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  1. 1 PHP Street - offers scripts, articles, tutorials, job listings, and a monthly coding contest.
  2. Back-end - features a PHP application for creating a dynamic website with user management, article posting, banner management, news posting, and link indexing components. GNU GPL Project.
  3. Beautify PHP-Code - web-based application that allows you to beautify your PHP code online.
  4. Codewalkers - community site dedicated to PHP and SQL. Includes forums, tutorials, and user-submitted code.
  5. Exchange Project, The - open source project to provide an example study for setting up and running an online shop using PHP.
  6. - free PHP scripts along with support forums.
  7. ISPs Supporting PHP
  8. - message boards for PHP developers.
  9. PHP Hideout - reference site that includes articles and tutorials ranging from beginner to advanced.
  10. PHP Hub - news, newsgroups, tutorials, and forums from the PHP community.
  11. PHP Resource Index, The - categorized listing of hundreds of PHP related resources on the Internet, divided into categories.
  12. php(Reactor) - system of integrated web applications designed to encourage user interaction and facilitate easy website maintenance.
  13. PHP-Editors - PHP reviews, resource index, programmers' forums, and programming contests.
  14. PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor - free server-side HTML embedded scripting language.
  15. - resources for PHP developers.
  16. - providing scripts, tutorials, and forums.
  17. - collection of tutorials, code snippets, and forums regarding the server side scripting language, PHP.
  18. PHPLink - categorised link index for PHP related web sites.
  19. - offers both commercial and free scripts featuring advanced search engines, banner and text ads exchange systems, and more.
  20. - presents articles, tutorials, projects, scriptlets, and more.
  21. PX: PHP Code Exchange
  22. Rampart - PHP authentication and user management system. Released under the LGPL licence.
  23. Sendcard - free open source e-card program.
  24. Simple PHP with Robert Plank - offers a tutorial on how to master simple PHP.
  25. Techland: PHP Programming Resources - PHP script and resources database with downloads.
  26. Twin Cities PHP - user group with monthly meetings to discuss and share ideas on web programming with PHP and other open-source tools.
  27. WebmasterBase: PHP's Creator, Rasmus Lerdorf - interview with the developer.
  28. Webmonkey's PHP Programming - tutorials teaching the PHP way to authenticate and track users, generate images on the fly, create threaded discussion, and more.
  29. Webmonkey: PHP/MySQL Tutorial - three-lesson tutorial.
  30. XOOPS - a dynamic OO (Object Oriented) based open source portal script written in PHP.
  31. FAQ - PHP3
  32. PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor  free server-side HTML embedded scripting language.
  33. :: PHP :: Scripts and Programs (PHP Scripts A comprehensive collection of 5772 PHP Scripts and Programs! Last Updated October
  34. PHP Resource Index, The categorized listing of hundreds of PHP related resources on the Internet, divided into categories.
  35. php scripts - learn php programming and download original php
  36. PHP.WarpedWeb.Net - PHP Scripts Free PHP Scripts to download including a search engine, mailing list, user authentication, click tracker and an email archiving system.
  37. Free PHP Scripts  Free PHP Scripts offers a wide range of freebie php/mysql scripts; Some of our scripts include source code utility, MySQL backup, and Hangman game.
  38. Your online web scripts directory   Web Scripts - Currently listing 2559 scripts in 756 categories! PHP (848), Python (0), JavaScript (97). ASP (192), C / C++ (15), Cold Fusion (43).
  39. PHPScripts : L'Annuaire Francophone des Scripts PHP / MySQL 
  40. PHP Script resource - Programmierer - Mysql - Scripte - Forum
  41. PHP: php, die Seite für php scripts
  42. PHP-Scripts | PHP free | PHP Scripts free | PHP-Programme free | 
  43. PHP Script CENTER - We have free and premium PHP/mySQL scripts 
  44. - Replacing Perl Scripts with PHP Scripts 
  45. NukedWeb PHP Scripts: Custom PHP Scripts, search engine PHP   
  46. - PHP & MySQL Code examples, tutorials and web   
  47. Hot, Programming, CGI, Perl, PHP, JavaScript, Java, Active Server   
  48. PHP Script, phpscripts, skripte, webmaster tools, skript,   
  49. Techland: PHP Programming Resources 
  50. JACK'S|SCRIPTS Recommended Hosting DTheatre: Entertainment News HotScripts: Free Scripts
  51. PHP and CGI Web Hosting   FREE Domain Registration (Standard Account & higher) NO Setup Fees (Standard Account & higher) PHP , CGI , MySQL , Shopping Cart , Affiliate Program 
  52. PHP-Archiv - Willkommen in der Welt der PHP Scripts PHP-Archiv - Der große Führer in die Welt der PHP-Scripts
  53. php rss aggregator | php scripts php rss aggregator | php scripts.
