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Health Information World Links

  1. Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health - also known as The Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health. Conducting a variety of research projects with women throughout the country.
  2. Body-Mind QueenDom - personality, intelligence, and health-related tests; plenty of personal stories and advice columns; and numerous articles on mental and women's health.
  3. Center For Research On Women's Health
  4. - articles, information, and resources from a radio and television spokesperson.
  5. - contains informational sites about gynecology, hormones, sexually transmitted diseases, and breast health.
  6. Forum for Women's Health - a collection facts, information, advice, and suggestions to help you deal with your health concerns. All content on these pages is designed, written, and developed by a woman physician and along with other women's health professionals.
  7. Health Square - women's health information center, includes articles written for the lay person.
  8. Healthology: Women's Health Focus - articles and videos on women's health issues.
  9. Helios Health - animations, information, discussion groups, news, and healthalert email updates on topics from pregnancy to menopause.
  10. iEmily - health and wellness site just for girls. Find information about your changing body, fitness, nutrition, friends, relationships, and more.
  11. - comprehensive resource for news and information on breast cancer prevention, screening, diagnosis, and treatment. Also covers related women's health issues.
  12. Jacobs Institute of Women's Health - nonprofit organization offering timely information, publications, and research to advancing knowledge and practice in the field of women's health.
  13. JAMA Women's Health Information Center
  14. Ladies' Home Journal: Women's Health - offers information on allergies, alternatives to hysterectomy, breast cancer, cholesterol, fertility problems, menopause, and more.
  15. Let's Talk About Bladder Control - patient education brochures for women with bladder control problems, discussing causes, treatments, and emotional issues of female urinary incontinence.
  16. Women's Health Answers - responses to questions about birth control, medical conditions, breast self-examination, and other concerns.
  17. Medical Information for Ladies - shares information on a variety of health topics including birth control, depression, HRT, pregnancy, and losing weight.
  18. MerckSource: Women's Health - information and assessments covering cervical, ovarian, and breast cancers, endometriosis, menopause, reproductive and gynecologic issues, and cardiovascular disease.
  19. My First Visit - designed to help a young woman understand what happens at her first visit to her general practitioner or gynecologist.
  20. National Black Women's Health Project - African American health education, research, advocacy, and leadership development institution.
  21. National Women's Health Information Center - offers women's health resources and materials for consumers and professionals.
  22. National Women's Hospital - largest women's hospital in Australasia. National Women's provides comprehensive maternity care with antenatal and postnatal facilities.
  23. Natural Health Website for Women - discusses the menopause, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, infertility, weight loss, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and alternative HRT.
  24. Navigating the Body: A Visibility Project - art installation about women living in chronic pain by visual artist Susan L. Harman.
  25. Nutrition for Women - offers information on health, fitness, and food nutrition.
  26. StrongWomen - provides fitness and nutrition programs developed under the direction of Dr. Miriam Nelson.
  27. Surgeon General's Report: Women and Smoking 2001 - detailing the reasons for smoking, usage patterns and trends, and the health consequences of varying age groups.
  28. - information about women's health issues in midlife. Includes bulletin boards, decision making, living with breast cancer, and personal guidance.
  29. Take Wellness To Heart - an AHA site that provides information about heart disease and stroke in women.
  30. Tasmanian Women's Health Network - with information on diseases, prevention and health centres.
  31. UPHS: Premenstrual Syndrome - description and treatment information.
  32. Victory Center - community resource for women to help themselves stay well through education and prevention.
  33. Web by Women, for Women - devoted to information on women's health, sexuality, and more.
  34. WomanHealth.Net - the obstetrics and gynecology patient education Web site for Saints Memorial WomanHealth.
  35. Women Fitness - women's health and fitness site. Offers detailed information on exercising, weight management, strength training, nutrition, and motivation.
  36. Women's Center for Mind-Body Health - offers obstetrics and gynecology information on the mind-body connection, effects of stress on women's health, and the medical use of interactive imagery.
  37. Women's Health Action Trust - a charitable trust with the aims of providing women with high quality information and education services to enable them to maintain their health and make informed choices about their health care.
  38. Women's Health America Group - resource for women's health information and products.
  39. Women's Health Center - authoritative resource on natural approaches to women's health, including herbal medicine, nutrition, homeopathy, and Chinese Medicine.
  40. Women's Health Hot Line - providing information on women's health to the media and the general public.
  41. Women's Health Interactive - place for women to proactively learn about their health and health-related issues.
  42. Women's Health Resources - brought to you by the Canadian Women's Health Network.
  43. Women's Healthguide - offers resources for many aspects of women's health including osteoporosis, menopause, bone cancer, and pregnancy.
