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Perl Scripts & Support Links

  1. Perl Monks  - offfers tips, information, tutorials, and more for learing and improving PERL skills.
  2.  - central resource for Perl developers. It contains the Perl Language, edited by Tom Christiansen, and the Perl Reference, edited by Clay Irving.
  3. 1 Perl Street - offers scripts, articles, tutorials, job listings, and a monthly coding contest.
  4. Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN) - documentation, FAQs, source code, and more.
  5. - dedicated Perl development site investigating and offering downloads for Perl 1, Perl 5, Perl 6, and Parrot.
  6. Digital Mages - software development projects by Arthur Corliss, Perl Programmer.
  7. O'Reilly Perl Center - offers books, resources, and news.
  8. Perl Circus - collection of tricks, traps, and code.
  9. Perl Language Home Page, The - by Tom Christiansen.
  10. Perl Mongers - nonprofit organization, established to support the Perl community.
  11. Perl News
  12. Perl Tutorial, A - introducing most of the concepts of data and variables.
  13. Perl versus. - some comparative language discussions. Includes Perl versus tcl, python, java, and others.
  14. Perl: The Swiss Army Chainsaw - designed to help newcomers cross several nasty crevasses where the Perl and CGI worlds abut.
  15. Perlfaq Prime - searchable database-driven Perl FAQ. Entries contributed by individual authors.
  16. Take 10 Minutes To Learn Perl - contains code segments, downloads, and more.
  17. When Perl is not Quite Fast Enough - tips on how to speed up perl scripts, and also how to avoid the problem of slowdown in the first place.
  18. Active Scripts - offering free perl scripts, including a guestbook.
  19. - library for creating Common Gateway Interface (CGI) scripts in the Perl language.
  20. Darklyte - offers a Perl scripts archive, and a Perl and CGI scripts search engine.
  21. Free-Scripts.Net - free cgi scripts available for download as well as free mIRC scripts .
  22. libwww-perl Mailing List Archive by date
  23. libwww-perl: Distribution Information - libwww-perl is a library of Perl4 packages which provides a simple and consistent programming interface to the World-Wide Web. This library is being developed as a collaborative effort to assist the further development of useful WWW clients and tools.
  24. Matt's Script Archive - provides free CGI scripts including a guestbook, free for all link, bulletin board message system, countdown, and more.
  25. Perl Digger - Perl script to dig for information about the server-side environment, including a list of all installed Perl modules with a link to their documentation at CPAN.
  26. Perlmasters Resource - hosts a tutorial section and has free scipts available for download.
  27. perlWWW
  28. Proscriptum WebTools - free CGI script development system for Perl code writing. Includes scripts, libraries, and modules.
  29. UPOINT dotNET Perl Scripts - offers CGI Perl scripts with a focus on database, web calendar, news posting, and content management systems.
  30. Network Programming in Perl - an introduction to network programming in Perl.
  31. Perl Man Pages - for Perl 4.
  32. Perl reference materials ( - offers information on books and online guides.
  33. PerlDoc [] - offers basic information.
  34. - documentation in HTML format.
  35. Picking Up Perl - freely redistributable Perl tutorial.
  36. University of Florida Perl Archive - offers basic information.
  37. VMS Perl - offers information on using Perl under OpenVMS.
  38. Matt's Script Archive, Inc. :: Free Perl CGI Scripts   Matt's Free Perl CGI Scripts. FormMail. Downloaded Free - v1.0.3 - March 29,
    1997. Other People's Free Perl CGI Scripts. Credit Card Verifier. Check
  39. The CGI Resource Index: Programs and Scripts: Perl - Conduct online web-based auctions using these Perl CGI scripts. Audio Management
  40. Cliff's Perl Script Collection free cgi scripts written in perl
  41. Dale Bewley's Perl Scripts and Links  Perl Scripts and Links.
  42. Perl Mongers nonprofit organization, established to support the Perl community.
  43. Welcome to the Perl Archive 
  44. nms - web scripts written by experts  We have a "Powered by nms Perl scripts" logo that you might like to put on your web site.
  45. Perlmasters Resource  hosts a tutorial section and has free scipts available for download.
  46. lakeWeb - PERL Scripts  Welcome to lakeWeb's PERL Scripts
  47. - Hundreds of FREE Perl Scripts with Source Code 
  48. :: Perl :: Scripts and Programs (Perl Scripts A comprehensive collection of 3791 Perl Scripts and Programs!
  49. WebScripts (Perl CGI Scripts)  High-quality Perl CGI scripts and log analysis tools
  50. Free Perl Scripts At The Free Well  You have entered the source of free perl scripts.
  51. CGI Resource Index, The  contains a number of links to CGI resources on the net, including programs and scripts, divided into useful categories.
