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Postal Codes in the World

Country, City Zip Codes & Postal Codes of the World

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Any Post Codes Worldwide - Any Post Codes Worldwide - co-sponsored by Deutsche Post AG
Algeria - Algeria - Le Code Postal
Argentina Postal codes -Argentina Postal codes - Correo Argentino
Australia - Australia -  White Pages・directory
Australian Post codes - Australian Post codes - AusPost, search by suburb or postcode
Austrian Post codes -Austrian Post codes - (English)
Austrian Postal codes - Austrian Postal codes -
Bangladesh - Bangladesh - Postal Codes for  Dhaka  - Dhaka  -  and   Chittagong - Chittagong
Belgian Post codes -Belgian Post codes
Belgium - Belgium - Charline codes postaux belges
Bermuda Post codes -Bermuda Post codes  - 
Brazil - Brazil - Busca de Cep - Post Office
Brazilian Post codes -Brazilian Post codes - Postcodes search tool made by Regra. 
Brunei - Brunei - Postal district maps
Canada Post -Canada Post -
Canadian Post codes  - Canadian Post codes - Westminister
Anatomy of Canadian Postal codes - Anatomy of Canadian Postal codes
Canada - Canada - Postal Code info and file containing latitude, longitude, province, demographics etc.(for fee) 
Canada - Canada - Post Office
Canada - Canada - Canada 411
Chile - Chile - Postal Codes, Chile Correos Chile
China - China - Here's a free list of Chinese postal codes and telephone area codes.
CroatiaPostal codes - Croatia -
Czech Postal codes - Czech Postal codes - Info Center Postal Codes Search Form 
Czech Republic -Czech Republic - WWW Info Eunet CZ - Directory Search
Danish Postal codes - Danish Postal codes -
Denmark - Denmark -  Postnumre (Danish)
Dutch Postal Codes - Dutch Postal Codes -
Estonia - Estonia - Eesti Posti sihtnumbrid
Faroe Islands - Faroe Islands -  Postal codes
Faroe Postal codes - Faroe Postal codes -
Federal Express - Federal Express -
France - France - La Poste, French Post Office
France - France - Les codes postaux des villes francaises, Nice University
German Post codes - German Post codes - (in German)
Germany - Germany - Frankfurt University, PLZ Request form (English)
Germany - Germany - Post Office (German),  English - Germany -
Greenland - Greenland -
Greenland - Greenland -  Postnumre, Postal Service
Greenland - Greenland -  Post Greenland
Hungarian - Hungary ZIP code page
Iceland - Iceland -
Iceland - Iceland -  Post Office (Icelandic)
Iceland - Iceland -
India Post Office - India Post Office - Official site
Indonesian Post codes - Indonesian Post codes - (in Dutch and English)
International Postal Codes - International Postal Codes
Ireland - Ireland - The Letter Post page, item trackingpage
Israel - Israel -  Postal Authority, (English) or (Hebrew)
Italy - Italy - Poste Italiane S.p.A.
Italy - Italy - Post Office (Italian)
Italian Post codes -Italian Post codes- by Italian cities (Italian), I Codici di Avviamento Postale Italiani - Regioni Province Comuni 
Japan - Japan -  The New Japan ZIP Code Directory
Japan Postal codes -Japan Postal codes-Search (in English) 
Jordan -Jordan-Ministry of Post & Communication (English)
Korea - Korea - Post Online Service, (Korean)
Latvia - Latvia - Post Office (Latvian)
Liechtenstein - Liechtenstein -  Postcodes for Liechtenstein and of Switzerland (English)
Luxembourg -Luxembourg-
Macedonia - Macedonia - new zip codes from 01/01/00 (English)
Mexico - Mexico -Código Postal (Spanish) 
Morocco - Morocco -  the postal codes (English)
National Address Server - National Address Server -
National Address and ZIP+4 Browser - National Address and ZIP+4 Browser -
Netherlands - Netherlands- (in Dutch) 
Netherlands - Netherlands - Postcode Opzoeken
New Zealand -New Zealand - Search (in English)
Norwegian Post codes - Norwegian Post codes-
Oman - Oman -
Pakistan-Pakistan -
Pakistan - Pakistan - Post Office (English)
Philippines - Philippines -  Zip Codes
Poland Postal codes - Poland Postal codes -
Portugal - Portugal - Post Office (English and Portuguese)
Portuguese Post codes - Portuguese Post codes - (in English)
Singapore Postal codes - Singapore Postal codes-
Slovakia - Slovakia - Postal Codes 
Slovenian Postal codes -Slovenian Postal codes -
South African Postal codes - South African Postal codes -
Spain-Spain -
Sri Lanka-Sri Lanka -
Sri Lanka-Sri Lanka -
Sri Lanka -Sri Lanka -
Swaziland - Swaziland - Post Office, official post codes (English)
Sweden-Sweden -
Switzerland - Switzerland - Post Office (English) also available in French, Deutsch and Italian
Switzerland - Switzerland -
Switzerland - Switzerland
Taiwan Area Postal Codes - Taiwan Area Postal Codes -
Taiwan - Taiwan - (no English) your browser will ask if you want to download appropriate fonts, click cancel and site should show up.
Thailand - Thailand-
Thailand- Thailand -
United Kingdom - United Kingdom - Post Office (English)
United Kingdom - United Kingdom-
United Kingdom - United Kingdom -  Copywriter
United Kingdom - United Kingdom- AFD
United Kingdom -United Kingdom -
United Kingdom -United Kingdom- Postcodes from Brainstorm
United Kingdom - United Kingdom - Postcodes from British DX Club
United Nations - United Nations - Post Office (English, French and German)
United Parcel Service - United Parcel Service -
U.S. Postal Service Address Quality & ZIP Code Lookup - U.S. Postal Service Address Quality and ZIP Code Lookup -
United States - United States - Post Office (English)
USA ZIP Codes - USA ZIP Codes -
United States Address - United States Address -
United States Postage Service Rate Calculator - U.S. Postage Service Rate Calculator -
United States Postal Service - United States Postal Service-
United States Postal Service Rates - United States Postal Service Rates -
United States Postal Service Abbreviations - United States Postal Service Abbreviations -
United States Zip codes - United States Zip codes -
United States Zip codes - United States Zip codes-
United States Zip codes - United States Zip codes -
United States Zip codes for US Vessels - United States Zip codes for US Vessels -
Uruguay - Uruguay -
Venezuela - Venezuela - Post Office (no English)
Yugoslavia - Yugoslavia - Abecedni spisak poanskih brojeva u SR Jugoslaviji
Zip2 Yellow Pages - Zip2 Yellow Pages -

