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Greeting Cards Links

  1. - features animated singing telegrams.
  2. Animated Greeting Cards - send electronic animated greetings.
  3. anote4you - send original and celebrity musical greetings over the phone.
  4. - send anonymous, gag gift, electronic greeting cards.
  5. Barking Cards - home of warm and wacky animated greetings featuring animation, soundtracks and hilarious punchlines.
  6. Blue Mountain - subscription service allows users to send personalized animated electronic greeting cards by email.
  7. Cards By Mel - offers outdoor adventure photograph ecards and greeting cards of mountains, beaches, sunsets, flowers and more.
  8. Cgreetings - send animated greeting cards via email.
  9. Cyber Greetings - offering a variety of greetings sent via email.
  10. Cybercalifragilistic Interactive Website Greetings - birthday and special occasion websites created for the CompuPotato in your life, personalized and available with same day service.
  11. E-Greetings - greeting cards, custom inscription, mailing, and Perfect Memory services.
  12. ecards for you - offers reminder services and cards for occasions, events, anniversaries, and more.
  13. Eggplant Online - create announcements for weddings, birthdays, parties, and holidays.
  14. Forever Friends - offers poetic, magical, and illusionary fun and friendship themes.
  15. Free Greeting Cards and Free E-cards - send free animated electronic greeting cards for birthdays, weddings, and other occasions by email.
  16. FunMail - MMS consumer and enterprise services for wireless carriers including comics, greetings and MMS customer care.
  17. Game Greetings - greeting cards for holidays, other occasions delivered via floppy disc or email. Windows or Macintosh. Personalized, sound and animation.
  18. Global Warming - original electronic greetings.
  19. - offering cards for every occasion including birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and more.
  20. GreetingsDepot - animated e-cards for any occasion plus comics, wallpapers, caricatures, and downloadable desktop animation.
  21. Hot Greetings - electronic greeting cards to attach to email messages for personal or business use.
  22. Jenny's Personalized Card Service - send a personalized animated greeting card; no plug-ins or down-loads, yours to keep.
  23. Jingle Greetings - send that special someone a short song with your voice embedded within it.
  24. Greeting Cards - making everyone happy everyday greeting cards
  25. My Postcards - software for multimedia virtual postcards with music, poetry, add-ons.
  26. Paris Mon Amour - send a postcard from Paris without leaving home.
  27. Postcards From Hell - real postcards stamped from Hell.
  28. - offers a selection of animated shorts with music to send as personalized greetings.
  29. Rude Mountain - rude, animated greeting cards for birthdays, friendship, romance, and more. Tell them what you really think.
  30. Inc. - with video messages for a variety of holidays, occasions, and life events.
  31. Shout-Outs - e-cards with flavor. Also offers chat, contests, advice, and horoscopes.
  32. Songees - allows you to send personalized song greetings from your PC directly to any telephone or mobile phone, anywhere in the world.
  33. - electronic greeting cards for all occasions.
  34. Talking Greeting - allows users to send talking animated messages via email. Also offers talking email and stock services.
  35. We Got Cards - offers virtual cards and greetings for every occasion. Also features voice-cards and reminder services.
  36. Yahoo! Greetings - send a free personalized greeting.
  37. - offers animated and musical selections for all occasions.
  38. Postcards - offers animated greeting cards and e-greetings in a wide variety of topics.
  39. - offers electronic greeting cards for all occasions.
  40. - offering unique greeting cards for friendship, romantic, and more.
  41. - animated musical greetings, flash ecards, funny pictures, e-mail jokes, and more.
  42. - offers a selection of animated and musical greeting cards.
