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Kids Games Links

  1. Elliott Avedon Museum and Archive of Games - public institution dedicated to research and the collection, preservation, and exhibition of games and game-related objects.
  2. Games Kids Play - archive of rules for popular schoolyard games. Includes an index of games including jump rope, red rover, tetherball and more.
  3. History of Toys and Games - history and timeline of such classics as Barbie and slinky.
  4. History of Traditional Games - provides history, pictures, links, and current information about traditional games from around the world. Pub games, board games, tables games, and outdoor games.
  5. Luding - information about games, their authors and producers, lots of links to game descriptions.
  6. Table Hockey - reports, facts, and competitions.
  7. Games That Interest John Conway - logic games from the inventor of Conway's Life.
  8. Puzzle Depot - features online crosswords, riddles and word puzzles, logic puzzles, and puzzle software.
  9. Kids' Corner - kids' art gallery, puzzles, message boards, and links to web sites for kids.
  10. Kid Crosswords and Other Puzzles - monthly e-zine of puzzles on educational topics for teachers and parents to use with their kids.
  11. BrainBashers - puzzles, brain teasers, games, and optical illusions for the whole family.
  12. - puzzles, logic problems, illusions, tricks, articles, and more.
  13. - challenging puzzles and games including jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, word searches, and trivia.
  14. Plastelina - contains a number of classic logic puzzle games created in Flash.
  15. Activities For Kids: Car Games - selection of games to play on the road.
  16. Children Today: Are We There Yet? Car Games to Keep Kids Occupied - article by Carma Haley with game descriptions.
  17. Car Travel Activity Book - printable activitiy book for young readers on long car trips.
  18. Car Games - featuring the ABC game, Guess What I Am, and alphabet signs.
  19. Road Trip Relief - article discussing ways to keep kids amused while on a road trip.
  20. Car Games - games to play with children in the car.
  21. Mom's Minivan - contains road trip ideas and travel games for kids and babies.
  22. ParentCenter: Car Games - list of car games including license plate bingo, name that tune, and tongue twisters.
  23. Sesame Workshop: Car Games - includes car bingo, muppet games, and other ways to keep the kids entertained on a car trip.
  24. 1,000 Blank White Cards - invented game in which the players create their own cards and play them on one another. Includes samples.
  25. Board Stiff Games - reviews of board and card games, forum, and links.
  26. Bob Lancaster Gallery of Unusual Playing Cards, The - celebration of playing cards, especially those with non-standard jacks, queens, and kings.
  27. Card Games - information and rules for card games from around the world.
  28. Card Trick Central - tricks that can be done with an ordinary deck of cards.
  29. Cripple Mr Onion - with a listing of the rules, modifiers, some FAQs.
  30. Dark Cults - information about the storytelling horror card game.
  31. Dvorak - nomic card game where all the cards start out blank and players choose a theme, make up enough cards to get started, and add further cards to the game as they go along.
  32. Economists' Quartet, The - card game about economists designed to make students interested in the life of contemporary and former economists and their most important ideas.
  33. Egyptian Ratscrew - quirky fast-paced card game for any number of players.
  34. Kout Bo Sitta - online version of a popular Arabic card game.
  35. Piecepack - a public domain set of boardgame parts that can be used to design and play a wide variety of games.
  36. Pile Game, The - java-based card game
  37. Ronda - software for playing the card game popular in Morocco.
  38. Rook - a fun four-player trick-taking card game, more interesting than hearts or spades, but less complicated than bridge. Enjoy!
  39. Rules of the Game - offers rules and variations for card games.
  40. Triple Topper - printable deck of cards with three variables: number, color, and suit. Also includes rules for games.
  41. Web Trumps - old-school style Top Trumps game updated for the digital age.
  42. Wingo Dingo - the logical game.
  43. Woolly Badger - card game with 1 card played per person per hand.
  44. Wyoming Cowboy - includes rules and overview for the cardgame Wyoming Cowboy.
  45. BuckoSoft Pinball Machine Voting System - vote for your favorite pinball machines.
  46. Fungus Amungus - collection of coin-operated games and memorabilia.
  47. Game Plan Pinball - dedicated to preserving Game Plan pinball machines.
  48. McCannical Pinball Page - A great resource on the web for anything related to the great game of pinball! Updated frequently with info on soon to be released games.
  49. Pinball 2000 - pinball like never before... Virtual images are projected onto the playfield, allowing the ball to interact with video targets as well as traditional 3D targets.
  50. Pinball Art
  51. - offers several resources, including shows and tournaments, publications, spare parts, and more.
  52. Pinburgh 2002 - three-day competitive international pinball tournament.
  53. Randy Fromm's Amusement International Magazine
  54. page
  55. World Pinball Directory - guide to pinball around the world. Includes places to play and info on new releases, tournaments, and shows.
  56. FAQ - Rec.Games.Pinball Illustrated - a guide to buying and maintaining home pinball machines, plus a tour of Andy's Pins.