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IT Support & Computer Help Links

  1. 1st Tech Support - offering technical support outsourcing.
  2. - provides live, web based customer service to e-commerce websites.
  3. 900 Techies - provides onsite technical support and training for individuals and businesses. Support PCs, Macs, and Linux systems as well as most software applications and peripherals.
  4. A-Tech Computer Service, Inc. - technical support for computer-related, data communications, system integration or maintenance needs.
  5. Abtech Support  - offers support services, technical training, and consulting for HP 9000 and 3000 hardware. Also buys, sells, and rents used and refurbished equipment.
  6. AIL Systems, Inc. - provides computer support, call center, help desk, programming, and engineering services.
  7. AIS International - call center and Internet technology outsourcing services.
  8. Array Computer Systems
  9. Ask Dr. Tech - provides computer help, repair, troubleshooting and 24 hour telephone support services for both PC and MAC personal computers.
  10. Avercom Solutions - provides technical support to small and mid-sized companies plus home services.
  11. Blue Gecko - specializes in remote database, UNIX server, and Oracle applications administration services.
  12. Computer Help Desk - provides individuals and small businesses with online computer help.
  13. Computer Problem Troubleshooting - technical support, troubleshooting, and repair for computer hardware and software, including Adobe, Microsoft Office, Windows, and more.
  14. Computer - connect to an international network of computer service and repair experts.
  15. - provides onsite computer support, network support, training, and repair. Register to view the providers nearby. Free on-site home or office evaluation.
  16. CyLynx, Inc. - provides outsourced customer support via email, live chat, and voice to Web hosts and ISP's.
  17. DecisionOne - independent provider of multivendor computer maintenance and technology support services in North America.
  18. Digital Systems Technologies - support for withdrawn IBM computer products, parts, manuals and upgrades.
  19. DoctorPC - online computer technician.
  20. DSTNet - IBM product support: System/23, System/36, Displaywriter, PC, XT, AT, PCjr, Convertible, Portable, PS/1, PS/2, EduQuest. Data conversion services to/from listed IBM systems and others.
  21. - offers support and searching services for members.
  22. Enge & Associates, Inc. - consulting services targeting end-user customer service support.
  23. EnvisioNet Computer Services - we provide technical support outsourcing for Internet service providers and software developers.
  24. ePeople - providing general technical support for various platforms.
  25. eSupportLive - provides live, online PC, Windows, PDA, and Macintosh computer help, technical support, and troubleshooting for business.
  26. everdream - provides small business customers with a computer and a reliable computing platform with unlimited support for both problems and system operations help.
  27. FootsloG - answers computer and software related questions.
  28. Forbes Computer Technology Group - specializes in support and integration services, and training.
  29. Geeks By Minute - offers live, 24-hour technical support for computer and software problems.
  30. Genie PC - provides integrated support services to large and medium-sized corporations.
  31. - set up to provide a readily accessible method of technical self-help for anyone with a computer who has access to the Internet.
  32. - marketplace where people buy and sell software, technical expertise, code, or other intellectual property.
  33. HP Instant Support Professional Edition - provides online diagnostics and troubleshooting assistance for desktops, notebooks, handhelds, printers, and low-end storage devices.
  34. Intel Russia - online technical support for the Russian Federation.
  35. ISPN Helpdesk & Engineering Services - offers outsourced Internet tech support and help desk services for a variety of operations.
  36. - offering on-line technical support, problem solving, and troubleshooting for personal computers and networks.
  37. My PC Helpline - offers phone and Internet PC support services.
  38. Nerds 4 Rent - offers computer tech support via phone or e-mail.
  39. NetHelp International - offering telephone, online and email end-user support for businesses and individuals.
  40. NetHelper - helping people use the Internet.
  41. Online Computer Service Network (OCSN) - providing computer professionals and businesses with online support and solutions.
  42. - provides personalized online preventative maintenance and technical support services via the Internet.
  43. PCtechLine - PC tech support and troubleshooting for Windows and MS-DOS.
  44. ServiceVision - remote systems support/diagnostics services for computers. Help-desk type networking access to technical hardware assistance, recovery expertise.