  43. AAAPostCards - for all occasions.
  44. Absolutely Victorian Greetings - offers variety of graphic and audio virtual cards.
  45. AceGreetings - offers egreetings for all occasions.
  46. Adventure Post Office, The - features a variety of themes.
  47. All 4 Love Greetings - for a variety of holidays and occasions.
  48. Alternative Greeting Cards - send cards with pictures from popular bands.
  49. Alternative Greetings from Nervous Nelly - free electronic greeting cards for a variety of occasions.
  50. Cards - animated greetings for special occasions, holidays, or just because.
  51. American Greetings  - designs and sells everyday and seasonal greeting cards as well as ecards.
  52. AngelWinks - virtual cards. Includes daily scriptures, nature scenes, and angels.
  53. Animated Access - offers musical greeting cards in English and Spanish.
  54. Art & Astrology Greeting Cards from Mottasia - astrology sign, flowers, and landscape greetings.
  55. Arthouse Digital Cards - cards with images from the Artifact Register of Contemporary Irish artists.
  56. Artist's Friend, The - original art by a variety of artists, free e-cards, discussion groups, and interactive stories.
  57. - offers free electronic greeting cards and more.
  58. Atlas e cards - offering hip, contemporary e-cards and greetings.
  59. - custoize and send singing greeting cards.
  60. Awesome Cards - greeting cards and awards for all occasions.
  61. Bay9 Greeting Cards - offers cards in many different categories, all of which can be sent for free.
  62. Be Mine Greetings - romantic greetings including marriage proposals, birthdays, getaways, and more.
  63. BeatGreets - offers cards with sound clips from music artists.
  64. Electronic Postcards - virtual bouquets, cartoon and TV characters, and more.
  65. Bharath Greetings - offers greetings and invites for all occasions including Indian holidays.
  66. Birthday - offers free online greetings for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, thank yous, Thanksgiving, and other holidays and occasions.
  67. Bloody Finger Mail - a happy email alternative where you can send a message to someone written in blood.
  68. Blue Mountain - subscription service allows users to send personalized animated electronic greeting cards by email.
  69. Bow Wow Meeow - offers cards and graphics with dog or cat themes.
  70. Bowcreek Postcards - featuring landscapes, flowers, holiday themes, and more.
  71. - allows you to customize rock videos and send them to friends.
  72. Buzzaloud - free business-oriented cyber greeting cards for a variety of occasions.
  73. CanWebCards - themes include holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, love notes, and get well cards.
  74. CardBoulevard - features animated and musical greetings for holidays, birthdays, relationships, pets, and more.
  75. Cardmaster, The - cyber cards in Chinese and English.
  76. Cards Dot Co Dot Za - cards for every occasion.
  78. Cardshouse - provides cards for various occasions.
  79. Cardspot
  80. CardsUp - off-the-wall humorous ecards for all ages.
  81. CardVibes - offers a selection of flash animated cards.
  82. Care2 Greeting Cards - e-cards that help save wildlife! Also has web-cam cards.
  83. Castlemountains - offers a range of cards for a variety of events and occasions.
  84. Celebrity eCards - send postcards of celebrities to friends and family, play games, take polls, and more.
  85. Cherish Greeting Cards
  86. Classicals Great Thoughts - choose a classic poem by poets ranging from Dickinson to Shakespeare.
  87. - offers African American clip art and ecards.
  88. Club Greetings - features greetings in Hindi, Dutch, and Japanese.
  89. - animated e-cards for lovers.
  90. Crafters Catalogs Greeting Cards
  91. Crazycreeks - offers conservative personal greetings with romantic themes.
  92. Cuddle Cards - animated musical greetings for friendship, love, birthdays, virtual hugs, and more.
  93. Cute Stuf - cute and colorful Flash greetings for all occasions.
  94. Cyber Cards OnLine - animated, musical online cards serving both ethnic and generic occasions.
  95. Cyber-Beach Post Office
  96. - virtual cards and gifts for holidays and occasions.
  97. CyberCard Center
  98. Cybergreet.Net - virtual postcards and virtual postcard hosting.
  99. D Greetings - offers digital greeting cards, including animated selections, for a variety of Asian-Pacific occasions and holidays.
