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English Dictionaries

  1. Merriam-Webster Dictionary  - official site for the reference publisher. Includes online versions of the collegiate dictionary and thesaurus.
  2. OneLook Dictionaries  - search for multiple definitions of a word from a variety of online dictionaries.
  3. - English dictionary with multi-lingual search capability. Includes crossword solver features.
  4. American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition - features over 90,000 entries, most with audio word pronunciations.
  5.  - contains a dictionary and thesaurus, as well as quotations, word of the day, games, and lexicography.
  6. Cambridge International Dictionaries - search separate dictionaries of English, phrasal verbs, or idioms.
  7. Century Dictionary Online - American dictionary with fulltext search page images representing the definitions, atlas, and cyclopedia from the original text.
  8. CoolDictionary.Com: Audible Webster Dictionary - features audio clips of words and quotes.
  9. DICT Development Group  - simultaneously search several dictionaries for word definitions including Websters, Jargon File, and other databases.
  10. Dictionary of American Regional English - specializes in regional words and phrases.
  11. - features a variety of tools including thesauri, translator, and writing resources.
  12. Encarta World English Dictionary - features audio clips of words pronounced.
  13. - simultaneously and efficiently searches several dictionaries for word definitions.
  14. Google Glossary - find definitions, phrases, and acronyms.
  15. HyperDictionary - displays definitions with each individual word in the definition hyperlinked to its definition.
  16. Hypertext Webster Gateway - offers point-and-click interface for accessing various dictionary services on the Internet.
  17. iTools Language Tools - features dictionary, thesaurus, and translation tools.
  18. LookWAYup - dictionary and search tool embedded into the web page.
  19. VoyCabulary - makes the words on any webpage into links so you can look them up in a dictionary or other reference site, by simply clicking on the words.
  20. - providing glossaries of terms related to various scientific disciplines, aesthetic arts, and biographical information.
  21. Word Assault - searches various dictionaries for multiple words at a time.
  22. WordNet - online dictionary that finds words that mean the same, are more general, or more specific.
  23. Wordsmyth Educational Dictionary-Thesaurus - American English dictionary with an integrated thesaurus and other lexical resources.
  24. Yahoo! Reference - provides dictionary, encyclopedia, quotation, and world fact resources.

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American Sign Language

  1. American Sign Language Browser - ASL dictionary that lets you see the words being signed in QuickTime video. A project of the Michigan State University Communication Technology Laboratory.
  2. Basic Dictionary of ASL Terms - combination of text, graphics, and animation.
  3. Medical American Sign Language Phrasebook - helpful signs for communication between medical professionals and patients.
  4. Silent Thunder Animations Page - animated signs with descriptions.

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  1. Bulgarian Rechnik, The - contains common words and expressions in Bulgarian, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian.
  2. Rechnik: Bulgarian Dictionary
  3. University of Plovdiv: Remote Lexical Database Access - provides morphological analysis of sentences in Bulgarian language, checks syntactic agreement between words, and more.

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  1. Web of Chinese Character Dictionaries, A  - allows simultaneous searching of the major Chinese character dictionaries on the web; requires Chinese browser or fonts.
  2. Cari Dictionary Online - translates English to Malay and Chinese or vice versa.
  3. Chinese Character Dictionary - with lookup capabilities in English, Pinyin, Cantonese, or by character paste-in.
  4. Dictionary of Chinese Characters - Mandarin-Cantonese-Hakka-English character dictionary, with several different look-up methods for characters and Romanizations.
  5. English-Chinese Dictionary
  6. English-Chinese Online Dictionary - includes GB, BIG5, and IMAGE output.
  7. Lexiconer Online Dictionary - English-Chinese and Chinese-English dictionaries with GB input and output.
  8. SunRain - Chinese-English dictionary with Pin Yin, GB, and Big5 input and output.
  9. Taiwanese Dictionary
  10. Tang Ken-de's On-Line Chinese Dictionary - with notes on translation, and etymology.
  11. Web Directory: Chinese Word Lists and Online Glossaries and Dictionaries - links to Chinese (and some Japanese) online glossaries and searchable dictionaries.
  12. Chinese-Japanese-Korean-English Dictionary Database