  44. New York Times Women's Health - featuring comprehensive guides to issues of special concern to women.
  45. PubMed - integrates information from NCBI databases including nucleotide and protein sequences, macromolecular structures, whole genomes, and MEDLINE.
  46. National Library of Medicine's MEDLINEplus - includes health news, topical features, drug information, medical encyclopedia, dictionary, databases, directories, and other resources.
  47. Infotrieve Free Medline Search
  48. - search the National Library of Medicine's Medline and Pre-Medline databases for the latest medical journal information. Includes an index of other web sources.
  49. Blood Transfusion Guidelines for International Travelers
  50. Dr. Mark Wise's The Travel Clinic - features advice on travel preparation, health precautions, common illnesses, and more.
  51. Fit for Travel - provides health information for people traveling abroad from the U.K.
  52. Health In China - includes medical information, contacts, and health tips especially helpful to travelers and expatriates.
  53. Healthy Flying With Diana Fairechild - source for healthy, safe and efficient travel information. Click here for networking and lobbying to improve conditions for airline passengers.
  54. International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers (IAMAT) - coordinates medical services for travellers around the world.
  55. International Society of Travel Medicine - organization of professionals dedicated to the advancement of the specialty of travel medicine.
  56. Lonely Planet Health Check
  57. MASTA - offers health and travel information for traveling abroad. Includes information on diseases, immunizations, travel products, visas, and insurance.
  58. - travel health information, updated daily, for physicians and travelers.
  59. Medicine Planet - provides articles, disease and immunization information, and other tips for travelers.
  60. Travel Doctor - health information for global adventure travellers, including customized lists of medicines, plus advice on malaria, prophylaxis, and immunization.
  61. Travel Doctor Online - offers an interactive world map that gives information about diseases on a country level, recommended vaccinations, and travel tips. Also in Danish.
  62. Travel Health Information
  63. Travel Health Online - country-specific health and safety information answering questions about immunizations and disease risk as you prepare for travel abroad.
  64. Travel Medicine Consultants
  65. Tropical Medical Bureau - provides health information for international travellers from Ireland.
  66. Virtual Hospital: Emporiatrics An Introduction to Travel Medicine - online booklet providing basic information for clinicians interested in the field of emporiatrics, with particular emphasis on prevention of travel-related illness.
  67. World Traveler - provides health information for international travelers, including country-specific health risks, health clinic locations, and advice on protection from Hepatitis.
  68. CDC Travelers' Health - includes information on outbreaks, specific diseases, recommended vaccinations, and traveling with children and pets. Presented by the National Center for Infectious Diseases.
  69. Program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases - searchable database alerts and updates is free of charge. Useful for those living in or traveling to afflicted areas.
  70. Health and Living
  71. - topics for your family, lifestyle, home, and business.
  72. BBC News: Health
  73. Bioscience and Medicine - read and announce interesting developments in your field, new Internet resources, and press releases.
  74. CBS HealthWatch - includes an archive of resources, a daily diary, and news.
  75. CBS2 News: Health - daily health and fitness news from CBS2-TV in Los Angeles.
  76. - Health - offers advice, articles, a question forum, and more. Includes sections on autism, bullying, and ADHD for parents.
  77. Clinnix - daily news service focusing on delivering health care information online.
  78. Health
  79. - pharmaceutical information and news.
  80. Doctor's Guide to the Internet - Medical News and Alerts - latest medical news from conferences, the literature, newswires and the net. Updated daily.
  81. Health News - news articles, health highlights, and health advice.
  82. Englemed - latest news on health and medical research from around the world. An independent service produced by professional journalists and written in British English.
  83. Fine Print News, The - the latest Lyme disease and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome information in both audio and text formats.
  84. Health News and Information Directory - health and medical news directory. Each subject lists related links and current articles.
  85. HealthLeaders - offers magazine, news, research reports, forums, and more for those working in the health care industry.
  86. HealthScout - watches the medical world for news of personal interest to you and your family.
  87. Healthy Resources - dedicated to empowering people with chronic conditions including COPD and sleep apnea. Patients collaborate with health care professionals to provide books, information, community, services, and products to help one manage one's health.
  88. HoltzReport - stories and perspectives of medical journalist and broadcaster Andrew Holtz, former CNN Medical correspondent.
  89. Internet Health Resources
  90. Junk Science - examines questionable "scientific developments", focusing on the public health research arena.
  91. - provides daily medical news for a network of 34 specialty Web sites for physicians, patients, and other healthcare professionals. Each site focuses exclusively on one medical specialty.