  100. DeerLake Digital Postcards - wildlife, outdoor scenery, holiday and special day cards.
  101. Digital Card - updated regularly for special holidays and seasons.
  102. Disney's D-Cards - including birthday and holiday favorites. Requires registration.
  103. Dixie Rising - Southern heritage e-cards, letter, and more.
  104. DNA-o-gram Generator - send a personalized DNA encoded message to a friend via the web.
  105. Don's Boss Cards - rough day in the cubicles? Cheer up your friends and co-workers.
  106. Dr. Pullover Collector Cards - celebrating the greatest, and least known, inventions and creations of the past.
  107. Dream Greetings
  108. DVGreets - offers ecards and musical greeting cards from music video artists personalized by sender.
  109. E-Cards - online greetings with global, educational, and environmental twists.
  111. - send yourself or someone you know a wish.
  112. - offers free online calendars with Greek orthodox name days reminder and e-cards. Also in Greek.
  113. Arab Electronic Greeting Cards
  114. - greetings for holidays and special occasions.
  115. - offers free greeting cards and birthday reminders.
  116. Greetings - animated 3D greetings.
  117. - personalized animated video greeting cards for holidays and special occasions.
  118. Flashcan - Flash-based virtual cards and animator.
  119. Flowgo - featuring interactive and animated greetings and games.
  120. Footlights Design Ecards - an array of cards for your enjoyment.
  121. Forever Yours Musical Greeting Cards - musical greeting cards with popular, Christian, and country music selections.
  122. Frank and Ernest's Greeting Cards - based on the syndicated comic strip.
  123. Free Cards from TheSpark - features a selection of humorous and tasteless cards.
  124. Free E-Cards & Greeting Cards Online - offers electronic greetings and printable birthday cards.
  125. Free eCards R Us - allows users to personalize and send virtual cards for birthdays, holidays, Valentine's Day, Christmas, and other occasions.
  126. Free Greeting Card - featuring themed animated cards for a variety of occasions.
  127. Free Greeting Cards - free cards for all occasions.
  128. Free Greeting Cards from Vermont Teddy Bear - personalized electronic greeting cards for all occasions featuring Vermont Teddy Bears.
  129. Free Online and Printable Greeting Cards - offering e-greeting cards and printable cards for birthdays and other occasions.
  130. Fun & Silly Greetings - animated electronic greeting cards for holidays, birthdays, and other occasions.
  131. Fun 'E' Greets - offers various humor cards.
  132. Fun Shack - offers animated musical cards and dancing pages.
  133. Fun-E-Cards - musical animated electronic greeting cards for holidays, birthdays, and other occasions.
  134. - offers flash ecards for a variety of occasions.
  135. Funny Greetings - provides humorous, friendship, love, and other cards and jokes.
  136. Funny Pictures - offers virtual greetings, flash animations, funpages, email jokes, and more.
  137. Funny Pop - offers pop-up greeting ecards with funny pictures. Also features comics and joke archives.
  138. G'day Down Under - send a free greeting card with an Australian theme.
  139. Gcards
  140. Gipsyland's Greetings Cards - collection of cards, many of which are animated, for every occasion.
  141. Go-Card Gratis Postkort - offering a large selection of original art greetings. In German.
  142. Goldblum O'Grams - send someone a Jeff Goldblum virtual card.
  143. - features a collection of funny pictures, jokes, and animated greetings to send.
  144. GreekGrams - send a e-greeting to a frat brother or a sorority sister.
  145. Greet2k - offers cards for holidays, romance, friendship, occasions, and Indian festivals.
  146. Greeting Cards from Creative Cyberspace - animated and musical greeting cards for all holidays and occasions.
  147. - offering cards for every occasion including birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and more.
  148. - humorous greetings and a chance to win prizes.
  149. Greetings Island - offers electronic greeting cards for all occasions.
  150. - send scheduled greetings in the form of virtual cards, gifts, and flowers or create your own greeting card site.