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  1. ARTFL Project: French-English Dictionary Form - simple dictionary containing about 75,000 terms.
  2. Bilingual Canadian Dictionary - interuniversity project to produce a truly Canadian English-French dictionary for sophisticated language users.
  3. DicoVox 3.0: Bilingual Dictionaries with Speech Output - providing French/English, English/French, and German/English dictionary look up and audio for pronunciation.
  4. Dictionnaires d'autrefois - project to make available online versions of the authoritative French dictionary. All or part of these editions are available: 1st Edition, 1694; 5th Edition, 1798; 6th Edition, 1835.
  5. English-French Sailing Dictionary - dictionary of sailing terms may be useful to English speakers sailing in French-speaking waters.
  6. English-to-French Music Dictionary - offers translations of musical terminology.
  7. French - English / English - French Dictionary of Internet Terms - provides a source where one can find the French equivalents for English Internet terms.
  8. French - English On-line Dictionary - database from the freeware multilingual program Ergane.
  9. French/English Dictionary - contains 35,000 French headwords along with 18,000 French expressions and compounds.
  10. Little Explorers English - French Picture Dictionary - by Enchanted Learning Software.
  11. Lookwayup: Online French English Dictionary - offers drag and drop translations of French to English.
  12. Online English to French to English Dictionary - offers online translation from French to English and English to French.
  13. The Alternative French Dictionary - list of French vulgarities and slang terms explained in English.
  14. DicoVox 3.0: Bilingual Dictionaries with Speech Output - providing French/English, English/French, and German/English dictionary look up and audio for pronunciation.
  15. English-German and German-English Online Dictionary
  16. German - English On-line Dictionary
  17. German<->English Dictionary - simple bilingual dictionary based on a wordlist of about 130,000 entries.
  18. LEO English/German Dictionary - bilingual dictionary offering a variety of search options.
  19. Online Film Dictionary - reference for movie terms in foreign languages.

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  1. Greek-Ancient Greek-English Dictionary - translation dictionary for English, Greek, and Ancient Greek.

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  1. Alternative Hungarian Dictionary, The - collection of Hungarian slang.
  2. English-Hungarian Hungarian-English Dictionary

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  1. Hindi Electronic Dictionary  On-line Hindi dictionary
  2. Word AnyWhere English-Hindi dictionary, using the Itrans format.
  3. Urdu (and Hindi) dictionary and thesaurus.
  4. Hindi Dictionary : A resource for translators, authors, students  Hindi Dictionary : A resource for translators, authors, students of language, businessmen, diplomats, officials, and any one with a love of mystery
  5. A dictionary of Urdu, classical Hindi, and English. Online version of John T. Platts' 'A Dictionary of Urdu, Classical
    Hindi, and English' from the Digital Dictionaries of South Asia
  6. - Indo-Iranian Languages  Hindi - Profile. Shakespear's Hindustani-English Dictionary; English-Hindi
    Dictionary (transliterated text file); English-Hindi Dictionary
  7. The Alternative Hindi Dictionary The Alternative Hindi Dictionary Hindi slang - a part of The Alternative Dictionaries
    collection. TAD is being reconstructed - input is disabled! Read more
  8. Puja - Archaka :: English to Hindi Dictionary  Puja - Archaka > Puja > English to Hindi Dictionary. Puja, What's Puja? What
    is Puja?  Read Aaratii, English to Hindi Dictionary, Other Devotional Documents,
  9. english to hindi dictionary   shabdakoSha .. The eText of the dictionary includes English word on the left, its grammar structure
  10. Hindi Dictionary - La Trobe University  An Online Hindi Dictionary showing a basic vocabulary of Hindi words
    and their meanings, with sounds and images where possible.
  11. IANC Hindi Books, Hindi Dictionary, Hindi Songs   Say It in Hindi by Veena T. Oldenburg. The Oxford Hindi-English Dictionary
    by RS McGregor. English Hindi Dictionary by Kamil Bulke.
  12. hindi dictionary  Exciting resources for hindi fonts, grammar, hindi dictionary and English to hindi translation services.
  13. World's First English-Hindi Dictionary English To Hindi Dictionary -Enter English word.
  14. Hindi Dictionaries Online & Links - hindi english hindi . Hindi to English Dictionary -PDF format, Hindi Electronic Dictionary, English - Hindi - Urdu Word List.
  15. Hindi Dictionary links   Other languages. Hindi Dictionaries. Dictionaries for Hindi - English. Hindi Electronic Dictionary (no verbs); Hindi Electronic Dictionary (verbs)

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  1. Jeffrey's Japanese-English Dictionary Server - offers general and subject-specific dictionaries.
  2. Nihongo: Japanese Language - searchable E/J, J/E dictionary, archive of "What's in a Word" columns originally published in Japan Currents, and more.
  3. Visual Kanji - English-Spanish Japanese Kanji dictionary software for Windows.
  4. Chinese-Japanese-Korean-English Dictionary Database
  5. WWWJDIC - created by Jim Breen.

