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  1. Animation World Network - information about education, careers, and products for the international animation community.
  2. Big Cartoon DataBase, The - searchable database of cartoons, animated feature films, and crew lists. Includes synopsis, screenshots, episode guides, and more.
  3. Animated Features Page - includes an upcoming/past animated features list.
  4. Animated News - daily news updates on the world of animated entertainment.
  5. AnimatedBliss - contains all the latest news and information on animation in all mediums, including DVD, music, feature films, TV, and more.
  6. Animation Blast - an appreciative and critical look at the world of animation; featuring news, reviews, links, and more.
  7. Animation Database - American animated cartoons & some news and drawings from Japan.
  8. Animation History - includes movie info pages and an award-winning essay on the history of animation.
  9. Animation Nerd's Paradise! - home to Michelle Klein-Häss, staff writer for Anvil Anthology Magazine.
  10. Beebeard and the World Record Heros - world's most record-holding crimefighters.
  11. - retro-style animated adventures.
  12. Bullseye Art - strange and unique cartoons.
  13. Camp Chaos Cartoons - home of the Dante & Jimmy Hour, Hootenanny!, and Googly & Spiffy.
  14. Cartoon Gallery - Whatever magazine presents shockwave cartoons by Dave Counts.
  15. Cartoon Research - dedicated to classic cartoons past, present, and future.
  16. - featuring "The Blender", an episodic story about an evil chef and the team of rebels who oppose him.
  17. Charlie's Angels: Animated Adventures - official site of the online animated series.
  18. Cooking with Bigfoot - join Bigfoot and his celebrity friends for cooking show action.
  19. Crankbunny Media - interactive animation gallery with clickable and movable objects and montages.
  20. Digital Media FX - animation news, features, movie trailers, and interviews for digital animators, animation artists, visual effects artists, and animation enthusiasts.
  21. Big Cartoon DataBase: Disney Feature Films - includes a list of Disney's feature and direct-to-video animated films, with synopses, cast/crew credits, production notes, and more.
  22. Disney Bad Guys - contains information and image galleries on Disney villains.
  23. Disney Comics Characters - includes information and pictures of several Disney characters, organized by category.
  24. Al Taliaferro's Classic Donald Duck Comics - features images, historical facts, and information about the artist who drew Donald.
  25. Classic Donald Duck of Tony Strobl, The - provides background on the artist who drew Donald Duck from 1955 to the late 1970s.
  26. Disney A-Z - Archives - Donald Duck - official Disney history and information.
  27. Donald Duck - presents origin, related characters, and birthday.
  28. Donald Duck Search - search for Donald Duck sites in various languages.
  29. Judith's Donald Duck Page - fan page with images, desktop themes, screensavers, and sounds.
  30. Tracy's Donald Page - offers history, trivia, and name translated into various languages
  31. Annette Funicello: The Mouseketeer Years - photo gallery of the actress.
  32. Fifties Web: Mickey Mouse Club - includes images of the original cast, products, theme song lyrics, and more.
  33. Big Cartoon DataBase: Mickey Mouse Cartoon Shorts - full filmography of Mickey Mouse animated shorts, from 1928 to present.
  34. Disney's Character Gallery: Mickey and Friends - fun activities for kids and parents.
  35. Gottfredson, Floyd - tribute to the longtime Mickey Mouse cartoonist.
  36. Judith's Mickey Mouse Page - with pictures, games, sounds, desktop themes, postcards, and more.
  37. L'univers de Mickey Mouse - clip art, filmography, and a translation of his name in different languages. Site is in French.
  38. Mickey Mouse Fan Site - includes bio, filmography, and clip art.
  39. Mickey Mouse History and a Little About Minnie Mouse - brief history and trivia on the two Disney characters.
  40. Minnie Mouse - fan site devoted exclusively to Minnie Mouse.
  41. Encyclopedia of Disney Animated Shorts - covers all the short Disney cartoons from 1922 through the present.
  42. Frank and Ollie - official site of the veteran Disney animators.
  43. Jay and Ryan's Unofficial Disney Animated Feature List
  44. Kevin Teter's Disney Page - clip art from the movies.
  45. Maleficent's Domain - everything you ever wanted to know about the Cinderella villainess.
  46. Margude's Disneydiotic Page
  47. MousePlanet: Home Theater and Entertainment - reviews on Disney DVDs and videos.
  48. Ultimate Guide to Collecting Disney's Animated Masterpieces
  49. Urban Legends Reference Pages: Disney (Disney Films) - collection of rumors, both fictional and factual, on Disney's films and characters.
  50. DVDtoons - database of animated TV shows and feature films on DVD.
  51. Edgardo Films - gags in flash about Edgardo, a guy where everything overcomes him.
  52. Fool Factory, The - home of XIMIX Productions, Kumquat Comics, and Slaves of Logic.
  53. Giantheads  - humorous and sometimes bizarre stable of animated fare.
  54. Goopy Geer's Rare Cartoons Page - featuring clips and excerpts from rare and censored cartoons.
  55. Groove Chamber, The - groovy animated adventures, starring Chutney the Cow, Ramu Chapati, Angus MacLeod, and Otis the Cat.