  54. Aki-web PHP scripts 
  55. PHP scripts PHP scripts for your website No knowledge of programming or PHP required!
  56. - fee and free php scripts 
  57. TD - Perl CGI PHP Scripts, mySQL, Tutorials, and help
  58. Multiple File PHP Scripts To promote the idea of reusing common functions within your PHP scripts, it is often necessary to be able to separate PHP code into multiple files.
  59. Cybernetec: Linux Web Hosting Provider - Free PHP Scripts  cybernetec: The Best Web Hosting provider of Dedicated Servers, PHP Scripts, Web Design, and site hosting.  com. PHP Scripts
  60. : Php Scripts : Php Scripts.
  61. : Free Php Scripts, Php Resources and PHP Tutorials  At, you will find several FREE PHP SCRIPTS and other useful  PHP Resources. Our free php scripts are designed with webmasters
  62. PHP: Scripts - PHP Freaks   Dedicated Servers! PHP: Scripts, Username, Password, Use Cookie?  PHP Tutorials - Quick Code Library - PHP Scripts - PHP Links - Link to Us! - Join Our Staff!
  63. Holotech Web Development: PHP Scripts   PostIt Let your PHP script pretend to be an HTML form!  PHPdb A PHP front end for mySQL. This script is incomplete and has no documentation.
  64. Web designers :: Web Site Design, PHP/MySQL Database-Driven   flash animations, ecommerce sites, cgi scripts and web applications for both large corporation, small business and personal sites. Specialises in PHP and MySQL
  65. Website design, promotion, CGI, PHP Web design, promotion, CGI, PHP, JavaScript scripting, and revenue earning.  The PHP version now supports PHP 4.1 and above.
  66. PHP Labs - PHP Scripts   more info Get Access to our PHP Scripts and More! 42 PHP Scripts, One Super Low Price.
  67. PHP/Scripts_and_Programs 
  68. cgi-bin/PHP Scripts  PHP Scripts, Academic (18). For teachers and students.  An array of tools for building and testing PHP scripts for your Web site. Email (55).
  69. PHP Crazy: PHP Resource Supersite [ PHP Scripts ] 
  70. Free Perl CGI PHP Scripts iG Shop PHP Script  Free Perl Scripts Free CGI Scripts Free PHP Scripts Free VBScript.  Free Scripts iG Whois Perl based whois script •iG Shop PHP/MySQL based shopping cart.
  71. Chipmunk PHP Scripts - Guestbook, directory, polls, and more  m actually attempting to build somewhat of a community here at chipmunk scripts, so feel  Nothing much to do with php or this site's script development but this
  72. Snipe.Net v7 - Geeky Stuff - Free PHP Scripts Free PHP Scripts.  If you need help on any of these scripts, email us, or look for us on IRC. We're typically in #php on the FreeNode network.
  73. : free php scripts, tutorials, articles, software : free php scripts, tutorials, articles, software, downloads, support, developers, jobs, projects and resources. web hosting.
  74. PHP-Scripts und Tutorials - Die hier präsentierten PHP-Scripts stellen allesamt Vorschläge dar, wie das eine oder andere Problem vielleicht zu lösen ist.  PHP-SCRIPTS.
  75. Gratis PHP Scripts, codes: een selectie van sites met de beste Gratis PHP Scripts. Free Guest Books, Polls, Search Engines, Top 50s. PHP
    (PHP Hypertext  vinden. Sites met gratis PHP Scripts. * HotScripts' PHP
  76. Denys' PHP Scripts - cool free PHP scripts for your web site Professional PHP scripts for your web site! Download  Nice quality,
    attractive prices, fast job! Welcome to Denys' PHP Scripts.
  77. CGI & PHP Script Installation Center - Perl CGI Script   
  78. Debugging PHP scripts and IDEs | Kjartan Mannes Debugging PHP scripts and IDEs.
  79. PHP Script Archiv:: sonium PHP :: News :: Frische PHP News 
  80. Free PHP Scripts (  Free PHP Scripts: Search Engines, Feedback Form, Content Management, Greeting
    Cards, Email Clients, etc. thefreecountry  Free PHP Scripts.
  81. PHP : Free PHP Scripts Archive  PHP Scripts. Access Digits Counter. This script display a access counter on your Web page. It include some tag IMG of your Web page
  82. MetaCollection of CGI and PHP script archives and link  Visual Basic. And as the name says the PHP Resource Index contains links to PHP scripts, functions and classes.
  83. PHP Scripts Directory - Free and Commercial PHP Listings  PHP Scripts Directory - Free And Commercial PHP Scripts Directory. Home Links Contact Us About Us. PHP Scripts Directory. PHP Scripts
  84. Evil Walrus Scripting Center  catalog of user submitted scripts to help others learn C++, Perl, JavaScript, DHTML, PHP/mySQL, and more.