  52. CGI with Perl  
  53. Uninet Perl Company: Free Web Development Resources  Free open source Perl scripts including counter, guestbook, form processing, and mailing list scripts - not to mention affordable web design.
  54. Free php and perl script page Free perl and php scripts for your homepage. Counter, guestbook, poll, download systems, link indexing and more.
  55. Perl Scripts Perl Scripts. These are some Perl scripts I've written over the years. Feel You will need Perl 5.001 or later to run most scripts. Some
  56. Welcome to Internet Express Internet Express
  57. Matt's Script Archive: FormMail   instructions that will take you step by step from putting the scripts on your site
  58. BNB: HTML, free CGI Scripts, graphics, tutorials and more for the .
  59. Scripts on CPAN  sdist, This script builds a Makefile.PL for perl scripts, together with the necessary files to make a distribution. Installing scripts
  60. Perl 101 -  Perl 101. How to install a basic Perl script on a Web server. By Scott Phillips
  61. - For all the Best CGI scripts   Proud suppliers of perl cgi and php applications created from the webmasters point of view. PerlCoders supplies top quality CGI scripts at membership warehouse
  62. perlWWW  perlWWW. The perlWWW index is no longer being maintained.
  63.  directory of scripts, source code, books, examples, tutorials, and more.
  64. Free CGI Scripts Will Make Your Site Cool 
  65. - perl / cgi scripts, tutorials, tips 
  66.  ZDNet's Perl Script Library contains hundreds of free code for tested and 'freely distributable' Perl...
  67. CGI :: CGI Applications  Powerful Perl :: CGI Scripts, Refund Policy. Dozens of free and professional CGI / Perl scripts. Download our free CGI scripts
  68. Kevin's Ramblings  Banner. Kevin's Ramblings My random thoughts, feelings, links and nonsense.
  69. Perlfect Solutions - Free Perl Scripts A collection of powerful and versatile free perl scripts, widely used and tested, full of features. From one of the web's leading
  70. Extropia shopping carts, feedback forms, groupware calendar, counters, clocks, animation, bulletin boards, and miscellaneous applications.
  71. Perlscripts - Das grosse Perlarchiv 
  72. Perl - Master Index  PERL: CodeBrain Free Perl Scripts and Free Perl Script Kits. Other CodeBrain-Recommended Sources of Solid Perl Scripts.
  73. MR CGI Guy - CGI Scripts, PERL Scripts, Web Scripts, CGI  
  74. UPOINT dotNET Perl Scripts 
  75. Web Site Promotion, CGI Perl Scripts & Free Java 
  76. Dansie Shopping Cart - CGI Perl script, electronic commerce and  
  77. CGI Resources Directory : Perl scripts
  78. Free-Scripts.Net free cgi scripts available for download as well as free mIRC scripts .
  79. CGI City - One of the biggest WWW Resources for CGI and Perl  
  80. Webmonkey | programming : perl_cgi 
  81. What's New in Perlland?
  82. - Replacing Perl Scripts with PHP Scripts 
  83. Free Perl CGI Scripts [] 
  84. Books: Programming Perl (3rd Edition)  ... To be very short about it: Perl is a great language for some things (small scripts), but a bad language for other things (systems programming).
  85. Tools for WWW providers
  86. Perl Services, PERL, CGI, Perl Programming, Script, CGI Scripts  Several popular free Perl scripts, and Custom CGI applications written in Perl. Relational database modeling and integration.
  87. Flattext Database Scripts  specializes in custom databases and zip code locator programs that allow the user to put databases or spreadsheets online.
  88. Matt Kruse's Scripts!  This is my collection of scripts that I am making available to you!
  89. Free Perl CGI PHP Scripts iG Shop PHP Script  Free Perl Scripts Free CGI Scripts Free PHP Scripts Free VBScript. Free Scripts iG Whois Perl based whois script •iG Shop PHP/MySQL based shopping cart.
  90. Perl cgi scripts search engine & resource site -  BBS & Guestbooks. Site Maintenance. E-Commerce.
  91. Aardvark Topsites PHP - A Free PHP Topsites Script 
  92. Apache/Perl Integration Project 
  93. Welcome to ScriptSolutions -- home of PerlDiver, DomainDirector,
  94. perl script installation, perl script order form, free perl  CGIHub offers free perl scripts, perl script installation, perl script modification and perl script development. FREE PERL SCRIPTS.
  95. Computer Mentors perl script download section. Maxcomm perl  
  96. Low Cost Wireless Network How-To - Perl Scripts / Interactive  Perl Scripts / Interactive Design / Software. Interactive Wireless Network Design Analysis Utilities. Useful RF Design Perl Scripts.
