.  JavaScript Tip of the Week 
    No longer updated, but still a useful resource, the JavaScript Tip of the Week archive is a collection of 30 coding tips with complete source code, working examples, and commentary.
  2.  Pulldown Menu 
    This popular, free JavaScript makes it easy for you to install a handy pull-down menu on your site, with a minimum of fuss. Includes handy instructions for installation.
  3.  JunkMachine 
    This popular free service allows you to easily create your own cool, eye-catching Java applets for your Web site. No knowledge of Java programming is required. The JunkMachine will generate HTML code that you can simply cut and paste onto your site. You can either use this applet at this site or download the necessary .class files and run the applet locally (which they recommend, due to the high traffic at this site). (This applet was formerly known as the JavaMachine, but had to undergo a name change for trademark reasons
  4.  Dynamic Drive 
    This unique site offers plenty of free, original Dynamic HTML scripts and components to enhance your Web site. An emerging medium, DHTML is an advanced form of JavaScript that can really make your Web pages come alive. Categories here include menus & navigation systems, document effects, scrollers, image effects, links & buttons, clocks, text animations and more.
  5.  The JavaScript Source 
    One of the best, most informative resources we've seen on the Web for JavaScript. This site offers lots of free cut & paste JavaScripts for your Web pages. Source codes are included. Examples include background effects, buttons, calculators, calendars, clocks, cookies, equivalents, folder trees, forms, games, messages, navigational scripts, page details, password protection, scrolls, user details and much more.
    This well-designed site serves up a nice selection of free JavaScript resources. Here, you'll find free scripts, online tools, articles, bookmarklets and other resources aimed at programmers and Webmasters. also offers free resources for JavaScript-related technologies, such as DHTML, CSS, XML and more.
  7.  JavaScript 2 
    Looking for free JavaScript? This unique search engine indexes over 8,000 free JavaScript codes offered by the Web's major JavaScript libraries. This site also displays a dynamic list of the Web's top 30 JavaScript search keyword queries.
  8. JavaScript Kit 
    A regularly-updated resource for free JavaScript and Java, this site offers over 300 free scripts and Java applets and a very active JavaScript forum where developers can meet and discuss their script projects. There are also handy tutorials here, where you can learn JavaScript, DHTML and Webmastering. (Note: this site was formerly known as Website Abstraction).
    Here's a must-bookmark site for anyone who's interested in Java. This hefty site serves up free applets, tutorials, free zines, forums and JavaScript resources. Applets here include counters, clocks, games, search engines, menu & navigational applets, music and sound applets, slideshows, scrollers & ticker tapes and text animations. There are also interesting applets for manipulating images to create cool effects.
    An informative, well-designed JavaScript resource. Each script is described and has instructions for implementation. Categories include scripts for browsers, forms, frames, images, links, timing and windows.
    If you're looking for free Java, this is a good place to start. offers hundreds of free Java applets. Each listing here is accompanied by a description and preview. Categories include games, text, utilities, FX, image, navigation and more. There's also a nice assortment of Flash resources here, too.
    This site serves up a growing collection of free, ready-to-use JavaScripts that you can cut and paste onto your Web pages. Categories here include MouseOver scripts, games, calculators, tools, DHTML, clocks, forms and more.
  13. A1 JavaScripts 
    If you're interested in JavaScript, this site is a must-bookmark. Here, you'll find over 300 free working JavaScripts that you can easily cut and paste onto your pages. There are also online tools here that let you create your own JavaScripts. Categories include page effects, site navigation, status bar effects, time related scripts and more.
  14. JavaScript Corral 
    Lasso yourself some cool and useful free JavaScripts at this fast-loading, helpful site. Here, you'll find JavaScripts for pop-up images, mouse-over effects, clocks, scrollers, dates, menus and more. Just cut and paste the scripts you want. The site includes tuturials and instructions for implementing the scripts.
  15.  JavaScript 4 U 
    A helpful Web ring focusing on JavaScript sources for Webmasters. Includes scripts for scrollers; clocks, pop-up Windows, games, dates, forms, buttons, background changes, animation, menus and more.
  16. QuickChat 
    Do you wish you have a better way of interacting with your site's visitors? Do you wish you could run a chat server, but don't know how? Here's an easy solution. With QuickChat, all you need to do is cut and paste some coding to your page and presto: you have your own chat room. This Java-based chat applet offers lots of options and is accessible via a regular IRC client (such as mIRC). New features include a Trivia Channel, an administrative center and more options for customizing your chat applet.