  45. Speak With A Geek - live technical support for computer problems. Help for PC, Macintosh, software, or hardware.
  46. Support Point - provides web-based computer support and rapid-response solutions to PC problems, 24/7.
  47. SupportSoft - provider of support infrastructure software for digital business.
  48. Tech24 - offers live online PC support 24 hours a day, plus virus removal, self help tools, and data backup services.
  49. - offers online and phone-based technical support for small businesses.
  50. Technology Assistance Company - provides software technical support for popular desktop applications.
  51. YourTechOnline - certified technicians will repair your computer through the Internet via screen sharing software.
  52. Zund Service Corporation - specializes in service and support options for the Zund line of flatbed plotting systems.
  53. 24 Hour Support.Com - tips on settings, error definitions, FAQs, and other troubleshooting info. For Windows and Macintosh users.
  54. Access Tech Center - offering reviews and guides for PC hardware, software, and games.
  55. Answers That Work - provides information for PC users on downloads, boot disks, drivers, the Task List, viruses, and other tips.
  56. AnswerSquad - Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and other tech support questions answered by published experts for a nominal yearly fee.
  57. Ask Slashdot - answers for nerds.
  58. Bohtech - technical support forum for average home computer users to share ideas with each other and to resolve problems.
  59. - offers friendly guidance on hardware, software, the Internet, and other computer-related problems.
  60. Carobit, Ltd. - technical question and answer forum for IT-related issues.
  61. CNET - read, post, and answer questions related to computers, games, consumer electronics, the Internet, and the Web.
  62. Compu-Kiss - humanizes cyberspace with special insights, tutorials, product reviews, feature stories, computer news, and tips.
  63. Computer Almanac - Numbers About Computers - interesting and useful figures relevant to computers.
  64. Computer Community - computer hardware and software discussion forums featuring technicians who will attempt to solve technical problems online.
  65. Computer Help A to Z - free computer help, tips, and tools to help get the most fun and use from home computers.
  66. Computer Help and Computer Tech Support - offers possible reasons for computer problems, links, and repair tips.
  67. Computer Hope - offering technical support on issues relating to Windows, MS-DOS, UNIX, Hardware, and Software.
  68. Computer Knowledge - tutorials, information, acronyms, and much more.
  69. Computer Lessons for Kids and Small Adults - written in an easy to understand style, these lessons appeal to all of us who are trying to tame the personal computer.
  70. Computer Questions - offers questions with answers that users have found. Also includes recommended links.
  71. Computer Tip of the Day - From Software School, Inc.
  72. Computer Tips - technical information related to the PC computer, interface pinouts, signal descriptions and more. Links to manufacturers and other related sites.
  73. Computer Training - includes lessons on several computer topics including, buying a PC, software, hardware, Internet and web basics, and more.
  74. Computertim Technologies - offering free tutorials and computer tips in several different subject areas.
  75. - contains forums dedicated to technical support issues regarding Windows, MS-DOS, Unix, Macintosh, and OS/2.
  76. Compworks Guide to Design - guide to producing web pages, from simple HTML text editing to using professional web design, associated graphics programs, Java, JavaScript, and DHTML. Includes information on building and maintaining your PC.
  77. Cyber Tech Help - offers help and technical support for all windows operating systems, hardware, software, web design, and Internet issues.
  78. Daily Person - offering a way to submit and search through computer problems and answers.
  79. Damage Labs - ask about PC performance, hardware, software, operating systems, etc.
  80. Dave's Guide to Home Computing - features tips on buying, setting up, and upgrading a PC.
  81. Dr Keyboard - Dr Keyboard solves computer problems for readers of The Times of London and anyone else having difficulties.
  82. Experts Exchange - thousands of experts answer technical questions, which are posted on site by subject area. Focus is on computer queries.
  83. ExtremeTech - guides, news, and discussions for technologies ranging from PCs and software to security and digital imaging.
  84. Free Computer Help
  85. Free Techni-Help - includes a question form answered within 24 hours.
  86. Help with PCs - offers a jargon buster, tips and tricks, an HTML guide, and more.
  87. Help-Site Computer Manuals - Links to hundreds of computer related FAQs, howtos, tutorials, manuals, guides, and sites from around the net.
  88. - offers forums to discuss operating systems, hardware, routers and switches, database and application servers, and more.