  56. - animations created with that old fashion humor.
  57. Half Giraffe - funny, quirky, and bizarre animated adventures featuring fish, giraffes, fleas, and other assorted madness.
  58. Happy Kipper - cartoons and games channel featuring animations, comic strips, web art, and more.
  59. Harold's Planet - featuring animations, animated stories, and email cards.
  60. Headachestreet - features flash animations and online comics. Also offers a collection of character T-shirts for sale.
  61. - cartoon animations, pop culture television parodies, and streaming multimedia irreverence.
  62. History of Animation, The - essay from Digital Media FX which includes Winsor McCay, the John Bray Studio, Max Fleischer and Walter Lantz, Otto Messmer, and Walt Disney.
  63. Homestar Runner - world of bright colors, happy music, offbeat humor, and pop culture references.
  64. Icebox - original animated shorts and webisodes by the creators of popular television shows like The Simpsons and Frasier.
  65. InBoxTV - short, snappy entertainment delivered direct to your e-mail inbox.
  66. JibJab Cartoons - features cartoons, games, screensavers, and other downloads. Requires Flash.
  67. Julius & Friends - cartoons, games, downloads, and more created by designer Paul Frank and Obie Scott Wade.
  68. KATBOT - secret agent from Planet Katatonia posing as an exchange student.
  69. Kid-e.TV - offers original animated shorts, games, and more.
  70. Killfrog - animated shorts, comics, and games.
  71. Komedy World - contains original flash cartoons, including Mario Matrix and more.
  72. Level 13 - animated shorts, international cartoons, and erotic fare from Film Roman.
  73. Little Men Entertainment - creators of live action and animated shorts.
  74. Mondo Mini Shows - new animated shorts every week, plus archive of previous episodes. Includes Thugs on Film movie reviews, The God and Devil Show, and Like, News.
  75. Monkeyfun - hosting unique flash cartoons and animations.
  76. - featuring The Robot With Distended Intestines, Sheriff Hippo, and more.
  77. Muffin Films - by Amy Winfrey. A dozen tasty flash cartoons about baked goods. Delicious animation!
  78. Origins of American Animation, 1900-1921 - collection of 21 animated films and 2 fragments. The films include clay, puppet, and cut-out animation, as well as pen drawings from the Library of Congress.
  79. - features information on major animation studios and their films.
  80. Quickie, The - new animated cartoon every week.
  81. Quimsosa - makes friends and families a star of animated cartoons by sending photos in.
  82. RawToons - offers shows such as the Rawdogs and the Mighty Fartboy series.
  83. Reuben Awards - awarded by the National Cartoonists Society.
  84. - allows artists to view and submit animated shorts. Also in Arabic.
  85. ShockAnime! - Japanese anime and manga-inspired cartoon theatre and artwork studio. Viewer discretion is advised.
  86. Steve and Bluey - official site for Steven Fischer's cartoon comedy team, Steve and Bluey.
  87. Stickyflicks - offering a variety of wild shows and games.
  88. T-Tail Mafia - featuring an ongoing animation series consisting of animal aircrew members and their adventures.
  89. TDA Website: The Dutch Animes - contains reviews of animation used in anime, cartoons, computer games, and movies. In Dutch.
  90. - what all the dorks will be wearing this year.
  91. Van Beuren - Cartoon Research page devoted to artwork, objects, original titles, and miscellania devoted to the Van Beuren Studio (1930-1936).
  92. Vitaphone: Silent Cartoons - images, posters, and filmographies from early animated cartoons.
  93. Vitaphone: Sound Cartoons - posters and filmographies for studio cartoon releases.
  94. Warner Bros. Kids - includes WB animation and Looney Tunes games.
  95. Warner Brothers Cartoon Companion - explains or points out some hidden and buried references found in the classic Warner Brothers cartoons. Concentrates on identifying and explaining certain oft-used catch-phrases and pointing out inside jokes.
  96. We Come in Peace - enjoy some strange tales with some strange creatures.
  97. Weasel Studios - cartoons, games, and fun stuff your momma warned you about.
  98. Wild Brain - directors and animators using pioneering digital techniques along with traditional artistry to produce films, commercials, TV shows, and interactive programming.
  99. WiredNews Animation Express - collection of innovative, surprising, and witty animations.
  100. Ultimate Holiday Wish List - indulge your wildest animated fantasies.
  101. Cartoon Network - featuring classic and original cartoon programs.
  102. Cartoon Cartoon Fridays: The Fansite - includes features, show information, message board, and videos.
  103. Cartoon Orbit - create your own world, collect codes, and trade characters from the Cartoon Network.
  104. Banzai Cowboys - Comic strips by Max Lawson. Featuring No Need for Claith.
  105. Bikeeni Summer 2000 - beachy-keen summer where the women are hot and the men are small goofy geeks wearing bermuda shorts.