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  1. Korean Online | Dictionaries Here you search Korean-English and English-Korean dictionaries
  2. Korean Dictionary
  3. Korean-English Engineering Materials Dictionary
  4. Korean-English-Korean IT glossary - Terms Korea
  5. English-Korean Science and Engineering Dictionary
  6. Korean Dictionary Links
  7. English-Korean Dictionary    
  8. Korean On-line English-Korean and Korean-English Dictionaries
  9. English-Korean Dictionary
  10. Korean-English-Korean Computer Dictionary
  11. Korean-English-Korean Dictionary
  12. English-Korean Computer Terms
  13. Whatis English-Korean Computer Terms

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  1. Cari Dictionary Online - translates English to Malay and Chinese or vice versa.
  2. Dr. Bhanot's Malay-English Dictionary - offers word search.
  3. ePedoman - Malay to English translation site of phrases and web sites. Sponsored by the Singapore Information Development Authority. In Malay.
  4. Little Malay Dictionary - list of words with translations between Malay, English, and Finnish.

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  1. New in Russian Language - features a new weekly dictionary from ETS Publishing House, with new Russian words, usage with context and praxis, acronyms, abbreviation, proverbs etc.
  2. Online English to Russian to English Dictionary
  3. Russian-English English-Russian Dictionaries

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Sinhala (Sinhalese - Sri Lanka)

  1. CEYLON-ONLINE : Sinhala-Englisch Dictionary Logo Sinhala-English Dictionary. Online dictionary for sinhala, singhalese We recognized that there is no real sinhala dictonary on the web.

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  1. Comparative CyberLexicon - a compilation of English terminology peculiar to computer culture and technology and its equivalents in Spanish.
  2. - translations and definitions for Spanish to English, Spanish to French, Catalan to Castilian, and vice versa. Also includes Spanish synonyms and antonyms.
  3. English-Spanish Text Composition System - dictionary of common phrases and expressions.
  4. Online English to Spanish to English Dictionary - simple to use English to Spanish and Spanish to English online translator.
  5. - Spanish-English translation dictionary with audio clips of proper pronunciation.

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  1. Ett rimlexikon fr svenska - Ett rimlexikon fr svenska. Skriv in ett ord, och du fr en lista med ord som rimmar p det ord du skrev in. (rhyming dictionary).
  2. Lexin Swedish-English Dictionary
  3. Swedish Philippine Lexicon - provides translations from Tagalog, Cebuano, Swedish, English, and vice versa, including every-day phrases and PDF files for downloading.

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Tamil (Sri Lanka, India)

  1. Tamil Dictionary  - the worlds first electronic English - Tamil Dictionary 20000 main words, 33000 derived words, Browser and Search
  2. Tamil dictionary  template Online Tamil-English-Tamil dictionaries. Umar's dictionary University of Cologne Online Tamil Lexicon Back To main menu

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Tagalog (Philippines)

  1. Diksyunaryo - contains PDF files of a bi-directional dictionary of Tagalog and English based on Teresita V. Ramos, Tagalog Dictionary.
  2. English - Tagalog Dictionary
  3. Sarisari etc - contains articles about Baybayin script, speaking Tagalog, and Philippine history. Also offers BabyBayin fonts.
  4. Swedish Philippine Lexicon - provides translations from Tagalog, Cebuano, Swedish, English, and vice versa, including every-day phrases and PDF files for downloading.
  5. Tagalog - includes an introduction to the language, a section for kids, a chatroom, and grammar primer, and a dictionary. Developed and maintained by Northern Illinois University.

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Thai (Thailand)

  1. Guide To Using Thai Fonts - for Windows and Macintosh operating systems.
  2. How To Learn To Speak Thai - teaches how to pronounce basic words and phrases. Includes soundclips.
  3. Into Asia - resource for city guide, maps, travel attractions, and travel faqs. Also offers introduction to Thai language, grammar, and downloadable fonts.
  4. Introduction to Thai Signs - electronic library of Thai language signs collected as a resource to help students of Thai learn to read.
  5. Learn Thai the Easy Way - includes lessons, audio samples recorded by a native speaker, and photos of signs.
  6. Learning Thai - online lessons for speaking, reading, and writing the Thai language.
  7. Royal Institute, The - presents Thai dictionary and transcription of Thai to Roman alphabets. In Thai.
  8. Siam Dic - online dictionary from English to Thai.
  9. Speaking Thai - contains basic grammar, language principles, and stories for Thai language enthusiasts.
  10. Thai Dictionary - includes Thai-English-German dictionary, list of alphabets, and intonations.
  11. Thailand: Thai Language and Culture Learning Resources - offers the alphabet, tutorial lessons, dictionaries, general tourist phrases, and more. Also includes recipes, slideshows, and Thai related links.
  12. The Limitless Number of Thai Words which Mean I
  13. Useful Thai Words and Phrases - words and phrases for tourists, in English spelling.
  14. FAQ - soc.culture.thai Language FAQ

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Urdu (India)

  1. English-Urdu Dictionary

  2. Urdu Dictionary

  3. Urdu-English-Hindi Dictionary-Thesaurus - An URDU Dictionary cum Thesaurus being developed for Urdu learners, Shayari enthusiasts and scholars.

