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Kids Web Sites Links

  1. 4Kids Treehouse - contains informational links about movies, cartoons, space, animals, and more.
  2. Berit's Best Sites for Children - fun and educational sites for kids are screened, rated, annotated, and organized by topic.
  3. - provides school resources and links for kids, teens, and parents.
  4. Cyber Patrol's Cyberguide - provides a filtered search engine that returns results appropriate for children.
  5. Cyberhaunts for Kids - provides links on a variety of topics.
  6. FirstGov for Kids - U.S. Government site providing links to Federal and other websites for kids.
  7. Fun for Kids by Jen - designed for children K-6 and offering links to information, games, interactive sites, and arts and crafts.
  8. Great Sites - for kids and the adults who care about them.
  9. Great Sites for Kids - reviews of fun and educational web sites for kids in the topics of history, geography, language arts, math, music, and science.
  10. Howard's Links 4 Kids
  11. Indianchild - features children-appropriate web sites localized for Indian kids.
  12. Kidland - offers index of kids' sites hosted by Webbie the frog.
  13. Kids on the Web - collection of resources found on the Net that are either applicable or of interest to children.
  14. Kids Ring - sites made by kids, for kids or about kids.
  15. Kids' Turn Central
  16. KidsClick! - web guide/search engine for kids by librarians.
  17. Kidscomet - travel through galaxies of online games, space and ufo stuff, earth and animal information, kids news events, and more, all in one stop!
  18. Not Just for Kids - fun and educational links for everyone from young children to parents. Each link is reviewed and categorized.
  19. PeachPod - collection of Internet links for kids.
  20. Saluki Search - family-friendly engine targeted towards families, schools, teachers, and kids.
  21. Start Squad - presented by the state of North Carolina Libraries. Encouraging Internet and library literacy in a safe environment.
  22. - in Dutch.
  23. World Wide Kids - links to books, games, and other fun stuff. Also some original stories.
  24. - features games, stories, news, message boards, and more.
  25. Fun Interactive - allows users to post pictures, jokes, and riddles, or create web sites or an online club in a filtered, kid-safe environment.
  26. VolcanoWorld - includes current eruptions, world volcano listings by region, and images.
  27. Yahooligans! - the web guide for kids! Also features games, jokes, news, sports, reference, and more.
  28. ABC Game - interactive web game for learning the alphabet.
  29. Adventures with Posnayko - educational magazine for kids aged 4 - 7, with cool games, stories, pictures, jokes, and music.
  30. Afghanistan for Kids - interactive look at pre-war Afghanistan. Includes Kabul, storybook character Mullah Nasrudin, Afghan food and clothing, and pictures.
  31. ALFY - web portal for kids.
  32. Anchorville - home of Anchor Milk. Includes games, links, Anchorville codes, and points.
  33. ArgoSphere - U.K. educational service aimed at children at home and at school, with activities suitable for different age ranges.
  34. Arts & Kids - children can browse galleries of other kids' drawings or submit their own. Includes prize giveaways, online coloring books, puzzles, and art contests.
  35. Ask Jeeves for Kids - natural language question answering site for children 7-14.
  36. Babloo Kids Portal - features interactive education, games, puzzles, quizzes, learning activities, and encyclopedia.
  37. Backyard Jungle - allows users from around the world to upload photos, drawings, and descriptions of the natural surroundings where they live, their "backyard."
  38. Ben Wicks' Born to Read Club - online village for families to have fun and learn together.
  39. Billy Bear's Playground - where kids (and parents) can learn about Billy Bear, play games, create their own storybooks, and enjoy holiday fun pages.
  40. - interactive games and puzzles in a safe environment.
  41. Bright Ideas - The Sugar Bush - stories, crafts, projects and adventures for fun and education.
  42. Brownielocks and The 3 Bears - includes educational and fun cartoons, limericks, links, games, jokes, and more.
  43. Cadbury Land - offers fun things to do and games to play.
  44. Cathy's Picnic - holiday information, stories and activities for kids.
  45. Chaos Kids - club features a soccer forum, the Chaotic Attractor, and home pages.
  46. Chevron Cars - visit the neighborhood to play games, solve puzzles, email friends and get help with homework. Learn about the environment and animals.
