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Free Technical Support Online List

  1.  MCSE Directory 
    If you're studying for the MCSE (Microsoft Certification Exam), then this new directory is a must-visit. Here, you'll find a comprehensive roundup of free MCSE resources on the Web, including practice tests, study guides, free books and brain dumps (sites that offer free online training).
  2.  MC MCSE 
    This site offers a treasure trove of free learning resources for Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA and CIW certifications. The content here includes study guides, online practice exams, forums, news and more. MC MCSE also features a good roundup of other free certification sites.
    Do you want to improve your computer skills? Here's a fine resource for tutorials and other learning resources on many computer-related subjects. The free online "learning club" here offers many topics, including Adobe Photoshop, Perl, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Macromedia Fireworks, Flash and more.
  4.  Free ITT brochure 
    Access the "Request an ITT brochure" link to get a free brochure from ITT Technical Institutes, a private college system that is focused on technology-oriented study programs. (U.S. only).
  5. offers the biggest roundup we've seen yet of free tutorials, aimed at computer and networking professional. There are many topics here, including applications, DOS, databases, Linux, Macs, OS2, Windows and more.
  6.  SoluxPro 
    Are you having technical problems with your computer? This site offers free personalized tech support. For details of this offer, access the "free tech support" link on the right side of the page.
  7.  PC Pitstop 
    Are you looking to get your computer in tip-top shape? This marvelous free online resource lets you easily test and diagnose your computer, hard drive, Net connection, and more. PC Pitstop can check your computer for viruses and it also offers tips for improving your PC's performance.
    (Note: this site is currently unavailable). A comprehensive resource for free online tutorials on a wide range of computer, programming and Web related topics. Tutorials here include HTML, C++, Linux, JavaScript, Perl, Microsoft Excel, Photoshop and more.
    Having you having technical support problems with your computer? This handy free service, which is staffed by a community of over 1,110 volunteers aims to help users with any tech problems they might have, from error messages to HTML help.