  4. Urdu-To-English Dictionary

  5. - searchable English to Urdu dictionary that displays Urdu without requiring fonts. Also features a word of the day.

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Other Languages

  1. From Language to Language  - multilingual translation dictionary.

  2. - English dictionary with multi-lingual search capability. Includes crossword solver features.

  3. Dictionary of English Phonesthemes - phonesthemes, or sound-symbols, play an important role in word-formation and psycholinguistics.

  4. English-Kurdish Dictionary - provides translations of words.

  5. Eurodicautom - European Commission's multilingual term bank, with a focus on technical and specialized terminology.

  6. Internet Picture Dictionary - multilingual picture dictionary with interactive activities for learning English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian.

  7. Mingo Egads - texts, grammar, dictionary, and learning resources for this Iroquoian language.

  8. Terminological Information System (TIS) - online version of the database used by terminologists and translators working in the General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union.

  9. Travlang's Translating Dictionaries - multilingual online dictionaries including German, French, Spanish, English, Dutch, Danish, Afrikaans, Esperanto, Frisian, and more.

  10. Ukrainian Online Dictionaries

  11. - enables website visitors to double-click any English word for a definition or translation.

  12. WordSniffer - multi-lingual dictionary for English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and more. Offers definitions, pronunciations, and sample sentences.

  13. Croatian PC Dictionary - software allowing bi-directionally searching of Croatian and English words.

  14. English - Afrikaans On-line Dictionary

  15. English-Czech Dictionary

  16. English-Czech Dictionary / Anglicko-Cesk slovnk

  17. English-Estonian Dictionary

  18. Finnish - English On-line Dictionary

  19. Little Malay Dictionary - list of words with translations between Malay, English, and Finnish.

  20. Online English to Finnish to English Dictionary

  21. Basic Hawaiian Dictionary - search this dictionary by entering either a Hawaiian or English word.

  22. Hawaii's Visitor Guides: Hawaiian Glossary - with sound files to hear the pronunciations.

  23. Hawaiian Dictionary - with online translations of Hawaiian words, phrases, sentences, and names into English and vice versa.

  24. Hawaiian Dictionary Online - Hawaiian-English and English-Hawaiian words.

  25. Mo'o and Lolo's Cyber Hawaiian Dictionary Online - contains close to 5,000 Hawaiian-English and English-Hawaiian words.

  26. Anthon's English-Polish Dictionary

  27. English-Polish Computing Dictionary

  28. Polish-Ukranian-English Dictionary Online - trilingual word list.

  29. Small English-Polish Dictionary

  30. Portuguese Language Dictionary - supports different kinds of searches; includes a verb conjugator.

  31. Apte Sanskrit Dictionary Search - based on The Practical Sanskrit-English Dictionary of Vaman Shivaram Apte.

  32. Online Sanskrit Dictionary 

  33. Nitartha International: Tibetan-English Dictionary

  34. Online Tibetan to English Translation/Dictionary Tool - uses Java applets and servlets to automate the translation process by breaking up Tibetan phrases into component parts and displaying their dictionary definitions.

  35. Tibetan-English Dictionary of Buddhist Teaching and Practice - also known as the Dharma Dictionary, an ongoing project involved in compiling Buddhist terminology and translation terms to bridge the Tibetan and English languages.

  36. Alternative Turkish Dictionary - express yourself brusquely with the aid of this abbreviated Turkish-English slang dictionary.

  37. Sozluk - Turkish-English and Turkish-Italian dictionary and syllable extractor.

  38. Turkish-English Dictionary

  39. Beginner's Yiddish Dictionary - look up Yiddish words, see their Yiddish-letter spellings, and get a brief definition.

  40. Kosher Nosh: Yiddish Dictionary - includes uncomplimentary expressions, traditional phrases, American Yiddish, emotions, greetings, and more.

  41. Yiddishkeit - A-Z glossary of Yiddish words and expressions.

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