  47. Chiquita-tize Your World - kids site with games and information on bananas, health, nutrition, and sports.
  48. Chocolate State University - contains web directories in a school format for kids. Also includes games and word searches.
  49. Color Me Egypt: Just for Kids - includes a history of Egypt, stories, games, and more.
  50. Color Site, The - includes coloring pages that are animated with sound, holiday sections, and games.
  51. Cool Kids - includes games, print and paint activities, teachers forum, and information for parents.
  52. Crest Kids - take a visit to Sparkle City and learn about dental hygiene.
  53. Crumbs World - enjoy the adventures of the smaller-than-life Crumb, Brad, and Biskit, as they go out into the universe in search of Crumb's missing brother.
  54. CyberSleuth-Kids - online database with K-12 subject links and more.
  55. Diesel Protokid - allows users to become a top fashion stylist and design their very own model online.
  56. Discovernet - a learning gateway to Australian museums and their exhibits, geared toward young students and their educators.
  57. Discovery Kids - enables kids to learn about and develop a variety of adventures and explorations.
  58. Disney's Blast - delivers original online content in a mix of programming kids won't find anywhere else.
  59. Dixie Krazy Kritters - entertainment for kids and parents from Dixie Krazy Kritters cups and plates. Online voting, games, coloring, fun facts, and printable crafts and activities.
  60. eKIDS Internet - aims to be a private secure network just for kids with games, chat, toons, and more.
  61. Eta Nutman Peanut Butter - explore the Eta Nutman planet featuring games, colouring in, competitions, downloads, and more.
  62. Fact Monster - provides dictionary, encyclopedia, and general homework help.
  63. Family Edge - offers educational games for children up to grade 4, plus resources for parents, grandparents, and teachers.
  64. Family Education Network - covers pre K-12 education, learning technology, family finance, careers, advocacy, and other important topics for today's parents.
  65. Fin Fur and Feather Bureau of Investigation, The - original interactive stories and games for 8-12 year olds, set in a fictional crime fighting agency.
  66. Freddo Frog - help Freddo the chocolate frog compete in The Freddo Games.
  67. Fun With Spot - official site dedicated to the world's most loveable puppy. Includes games, activities, and information for Spot fans of all ages.
  68. - the science of having fun. Games, boredom busters, recipes, projects, and more.
  69. - educational website for children, teachers, and parents. Offers games and activities for kids between preschool and sixth grade.
  70. GameZone's KidZone! - provides reviews of children's software.
  71. GreatKids - a project to celebrate and honor the incredible things that kids in our communities do to make the world a better place.
  72. GusTown - hosted by Gus and the CyberBuds. Contains learning activities, games, and the CyberBud Club.
  73. - official Keith Haring website for children: fun interactive activities to inspire a love of learning and art.
  74. Harris Kid Zone - participate in fun polls designed for kids.
  75. HBO Magnet
  76. Headbone Zone - contains games, fun features, monitored chat, and more.
  77. Hershey's Candy Bar Factory - fun and games for chocolate loving kids.
  78. Hershey's Kidztown - recipes, quiz, and fun and games for kids from the chocolate maker.
  79. - downloads, games, contests, and greeting cards.
  80. Hunt for Billy - official site of Dixie's Billy the Dog from Georgia-Pacific. Includes answers to Hunt for Billy game cups, online games, and printable activities.
  81. - animated multimedia activities that make learning fun.
  82. Infoplease Kids - facts, fun, free homework help, encyclopedia, dictionary & online reference desk.
  83. Jazz Kids - features an interactive timeline, improvisation station, and the Repeat the Beat game. From the official site for the Ken Burns documentary on Jazz.
  84. Kahootz - allows children and students to create their own multimedia content and share it with schools around the globe via the Internet.
  85. Kayleigh's Playground - offers games involving the alphabet, numbers, colors, and more.
  86. Kellogg's Eet and Ern - information on how to redeem points and earn prizes.
  87. Kellogg's Kids Club - features forums, games, polls, and soccer tips.
  88. Kellogg's Nutrition Camp - fun and nutrition basics.
  89. Kid's Channel - activities, games, and stories for children of all ages.
  90. Kid's Heart, A - features games and puzzles, Bible lessons, greeting cards, clip art, coloring pages, and other activities.