  92. Medical Breakthroughs - multimedia news site presented by Ivanhoe Broadcast News. Features groundbreaking medical procedures and health discoveries.
  93. MedNews - news search engine.
  94. MedServ International - provides medical news articles for the professional and layperson.
  95. MSNBC: Health
  96. NewsFile - more than 15 newsweeklies from three publishers, with emphasis on health, bioscience, medicine and biotechnology.
  97. Reuters Health Information Services - provides daily medical and health-related news written for the healthcare professional.
  98. Web Directory: Health Writer - list of resources for journalists writing on health and medicine.
  99. Your Health Daily - news from the New York Times Syndicate.
  100. World Health News - news digest from the Center for Health Communication of the Harvard School of Public Health.
  101. Case Health - forum for sharing health success stories. Visitors can submit a story or search the database.
  102. Dana BrainWeb - gives recommendations from the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives for sites with validated current information useful for the lay person.
  103. Diseases, Disorders, and Related Topics
  104. - resources on diseases, disorders, syndromes, and chronic illness. Includes current medical news, books, chat, articles, and message boards.
  105. International Classification of Diseases (ICD-9) - tabular list of diseases and conditions.
  106. medGrasp - features forum and chat areas where patients can discuss their experiences with many diseases and reference sources describing symptoms, treatments, and more.
  107. - offers resources for information pertaining to depression, bipolar disorder, dysthymia, eating disorders, and anxiety.
  108. WebHealth - includes an A-Z of ailments and conditions, advice pages, support groups, and health guides.
  109. Wonderful World of Diseases - catalog of links and information on diseases and human conditions.
  110. ChronicIllnet - abstracts on groundbreaking research, research "bulletin boards," events calendars, guest lectures, news articles and an "In the Community" section.
  111. Combined Health Information Database, The - provides titles, abstracts, and citations for health information and health education resources.
  112. Healthfinder - provides consumers with easy access to online, accurate health information.
  113. AccentHealth - database of news, articles, and information about conditions, medications, and tips for living a healthy lifestyle.
  114. Acronyms for Health Information Resources - linked acronyms for information and data resources in the health sciences.
  115. - offers in-depth information about highly personal health issues. Topics include sexually transmitted diseases, male and female genitalia, and depression.
  117. America's Lifeline Online - charts of U.S. health and population trends, with other country comparisons, for teachers, policy makers, and families. Data and references included.
  118. Americas Doctor - provides live chats with a doctor, news, communities, and medical information. Also offers an option to participate in health research studies.
  119. Animated Medical Graphics - medical terms and mechanisms of diseases are explained using animated graphics.
  120. bodywellbeing - offers advice on health, exercise, and alternative therapies including dieting, alcohol, the five food groups, ways to reduce fat, and stress therapy.
  121. BrainPOP - offers animated educational movies and activities for kids.
  122. Canadian Health Network (CHN) - offers FAQs and articles on health from Health Canada, organized by topic and by group.
  123. CBSHealthWatch - personalizable health site includes news, a library, and in depth information about a number of topics, including wellness, cancer, and mental health.
  124. Complete Home Medical Guide - information about health, first aid, diseases, and medications
  125. - contains news, discussion forums, and information on causes, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases.
  126. Discovery Health - offers news and in-depth features.
  127. DIY Doctor, The - offering information about common health-care concerns including lifestyle and healthy eating, child and senior health issues, and addiction.
  128. Doctor's Lounge - online community in which doctors from all over the world participate in the exchange of views and the teaching of medicine.
  129. - provides health and medical information, including personalized news.
  130. - includes online advice, medical self-diagnosis, encyclopedia of diseases, treatments, drug information, and patient health charts.
  131. - offers articles on childcare, fitness, women, and sex.
  132. Family Doctor - patient information from the American Academy of Family Physicians.
  133. Fit and Well - offers forums and articles on natural remedies, drugs, sexual health, and more.
  134. GayHealth - health and wellness site serving the lesbian, gay, transgender, and bisexual communities.
  135. Health Care Online - includes general health information, news, yellow pages, and advice.
  136. Health Spotlight, The - offers physician-authored articles and video webcasts for varius health subjects.
  137. - list of governmental sites related to health issues and topics.
  138. HealthAnswers - online healthcare videos for patients and consumers.
  139. HealthCentral - providing consumer health information.
  140. - providing physician developed and monitored medical information and resources for numerous topics including cardiology, dermatology, neurology, oncology, and more.
  141. Healthmoon - information and tips for healthy living including topics such as alcohol, diets, asthma, smoking, and skin.
  142. Healthology - provides health and medical information, written by professionals for consumers, and offers interactive online events.
