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Freebies Software Providers List

  1.  MailWasher 
    This handy freeware E-mail management program lets you fight back against spammers and E-mail viruses and helps protect your privacy. MailWasher lets you check and manage your E-mails before you download them. You can also use it to bounce E-mails back to spammers, so that it looks as though your E-mail address is no longer valid. (For Windows).
  2.  KPKFile 
    Does your PC have sensitive data that you'd like to keep safe from prying eyes? This "privacy management tool" is the best freeware program we've seen for encrypting (as well as hiding) files on your hard drive. KPKFile offers drag-and-drop functionality and is easy to use. (For Windows).
  3.  NetBrute Scanner 
    How safe is your network? This freeware tool lets you locate dangerous and easily exploitable security holes in your network. NetBrute Scanner includes three helpful network utilities that are the same types of tools that have long been available to UNIX-equipped hackers. (For Windows).
  4.  Ad-aware 
    Protect yourself from "Spyware" with this handy free utility. (Spyware consists of sneaky software programs that use your Net connection--usually to report data to advertisers--without your approval or knowledge). Ad-aware removes spyware on your PC and scans your memory, registry and hard drive for known spyware components. (For Windows).
    Are you worried about the security of your E-mail? A free service, offers a secure messaging system that encrypts your private messages and stores encrypted messages anonymously. The service is easy to use and there's nothing to download
    This free service lets you send an anonymous message that can let you find out whether someone you like feels the same way about you. Your anonymous message invites your secret love to the site to send a message of their own. If all goes well, the person who they send a message in response to will be you.
  7.  Cryptext 
    Need a quick, easy way to encrypt files on your computer? Just install Cryptext and whenever you right-click on a file, you'll get a pop-up menu that lets you easily encrypt or decrypt it with one click. This freeware utility uses a combination of SHA-1 and RC4 to encrypt files using a 160-bit key (which is geek speak for saying that it renders your files unreadable to snoops). (For Windows). Available in English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese language versions
  8.  Anonymizer 
    A very useful site that lets you surf the Web without leaving a trail of personal information about yourself across cyberspace. Anonymizer offers unlimited free trial access. You can either surf anonymously via the site's online version or you can download the free version of Anonymizer's "PrivacyButton," a tool that downloads into Internet Explorer's toolbar.

  9.  ZoneAlarm 
    If you have DSL or a cable modem, you may have heard about the security problems that these types of always-on connections pose. An essential free firewall program, ZoneAlarm offers your computer protection against thieves, snoops and vandals. ZoneAlarm includes five interlocking security services, including a Stealth Mode, which renders your computer invisible to the Web (and potential intruders). (For Windows).

  10.  Sneakemail 
    Have you ever been reluctant to enter your E-mail address in an online form, for fear of being spammed? Sneakemail is a free service lets you create disposable E-mail addresses. These addresses are aliases of your real E-mail address, (which is kept hidden). Using this service, you can ensure that your E-mail won't be abused, bought or sold.