  106. Blasphemy and Ink - includes strips and art for Stream, Puff, Sufferagists, and Hackney.
  107. Cartoon Engineers - featuring Space Freight, Heroes at Home, and DiabloTwoons.
  108. Cartooniverse - original daily cartoons, cartoon-related news, and more.
  109. Cartoons For Fun - funny pictures, puns, and crazy cartoons by Myke Ashley-Cooper.
  110. - includes personalized and animated cartoons.
  111. Chris Seibold's Baby Seal Clubbing for Fun and Profit - features the daily tribulations of Wun and Tu, a quirky Internet exclusive comic/cartoon.
  112. Classic American Comic Strips Archive - selected strips from Thimble Theater, Gasoline Alley, Krazy Kat, Little Nemo in Slumberland, Terry and the Pirates, Moon Mullins, and Out Our Way.
  113. Comic Explorer - Java surfer allowing users to enjoy hundreds of comics, everything from Dilbert to Marmaduke.
  114. Comic News - bi-weekly digest of humor and opinion.
  115. Comics from Creators Syndicate - featuring strips from B.C, The Wizard of Id, Rugrats, Liberty Meadows, and several others from Creators Syndicate.
  116. Comics I Don't Understand - includes responses to the comics.
  117. - offers independent weekly strips archived or sent via email.
  118. ComixNow - offering bizarre online comix reading.
  119. - features science fiction from the African American perspective, complete with a stunning online graphic novel staring black superheroes.
  120. Dal Tokyo - ongoing comic strip narrative set in a spectacular urban sprawl sometime in the future.
  121. DotComix - features 3D cartoons updated daily, using the Pulse plugin viewer.
  122. Electric Sheep Web Comix - not dead, merely frozen.
  123. Expresso Tilt Funnies
  124. Fractal Cow Online Comics - collection of sequential graphical narratives.
  125. Funny Pictures Collection - contains photos, comics, cartoons, and animations.
  126. Fuzzybone - Pete Joison's home to his creations Modern Boy, This Way Up and the popular Old Toy Dog.
  127. Happy Shadows Press - providing original, violent and funny web cartoons.
  128. Internet Movie Strip - zany, daily movie comic with a philosophical edge.
  129. Jippi Comics - alternative and underground comics from Norway.
  130. New York Times on the Web: Cartoons - displays current and archived comic strips.
  131. On The Edge - comic strip about an evil little therapist, his police officer roomate, and the wacky world they live in.
  132. Oubapo-America - workshop for potential comics whose goal is to identify those constraints that already exist in comic writing and to propose and implement new constraints that can generate new comics.
  133. Penny Arcade - online comic strips about video games.
  134. Philosophy of Vegetables, The - features vegetable themed humour, an alternative Macbeth, and various cartoons.
  135. Pioneering Cartoonists of Color - salute to cartoonists who paved the way. With images, strips, and biographical information.
  136. Pond Life - based around the lives of a frog and his friends, somewhere in the countryside.
  137. Residence Life - daily comic about collge dorms, games, and other wacky stuff.
  138. Reuben Awards - awarded by the National Cartoonists Society.
  139. Sock Puppet, The - contains a brief history of comic strips and an extensive directory of women comic strip artists from 1901 to present day.
  140. SpaceAge Comics - half a dozen artists offering comics and cartoons, updated daily.
  141. Square Lake Comics - jolly gross gags in the American tradition.
  142. Stars 'n Toads - business humor comic strip showing a cartoon of a modern office through the eyes of animal caricatures. Satire on the bureaucracy.
  143. - enables users to create a three-panel comic strip as well as voting on those created by others.
  144. Stu's Views - hosts a daily lawyer cartoon.
  145. Sunday Comics Online - original comic stips featuring mystery, adventure, action, sci-fi, humor, and more. Updated every Sunday.
  146. Supernatural Crime - offering a series of free digital comics, pulp fiction, and art galleries.
  147. - daily original comic strips.
  148. - features nationally syndicated comics, games, and editorial cartoons.
  149. USS Catastrophe - comix, art, and thought, all floating on a sea of hypertext, from an assortment of cartoonists.
  150. Very Funny Pics - takes a jab at at men, women, and Microsoft.
  151. Voodoo Wonderland - features the twisted comic strips Mr. Huggles, Cletus the Manic Depressed Fetus, and more.
  152. Washington Post: Comics - daily and weekly comic strips and editorial cartoons.
  153. Comics - the strips that appear in the newspaper's Style section.
  154. WebComics - a selection of daily and weekly online strips.
  155. Welcome to the Comics - links to Hogan's Alley online, provides online strips and interviews with cartoonists, and more.
  156. Yellow Kid's Skate Surf Comic - comics about skateboarding, surfing, kung fu gangs, and backyard wrestling.
  157. FAQ - rec.arts.comic.strips
  158. - featuring Dilbert, Robotman, Peanuts, and more from United Media.
  159. - daily updates of comic strips, panels, and editorial cartoons. Also includes general information and history on the comics.