  151. GreetWorld - virtual greeting cards featuring international holidays and religious occasions, Indian movie stars, and pets.
  152. Hallmark E-Cards - personalized animated cards for a variety of occasions, including birthdays, holidays, and milestones.
  153. - offers greetings and gifts that go together.
  154. HiCards
  155. Indiatimes Egreetings - birthday, holiday, friendship, and other virtual cards.
  156. - offers inspirational greetings for special occasions and life events.
  157. Interbird - features animated greeting cards.
  158. Japan Poem: Relationship Manager - electronic greetings featuring Japanese Imperial court poetry from the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu.
  159. Jeannie's E-Scrolls - offers e-scroll messages for family and friends, with the "I Dream of Jeannie" theme.
  160. Jimpix Flash Ecards - choose from a glittering array of silly flash ecards with which to entertain your friends and fellow inmates.
  161. Classic Greetings - combine classical music, art, poetry, and send.
  162. Just Say Wow - offers dance pages, smiley pages, jokes, cards, and games.
  163. KarmaMachine - send secret e-greeting messages to encourage others you know.
  164. Kartumania Rileks - features Indonesian greetings and cards.
  165. KingCards - animated email greeting cards for all occasions. Themes include birthdays, holidays, astrology, and more.
  166. - offers e-cards with a bite. Create and customize your title and message.
  167. Lake Cards - send beautiful lake-effect greeting cards.
  168. Laugh Gallery, The - offers funny pictures to send to your friends by e-mail.
  169. - service from T-Mobile, which allows users to create audio messages and send them to e-mail addresses.
  170. Lollipop Cards - offers animated greeting cards for all occasions.
  171. Love Me Cards - offers love and romance greetings.
  172. LoveCards - selection focuses on love and romance.
  173. Cards - romantic cards for all occasions.
  174. Lovzu - offers animated cards for all occasions.
  175. Mabuhay Cards - features Filipino greeting cards in a variety of topics. Some are in Tagalog.
  176. Manga Cards - send someone a virtual card adorned with Japanese comic book art.
  177. Matoox - send anonymous greetings that are either complimentary or nasty.
  178. MaxRacks - offers advertisement themed cards.
  179. Me Greetings - offers Middle Eastern and Arabian themed e-cards.
  180. MoMA E-cards - greetings with an artistic flair.
  181. Motorcycle Trading Post Cards - includes pictures of days gone by.
  182. MSN Greetings - offers a selection of cards for a variety of occasions.
  183. Multimedia - features music and video in an e-mail greeting card.
  184. My Card Maker - allows users to import favorite photos to create printable personalized birthday, Christmas, wedding, and other greeting cards online.
  185. NetCard - in English and Portuguese. Feature cities and places in Brazil, love, friendship, birthdays, and more.
  186. NetGift eCards - offers animated and funny virtual greeting cards for any occasion.
  187. NetGreeting - offers holiday, romantic, and birthday themes.
  188. - offering a selection of virtual greeting cards.
  189. - offers free video clips to attach to messages and greetings.
  190. Nickey's Postcards - includes animal, art, romantic, and music cards.
  191. Nude Messenger - send an e-card featuring animated naked men.
  192. - offers a selection of free Flash ecards and animated greetings for Christmas, Valentine's Day, and other occasions.
  193. Orangepie - offers musical and animated cards in English and Hindi.
  194. Pacific Internet Post Office - offers birthday, Chinese New Year's, thank you, Hari Raya, and other cybercards.
  195. Pacific Products Gallery Free Electronic Greeting Cards - arranged by events and holidays.
  196. Pages4Fun - features cards, jokes, and more.
  197. Passions in Poetry - send a poem to a friend or submit a poem so someone else can send it.
  198. - provides fill-in-the-blanks secret love letters, classical poems, and romantic e-cards.
  199. PC Post - send a telegram to anywhere in the world via the Internet, or from you desktop.
  200. - send an email from your pets in their native tongue.