Post Office Home Pages

Algeria- Algeria
Australia - Australia  -
Canada - Canada  -  (in English)
Canada - Canada  - (in French)
Finland- Finland  -  (in Finnish)
Finland - Finland -   (in English)
France - France  - 
Germany - Germany  - (in German)
Germany - Germany  - (in English)
Iceland - Iceland  -  (in Icelandic)
Iceland - Iceland  - (in English)
Ireland - Ireland  -  (in English and Irish)
Italy  - Italy  -  (in Italian)
Latvia - Latvia  -  in Latvian
Latvia - Latvia  -  in English
The Netherlands - The Netherlands - PTT (in Dutch)
Norway - Norway  -  (in Norwegian)
Portugal  - Portugal  -  (in English and Portuguese)
Singapore - Singapore  - (in English)
Sweden - Sweden  -  (in Swedish)
Sweden - Sweden -  (in English)
Switzerland - Switzerland  - (in English)
United Kingdom - United Kingdom  - (in English)
United Nations - United Nations  - (in English, French and German)
United States of America  - United States of America  - (in English)

Telephone Numbers

International Telephone Search Engine - International Telephone Search Engine - Our new engine is one of a kind. It is based on placing international calls rom international locations, not just from the United States as most telephone search engines are programed to so.  It gives you the calling code instructions for each of the worlds nations. In addition this engine allows you to search every on-line telephone directory in the world. (Over 700 directories)  Plus it gives you an instant link to all of the embassies of the nation you are calling, and a link to that countries voltage for those who are planning on traveling or relocating to that nation.  We designed this engine with expatriates and international travelers in mind. 

Other Addressing Issues

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