  143. Healthtouch - gives consumers accurate information on dozens of health topics and diseases. Also contains a medication guide on drug uses, precautions, and side effects.
  144. HealthWorld Online - guide to a variety of topics related to healthy living and alternative therapies.
  145. Healthy Forum, The - offers complementary medical advice, health and wellbeing foods, supplements, and environmentally friendly products.
  146. Healthy Ideas - from Prevention magazine.
  147. HealthyNJ - consumer health website from University Libraries at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Includes sections on wellness, diseases, health in New Jersey, and more.
  148. InteliHealth - comprehensive collection of consumer health information.
  149. Lambton Health Unit - offering information on health issues including family, child, safety, disease, rabies, and environmental concerns.
  150. - physician-reviewed information on illnesses and conditions, pharmaceuticals, medical tests, and more.
  151. - resource for information about prevalent health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. Offers a personalized health record service.
  152. Lonestar Health - healthcare and wellness articles, resources, reference guides, magazines, and more. Also offers information on a network of North Texas hospitals and care providers.
  153. M.D. Multimedia - information for doctors and the general population.
  154. - provides information on a variety of diseases and conditions.
  155. - provides family health information, resources, and support.
  156. - provides health and medical news, interactive tools, physician reviewed information on conditions, and more.
  157. Medic-Planet - provides information about medical conditions and diseases.
  158. Medicine Box - offers consumer medical information including medical conditions, remedies, and animal health.
  159. Medicine Chest - online medical encyclopedia providing information on a wide variety of conditions and a guide to healthier living.
  160. My Lifeguard for Health - offering resources and news on health for women, men, children, and seniors, as well as fitness, alternative medicine, and drugs.
  161. - offers free e-mail reminders to schedule routine cancer screening exams and other regular health procedures.
  162. - provides information on health and wellness along with daily news, journal and magazine articles, personalized newsletters and email reminders, shopping, and more.
  163. NetWellness - Ohio Valley community health information network.
  164. Ounce of Prevention: Keeps the Germs Away, An - explains simple things you and your family can do to prevent getting infectious diseases. From the Centers for Disease Control.
  165. Patient Coach - dedicated to improving patient education through a network of health web sites, articles, and health links.
  166. Physician Advisor, The - dedicated to the dissemination of accurate medical information covering contemporary popular medical topics.
  167. - educational service with the purpose of supplying a God-centered approach to physical, mental and spiritual healthcare.
  168. Pocket Doctor - provider of health information, services, and related products both on the web and through WAP technology.
  169. Praxis.MD - provides patient information, a webzine called the Praxis Post, and subscription-based services for consumers and professionals.
  170. Remaining Healthy - offers information and advice on men's and women's health issues, aging, and personal fitness.
  171. Remedyfind - allows individuals and healthcare professionals to rate the effectiveness of treatments they've used for specific health conditions.
  172. Research Matters at Harvard University - offers insight and news on the latest discoveries and advances by Harvard researchers. Organized by topic: mind, body, society, earth, space, and technology.
  173. Road To Health - promotes a healthy lifestyle, a longer lifespan, and how to achieve it.
  174. - comprehensive health information site with tools and resources related to a wealth of topics. Browse anonymously or sign up for personalized health information.
  175. - real-time health assessment and self-care planning tools for patients with chronic illnesses. Also provides a forum for sharing information.
  176. Selfhealth - offers resources for maintaing and improving personal health.
  177. Spotlight Health - offering celebrity health awareness programs.
  178. TheHealthSite
  179. - offers advice, information, and contact numbers for a variety of different illnesses.
  180. - offers a free service that creates personalized home pages to help patients and their support network communicate throughout pregnancy, hospitalization, or long-term care.
  181. TM Health Online - provides access to a range of health related issues.
  182. - directory of U.K. self-help groups and support organizations.
  183. VhiHealth-e - offers customised healthcare information, particularly focused on the Irish consumer.
  184. - offers consultations, health centre, references, general health topics, and alternative medicine.
  185. WebMD Health - features a wide range of medical information, health and wellness tips, news, and more.
  186. Well-Aware - providing information on conditions, complementary treatments, as well as expert views written by doctors in the U.K.
  187. Wellness Guide - contains short health tips for daily use about nutrition, exercise, mental health, and more.
  188. Wellness Junction - provides health and wellness articles on a variety of consumer and professional topics.
  189. Yahoo! Health - provides health research, expert advice, healthy recipes, and more.
  190. - provides a community and an information source that includes chats, RealAudio interviews, and a reference center.
  191. - offers information on diseases and conditions, healthy living, drugs, and self-care.