  85. Script Central - Perl and PHP Scripts You Need - [Homepage]  We specialize in both the Perl and PHP web programming languages and support our  Bringing Home the Bacon The majority of the scripts we write are what everyone
  86. PHP Web Scripts - Professional PHP Scripts for Successful  Our scripts are written in PHP and use MySQL database - it means they are fast.
  87. Free Perl scripts, PHP scripts and Javascripts  Free Perl scripts, PHP scripts and Javascripts. These scripts are all free, and are released under the open software copyright conventions.
  88. PHP - PHP-Welt - Deutschlands größte kostenlose PHP Script - Join the PHP-Cooperation Group.
  89. - CGI Scripts, PHP, JavaScript and More! - CGI Scripts, PHP, JavaScripts and more!
  90. PHP  Your ultimate resource for PHP News, Free Scripts, Free Tutorials, Custom Software, and more! 
  91. PHP Scripts  The Scripts Joint provides site owners and web developers with economical perl and php scripts.
  92. PHP scripts at Cerebus Webmaster Resources - free php scripts  You can find php forums, articles, tutorials and scriplets. A nice PHP site with tutorials, free scripts and a nice forum.
  93.  PHP Developers, Inc. Web programming and design  Besides, we also provide installation services of other scripts that you may have bought from  site you know to our catalog, if it is powered by PHP and/or MySQL
  94. ::: v.2.0 - PHP scripts :::   PHP scripts. Support and personalised coding. If you want to support me, you may buy a book, a dvd, or something else online in my book shop.
  95. Open Directory - Computers: Programming: Languages: PHP: Scripts
  96. PHP Scripts: Scripts
  97. PTlink Scripters Team 
  98. SkyMinds.Net (PHP and MySQL Scripts)  SkyMinds.Net Logo.
  99. PHP: Scripts - PHP Freaks Mirror   Link Adage, PHP: Scripts
  100. PHP script versions Current versions of PHP scripts. FAQEngine: PHP script, 4.00.9. Offlineeditor (Java-Application), 1.12.0. SimpNews: 2.16.2. SimpGB: 1.25.4. ProgSys: 0.106. Platform.
  101. Free PHP Scripts @ M-Dream   Free PHP Scripts. The following PHP scripts, written by myself, are free to download from this website. Click the script name to commence downloading.
  102. Resource Index Online: The place for all your programming needs!  With years of experience in programming for the world wide web, we have created the ultimate guide for your CGI and PHP needs with over 6,000 resources in more
  103. Free Webmaster Resources - Top :: Scripts :: PHP Scripts  Top :: Scripts :: PHP Scripts. Development Software (1) Software to help creating PHP scripts.  Programmers (1) Find programmers to write PHP scripts for you.
  104. Google Directory - Computers > Programming > Languages > PHP > 
  105. the php site - fresh news, fresh scripts, fresh talk, 100% fresh welcome to, a resource for PHP Scripts which make your life easier, and your business more efficient. Latest Script.
  106. Free PHP Scripts and Programs - One Stop Scripts
  107. - Powerful PHP Scripts for your Website! 
  108. Sensation Designs | Professional Web Design, PHP Scripts, Desktop Java, and Visual Basic. We also offer various high quality PHP scripts which are pre made and ready to be used on your website!
  109. Death Ring PHP Scripts  Death Ring PHP Scripts. Welcome to the PHP section.
  110. PHP Script to Ping Macromedia MXNA Blog Aggregator   You can either include it in your own PHP file and then evaluate the  has been implemented to combat automated blog comment spamming by robots and scripts.
  111. Marty Anstey - PHP Scripts  PHP Scripts. The PHP scripts collection is temporarily offline.
  112. Free Resources For Webmasters  Free Webspace Site Promotion Free Graphics Website Tools Website Sponsors Free Programs PHP Scripts CGI Scripts  Directory Home PHP Scripts Auction Systems
  113. - CGI Scripts, PHP, JavaScript and More!  Exhibition of CGI scripts, Javascript, and PHP for dynamic content and control of your web site and databases.,  Category: PHP:Scripts:Counters.
  114. - The Web Development Resource  Page or Click HERE to add to your FAVORITES. ASP Scripts JSP Scripts CGI Scripts Java Applets Java Scripts PHP Scripts.
  115. - CGI Scripts, PHP, JavaScript and More!  Exhibition of CGI scripts, Javascript, and PHP for dynamic content and control of your web site and databases.
  116. the php site - fresh news, fresh scripts, fresh talk, 100% fresh  Hello and welcome to, a resource for PHP Scripts which make your life easier, and your business more efficient. Latest Script. PHP Affiliate Pro.
  117. Free PHP Scripts Our Free PHP Scripts The Webmaster's Bureau: The FREE Webmaster's Course For Beginners!  Free PHP Scripts. I think this is a fairly
  118. Roberts PHP-Scripts
  119. | PHP scripts and articles 
  120. Ravens PHP Scripts