  89. How To Speed Up Your PC - offers tips and tricks for making PCs operate and boot faster.
  90. Howstuffworks: How Internet Infrastructure Works - offers an overview of how the Internet works.
  91. Indiana University's UCS Knowledge Base - searchable index of clearly-written questions and answers about computing. The database is available for use globally, but the target audience is Indiana University.
  92. - offers customized software and hardware help, including tips, FAQs, message boards, and chats.
  93. Optimus Computing Solutions - providing free troubleshooting help and tips for your computer problems.
  94. PC Hell - computer hints and tips to bring you back from the edge. Covers removal of viruses, glossary of commonly used terms, and useful links and resources.
  95. PC Lube and Tune Exit Ramp - objective is to supply usable introductions, tutorials, and education on technical subjects to the large audience of computer users.
  96. PC Pick-Me-Ups - features tips and troubleshooting, as well as Windows 98 and 2000 installation guides.
  97. PC Show and Tell - free Internet-based software tutorial library of voice-enabled shows, including help on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ICQ, and more.
  98. PC Technology Guide - aimed at the hobbyist or interested novice. Covers the technology behind the PC and includes explanatory graphics and an integrated glossary.
  99. PC911 - how-to's, tips, tweaks, reviews, downloads, and more.
  100. - offers guides about a range of topics, including software, hardware, and web design.
  101. PDA Nuggets - provides concise references for IT professionals written in Palm Reader eBook format for viewing on a PDA.
  102. - features volunteer-based support via email.
  103. Puter-School - free help with any computing questions.
  104. QuickTechUSA Forums - free searchable discussion groups providing personalized assistance in installing, using and trouble shooting Windows software and hardware.
  105. Redneck-Puters - none of them fancy pants high-teck geek words found here, Bubba-Joe and Lester put computer help in everyday speak so it makes sense.
  106. Tech Free - tech support forum for computer and software related questions.
  107. Tech How To - offers tutorials, downloads, forums, tips and tricks, FAQ's and more for several software titles and HTML programming.
  108. Tech Support Guy - tech support guy is a free service that will answer questions concerning IBM compatible software, especially Microsoft Windows 95.
  109. TechTutorials - directory of online tutorials and guides covering a range of computing topics.
  110. Techynetwork - resources for technical information and help, where users can help other users.
  111. - offers free IT help and support, including help guides, forums, and links to drivers and useful resources.
  112. VirtualDr - hardware and software technical support forums.
  113. Warriors of the Net - computer-animated short movie describes how TCP/IP makes the Internet work by showing the network journey of one little data packet.
  114. - offering guides and instructions for several computer related issues. Also in Dutch
  115. WWW School - offers free online tutorials for HTML, databases, operating systems, programming, and more.
  116. ZDNet Help & How-to - offers computing advice columns, downloadable software utilities and bug fixes, automatic upgrades for software from numerous vendors, and more.
  117. Philip Verghis' Help Desk FAQ - provides a resource for computer support professionals around the world to learn from each other.
  118. SelfHelpDesk.Com - information, products, and services for desktop users and distributed computing.
  119. CommWeb: White Papers - browse or search for white papers, case studies, and product information on telecom and convergence issues.
  120. Computerworld: White Papers - offering technology related white papers sorted by topic from Computer World advertisers.
  121. Earthweb: White Papers - offering a collection of white papers from featured vendors.
  122. eWeek Research Library - search for white papers, case studies, webcasts, and product information on the latest topics, products, and technologies from eWeek vendors.
  123. ITpapers - lists white papers for hardware, software, communications, Internet, telecommunications, and other technologies.
  124. White Papers - offering a collection of white papers from featured vendors.
  125. Network Computing Tech Library - timely and technical information on IT issues such as wireless computing, security, optical storage, e-commerce, and Gigabit Ethernet.
  126. Network World Fusion: Vendor White Papers - collection of Network World Fusion vendor sponsored white papers.
  127. PC Magazine Vendor Research Library - search for white papers, case studies, webcasts and product information on the latest topics, products, and technologies from PC Magazine vendors.
  128. - provides a library of white papers in IT, business, science, and engineering subjects.
  129. ZDNet: White Papers, Webcasts, and Case Studies - offering a large library of browsable and searchable white papers on business software, communications, security, hardware, corporate computing, and more.