  11.  ScramDisk 
    Here's a freeware hard drive encryption program that's a must if you have data on your PC that must be kept secure. ScramDisk creates an envelope on your hard drive that can be mounted as a virtual disk when you enter the correct password. All data written to this disk is encrypted and can't be accessed without the password. ScramDisk supports several encryption algorithms, including Blowfish, IDEA and Triple-DES. (For Windows).
  12.  JBoot 
    This handy free utility will secure your PC's contents against unwanted prying eyes while you're away. Think of it as a MasterLock for your computer. It's only 52 kilobytes in size. (Requires Windows).
  13.  HushMail 
    Are you worried about the privacy of your E-mail? You should be, given the security woes that plague E-mail these days. A free Web-based E-mail service, HushMail offers 1024-bit technology encryption for your messages and attachments. (Note that your recipient must also be a HushMail user for you to take advantage of the 1024-bit encryption feature). Service is available in English, French and German. (For Windows only). A Mac version is promised in the near future.
    Are you worried about your privacy on the Web? Here's a free, anonymous Web surfing service that is easy to use. removes sensitive information such as machine names, IP addresses and cookies so that your Web surfing session can be conducted anonymously and safely. There are also good FAQs here on cookies, JavaScript and security issues.
  15.  SurfinGuard 
    (Note: this program is no longer free, but a 30-day free trial is available). These days, even if you've installed firewall and anti-virus programs on your PC, you're still not safe from all the dangers that lurk in cyberspace. SurfinGuard can protect your PC from today's new generation of online threats that include malicious executables, Windows scripting files, ActiveX and Java. (For Windows).
  16.  ZipLip 
    Do you need to send a confidential E-mail? If you're worried about snoops taking a peek at your message, then try this free service. ZipLip uses advanced SSL encryption techniques that protect your confidentiality. When you send a E-mail from ZipLip, it is protected by a password that is stored in an encrypted format. Only when your recipient supplies the correct password is your message decrypted and delivered to the recipient.
  17.  Pretty Good Privacy 
    A free encryption software program that is the de-facto global standard for E-mail and file privacy. Pretty Good Privacy (or PGP) offers full-strength, 128-bit encryption. PGP has constantly been upgraded over the years and now offers loads of useful features, including secure file wiping; advanced keyserver searching; and seamless integration with Qualcomm's popular Eudora E-mail client. There's also an E-mail plugin for Microsoft Outlook/Exchange and Claris Emailer. Available for Windows, Macs, DOS and Unix. (Free for noncommercial use only).
  18.  Whisper 32 
    Is the process of keeping up with all your passwords driving you crazy? Then check out this useful freeware utility. Whisper 32 stores all your passwords in one file and offers password protection. Your data files are encrypted using a robust public domain private-key encryption algorithm. Whisper 32 also offers automatic backups and a built-in password generator. (For Windows).
  19.  Kill Docs 
    Are you worried about prying eyes taking a peek at the contents of your Documents Menu? This freeware utility sits in your Windows system tray (by the clock) and clears your Documents Menu when double clicked, or at preset timed intervals. (For Windows).
  20.  Crypto Kong 
    This free program will allow you to easily encrypt your communications. It's simpler and easier to use than any competing digital signature and encryption product, because there is no need for certificate management. With Kong, you do not need to worry about public key certificates and you do not need to create and publish your public key certificate, or obtain other people's certificates so that you can communicate with them privately, unlike other digital signature and encryption programs. (For Windows).
  21.  CodedDrag 
    This program encrypts your personal data using strong encryption algorithms like Triple DES and Blowfish. Just drag & drop your files, using this program's simple interface to encrypt your files. You can download and use a free version here. (For Windows).
  22.  Cookie Cruncher 
    This is another freeware Internet cookie tool. The latest version works with AOL, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Netscape Navigator. It gives you the power to select which cookies to keep or delete at boot-up. You can also view the content of the cookies and edit Explorer and AOL cookies. (For Windows).
  23.  Private Idaho 
    A free Internet privacy utility for Windows. It simplifies using E-mail with Pretty Good Privacy (see above listing), anonymous remailers, and nym servers, providing you with more electronic privacy. Note: this program is no longer being updated. The last official release was in Jan. 1997.
  24. Anonymous Remailer FAQ 
    Frequently asked questions about anonymous E-mail remailers (free and otherwise) and lots of other useful info.
  25.  Orisis.Net 
    Note: this service has been temporarily shut down. Here, you can sign up for a free, anonymous E-mail account. You get five megabytes of space and POP3 E-mail is supported. You may send out as many E-mails (of any size) per day as you like, but spamming is not allowed.
  26.  Cloak 
    (Note: this site is temporarily unavailable). Here's a powerful program that can be used for encrypting or decrypting files, or for secure messaging. Cloak is free, but if you register it, you are entitled to support and update notifications. (For Windows).