  91. KidChef - culinary destination for children and parents. Includes recipes, menus, cooking tips, food facts, and an online store featuring chef wear and kitchen tools.
  92. KiddoNet - offers free email, greetings, home page composer, net games, and more.
  93. Kidomatix - paintbook, puzzle game, wallpapers, and a section to plan class schedules and write down friends' information.
  94. Kids Domain - educational and entertainment destination for kids featuring game and icon downloads, children's software reviews, online safety tips, holiday pages, and contests for kids.
  95. Kids Domain UK - offers reviews of software, online activities, tips for safe surfing, and stories, with sections for kids, parents, and teachers.
  96. Kids Learning Network - offering games, software, activities, homework help, and more.
  97. Kids Online Games - offers fun and educational kids games to download and play at a party.
  98. Kids Play Safe with Boowa and Kwala - contains a fun story, singsong children's music plus mazes, coloring games, guessing games and more, for kindergarten and preschoolers.
  99. Kids' Corner - kids' art gallery, puzzles, message boards, and links to web sites for kids.
  100. Kids' Korner Network - stories and songs, riddles and rhymes, puzzles and games, coloring pages, and more.
  101. - inviting kids to join up for jokes, horror-scopes, site reviews, games, chat and more.
  102. - special Internet domain that parents and children can trust for educational and appropriate online fun.
  103. KidsClick! Worlds of Web Searching - lessons and activities to help you learn Web searching skills.
  104. KidsCom - games, message boards, kids chat, video game cheats, contests, and prizes.
  105. - offers online learning games and contests, early childhood education tools for improving reading and math skills, and a kid-safe Internet browser and search engine.
  106. - offers over 3500 jokes for kids of all ages, including knock knock, animal and scary jokes, and more.
  107. Kidsnet - family listings guide to the U.K. and Northern Ireland, offering details of museums, galleries, attractions, and more.
  108. - animated chat, games, prizes, contests and other fun entertainment.
  109. KidsPost - news for kids from the Washington Post.
  110. Kidstime - provides a fun, safe, and educational place for you and your pre-school child.
  111. Kidszone - fun stories, projects, recipes, and penpals.
  112. Kidtastic - includes games, music, art, learning, library, homework help, and more.
  113. KidWorld - from Tandem House, artwork, writing, and ideas by and for kids.
  114. Kidz page - contains a fun, free, safe site for young kids and their families. Includes games, music, postcards, colouring pages, and other activities.
  115. KidzNet - offers games, jokes, holiday information, and more.
  116. Kidzworld - offers games, kids' and teen chat rooms, message boards, sports, fashion, music, reviews, homework help, and more.
  117. Kinetic City - join the Kinetic City Super Crew, a bunch of cool kids, and their talkative supercomputer, ALEC, for science adventures, games, and learning.
  118. - play games, discover the animal world, and a fully interactive universe which includes a farm, a geoworld, a zoo, and a place to discover artists.
  119. Kuttu - contains stories, puzzles, and quiz for children.
  120. - stand alone web site dedicated to teaching children about the law.
  121. Look, Learn, and Do - learn interesting history and facts, and build fun projects with easy-to-follow, illustrated plans.
  122. Lycos Zone - includes comics, games, information for kids, parents, and teachers.
  123. Magic Factory - collection of games that aims to teach children about light and color.
  124. Magic-Kinder - interactive adventures for children. Requires a Magicode from a Kinder Surprise Egg for access.
  125. MaMaMedia - features fun learning activities for kids.
  126. McDonaldland - provides online games, coloring pages, and other McDonald's activities for kids.
  127. MeToo Network - a community for children featuring reviews, interviews, email, games, story and artwork submittal, and chatting.
  128. Miss Maggie's Earth Adventures - offers environmental lessons for kids.
  129. MyKindaSite - offers interactive games, puzzles, and stories.
  130. Nation Junior - offers feature stories, entertainment columns, and learning English for children. Also includes competition schedule in Thailand.
  131. Kids - children's version including stories about animals, geography, the Earth, and more.
  132. Netfundu - features children's activities, stories, games, contests, sports, and fundu facts.
  133. NGAkids - the National Gallery of Art introduces kids to the world of art. Provides information on techniques and periods of art.
