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IT News Links

  1. 802.11 Report, The - free weekly email service for anyone in the 802.11 and wireless networking arena.
  2. - focused on high-tech news with newswire and original content, submissions, columns, and cartoons.
  3. Backways - covers the latest games and technology news, with a vibrant community. Submit reviews and news.
  4. Ben Sullivan's Tech Blog
  5. Beta News - inside information on products not yet released.
  6. - offering news, opinions, product reviews, and more.
  7. CNET - daily technology news, including enterprise, e-business, communications, media, and personal technology stories.
  8. - provides news, product reviews, and guides for computers, consumer electronics, and other personal technology products.
  9. Computer Bytes Man - dedicated to providing information on the use and misuse of computer technology in people's daily lives.
  10. Computer News Daily
  11. CRN - weekly newspaper of industry-related business and technology news.
  12. - covers the future of life enhancing technology through product first looks, reviews, and editorials.
  13. Digital Nowhere - gathers news from a variety of sources on the latest software releases and patches, hardware, the IT industry, and more.
  14. Dotcom Scoop - business news for the Internet and technology sectors.
  15. EarthVillage - hardware, software, and games news and reviews.
  16. freshmeat - news, forum, and more.
  17. Futurelooks - news, reviews, guides for computer hardware and electronic devices.
  18. GeekIssues - combines technology, politics, and sarcasm daily.
  19. Geeknews - computer and Internet related news by and for geeks
  20. - Canada's online destination for technology news.
  21. I4U - provides news about the future in personal technology, focusing on emerging products and gadgets.
  22. iaslash - news for information architects.
  23. - technology news, articles, how-to advice, and more for beginners and IT professionals.
  24. Industry Standard - news and analysis for the Internet economy.
  25. - online resource center that delivers premium IT content, access to industry experts, training courses, and news.
  26. Inquirer, The - featuring daily tech news, CPU roadmaps, message boards, and more.
  27. Journal of the Hyperlinked Organization (JOHO) - David Weinberger's zine about the sometimes subtle effect of the Web on how businesses run, and energetic rants on other aspects of Internet culture.
  28. Kairosnews - news site and online community for discussing rhetoric, technology, and pedagogy.
  29. Newsbytes
  30. NewsForge - offers news and commentary for the Open Source community.
  31. O'Reilly Network Weblogs - news and commentary.
  32. News - includes security and privacy alerts, business news, and new product releases.
  33. Red Herring - monthly magazine covering the business of technology.
  34. Scada News - provides the latest news about the automation world.
  35. Shifted Librarian, The - covering the digital and information science worlds.
  36. Silicon Valley Business Ink - includes features and commentary on technology, finance, real estate, and lifestyle.
  37. - high-tech and computer related news, business and finance articles, columns, career opportunities and Internet information from the San Jose Mercury News.
  38. Slashdot - threaded discussions related to news for nerds.
  39. Tasty Bits from the Technology Front (TBTF) - an email newsletter that alerts you to bellwethers in computer and communications technology, with special attention to commerce on the Internet.
  40. Tech Digest - focusing on technology in consumer rights, legal battles, corporate activities, and new laws being passed
  41. Tech Report - latest on PC hardware, software, and technology.
  42. TechNewsWorld.Com - e-business and technology news from around the world. Offers summaries and abstracts of the latest technology news.
  43. Techweb - news, product analysis, and articles for IT professionals.
  44. - offers computer and technology news, software reviews, discussion forums, chat room, and more.
  45. Upside - provides technology executives with analyses of the individuals and companies leading the digital revolution.
  46. - provides news, tips, and reviews on hardware and software.
  47. ZDNet - product reviews, computing news, downloads, how-tos, developer guides, columns, and more.
  48. ZDNet News  
  49. 21st - covering technology convergence; including A/V systems & content, computers, the Web, molecular computing, human consciousness, and more.
  50. Sci/Tech
  51. AlwaysOn - news and member opinions on technology trends and companies.
  52. Technology - covering the technology sector.
  53. Corante - daily news service focused on the technology industry covering venture capital, biotechnology, e-commerce, wireless and telecom, and Internet policy.
  54. Daily Rotation - customizable quick loading headlines from over 250 tech sites.
  55. Good Morning Silicon Valley - from the San Jose Mercury News. Looks askance at the technology news of the day with an authoritative eye and irreverent wit.
  56. Kuro5hin - threaded discussions on technology and culture.
  57. MSNBC: Technology
  58. NewsFactor Network - e-business and technology news network.
  59. San Jose Mercury News: Business - covering the Silicon Valley technology sector and more.
  60. Small Times - covers news about microelectromagnetic systems (MEMS), nanotechnology and applications in life sciences, consumer goods, defense, telecommunications and more.
  61. Tech Update: Web Technology - ZDNet - offers web technology updates and news.
  62. TechNN - offers tech news links from sources across the Web.
  63. Technofile - a consumer's non-technical guide to home electronics.
  64. TechTV - cable television network and integrated web site dedicated to computing and the Internet.
  65. the451 - offers critical news analysis, comment and opinion on the technology, communications and media industries.
  66. TOPNIC Tech News & Information - news and information on technology, open source computing, communications, Internet, and cyberculture.
  67. Yahoo! News: Tech Tuesday - features news, links, audio/video, slideshows, and more about the tech sector.
  68. Yahoo! News: Technology - featuring news about the Internet, personal technology, communications, software, and more.