  201. Photo Cartoonist - offering funny pictures on free greeting cards featuring birthdays and photos of people, dogs, cats, and babies.
  202. - e-cards that combine photos with original music.
  203. Photovault - offering an archive of colorful images in a variety of genres including food, city and landscapes, business scenes, nature, animals, and more.
  204. PhotoVille - vintage photo-album postcards.
  205. Planetpals Click n Stick Stickers - ecology email stickers.
  206. PopularSpot's Ecards - you can express your thoughts in animated music cards.
  207. Printable Greeting Cards - contains cards for holidays, birthdays, friendship, and more.
  208. Punjabi E-Greetings - features musical and animated cards.
  209. Radiocards.Net - with embedded music.
  210. Recovery Greetings - features cards for recovery programs.
  211. Rediff E-cards - features cards for Indian occasions.
  212. - features animated greeting cards for all occasions.
  213. - features free greetings, invitations, and games.
  214. Rigel 7: Send a TechnoGram - features outer space-themed greetings set to techno music.
  215. RiverSongs - offers a variety of cards.
  216. Romantic Light Artistry Post Office
  217. Rubber Chicken Cards - when you care enough to send a greeting that isn't free.
  218. - offers free cards and personalized children's stories.
  219. Send a Card
  220. Send a Greeting
  221. Send Fun - offers funny pictures, fun pages, romantic, and special occasion e-cards.
  222. Sendcard - free open source e-card program.
  223. - features a variety of humorous and inspirational animated greetings.
  224. Shambhala Virtual Cards - features cards with spiritual and mystical content.
  225. Shubhkaamna - offers birthday, anniversary, zodiac sign, and Indian festival themes.
  226. Silly Cards - wacky fill-in-the-blank greetings for any occasion.
  227. SlyGreetings - twisted greetings and pranks.
  228. Smiley Greetings
  229. Starr's Celestial Cards
  230. Sugarqube - featuring fully animated, cartoon quality ecards.
  231. - features free ecards and greeting cards for birthdays, holidays, and all ocassions.
  232. Supreme Card
  233. Talking Greeting - allows users to send talking animated messages via email. Also offers talking email and stock services.
  234. TalkinToons - offering funny and impressive free cartoon greetings and animations for all occasions.
  235. TheGreetings - send free electronic greeting cards for all occasions.
  236. Toonogram - features Doctor Fun cartoon postcards.
  237. Top - offers animated greeting cards for holidays, birthdays, and everyday occasions.
  238. Tourism In Morocco
  239. Tuxedo Joe's - offers cards for a variety of occasions.
  240. Unique Greetings
  241. Greetings Cards - offers free animated and musical greetings for all occasions.
  242. Venture Unlimited - allows one to plan a five part evening "out on the town" and send a multi-stage card to someone special.
  243. VideoGreetings - allows one to send video greetings from a personal computer or wireless device.
  244. Virtual Crack Rock - what better way to make someone's day than the wonderful gesture of crack cocaine?
  245. Virtual Free Greeting Card - free animated greeting cards for all occasions.
  246. Virtual Gifts at - virtual gifts and postcards.
  247. Wackynutz - offers electronic greeting cards for birthdays, holidays, love, and friendship.
  248. Warner Bros. Web Cards - offers online greeting cards and more.
  249. Webshots eCards - offering electronic greeting cards for all occasions.
  250. Who Is Your Friend? - show your friend how much you care. Allows user to send personalized URL to a recipient with a flash greeting.
  251. - e-cards with attitude to send to that special or bad person in your life.
  252. WhyNot Creations
  253. Wired 2000 Virtual Postcards - offers a variety of cards for all occasions.
  254. WonderGreetings - offers several animated greetings for various occasions.
  255. Yahoo! Greetings - send a free personalized greeting.
  256. Zen Cards - featuring greetings with words of wisdom and the samurai spirit.
  257. - Complete resource on Christmas, greetings, ecards and related links with relevant resources.