  134. NHL Kids - with games, practice information, and other fun stuff for kids.
  135. Noggin - commercial-free, educational TV network from the makers of Sesame Street and Nick Jr. Schedule features a mix of signature series from these networks and original series and shorts.
  136. Norman Conquest School Site - designed to help Key Stage 3 pupils investigate the events of 1066.
  137. Oral-B Brush Buddies - tips provided for tooth brushing, dental hygiene, and dental care for kids. Learn how to fight cavities, plaque, tooth decay, and gum disease.
  138. Otto and Iris - shares the 3D world of Otto and Iris with puzzles and games to play.
  139. Ourkidclub - includes achievements, articles, education, advice, and cartoons.
  140. Paw Island - step-by-step tour of how to use and navigate the Web.
  141. PBS Kids Democracy Project - find out how government works, step inside a voting booth, and find out what could happen if you were President for a day.
  142. PBS Kids: It's My Life - offering teens and kids advice on issues they want to talk about, including friends, family, school, and body.
  143. Planet Giggle - where children can express their brilliance, hopes, and creativity in a fun, friendly, and safe environment.
  144. Postopia - a world of space fun for kids that love cereal.
  145. Rainbow Raccoons - promotes health, education, and safety for kids with stories and pictures.
  146. Rand McNally Kids - homework help and facts about a variety of subjects.
  147. SFS Kids - provides a great way for people of all ages to hear, learn, and have fun with music. Includes information about the instruments of the orchestra and symphony news.
  148. SmARTkids - activity site exposing youngsters to all facets of art from the studio, to the darkroom, and definitions in between.
  149. Smiley for Babies - offers fun online activities for infants and parents, including an interactive zoo, stories, learning games, screen saver, and postcards.
  150. - news and entertainment site for kids featuring space and science news stories, interactive games, weekly polls, kids' submissions, images, contests, and more.
  151. Spark Island - online learning channel for children aged 3-12.
  152. Squigly's Playhouse - games, jokes and activities for kids of all ages.
  153. Squirtworld - a site of fun for the whole family
  154. Stamp Quest - interactive website for stamp collectors aged 8-14, complete with stamp and club membership information, games, and activities.
  155. Superdudes - gives users tools to custom create their own superhero. Includes games, hero search, and user showcase.
  156. Surf Monkey Kids Channel - portal designed for kids. Offers links, bulletin boards, email, chat, downloadable kid-safe browser, and more.
  157. Surfing the Net with Kids - a weekly review of fun, educational Web sites by Barbara Feldman, for the San Diego Union-Tribune.
  158. Switcheroo Zoo - switch the animals' heads, legs, and tails, to make new creatures at this surreal virtual zoo.
  159. - place for kids to scramble and unscramble secret messages.
  160. Topher's Castle - features Winnie the Pooh and breakfast cereal character guides; magazines, links, and free stuff for kids, comics and cartoons, a mystery page, and more.
  161. Torah Tots - specificially aimed at Jewish children. Includes holiday games, music, educational tools, and more.
  162. TVOKids - join Gisele in the Nook, play games in the Crawlspace, watch videos on the web, and more.
  163. Wee Little Web - educational site sponsored by Sears Portrait Studio.
  164. Wee Webbies - jokes, puzzles, stories, math and alphabet practice, and more for young children.
  165. Wild Wicked Winifred - offers news, games, treasure hunts, and more.
  166. World Almanac for Kids - offers games, quizzes, contests, and reference facts on topics like space, presidents, the environment, and animals.
  167. World Kids Network - run mostly by kids for kids. Includes chat, clubs, mailing lists, news, and school service.
  168. WorldVillage Kidz - word search puzzles, online games, links, and more for kids.
  169. - designed to highlight fun, educational, and safe spots for kids to visit on the Web.
  170. - includes message boards, chat, email, music, style, and book reviews.
  171. You Rule School - kids site with games featuring Lucky Charms, Trix, Cheerios, and Cocoa Puffs cereals. Sponsored by General Mills.
  172. Youth Online Club - for boys and girls from 5 to 18, parents, educators, and youth workers.
  173. Zeeks - includes games, bulletin boards, cartoons, and a section for teachers and parents.
  174. Zillions - offers consumer information to kids including product reviews, toy tests, and more.
  175. Zooish - interactive site for kids where the animal kingdom comes to life.