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Pen Pals Links

Pen Pals 

  1. ePALS Classroom Exchange - online collaborative classroom community connects students and teachers around the world. Features teaching resources, translation tools, and more.
  2. A Girl's World Pen Pal Club - club for girls of all ages to write to penpals from countries worldwide.
  3. Abwenzi African Studies - nonprofit corporation promoting penpal friendships between Americans and Africans.
  4. KeyPals Club - place for young people to locate and correspond with others.
  5. Kids' Media Club - offers introductions from children around the world who want to find pen pals.
  6. Kids' Park Japan - boys and girls in the second grade. Quizzes, chat, games, and more.
  7. Letters from Africa - young pen pals from Aspen, Colorado and the Southeast African nation of Malawi exchange ideas and share interests in African wildlife.
  8. Greetings and Salutationz - offers greetings from Santa, the Tooth Fairy, pen pals, and more.
  9. Student Letter Exchange - over half a million participants each year.


More Pen Pals

  1. Penpal Pinboard - people of all ages looking for worldwide penpals.
  2. Adam's Postcard and Pen Pal Page - place to exchange postcards and to find snail mail or e-mail pen pals from all over the world.
  3. - features people seeking international penpals.
  4. Allworld PenPals Directory - listing of pen pals from all over the world.
  5. Andy's Penpals Worldwide - provides postal or email pen pals, chat room, photos and more.
  6. Betty Meets Boris - pen pals for all ages. Comics, message boards, and advice.
  7. Brad's Pen Pal Page - contains profiles, penpals, and links.
  8. ContacTV - find new pen pals and friends, and meet interesting people by clicking an email link below their photographs.
  9. Cultural Correspondence - penpal site dedicated to international friendship with a strong focus on cultural sharing.
  10. Dolphin International - quarterly hobbies and pen pal magazine.
  11. E-Friends Center - international key pal and pen pal community.
  12. E-Mail Club - provides a directory of people who want to communicate by email.
  13. - searchable database of penpals offers photos and chat.
  14. ePals Foreign Language Penpals - learn foreign languages and exchange cultures with pen pals all over the world.
  15. epenfriends - offers ecards, pictures, chat room, and email based on area of interest.
  16. Friendship Register, The - lighthearted, entertaining newsletter for ladies who enjoy corresponding with people from the U.S. and countries around the world.
  17. Heart-service - email penpals worldwide.
  18. Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections - free service to help teachers and classes link with partners in other countries and cultures for email classroom pen-pal and project exchanges
  19. Internet Social Club - find online pen pals by shared interests and hobbies.
  20. InterPals Penpal Net - helping people of all ages find worldwide penpals.
  21. Mail-Friends - matches up email pen pals from all over the world.
  22. Mailfriends - find mail friends and penpals from all over the world.
  23. Marcos Pen Pal Services - features pen pal matching service, question page, and more.
  24. My Own Friends - search listings from around the world, or place your own.
  25. Online Friendship - find friends from all over the world.
  26. Owl's Penfriends, The - read the listings to find a friend, or add yourself to the list.
  27. - matches penpals for both postal and email correspondence.
  28. Penpal Club - Singapore-based email club with global membership.
  29. Penpal Zone - organized by gender.
  30. - create your own profile, and view those of others interested in corresponding.
  31. Penpals Now! - free penpal lists, auto-add form, and a search engine.
  32. PenPals Plus - searchable listings of international penpals for dating or friendship.
  33. Penpals Web - for teens and college students.
  34. PenPALS, Inc. - email correspondents of all ages.
  35. - find international penpals for free.
  36. PenpalTV - searchable database of listings.
  37. Penpalzone - offering a place to meet friends throughout the world.
  38. Planet Friendship - community of people around the world who are agreeing to be friends with all living beings.
  39. SAPE - Soviet-American Penfriend Exchange - matches kids (and adults) with penpals in the former Soviet Union. Penpals are matched by age, gender, and common language.
  40. Sassociations - free snail mail and email.
  41. Tips for Making Pen Pals All Over the World - includes advice for pen pal beginners, tips for solving problems that can happen in international correspondence, and a message board for overseas pen pals.
  42. World Cultural Foundation - promotes cultural understanding throughout the world; programs include International Pen Friends, a pen pal matching service.
  43. World Pen Pals - students writing to students.
  44. Write a Senior Citizen - provides an opportunity for seniors to make penpals.