  97. WDVL: suPerlative Web Construction   This article describes our home-grown Perl scripts, all of which are available for download. Note that many of them require
  98. Jerry's Keen Perl Scripts  Jerry's Keen Perl Scripts. With all scripts, be sure you set permissions properly, and change the path to your perl executable in
  99. The Puppet Master's Perl Scripts  The Puppet Master's Perl Scripts. By examining Matt's scripts and reading various books on Perl, I was able to see how easy these scripts were.
  100. SpeedyCGI - Speed up perl scripts by running them persistently. SpeedyCGI - Speed up perl scripts by running them persistently. SpeedyCGI is a way to run perl scripts persistently, which can make them run much more quickly.
  101. CGI World.Com - Your Source for Web Based Software and Content  
  102. - Perl Scripts 
  103. SWISH-Enhanced: swish.cgi -- Example Perl script for searching  
  104. Chris Pound's Name Generation Page   Scripts I have written several scripts in perl to help you generate cool names or vocabulary for your setting or constructed language.
  105. Solution Scripts  Our years of experience in coding perl scripts for a large audience with a wide range of use, has taught us security is priority number 1
  106. Free CGI Scripts: PERL, C++, C, Counters, Forms, Java Scripts... 
  107. PERL -- Practical Extraction and Report Language
  108. Welcome to StepWeb.Com Online  Before you download any StepWeb Perl Scripts, please, read the ReadMe.txt file, in order for you to be informed of different information we wish to inform you
  109. Free CGI Scripts Archive  Perl CGI Scripts. FTLS's Free Perl CGI Scripts. Counter. This script is a simple graphical counter it will be include in the IMG HTML Tag.
  110. Perl Resources : Perl scripts, programs, applications, code A directory of Perl books, development software, jobs, magazine articles, onlinecommunities, programmers, scripts & programs, tutorials, and web sites.
  111. Perl scripts, form processors, search scripts, Bulk email  Perl Scripts - All scripts written for Windows IIS 4 & 5 and Unix servers If you have a web site with a cgi-bin, you can use any of the scripts
  112. Free Engineering Software CGI PERL Scripts 
  113. UF/NA Perl Archive
  114. Perl-Scripts: Kostenlose CGI-Scripts
  115. Active Scripts - Professional perl scripts made easy, and free. 
  116. library for creating Common Gateway Interface (CGI) scripts in the Perl language.
  117. CGI Scripts for Free, Perl development.Webtools Mail client Download our free Perl CGI scripts and enjoy libraries and modules that can solve your problems. Are they secure enough? Are Perl scripts fast enough?
  118. pair Networks - Support Resources - Tutorials - Writing Secure  Tutorials - Writing Secure Perl Scripts Custom Perl CGI programs can be an effective way to tailor the experience of your site to the needs of your viewers
  119. - a Perl5 CGI Library  is useful for scripts that run for an extended period of time under FastCGI or mod_perl, and for those destined to be crunched by Malcom Beattie's Perl compiler
  120. Perl Scripts by GLE Tech  Database Doctor The Database Doctor manages and displays text file databases of any field size. Version 4.0 has just been released.
  121. This is 
  122. Webmaster resources met Tips tricks tutorials en links voor de Perl CGI Vragen over het ontwikkelen of installeren van CGI scripts, plaats ze hier.
  123. Bytes Interactive Perl CGI specialists. Scripts include shopping cart, online survey, online quiz, web poll and access counter/tracker postcard.
  124. - perl.scripts develooper perl.scripts. perl.scripts. Back to group listing | read in news reader | rss 385 articles, listing 385-285 Previous | Next | Latest
  125. Carvdawg's Perl Page I've needed a forum for posting my Perl scripts, so that I can get them out there. Any comments or questions that you have can be directed to me .
  126. ImageFolio - Digital Asset Management Software Buy ImageFolio Pro 3.1ImageFolio is a platform independent, webserver-based, digital
    asset management software product suite that fully automates the process
  127. Web Programming - Job Market - CGI, Perl Scripts, Java Classifed Ads for Web Programming services ( Wanted, Offered) : CGI, Perl Scripts, Java, JavaScript, Databases, HTML, DHTML, XML, Graphics, Web Design...
  128. Webfresh - CGI Perl scripts installation customization low cost CGI Perl scripts installation customization services by webfresh. Fast delivery.
  129. Free Customized Feedback Form for Your Website: Feedback Form  if you are a novice at installing Perl CGI scripts (for example if you don't really know what "sendmail" is, or if you think that "sendmail"
  130. cgi scripts, perl scripts, php scripts, c scripts, mysql, Visit the product section for retail packages ready to run. Our specialty
    is building database driven CGI packages.